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EXPERT AND MASTER EXAM OVERVIEWEarn the highest-level Alteryx Certifications by doing what youdo best: Creating awesome solutions in Designer!The Expert and Mastery exams are performance-After earning your Alteryx Designer Advancedskill level and critical-thinking abilities in real-Expert and Mastery Certification exams. Thebased assessments that allow you to prove yourworld scenarios.Certifications based on performance-basedassessments are highly valuable because theytest your ability to fully leverage a product tosolve complex problems for an organization.To complete each exam scenario, you’ll perform aseries of tasks in Designer. In addition toDesigner knowledge and skills, the scenarios testyour problem-solving abilities as you decide howto approach and work through each problem.Certification, you’re eligible to take the AlteryxAlteryx Designer Expert Certification exam allowsyou to demonstrate comprehensive fluency inDesigner, while the Mastery Certification examseries offers three specializations: Predictive,Spatial, and Automation.The Expert exam is now available online! Masteryexams will be available online next year. Theseexams are intended for the best of the best, somake sure you’re prepared and don’t miss ourtips for success later on in this guide. Best of luck!Instead of selecting a single answer, youdemonstrate your solution through the workflowand outputs you

Registration GuideSystem and Environment RequirementsAlteryx Expert and Mastery exams are hosted by our performance-based assessment partner,TrueAbility, and delivered through our online proctoring partner, Examity. Before scheduling an exam,review the full system and testing environment requirements.SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Desktop or laptop computer with built-in or external webcam, microphone, and speakers.Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are supported, Mozilla Firefox is the preferred browser.Internet connection with a minimum upload and download speed of 2Mbps.Ability to install the Examity extension and video conferencing software.Conduct an Examity systems check here.TESTING ENVIRONMENT REQUIREMENTS The exam must be taken in a quiet room that is free from distractions or other people.A government issued photo ID is required to verify your identity.You may use a laptop to take the exam, or you may use a single external monitor connected to alaptop as long as the laptop stays closed during the exam (as show below). Dual monitors arenot allowed.During the exam the proctor will monitor your screen and webcam and your test session will berecorded. If you do not have access to the proper system or testing environment requirements or areuncomfortable being proctored, an online exam format may not be a good fit for you. Expert andMastery exams can also be taken onsite at Alteryx Inspire and Alteryx Analyticon

Registration GuideRegistering for an ExamPurchase the Exam1. Sign into your Alteryx Community account and navigate to the Certification page.2. Select “Register” on the exam card. You must be Alteryx Designer Advanced Certified to registerfor an Expert or Master exam.3. Review the exam overview and select “Purchase the Exam.” Read and accept the AlteryxCandidate Agreement.4. Read and accept the Alteryx Candidate Agreement.5. Enter your payment details, including a valid credit card or coupon code. Enter your nameexactly as it appears on the governed issued ID you will be using on exam day (do not use anickname). Review, confirm, and submit your order. A receipt for your purchase can be accessedin the Orders section of your Candidate

Registration GuideRegistering for an ExamSchedule the Exam6. Select “Candidate Portal” to schedule your assessment.7. Finish completing your TrueAbility profile by setting a password. In the Candidate Portal, select“Redeem” on the exam card and redeem your invitation code.8. Schedule your exam – your exam must be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance and nomore than 30 days in the future. Make sure your time zone and location are correct. You mayreschedule your exam up to 24 hours before your scheduled exam time. You will receive anemail confirming your exam purchase and reservation time.9. After scheduling your exam, create your Examity profile. On the exam card in your CandidatePortal select “Examity.” You will be redirected to Examity’s website. On the Examity Dashboardselect “My Profile.” To complete your profile, follow these steps: Check that your system has the necessary software by completing the ComputerRequirements Check. Confirm your account information, select your time zone, and enter your phone number. Upload a picture of your ID. Select and answer 3 security questions and type in your digital signature.Once you’ve completed your profile you’ll see 4 green checkmarks at the tip of your profilepage. Next, install the Examity Extension. Now you’re all set for exam day!

Registration GuideWhat to Expect on Exam DayCONNECTING TO A PROCTORBefore your exam make sure you’re set up in a room without distractions, your computer isconnected to a power source, and your pop-up blocker is turned OFF. At your scheduled exam time,login to your TrueAbility account and select, “Examity” on your exam card. In the Examity dashboardselect, “Start Exam”. Install the Examity extension and then select, “Connect to Proctor”. Once youare connected to a proctor (this may take up to 5 minutes), you will be prompted to start a Zoommeeting with the proctor. You can view this process in the video walkthrough.AUTHENTICATION PROCESSThe proctor will walk you through the authentication process. You will be asked to:1. Share your screen and turn on your webcam.2. Verify your identity. Make sure you have your photo ID with you.3. Show your desk and workspace. The proctor will ask you to complete a 360 room pan and desksweep with your webcam. This is to ensure your workspace is clear of any unauthorizedmaterials. Your desk and workspace must be clear – cell phones, additional computers, tablets,or monitors, and writing utensils are not permitted in your workspace. You may have one drinkin your workspace.4. Answer a previously selected security question and enter your digital signature.5. Review and agree to the Examity User Agreement and exam rules.TAKING THE EXAMOnce you have finished the authentication process, the proctor will begin your exam session. Whenyou are done with the exam select “Submit” to complete your exam, or your exam will automatically besubmitted for grading at the end of the allotted time. If you have technical difficulties during the examyou can talk directly with your proctor or chat with your proctor through the Live Chat feature on theExamity dashboard. If you are disconnected from the proctoring session, support is available at 855EXAMITY or [email protected] THE EXAMAfter completing your exam, it will be submitted for grading and you will receive your results via emailwithin 72 hours. Exam results contain your overall score and your pass / fail status. Detailed scoreresults are not available. If you pass the exam you will receive a certificate, digital logo, a badge on theAlteryx Community, and massive bragging rights. If you need to retake the exam, you must wait 60days between your first and second attempt and 90 days between each subsequent

Registration GuidePermitted and Prohibited ResourcesPERMITTED RESOURCESThe following resources and actions are permitted during the exam: Content on Alteryx CommunityAlteryx Help DocumentationInformation on public websitesSample workflows and other content and resources within DesignerYou may have one drink on your desk during the examYou may leave your seat for one 5-minute break during the exam, but the exam clock willcontinue to runPROHIBITED RESOURCESThe following resources and actions are prohibited during the exam: Bringing or using your own reference workflows or written notesUploading or downloading any contentTaking screenshots of the examAny resources that are not available publiclyAny resource that requires you to create or log in to an account is not permitted, except for theAlteryx Community. During the exam you must stay in the browser-based virtual environment; navigating back toyour host machine will cause an error and you will be unable to continue the exam. Having another person in the roomAccessing a phone or other deviceAny violations of the exam rules or actions indicative of misconduct will be addressed by the proctor asthey occur, and your exam may be ended if the violation is not resolved. All violations are flagged forreview and may result in a voided exam attempt, revocation of existing certifications, or being barredfrom future participation in the Alteryx Certification Program. Review the Alteryx CertificationAgreement and Policies prior to taking the

Registration GuideNavigating the Exam EnvironmentYou will be given access to a live browser-based virtual machine to complete the exam. The startingfiles and instructions needed to complete the exam scenarios are contained on the virtual machine. Youmust stay in the virtual machine environment for the duration of the exam. Navigating away from theenvironment or back to your host machine will cause an error. You may use the web browser within thevirtual machine to access permitted resources. A countdown clock is included in the environment, soyou’ll always know how much time you have left. Depending on the resolution of your host machineyou may have a better experience if you full-screen your browser. Use the menu button in the top right-hand corner of your browser to zoom to full screen, and F11 to exit full-screen.There are some limitations when it comes to navigating virtual environments. Some hotkeys andkeyboard shortcuts will not work or will only work in some circumstances. For example, using Alt Tabto switch between windows will not work. Copy/paste via keyboard does not always work, but you canstill copy/paste using the mouse. Common shortcuts to save, run, and add Browse tools in Designerwork, but other shortcuts (for example, Ctrl Tab to move between open workflow tabs) do not. If ashortcut doesn’t work, simply complete the action with the mouse.TIPS FOR EXAM SUCCESS To make the most of your time during the exam, quickly read through all scenarios at thebeginning of the exam to gauge which scenarios you’re most comfortable with. Start with thescenario you’re most confident in and go from there. When beginning a scenario, carefully read through the instructions in their entirety. Importantdetails are present throughout the instructions. Starting to work on the scenario before readingit all the way through may lead to the wrong approach and wasted time. It is critical to save your work as instructed. When a solution file is required, specific instructionswill be given on how to format and save the file. Examples of formatting requirements areprovided in each scenario. Leave about 10 minutes at the end of the exam to double check thatall your work (workflows and any output files) is saved in the correct format with the correctname in the correct folder. Your files must be formatted and saved exactly as instructed for yoursolution to be processed and graded accurately. Pace yourself. In the Expert exam, plan on spending the first 10 minutes reading the instructionsand scenarios and the last 10 minutes checking to make sure your work is saved properly. Thereare 7 scenarios and you must get 4 correct to pass the exam. You may attempt all 7 scenarios,but we suggest attempting 4 or 5 scenarios – quality is better than quantity! If you attempt 5scenarios you’ll have 32 minutes per scenario, or 40 minutes per scenario if you attempt

Registration GuidePurchasing Exams for Your Team1. Visit the TrueAbility Exam Purchase site to purchase exam coupons. A coupon is a coupon codethat can be used by your team members to access the exam. You pay for one or more couponsand your team members use the coupon code to complete the exam registration process.2. Select the number of coupons you’d like to purchase.3. Sign in to your TruAbility account or create a new account.4. Enter your payment details, review, and confirm your order. You can access your receipt in theOrder History of your TrueAbility Candidate Portal.5. The exam coupon codes will be displayed. Each coupon code is unique. Keep your couponcodes safe, anyone with this code can use it to register for the exam.6. Distribute the coupon codes to the lucky team members. To redeem the coupon codes yourteam members will sign in to their Alteryx Community account, follow the registration processoutlined on pages 5 & 6, and enter the coupon code on the payment details

Registration GuideAlteryx Certification [email protected] to begin preparing for an exam? Check out the certification prep area toaccess prep guides, practice tests, and learning suggestions.RegisterAs a global leader in analytic process automation (APA), Alteryx unifies analytics, data science and business process automation in one, end-to-endplatform to accelerate digital transformation. Organizations of all sizes, all over the world, rely on the Alteryx Analytic Process Automation Platform todeliver high-impact business outcomes and the rapid upskilling of their modern workforce.

3 Registering for an Exam Purchase the Exam 1. Sign into your Alteryx Community account and navigate to the Certification page. 2. Select "Register" on the exam card. You must be Alteryx Designer Advanced Certified to register for an Expert or Master exam. 3. Review the exam overview and select "Purchase the Exam."