Your Voucher for 100in FREE GoogleAdWords AdvertisingVisit andopen a new AdWords account to getstarted and redeem your voucher.See inside this booklet for detailson how to use your voucher to startadvertising today.Don’t forget to use your promotionalcode and your ads could be live onGoogle today! (See terms and conditions inside)

HelloInthese times, it’s essential to think of new andHelloeconomical ways to tell people about your business. OneIn thesetimes, it’sessentialthinkwebsiteof new andwayis throughmakingsuretoyourdoeseconomicala great jobofsellingyouand yourwaysto tellpeopleaboutservices.your business. One way is throughmaking sure your website does a great job of selling you andButneed to make sure that potential customers canyouryouservices.find your website.But you need to make sure that potential customers can findAdvertisingyour website.your business on the internet search engineGoogle allows you to reach potential customers as they’reAdvertisingforyourbusinessthe ling,by showingadsGoogleallowsto reachpotentialas they’re searchingnexttoyousearchesrelevantto customersyour business.for what you’re selling, by showing your ads next to searchesAllthis soundsrelevantto yourexpensive,business. right? Not so.WithAdWordsthere is noright?minimumbudget so you canAll thissounds expensive,Not so.choose how much you spend each day, plus you onlyWithwhenAdWordsthere isclicksno minimumyou canchoosepaysomeoneon your budgetad andsoarrivesat yourhow much you spend each day, plus you only pay whenwebsite.someone clicks on your ad and arrives at your website.We’ve teamed up with Google to let you trial AdWordsWe’veteamedup withGoogle to letAdWordswithwith 100of FREEadvertising.Onyouthetrialemailyou’ll find 100promotionalof FREE advertising.Oninsidethe frontof thisbookletyourcode, andthe coverbooklet,Googleyou’llincludedfind yoursomepromotionalcode,theoffbooklet,hashints andtipsandto insideget youto the bestGoogle hasincluded some hints and tips to get you off to possible start.I hope you find it useful,I hope you find it useful,Gerald ChaitGroup General Manager – Marketing

singSixwith GoogleGoogle todaytodaywith Pay only for results. We don’t charge you fordisplaying your ads, you only pay if interestedpeople click on your ads and arrive at your site. You set your own budget. You decide how muchyou’re willing to pay for each click and how muchyou’d like to spend each day. Control where your ad is seen. You can targetyour campaign to show locally, nationally orinternationally. Your advertising is highly targeted. You choosewhich search terms (known as keywords) your adwill appear alongside. 100 of free advertising. The trial is free, with nominimum time or spend commitment so you canstop your campaigns whenever you want. Nearly 90% of all Australian searches are donewith Google. According to Hitwise, in the fourweeks ending 4 July 2009 89.5% of Australiansearches were done through Google.

Start advertising in only 20 minutesStart advertising in only 20 minutes1 Visit and create and create an1 Visitaccount2 Select where you want your ads to be seen bypostcode, town or countrywhere you want your ads to be seen by2 Selectpostcode,town orcountry3 Choose whichsearchterms you want toadvertise alongside and write your ads (see thewhich search terms you want to3 Choosetips pages later in this booklet for advice onadvertise alongside and write your ads (see thechoosing the right search terms and writing antipspagesadvert)later in this booklet for advice oneffectivechoosing the right search terms and writing anAfter you’veset your budget and confirmedeffectiveadvert)4your billing details you can enter your uniqueyou’veset underyour budgetand confirmed4 Aftervouchercodethe ‘Billing’section in youryourbillingdetails you can enter your unique voucheraccountcode under the ‘Billing’ section in your account5 Your campaign is now live!5 Your campaign is now live!AdWords adsOrganicsearch resultsIf you need any assistance in setting up your Google AdWordsIf youin settingup yourthenfeel needfree toanycall assistance[phone number]or completeoneGoogleof theAdWordsthenfeelfreetocall1800252342andfree online tutorials at [URL].quote “QuickBooks”.

Tips for a successful campaignWriting an effective ad Include keywords in the headline of your ad –that’s what people will be looking for, and so will bemore likely to click on your ad. Give users a reason to click – include things thatwill differentiate your business from competitors, orany special offers such as free delivery. Get to the point – fast. With AdWords your adneeds to fit on three lines and be no more than 95characters in length, so make every word count. Test different creatives – you can run differentads with the same keywords so you can test whichad users click on more.This ad is vague anddoesn’t offer any benefitsor contain a call to action.This ad contains a specficbenefit to the user and acall to action.

Choosing the right keywords Include keywords that directly relate to the productor service that you’re selling. Include relevant keyword variations, along withsingular and plural versions. Consider using colloquial terms, alternate spellings,synonyms and product or serial numbers. Keep your keywords relevant – whilst it might betempting to include hundreds of keywords, usersonly click on relevant ads. You can make changes to your campaign at anytime, so check what’s working, and add more. Use the free tools within AdWords to help you selectrelevant keywords: Use Google’s Insights for Search to discover where,and how, people are searching for your productsand services:

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Terms & ConditionsPromotional credit is available only to new Google AdWordscustomers who sign up using the on-line self-managed processvia and whose accounts are less than14 days old at the time the promotional code is entered.Use of Google AdWords and redemption of the promotional creditis subject to ad approval, valid registration and acceptance ofthen current Advertising Terms and Conditions. The promotionalcredit will be automatically credited to your new Google AdWordsaccount once you have entered your unique code and billingpreferences.If you chose the post-pay payment method the account activationfee (currently 10) will be deducted from the promotional creditbefore this is credited to your account.If you chose the pre-pay payment method, you must make aninitial minimum payment (from which the account activation feewill be deducted) to activate the account before the promotionalcredit can be credited to your account. You will be charged forany advertising charges that exceed the promotional credit,and you are solely responsible for the payment of any taxesincurred. If you do not wish to incur additional charges beyondthe promotional credit then you should monitor your account andpause or delete your campaigns before or once this amount hasbeen reached.The promotional credit is non-transferable and may not be soldor bartered. If you indicate that your AdWords account shouldbe subject to a different currency to the one in which yourpromotional credit has been awarded, then the actual amountof the promotional credit may be subject to foreign currencyfluctuations.Offer may be changed or revoked at any time for any reason byGoogle Australia Pty Ltd and/or any affiliated company offeringthe AdWords service in your country.One promotional credit per customer. Offer expires andpromotional credit will only be granted to accounts created on orbefore 30th November 2009. Void where prohibited or restrictedby law.

in FREE Google AdWords Advertising Visit and open a new AdWords account to get started and redeem your voucher. See inside this booklet for details on how to use your voucher to start advertising today. Don't forget to use your promotional code and your ads could be live on Google today! (See terms and conditions inside)