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W H I T E PA P E RTable of ContentsIntroduction .3Why use the ServiceNow mobile platform? .4ServiceNow mobile workflows in Quebec. 6Mobile Agent workflows . 6Now Mobile workflows . 8Mobile Onboarding workflows . 10Mobile Developer Tools . 11Getting started with ServiceNow mobile . 12Upgrade to Quebec . 12Activating plugins . 12Mobile migration to Quebec. 13Leveraging mobile workflows in your mobile Implementation . 13When to work inside Mobile Studio . 14When to work outside of Mobile Studio . 14When to configure in Mobile Studio vs. outside Mobile Studio . 15Get started with Guided App Creator: . 21Creating new mobile experiencesGet started with Mobile Studio . 22Modify or create new mobile experiencesGet started outside of Mobile Studio with Now Platform UI: . 25Modifying or creating new mobile experiencesMobile hierarchy. 26Understanding mobile hierarchy . 27Associating functions . 41Tips for optimizing mobile . 44Additional resources.45

START IMPLEMENTING THE SERVICENOW MOBILE PLATFORMIntroductionThe ServiceNow mobile platform allows your organization to deliver tailored mobileexperiences with apps (Mobile Agent, Now Mobile, and Mobile Onboarding) poweredby a single cloud platform and a common data model. The mobile platform bringstogether Mobile Studio, Guided App Creator, Now Platform UI, ServiceNow mobileworkflows, and business logic so that you can provide your users a powerful self-helpinterface–native on the Now Platform.With ServiceNow mobile apps, your users can access custom reports and actionsto get work done anytime and anywhere. Your users will have quick, easy accessto common tasks across various departments all from their mobile devices.This guide will walk you through the process of getting your company ready toimplement mobile. You’ll learn all of the declarative (point-and-click) tools neededto configure a personalized mobile experience for your organization including: Modifying pre-existing mobile workflowsCreating new mobile workflows using Mobile Studio, Guided App Creator,and outside of Studio (Now Platform UI) Optimizing your custom mobile workflows

START IMPLEMENTING THE SERVICENOW MOBILE PLATFORMWhy use the ServiceNow mobile platform?ServiceNow mobile apps are built with a mobile-first design. With this modern, nativeapproach, we’ve worked with industry experts to identify ‘mobile micro-moments’ thatwould allow agents, employees, and new hires get work done faster and work moreefficiently on their mobile devices.How the ServiceNow mobile platform is different from ServiceNow ClassicServiceNow is recommending that you migrate from ServiceNow Classic to takeadvantage of the new and updated features of ServiceNow mobile apps including: Fully native mobile experiences for iOS and Android Rapid app development without a single line of code using Mobile Studio,Mobile Card Builder, Guided App Creator, and the Now Platform Readily available mobile workflows for ITSM, FSM, ITAM, ITBM, ITOM, CSM, HR,Security Operations, Finance, Risk, and Legal to address most common usecases across agent and employee personas Latest native innovation to build consumer-grade mobile experiences (AIsearch, Photo search, actionable push notifications, and more!) Enabling Service Portal and Virtual Agent workflows natively within mobile Ability to support pre-existing ServiceNow workflows across the platform (Service Portal,Virtual Agent, and more!) End-to-end mobile publishing and mobile application management support Out-of-the-box dashboard views to monitor KPIs across ServiceNow Mobile apps Offline support across your ServiceNow mobile apps Enterprise-grade mobile securityMore than just displaying web-views on mobileThe problem with an enterprise mobile app that simply displays the entire desktopexperience on a mobile device is that it tries to do too much, and as a result, does sopoorly.It’s critical to focus on how you can solve specific problems in an engaging way sothat the mobile experience is smooth. When the experience is optimized for mobileyour employees stay engaged and productive.

START IMPLEMENTING THE SERVICENOW MOBILE PLATFORMNo more clunky web experiencesServiceNow Classic provides a web-based mobile experience that scales Service Portaldown to a mobile form factor. While the user experience is somewhat acceptable, itdoesn’t provide the seamless capabilities of a native mobile application. Havingovercrowded screens and requiring users to scroll, zoom, and make excessive taps justto get to the information that they need is no longer acceptable, especially in amodern workforce where responsiveness and performance are most important in theuser experience.With the ServiceNow mobile platform—you can personalize mobile workflows to youremployees’ needs and provide them with native functionality so that mobile is simpleto use, and information is easily discoverable.Managing approvals, making requests, and finding answers to questions is nowpossible in the palm of your hands with just a couple taps.Rapid app development and accelerated time to valueTypically, developing a brand new custom native app on Android and iOS requiresan army of mobile app developers. And speed matters—many organizations cannotafford the time and resources needed to manage the code, technology, design,and delivery for even a simple app. But with our no/low code mobile platform,organizations can build, test, and deploy their mobile apps without a team ofdevelopers. The mobile platform leverages declarative tools, including MobileStudio, Guided App Creator, and Platform UI, to make mobile app building simple fororganizations of all sizes, even with limited resources.How ServiceNow mobile workflows help the power of self-serviceServiceNow addresses most common mobile uses for agents, employees, and new hireswith readily available mobile workflows on Mobile Agent, Now Mobile, and MobileOnboarding Apps. Without any additional configuration, your employees will alreadyhave access to mobile use cases such as managing approvals, ordering items andservices, or making new requests. Upon enablement, your users will have real-timeaccess to the same information that they see on their desktops but organized forgetting work done anywhere on the go and whenever they want.If configuration is necessary, the ServiceNow platform offers pre-built templates andcomponents that will cut down on development time. Our purpose-driven mobileworkflows will help you quickly enable your global footprint without spending toomuch time and resources on custom configurations.

GETTING STARTED WITH MOBILE IMPLEMENTATIONServiceNow mobile workflows in QuebecIn Quebec, ServiceNow is providing the following mobile workflows to work immediately uponplugin installation for Mobile Agent, Now Mobile, and Mobile Onboarding.Mobile Agent: the fulfiller experienceMobile Agent workflows enable your field agents to work forward through any mobile device –allowing them to triage, act on, and complete tasks on the go, even without an internetconnection.IT Service ManagementManage work, view schedules, and update on-call schedules. Easily gaininsights and take action on active major incidents and the work of the groupsyou are managing.Value to the ITSM agent:Value to the business:Free IT service agents from their desksand enable them to work on the goAccelerate service restoration andquickly resolve critical incidentsField Service ManagementPrioritize your work, find optimal ways to complete assigned jobs, track partsyou need, get help needed to complete jobs, keep tabs on inventory, and getassistance from knowledge base articles.Value to the FSM agent:Value to the business:Plan, work, and complete tasks evenwithout an internet connectionProvide greater IT productivity forfield service agents to work anywhereCustomer Service ManagementManage customer service cases, accept and reassign cases, and stay alert onupdated cases via push notifications. Stay connected and access information inreal time to complete cases quickly.Value to the CSM agent:Value to the business:Free CSM agents from their desks andenable them to work on the goAccess information in real time tocomplete cases quicklyIT Asset ManagementReview purchase order line items, receive and validate your purchase ordersusing QR codes, open new purchase orders, and quickly scan multiple barcodesat a time to receive multiple assets and verify your orders have been received.Value to the ITAM agent:Value to the business:Saves ITAM agent time by beingable to quickly scan, review, andsubmit assetsAccelerate asset management andallow ITAM agents to be mobile

GETTING STARTED WITH MOBILE IMPLEMENTATIONIT Business Management: Project Status ReportTrack the status of your projects, view status reports, collaborate with relatedstakeholders to resolve exceptions, and take timely actions. Monitor and takeaction on risk, issues, decisions, actions, and request changes.Value to the ITBM agent:Value to the business:Allow ITBM agents to monitor realtime reports on timely risks and issuesMinimize incidents and outages withthe help of real-time visibility of reportsIT Business Management: Agile Development 2.0Track and update the status of your stories and scrum tasks, create new scrumtask, and collaborate with the rest of your scrum teamValue to the ITBM agent:Value to the business:Allows ITBM agent to collaborate andmonitor timely projects on the goProvide greater productivity for scrumteams to work anywhereIT Operations Management: Event ManagementManage Event Management alerts and services, each of which is organized bydifferent levels of severity. Take immediate action on alerts and services, createincidents, and collaborate with the rest of your team using work notes.Value to the ITOM agent:Value to the business:Allow ITOM agents to receive realtime alerts even away from theirdesktopFaster recovery time on high-severityincidentsSecurity Operations: Security Incident Response and Vulnerability ResponseView, edit, and assign your most current critical security incidents and responsetasks. Search, view, or get notifications on all critical vulnerabilities, vulnerabilitygroups, and assignments.Value to the Securityoperations agent:Allows security operations agent torespond faster to security threatsValue to the business:Drive faster and more efficientsecurity response teamsGovernance, Risk, and ComplianceManage your work, task assignments, requests, approvals, and other follow upactions. Also receive timely notifications for current alerts, as well as your riskand compliance status for critical assets, vendors, and impacted essentialbusiness services.Value to the GRC agent:Value to the business:Allow GRC agents to respond tobusiness risks in real-timeSee timely alerts and critical statusesfor faster resolution

GETTING STARTED WITH MOBILE IMPLEMENTATIONNow Mobile: the employee experienceNow Mobile workflows allow your employees to get instant resolution to day-to-dayIT service tasks and requests via self-service, deflecting incidents and freeing upresources from your agents.The employee experience: Now MobileFind answers, get help, and make requests. Provide fast and easy access tocommon tasks across various business units all from a single device. Manageyour tasks, requests, services, assets, & knowledge base from anywhere.Value to the employee:Value to the business:Gives employees a 24/7 self-servicesolutionEnable greater employee productivityas requests get resolved fasterWalk-up Experience (ITSM)Enable your IT organization to set up a contact channel to support online checkin, onsite check-in, and appointment scheduling for a pre-established walk-upservice center.Value to the ITSM employee:Value to the business:Boost employee satisfaction withefficient face-to-face supportDeliver a modern in-person walk-upexperience with mobile check-inHuman Resources Service DeliveryEnable your employees to view HR requests, request HR services, find helpfulinformation on Knowledge Base, ask for help, complete HR tasks, view relevantbanners, and interact with Virtual Agent.Value to the HR employee:Value to the business:Enable quick self-service solutionsusing Mobile and Virtual AgentRelieve your HR agents from backlogof common HR tasksIT Asset ManagementView assets assigned to you. Create incidents to report any issues with yourassets to your IT departmentValue to the ITAM employee:Value to the business:Saves employee time by being able toquickly view & report issues on assetsAccelerate asset managementand allow agents to be mobileIT Business Management: Mobile Time SheetsEnable time sheet users and managers to access their timesheets from amobile device. Time sheet users can create, view, enter notes, and submittheir timecards. User managers can approve, reject, or recall a timecard.Value to the employee:Value to the business:Enable quick time-sheet accessusing mobileUnlocking greater productivity astime sheets go mobile

GETTING STARTED WITH MOBILE IMPLEMENTATIONNow Mobile: Safe Workplace Mobile AppsServiceNow Safe Workplace mobile apps allow you to reopen your workplace andsupport health and safety of your employees after emergencies and pandemicslike COVID-19.Safe Workplace: Employee Readiness SurveyUse mobile surveys to measure the preparedness of your workforce, gaininsight into workforce readiness, and determine the actions needed topromote employee wellness, safety, and security.Value to the employee:Value to the business:Easily communicate concerns aboutreturning to work back to employerHelp gauge whether your employeesare ready to return to the workplaceSafe Workplace: Employee Health ScreeningBefore employees re-enter workspaces, screen employees and ensurecompliance with your organization’s entry requirements, such astemperature check and PPE.Value to the employee:Value to the business:Easily communicate health status toreturn to workplaceEnsure compliance with employer’sentry requirementsSafe Workplace: PPE Inventory ManagementManage your organization’s PPE inventory levels across various locationsand facilities to provide for physical safety needs of your workforce.Value to the employee:Value to the business:Easily order PPE supplies via mobileSafeguard the physical safety of yourworkforceSafe Workplace: Contact TracingIdentify on-site employees who might have been in contact with anaffected employee and receive updates about number of reported cases orsymptoms in one location.Value to the employee:Value to the business:Mitigate the risk of workplacetransmissions among employeesHelp employers reduce workplacetransmission of infectious diseases9

GETTING STARTED WITH MOBILE IMPLEMENTATIONNow Mobile: Emergency Response Management Mobile AppsServiceNow Emergency Response Management applications help yourorganization mobilize its business continuity efforts during natural disasters andpandemics. Streamline and automate activities on multiple fronts to keepeveryone informed and connected as you anticipate or experience emergencies.Emergency Response ManagementUse mobile surveys to measure the preparedness of your workforce, gaininsight into workforce readiness, and determine the actions needed topromote employee wellness, safety, and security.Value to the employee:Value to the business:Easily self-report your health statusManage your employee’s emergencyresponse from anywhere with mobileEmergency OutreachNotify employees of important information about anticipated or occurringemergency situations. Send an outreach notification via email or mobilepush notification to request an employee response.Value to the employee:Value to the business:Quickly communicate informationduring emergency situationsQuickly send updates or notificationsto employees during emergenciesMobile Onboarding: the new hire experienceDeliver great new-hire experiences and accelerate productivity with mobile workflows.Mobile Onboarding: the new hire experience (HR)Enable your new hires to complete onboarding to-dos, watch training videosat different stages of the hiring process, chat with a live agent, or interactwith a Virtual Agent.Value to the employee:Value to the business:Gives employees a modern, omnichannel way to completeonboardingStreamline the HR onboardingprocess and reduce costs10

GETTING STARTED WITH MOBILE IMPLEMENTATIONMobile Developer ToolsServiceNow Emergency Response Management applications help yourorganization mobilize its business continuity efforts during natural disasters andpandemics. Streamline and automate activities on multiple fronts to keepeveryone informed and connected as you anticipate or experience emergencies.Mobile PublishingPublish secure branded mobile applications using your unique companyidentity and management method. With branding you can customize theapp icon, app name, description, splash screen, and add MAM support.Value to the developer:Value to the business:Automated process to manage anddistribute a custom branded appTailor apps to match company identityto promote adoptionMobile Card BuilderVisual tool inside of Mobile Studio to configure the layout and fields of yourtemplates and cards used in ServiceNow mobile applications for iOS andAndroid.Value to the developer:Value to the business:Non-technical admins can buildmobile visualizations withoutcodeBuild consumer-grade apps withoutneed of large development team11

GETTING STARTED WITH MOBILE IMPLEMENTATIONGetting started with MobileThe ServiceNow mobile clients will work immediately upon upgrade and installation ofplugins (See page 6-10).Many of your mobile use cases such as request submission and approvalmanagement are already supported by our readily available mobile workflows (Seepages 6-10). Upon plugin installation, all you would need to do is test and releasethe app and your users can immediately start working within the apps.We recommend that you release your app in phases so that you can continuouslytest your workflows, learn from your users, and optimize how they interact with yourmobile apps.For more information on migration and best practices.To get started we recommend you follow these 7 steps for a successful ServiceNowmobile implementation:1.Upgrade to Quebec product release2.Activate plugins for new mobile platform3.Migrate to new mobile platform4.Leverage pre-built mobile workflows5.Get started with Guided App Creator6.Get started with Mobile Studio7.Get started with Now Platform UIUpgrade to QuebecWork with your account team to upgrade your instances and your licenseentitlement to Quebec. Once upgraded, you will be able to access new mobilecomponents released in Quebec.-How to upgrade to Quebec-New features in QuebecActivate PluginsIn order to activate the ServiceNow mobile apps, you will need to install someplugins to enable new functionality in Quebec and the specific mobile workflowsyou want in your apps. Some plugins will come pre-installed from previousupgrades, while others will have to be installed manually.For more information on activating ServiceNow mobile workflows and relatedplugins refer back to pages 6-10.Mobile AgentThe Mobile Agent app is automatically activated since the Madrid upgrade.At least one mobile workflow must be enabled (page 6-7) for Agent to work.Now MobileYou will need to manually install a plugin to activate the Now Mobile app foryour users. You can add additional workflows (page 8-10) as needed.Mobile OnboardingYou will need to manually install a plugin to activate the Mobile Onboardingapp for your users.12

GETTING STARTED WITH MOBILE IMPLEMENTATIONMobile migration to QuebecMigrating from ServiceNow Classic to ServiceNow mobile appsCurrently, ServiceNow Classic, our legacy app, is in maintenance mode.Migrate to the new ServiceNow mobile apps to take advantage of ServiceNow’spre-built mobile workflows for Agents, Employees, and New Hires, as well asfeatures such as rapid app development, offline capabilities, and fully nativedevice capabilities.If you currently use the classic mobile app and want to make use of the newmobile app, you have to migrate legacy mobile workflows and any customizationsyou have made to the old classic app.The ServiceNow mobile platform is entirely different from ServiceNow Classic andrequires some work to build from scratch. But we have mobile workflows andbest-practice guides to help expedite your mobile migration process.-Migrating from ServiceNow Classic (Refer to the rest of this document)-Mobile migration best practicesMigrating from Mobile in Orlando/Paris to mobile in QuebecWith the introduction of Mobile Card Builder in Quebec, there is a requirement for systemadmins to activate the Mobile Card Builder plugin from the ServiceNow store.The changes were made to allow the mobile platform to introduce more flexibility in creatingcustom card patterns without having to learn and modify JSON.With these changes, we’ve introduced a few new tables and slightly changed the interface ofMobile Studio when configuring new applets or modifying existing applets.Some important changes to note: Admins will need to learn how to use this new developer tool in order to create newapplets inside of Mobile Studio. Learn more about how to get started with Mobile CardBuilder on the ServiceNow developer blog.Applets created in Quebec and later will no longer use item view tables. Instead, theywill use view configuration-based cards which have greater flexibility and can take advantageof templates.Applets created in Paris and earlier releases are based on item views and can still be editedusing Mobile Card Builder but with some limitations.Learn more about how to get started with Mobile Card Builder on the ServiceNowdeveloper blog.Leverage mobile workflows in your mobile implementationServiceNow provides ready-to-use mobile workflows so that you can immediatelyget started with common mobile functionality. Your time to self-service can begreatly accelerated leveraging the mobile platform’s prebuilt templatesand workflows in your mobile implementation. If your organization has minimalrequirements to personalize the app, you can roll out your apps immediately andunlock greater potential for your organization to self-serve with mobile workflowsthat ServiceNow has already provided you.If your organization has additional requirements to customize the apps you cantake a phased approach to learn from your users after your initial rollout, modifyyour existing workflows, and optimize your apps over time.13

GETTING STARTED WITH MOBILE IMPLEMENTATIONBefore you start customizing your mobile workflows, it’s important to:-Define the roles and users for your mobile apps-Understand what problem you are trying to solve for those users with themobile app-Understand what set of data and action functions those users need to get workdone faster on their mobile apps-Figure out how you want your users to visualize their data and interact withtheir mobile appAnd depending on your user app requirements, you will need to do the following:-Understand the delta between the mobile workflows and what your users need-Understand what features are available and customizable from theServiceNow mobile platform-Learn how to customize the features you want to deliver to your end users-Build net new mobile components and flows to address any gaps frommobile workflows-Optimize by adding or removing mobile components and flows to improveuser engagement with the mobile apps-Understand three different tools to configure mobile: Mobile Studio (see pages 19-21) Outside Mobile Studio (see pages 22-33) Guided App Creator (see page 18)Learn more about mobile platform featuresWhen to work inside of Mobile Studio?Most application configuration takes place in Mobile Studio. You can use MobileStudio to create, modify, and manage mobile components for your ServiceNowmobile apps (Mobile Agent, Now Mobile, Onboarding) all in one centralizedinterface.The application explorer on the left-hand side of the screen organizes all of yourrelevant mobile components such as applets, applet launchers, and functions allinto a single interface so that they are quick to access and easily customizable.Mobile Studio helps cut down on development time by providing guardrails tofollow when building mobile apps. For an improved mobile configurationexperience, always start with what you can modify using Mobile Studio. For anymobile components that are not configurable in Mobile Studio, you can configureoutside of Mobile Studio using traditional Now Platform UI (lists and forms).When to work outside of Mobile Studio?All mobile workflows from Mobile Agent (ITSM, FSM, etc.) can be modified usingMobile Studio. All other workflows from Now Mobile and Mobile Onboarding mustbe configured outside of Mobile Studio. However, any net new configurations forthe Now Mobile and Mobile Onboarding can be done in Mobile Studio. It is onlythe pre-existing mobile workflows for Now Mobile and Mobile Onboarding thatcannot be modified using Mobile Studio.-Refer to pages 15-20 to learn when to configure inside Mobile Studio vsoutside of Mobile Studio-Refer to pages 25-40 to learn how to navigate mobile components14

GETTING STARTED WITH MOBILE IMPLEMENTATIONWhen to configure inside Mobile Studio vs. outside Mobile StudioThe majority of ServiceNow app customization options are available fromMobile Studio. It was built to make it easy for admins to configure existing andnew experiences for their organizations.However, there are some pre-built mobile workflows and advanced mobilecapabilities that will need to be configured outside of Mobile Studio due to limitations.Here is a list of all mobile components that are configurable inside Mobile Studio.(We will continue to improve the Mobile Studio experience as we strive forStudio parity.)*All components are configurable with Now Platform UI but we’d recommend using Mobile Studiowhen possible.Inside StudioOutside StudioServiceNow Mobile WorkflowsMobile AgentXNow MobileXMobile OnboardingXNet New ConfigurationsMobile AgentXNow MobileXMobile OnboardingXApplet LauncherApplet LauncherXHeaderXGlobal SearchXXAI SearchUI Section – IconXUI Section – ItemXUI Section – MediaXUI Section – ChartXUI Section – Single ScoreXUI Section - ContentXMobile Campaign (HRSD only)XHide ‘header of UI sectionXUI Section - NavigationXNavigation BarHide ‘see all’ buttonXX15

GETTING STARTED WITH MOBILE IMPLEMENTATIONAppletsList AppletXForm AppletXMap AppletXURL AppletXGrouped List AppletXCalendar AppletXEmployee Directory AppletXChart AppletX16

GETTING STARTED WITH MOBILE IMPLEMENTATIONInside StudioOutside StudioScreens & Related ComponentsRelated ListXActivity [email protected] mentions on activity streamDetailsXForm SegmentsXItem Stream Segments (List)XSingle Item StreamXSingle Item ConfigurationXMultiple Item StreamsXMultiple Item ConfigurationsXData ItemXItem View (item view JSON)XView Configs (Mobile Card Builder)XEmbedded ListXCustom Embedded ScreenXDashboard PreviewXMobile FiltersXSaved viewsXDynamic Form SegmentsXNative KnowledgeXEmpty State HandlingX17

GETTING STARTED WITH MOBILE IMPLEMENTATIONInside StudioWriteback ActionXNavigationXSmart ButtonXCard ActionXTop MenuXSwipeXFieldXFooterXQuick ActionXList ItemXOutside StudioMedia SectionXTime Series Chart HeaderX18

GETTING STARTED WITH MOBILE IMPLEMENTATIONInside StudioOutside StudioFunction BehaviorsInline/Overlay TextXPreconditionsXAction Completion tabs (re-direction)XAcknowledgement TextXConfirmation messageXSignatures & CredentialsXImage UploadXXCarried parametersScreen fieldsStagesXChecklistXPercentageXEmbedded Web & MediaXValue-onlyXHTMLXDate/Time FormatterXAttachmentXAdditional FeaturesMobile UI RulesXUI StylesXXMobile IconsLive Agent Chat & Virtual AgentXContextual Virtual AgentXDeep LinkingXDeep linking to 3rd party appsXPush NotificationXActionable Push NotificationXOfflineScheduled OfflineXX19

GETTING STARTED WITH MOBILE IMPLEMENTATIONxIncremental OfflineRolesXPhoto SearchXQR Barcode ScannerXMulti ScanXGrouped Input for Multi ScanXGeolocation TrackingXLocalizationXSiri Shortcuts (Now Mobile)X‘Open Chat Window’ Siri Shortcut(ServiceNow Agent)Metadata RefreshXImpersonate UsersXMobile PublishingMobile PublishingXMobile ThemingXAnalyticsUser Experience AnalyticsXMobile SecurityMobile AuthenticationXMobile Application Management(MAM) IntegrationXRestrict Copy/PasteXRequire App PinXDisabling AttachmentsXBlur App in BackgroundXEdge EncryptionXMobile GCC ComplianceXDomain SeparationX20

GETTING STARTED WITH MOBILE IMPLEMENTATIONGet Started with Guided App Creator: Create new mobile experiencesIf you’re new to ServiceNow, or you haven’t done much cu

The ServiceNow mobile platform allows your organization to deliver tailored mobile experiences with apps (Mobile Agent, Now Mobile, and Mobile Onboarding) powered . ServiceNow mobile apps are built with a mobile-first design. With this modern, native approach, we [ve worked with industry experts to identify Zmobile micro-moments [ that