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multicall MP2 and multicall basic combines conventional light call systemswith extensive functions of modern calland communication systems, in orderto fullfill the versatile requirements inhospitals, senior citizens’ residences andnursing signal lamppower supply 26 Vtext displayward busroom signal lampTypical for our overall concept is theabsence of a central control unit.main enquiry HA4central busroom terminalfurther stationsThe room terminals have an outstandingfunction, because all local events andactive states are stored there decentrally.Two room terminals connected via avoltage supplied ward bus are already acompletely functioning nurse call systemwith all terminalward busroom busThe entire installation is made only bydemand dependenting, simple chainingthe desired components and signal lampbed connection unitsBAE3/BAT6 beds6 bedscentral computerinquiry BZAEach room terminal is a central switch and monitoring unit for all direct or via room bus connected devices in theroom, at the patient beds and in the sanitary facilities.The bed connection units in the patient room connect via the room bus the different patient handsets with theroom terminals. Up to six of such devices per room can be connected to this bus. Each version can be deliveredwith telephone system modules, so that a patient handset, equipped with a numeric keypad, turns simultaneouslyinto an end equipment of the telephone system.The present overview shows only a very small and special part of our extensive product offer.Here we have selected only some few devices, which, according to experience, cover completely the wanteddemand of organization and safety.For planning please use only our complete product information!Calling the nurse or the attendantfrom the roomfrom the bedfrom the wet cellBASE FUNCTIONSNurse help call for another nurse (without urgency)Nurse emergency callDevice alarmDoctor call / cardiac alarmRadio pagingCall reminding for nurse 1, nurse 2 and doctorCall forwarding to the whereabouts of the responsible nursing personnelwith speakingwithout speakingDECT - call forwarding with or without speaking, activating of call remindingsTelefone-2-TelevisionLight

ROOM TERMINAL ZT4Room terminal with display for use as a decentralised call,operation and communication terminal with intercom facility in thepatient s room, with integrated control and monitoring of all roomfunctions. The terminal is connected to the ward bus and monitors alldirect or via room bus connected devices.Dimensions : 160x255x25 mm (WxHxD)Colour : RAL 9010Type :Room terminal ZT4W, horizontally mountedRoom terminal ZT4S, vertically mountedArticle numberLI001061LI001062Room distributor VZT2Mounting frameFlush-mounted boxCavity-wall boxFC005100FC005101LI009003LI009013Mounting set flush-mounted / cavity-wall-mountedLI004020ROOM TERMINAL MZT3/MZT4Room terminal with touch-sensitive keyboard for rooms withoutintercom, for nurse call and acoustic call forwarding during activatednurse attendance, alternatively with display for optical call forwarding.The terminal is connected to the ward bus and monitors all direct orvia room bus connected devices.The terminal is suitable for flush-mounted installation in double switchboxes or for surface installation in wall-mounted boxes.Dimensions: 160x80x12 mm (HxWxD)Type :Room terminal MZT4Room terminal MZT3Colour : RAL 9010Article numberLI001049LI001047Room terminals can also be delivered additionally with a doctor calland a doctor attendance switch.Type :Room terminal MZT4-ARoom terminal MZT3-AArticle numberLI001055LI001048MULTICALL TERMINAL MCT4 (MULTICALL BASIC)Multicall basic transfers the functions of the room terminal and theappropriate installation into a room signal lamp, which is mounted inthe corridor.The terminal MCT4 includes the complete control electronics and theroom signal lamp (white/red/green).It is connected directly to the ward bus and monitors all in the roomand all on the room bus connected devices.The terminal can be mounted in a simple installation box.Type :Multicall terminal MCT4Article numberLI001070-3-

ROOM EQUIPMENT (WITH SPEACH)redgreenwhiteyelloworangesignal lamp for corridor and WCradioprogramsignalsward busredgreenyelloworangewhite call/emergency call from a roomattendance and reminder, nurse 1attendance and reminder, nurse 2call, attendance and reminder for doctorcall from a wet cellroom busRoom terminal ZT4bed connection unit BAE4, BATmaximum 6 bedspatient’s handset BG4patient’s handset BG4-Mhandheld switch TT4handheld switch MT4Room terminal ZT5call pushbutton RT4call pushbuttonwith cancel pusbutton(nurse attendance)RAT4pull cord call switch ZRT4pneumatic callswitch PRT4-4-cancel bushbutton AT4

ROOM EQUIPMENT (WITHOUT SPEAKING)ward busMulticall terminalMCT4whiteredRoom terminal MZT4greenwith corridor lamproom busalternatively configuratedcorridor lamproom busbed callslight controlbe 1 to bed 6room busmulticall basic can be combined with allroom terminals (like ZT4, MZT4) und allward consoles (HA4).patient callemergency callattendancebuzzerhandheld switch TT4Ward with ward console as a desk unit in the duty room,destination keyboard, call reminding and ward groupinghandheld switch MT4cancel pushbuttonWard with duty room terminal DZT4, call forwarding,and ward groupingWC-callInterface (SUD) to extractdatasLogging software to record, display and log the time and locationof all call events, reminders and presence indications in the callsystemSoftware to integrate DECT server-5-

BED CONNECTION UNITBed connection unit for patient handsets or handhelds with automaticself-ejection if pulled sideways, to trigger patient calls or nurseemergency calls, with a connection to trigger equipment alarms,connections for additional parallel devices for calling and cancelling,and a headphone connection. The device runs on the room bus and issuitable for installation in a dual switch box or wall mounted housingor is intended for standardised installation in medical supply units.With an additional module the patient handset becomes an analoguetelephone.Cover plate: 160x80x12 mmColour: RAL 9010Type :Bed connectionBed connectionBed connectionBed connectionunitunitunitunitBAE4BAE4-B (supply units)BAT4 (Telephone)BAT4-B (Telephone)Article numberLI002065LI002066LI002067LI002068Bed connection unit with call button for direct connection to the roombus of a room terminal, connection for handhelds MT4 or TT4, switchingtwo lighting circuits and for installation in single installation boxes.Cover plate 80x80x12 mmColour: RAL 9010Type :Bed connection unit BEArticle numberLI005047HANDHELD SWITCHES AND PATIENT HANDSETSHandheld switch MT4 for patient call and nurse emergency call withtwo large call switchesHandheld switch TT4 switch with three large switches for patient call/nurse emergency call and for switching the reading and room lightPatient handset BG4-M with touch-sensitive keyboard representing auniversal control unit forcall and nurse emergency call, nurse intercom,radio programs on/off, TV set on/off,program switching, forwards/backwards,volume high/low,lighting circuit control for reading light / room light,four-digit display for system-dependent indication of program,time of day and chargesPatient handset BG4 as for BG4-M, but with numeric touch-sensitivekeyboard for telephone operation and program selection, special keyfor menu selection of further functions.All handsets have a connection cable of 2.7 mDimensions 210(93) x 60 x 28 mm (HxWxD)Colour : RAL 9010Type :Handheld switch MT4Handheld switch TT4Patient handset BG4Patient handset BG4-MHolder KOE (for patient handset or handheld switch)-6-Article numberLI005071LI005072LI005073LI005077LI009011

WARD CONSOLE and ZONE coupling unitsWard console with intuitive graphical user interface via touch display.Ward console for the nurses' office as a communication centrebetween nursing staff and patient for targeted or automaticinterrogation of all calls from the ward, for inter-station callinterrogation, for targeted room and bed-by-room communication inintercom technology with nurses and patients and the possibility ofannouncements to all rooms in the ward or in rooms with staffpresence. The device simultaneously contains all elements andfunctions for connecting the station to the central bus for stationindependent call forwarding and call enquiry. All functions andsettings are operated via an intuitive graphical user interface.Context-related display:- Function and destination keys- Selection of status displays- Station overview display- test feature- Parameterization and adjustment.Desktop housing with 7" large-area TFT touch display, hands-free kitand handset as well as a connection cable 3 metres long forconnection to a wall distributor.Dimensions : 250x200x80 mm (WxDxH)Type :Ward console HA4SUDCentral cablingSUSward busArticle numberLI003004Zone coupling unit between the ward bus (zone cabling) and the centralcabling, to create a single system out of standalone zone-basednetworks for grouping or for central operation and monitoring. Installedin each zone where the ward bus SLZ intersects with the central cablingZLZ.Type :Zone transfer unit (data) SUDZone transfer unit (speech) SUSArticle numberLI003015LI003016SCREEN BASED MASTER CONSOLE BAScreen based master console in midi tower or 19“-housing used as a central masterconsole, section master console or ward console. The unit has to be connected with thecentral cabling via SUD/SUS zone transfer unit. Package contents include the masterconsole, keyboard, mouse and connecting cable (3 m). The program for screen basedmaster stations – BZA WinNet – is used to display call and alarm states. The display usesa floor plan graphic based on coloured screen areas according to the signal types, signalcolours and priorities as defined in VDE 0834. A mouse is used to process calls andalarms directly and interactively.Type :Screen based master console BA (Tower)Screen based master console BA (19“)Monitor LCD22“Software (WinNet, screen layouts, etc.)Article numberJV003050JV003051EF006047depends on project-7-

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Software (WinNet, screen layouts, etc.) depends on project SCREEN BASED MASTER CONSOLE BA Screen based master console in midi tower or 19"-housing used as a central master console, section master console or ward console. The unit has to be connected with the central cabling via SUD/SUS zone transfer unit. Package contents include the master