Welcome toHeartland Bank!Important information about your Citizens First NationalBank accounts and services starting May 20, 2013We’re herefor you!

Welcome to Heartland BankApril 2013Greetings!Since Friday, November 2, 2012 when HeartlandBank assumed the depositand loan accounts of Citizens First National Bank, we have been making carefulplans to bring your accounts over to our systemso you can fully take advantageof all Heartland Bank has to offer!Important DateOn Monday, May 20, you will have the added convenience of using all HeartlandBank services and locations in 48 communities!The transfer of your accounts tothe Heartland Bank system will take place the weekend of May 18-19.This welcome booklet is designed to help you understand the process and howit may affect your accounts. It also includes information that will help you getto know Heartland Bank a little better. Please takesome time to read it, notingimportant dates and other information about the coming conversion. By allmeans, please let us know if you have any questions.Heartland Bank has the technology and productsyou need, and having grownfrom rural roots in small Midwestern communities, we also provide the level ofservice you expect and deserve from a community bank. We are delighted tohave you as a Heartland Bank customer!Best regards,Fred L. DrakeChairman and CEOTable ofCONTENTS1Important Dates. 3Chart of Accounts. 5Account Descriptions. 7Additional Information. 9Wealth Management. 10Deposit Account Terms & Conditions Agreement. 13Funds Availability Disclosure / Error Resolution Notice. 19Convenience and Discretionary Services. 20Privacy Policy and Disclosure. 21Locations.Back Cover

Generations of ServiceHeartland Bank is widely recognized as one of the strongest and most progressive banks in the area. Our name accuratelydescribes who we are—a locally owned community bank with roots right here in Illinois. Our history of banking service goesback three generations—to the early 1900s— when the Drake family began its involvement in the banking industry. We’vehad the opportunity to grow and change over the years—time to become an integral part of the communities we serve. Andwe look forward to serving you for many years to come.Our BeginningsAllen Drake, George’s oldest son, is a graduate of the University of Illinois and a long-timeresident of El Paso. Since 1979 he has held positions such as Chairman of the Board and Manager of our El Paso locations. Now retired, Allencontinues to serve on the Heartland Bank Boardof Directors.M.B. Drake understood the importance of thecommunity. He believed that people had aresponsibility to each other. He valued gettingto know people and treated them with respect.“It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice,” he would say. And that’s howhe approached banking when he helped start arural Illinois community bank in 1920 that would lead to a family tradition.Our Leadership TodayFred Drake, George’s youngest son, is also aUniversity of Illinois graduate and has beenworking in banking since high school. He movedHeartland Bank and Trust Company to Bloomington-Normal in 1992 and holds the position ofChairman and Chief Executive Officer. Workingfrom Bloomington-Normal, Illinois, Fred continues the company tradition of hands-on management.After graduating from the University of Illinoisand a stint in the Navy, M.B.’s son, George Drake,followed in his father’s footsteps as he, too,pursued a career in banking. His association withthe El Paso, Illinois community began in 1964,when he moved his young family to this ruraltown. He founded Heartland Bancorp, Inc. in1981 and remains active as Vice Chairman of Heartland Bank.At Heartland Bank, we’re proud of the strength of our bank, thecapabilities we have, the services we offer, and the people whooffer those services to you. Get to know us and you’ll understand why we say, “At Heartland Bank, we’re here for you!”Steadfast PhilosophyWith strong and conservative roots, we look forward to continued success as a leading community bank. We’ve remainedcommitted to communities that fit our mission – those that value what a true community bank can bring. We are excited aboutthe road ahead and what it means to the people and communities we serve. Our focus remains the same today as it was over90 years ago: provide quality service and products customers expect and deserve.We’re here for you!1964El Paso, IL196519922003Bloomington-Normal, IL2000Peoria, ILGibson City, IL19862002Champaign-Urbana, ILWashington, ILLexington, IL1982Eureka. IL1971Carlock, IL197019751980198519901995The roots of some of our branchesdate back before the first automobileand even the Civil War!20002001Chenoa, ILPekin, IL20052004Germantown Hills, IL2007Delavan, ILMackinaw, ILMetamora, ILMorton, IL2010UptownNormal, ILAurora, ILDePue, ILFarmer City, ILGenoa, ILHampshire, ILHenry, ILHuntley, ILMillbrook, ILMinooka, IL201220102008Bushnell, ILCanton, MOColchester, ILKahoka, MOMacomb, ILPalmyra, MOQuincy, ILNewark, ILOglesby, IL2011Peru, ILWestern Springs, ILPlano, ILCountryside, ILPrinceton, ILShorewood, ILSandwich, ILPlainfield, ILSomonauk, ILElwood, ILSpring Valley, IL22015

Important dates: MAY 2013Monday, May 13ATM/Debit Cards Arrive. If you currently have a Citizens First National Bank ATM ordebit card, you will receive your new Heartland Bank Visa Debit Card the week ofMay 13, along with additional information about the card. You will be issued a newPersonal Identification Number (PIN) which will arrive in a separate envelope. You maychange your PIN by visiting any Heartland Bank office at your convenience.Continue to use your Citizens First National Bank ATM/debit card through Sunday,May 19. You will begin using your new Heartland Bank card on Monday, May 20. Seepage 9 for additional information.Bill Pay Access. Bill Pay access will be available until 5 p.m. If you are currently enrolled in these services, you will also receive an Electronic Banking Services Guideseparately to assist you in this area.Friday, May 17Online Banking. Online Banking access will be available until 5p.m. If you are currently enrolled in these services, you will also receive an Electronic Banking ServicesGuide separately to assist you in this area.Checking and savings account statements will be processed. Please see page 6 foradditional information.Saturday, May 18Branch offices will be open normal business hours.Monday, May 20Full Service Available. All offices of Heartland Bank are now available to you for yourbanking needs! You may continue to use your existing checks. Your account numbers will remainthe same. You may access your online accounts and Bill Pay at You will receive a seperate Electronic Banking Services guide to assist you in this area. Please begin using your Heartland Bank ATM/Visa Debit Card after 8:00 a.m.Citizens First National Bank cards will be deactivated.TeleBank Available. Your accounts will be available through Heartland TeleBank, our24-hour phone inquiry system. Please see page 9 for additional information on establishing your PIN.3

FDIC insurance coverageFDIC Insurance CoverageQ: Are my accounts still insured by the FDIC?A: Yes. Heartland Bank is FDIC-insured and your accounts will continue to be covered by FDIC insurance as they are now. TheFDIC standard coverage per depositor per financial institution is 250,000.Q: I already have other deposit accounts with Heartland Bank. When combined with balances at Citizens First NationalBank, my deposits exceed 250,000. Are all funds insured?A: All deposit accounts transferred to Heartland Bank and Trust Company will be separately insured for at least six months after themerger. This grace period gives you the opportunity to restructure the accounts, if necessary.CDs from Citizens First National Bank are separately insured until the earliest maturity date after the end of the six month graceperiod (May 2, 2013).CDs that mature during the six-month period and are renewed for the same term and in the same dollar amount (either with orwithout accrued interest) continue to be separately insured until the first maturity date after the six-month period.If a CD matures during the six-month grace period and is renewed on any other basis, it would be separately insured only untilthe end of the six-month grace period.Q: How do I verify my FDIC coverage?A: The FDIC has useful tools online to help you determine your FDIC insurance coverage. Visit for more informationor visit your local office.4

Chart of AccountsHeartland Bank has a deposit account that’s right for you! Based on information we already have about your current account, wehave placed you in the type of Heartland Bank deposit account most like your Citizens First National Bank account. Below is a reference chart of substitutions, followed by the account descriptions and change in terms. If you feel that a different account wouldbetter meet your needs and you would like to make a change, please contact a Retail Banker at any location to discuss other options.We’ll be happy to make changes and get you in an account that fits your needs!CFNBHeartland BankCFNBHeartland BankIf you had this account:You now have this account:If you had this account:You now have this account:CHECKING ACCOUNTSSAVINGS ACCOUNTSInterest Checking IndividualRegular Savings or Minor /Student SavingsAll In One Interest CheckingAll In One Select CheckingSelect CheckingCapital Interest CheckingBusiness SavingsBusiness Public FundsInterest CheckingNon-ProfitHi Powered CheckingSenior CitizenPreferred CheckingChristmas ClubAll in One CheckingRainy Day SavingsSpring/Summer/FallStudent CheckingAbsolutely Free CheckingE-Green CheckingTotally Free CheckingFreedom PlusLiberty IRARegular SavingsSuper SaversThese will be renewed as18-month Variable rateIRA Certificates of Deposit.The first maturity date will be set at 18 months from the date of thelast deposit into your Citizens First National Bank Liberty IRA. Deposits can be made to this account at any time and for any amount.Absolutely e-CheckingFree CheckingSpirit CheckingCapital Interest, 50 Free Interest,VIP Free Interest or Totally FreeCheckingNote: Heartland Bank and Trust Company is now thecustodian of all former Citizens First National Bank IRAs.HSA Health Checking AccountHealth Savings AccountMONEY MARKET ACCOUNTSBusiness Repurchase AccountsBusiness CheckingSmall Business Checking Corp.Community Business CheckingCommunity CheckingRemote Deposit Capture withEarnings CreditTotally Free Business Checking orCommercial Checking dependingon the additional business servicestied to the account.Interest CheckingNon-personalInterest CheckingSole ProprietorBusiness Checking with InterestSmall Business CheckingPersonalCash ManagementCommercial CheckingInterest Checking IOLTAIOLTA5Hi Yield Money MarketHi Yield Money Market Corp.Repurchase SweepSuper Money MarketPUBLIC ENTITIES ACCOUNTSPublic FundsTotally Free Business CheckingInterest Checking Public FundsPublic Funds NOW AccountHi Yield Money MarketPublic FundsPublic Funds Money Market

QQuestions?Please call or stop by your nearest Heartland Bank office during lobby hours.About Your StatementsLoan PaymentsYour checking and savings statements will be processed May17 and include activity through that date. Your next statementwill be sent on or about your regular statement date. Becausethese two statements will be partial statements, monthly service charges (if any) will be waived for this period.Your loan number will remain the same. Please continue to use yourcurrent loan coupons with your payments. If you receive monthlypayment notices or have loan payments automatically debitedfrom a checking account, these arrangements will continue. If youhave a Private Line loan you will receive separate loan and checking account statements. Home Equity Line of Credit loans will nolonger have a checking account statement.Your printed statements will not contain check images unless it is a business or money market account. Better yet, weencourage you to save paper and sign up for eStatements. Oureffort in this area saves over 1 million sheets of paper each year!Your check images are available to you 24/7 and archived fortwo years through our FREE eStatements service.eStatementsIf you currently receive your statement electronically, yourchecking and savings statements will be processed May 17.Your eStatements service will continue and you will begin accessing your eStatements through Online Banking beginningMonday, May 20. Your statement history will not transfer, soplease save any statements you want to keep by Friday, May17. Going forward your Heartland Bank eStatements archivewill build displaying up to 24 months of statements. You willfind detailed sign on instructions in the Electronic Banking Services guide.Direct Deposit and Automatic PaymentsAny automatic activity currently in place on your accounts (suchas direct deposit or an automatic loan payment) will continue,with the exception of activity initiated by or tied to your Citizens First National Bank debit card. If you have a recurring account debit (such as an insurance premium) tied to yourcurrent Citizens First National Bank debit card number, youwill need to contact the merchant with your new HeartlandBank Visa debit card number and expiration date. Someemployers or other payment originators may require updateddocumentation with Heartland Bank’s routing number, which is071112066. If you need additional assistance, please contact us.Safe Deposit BoxesPosting of Deposits and Other TransactionsPlease see our Funds Availability Disclosure on page 18.Overdraft Protection ServicesIf you had Worry Free Overdraft Privilege / Checking Account Protection Umbrella for overdraft protection service and your accountis in good standing, your account will be enrolled in OverdraftHonor, our comparable overdraft protection service.Heartland Bank also offers other overdraft protection services:Overdraft Transfer Service (protection from another checkingor savings account) and Reserve Line (an overdraft Line of Credit). For more information on these services, please see a RetailBanker in your local office.If your checking account was linked to your savings account toprotect you from overdrawing your account, you will now haveOverdraft Transfer Service. There is no fee unless a protectiontransfer occurs. The transfer fee is 10, regardless of the numberof overdraft items covered that day.OVERDRAFT PROTECTION SERVICESIf you had this service:You now have this service:Worry Free Overdraft PrivilegeOverdraft HonorOverdraft ProtectionOverdraft TransferPrivate LineReserve LineWe encourage all customers to manage their finances responsibly to avoid overdrafts and related fees. See page 19 for theOverdraft Policy.Annual rent for Heartland Bank safe deposit boxes is due on therental anniversary date. As an added convenience, we suggesthaving your payment automatically debited from your Heartland Bank checking or savings account!6

Account DescriptionsTOTALLY FREE CHECKINGNo minimum balance required. No monthly service charge. Notransaction activity charges. You will receive a monthly statement.50 FREE INTEREST CHECKINGAvailable to account holders age 50 and better! No minimumbalance required. No monthly service charge. No transactionactivity charges. You will receive a monthly statement. Earns acompetitive rate of interest.VIP FREE INTEREST CHECKINGAvailable to account holders with direct deposit or any automatic payment. No minimum balance required. No monthlyservice charge. No transaction activity charges. You will receivea monthly statement. Earns a competitive rate of interest.CAPITAL INTEREST CHECKINGEarns a competitive rate of interest with a higher rate for balances of 2,500 or more. Monthly service charge of 8 if the balance in the account falls below 1,000 any day of the statementperiod. You will receive a monthly statement and FREE personalized checks.SUPER MONEY MARKET ACCOUNTEarn higher rates of interest while keeping your money available. Monthly service charge of 8 if the balance in the accountfalls below 2,500 any day of the statement period. You will receive a monthly statement. Withdrawals are subject to Regulation D limitations . Excess withdrawal fee is 5 per withdrawalif the Regulation D limit is exceeded.REGULAR SAVINGS ACCOUNTInterest on this account is compounded and credited quarterly.You will receive a quarterly statement. If there is electronic activity during any month, a monthly statement will be produced.There is no monthly service charge. Transaction fee of 1.75 perwithdrawal if withdrawals exceed nine per quarter. Transactionfees are waived for minors or if the minimum daily balance is 500 or greater during the statement period. Withdrawals aresubject to Regulation D limitations . Excess withdrawal fee is 5 per withdrawal if the Regulation D limit is exceeded.Health Savings AccountThis checking account earns a competitive rate of interest withhigher rates for balances of 2,500 or more. Monthly servicecharge of 6 if the balance in the account falls below 500 anyday of the statement period. You will receive a monthly statement. There is no annual fee.Totally Free Business CheckingNo minimum balance required. No monthly service charge. Upto 500 FREE transaction items (debits and credits) each month(only 25 each thereafter). Deposit up to 10,000 in currencyper month FREE ( 1.50 per 1,000 thereafter). You will receive amonthly statement with check images.Business Checking with InterestFor qualifying sole proprietors and not-for-profit organizations.Earns a competitive rate of interest. Up to 500 FREE transactionitems (debits and credits) each month (only 25 each thereafter). Monthly service charge of 8 if daily balance falls below 2,500 during the statement period. Deposit up to 10,000 incurrency per month FREE ( 1.50 per 1,000 thereafter). You willreceive a monthly statement with check images.Commercial CheckingEarnings credit allowance may offset activity fees. Only 12monthly service charge. Transaction items (debits and credits)are just 15 each. Deposit up to 10,000 in currency per monthFREE ( 1.50 per 1,000 thereafter). You will receive a monthlystatement with check images.Public Fund Now CheckingMonthly service charge of 8.50. This charge will be waived ifdaily balance does not fall below 1,000 or an average daily balance of 5,000 is maintained. No transaction charges. You willreceive a monthly statement with check images.Public Fund Money MarketMonthly service charge of 8. This charge will be waived if dailybalance does not fall below 2,500 or an average daily balanceof 10,000 is maintained. You will receive a monthly statementwith check images. No transaction charges. Withdrawals aresubject to Regulation D limitations . Excess withdrawal fee is 5 per withdrawal if the Regulation D limit is exceeded.7 A brief description of Regulation D is on page 8.

Super savers CLUBInterest on this account is compounded and credited quarterly.You will receive a statement each month there is electronic activity, or annually if there is no electronic activity. You must setup an automatic transfer for monthly or weekly deposits intothis account; otherwise the account will convert to a RegularSavings Account. Minimum transfer amount is 5. Additionaldeposits are allowed. No monthly service fees. Two withdrawals allowed per calendar year; 10 per withdrawal thereafter.Withdrawals are subject to Regulation D limitations . Excesswithdrawal fee is 5 per withdrawal if the Regulation D limit isexceeded.Certificates of DepositThe current interest rate and maturity date on your certificatesof deposit and/or IRA CDs will stay the same until maturity. Penalties for early withdrawal are as follows:ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT VARIABLERATE, INTEREST BEARING ACCOUNTS:Interest begins to accrue no later than the business day wereceive credit for the deposit of non cash items (for example,checks). We use the daily balance method to calculate the interest on your account. This method applies a daily periodic rate tothe principal in the account each day. Your interest rate and annual percentage rate may change at any time, at our discretion.If you close your account before interest has been credited, youwill not receive the accrued interest. Unless otherwise noted inthe product disclosure, interest is compounded and creditedmonthly.ZERO BALANCE CHECKINGAND SAVINGS ACCOUNTSChecking and savings accounts with no activity for 45 days andreaching a zero balance will be automatically closed.TERMPENALTYDORMANT ACCOUNTS3 months or lessLesser of 30 days of interestearned on amount withdrawnor 100% of accrued interest onamount withdrawnGreater than 3 monthsthrough 12 monthsAmount equal to 90 days intereston amount withdrawnGreater than 12 months,through 36 monthsAmount equal to 180 daysinterest on amount withdrawnChecking and money market accounts become dormant afterone year (365 days) with no activity; savings accounts becomedormant after two years (730 days) of inactivity. After five yearswith no activity, banks are required to remit the funds remaining in the account to the State’s Unclaimed Property Divisionfor safekeeping until they can be claimed. We encourage you toactively use your accounts!36 months or longerAmount equal to 365 daysinterest on amount withdrawnCERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT3 months, 6 months,9 months, 12 months,14 month, 18 months,24 months, 30 months,36 months, 42 month,48 months, 60 monthsIf your CD or IRA CD is currentlyin a term other than those at left,it will renew to the next shortestterm. For example, if you currently have a 5 month CD, it willrenew as a 3 month CD. REGULATION D LIMIT ON ELECTRONICTRANSFERS AND PAYMENTS TO THIRD PARTIESFederal Reserve Regulation D limits the number of electronictransfers (i.e., preauthorized (ACH), automatic transfers, online,or telephone) and third party transactions to a combined total of six per month on savings and money market accounts. Ifthe account regularly exceeds that activity, the account may beclosed and reopened as a checking account. Transfers made inperson, by messenger, by mail, or at an ATM are not limited byRegulation D.8

Additional INFORMATIONHeartland TeleBank: 800-749-8581Free Online Banking and Bill PayBank by phone when it’s convenient for you with HeartlandTeleBank! By simply calling our toll-free number above, youcan check account balances, transfer funds, check CD maturitydates, report lost or stolen Debit Cards, and much more!Use our FREE Online Banking and Bill Pay services to safely andsecurely:To access your account through Telebank, you will be asked forpersonal and account information to establish a new PIN (personal identification number).ATM/Debit CardsIf you have a Citizens First National Bank ATM card or debit card,you will receive a new Heartland Bank VISA debit card the weekof May 13. If you currently hold a Spirit or custom image card,your new Heartland Bank VISA debit card will be issued withyour custom image. Your new PIN will follow in a separate envelope. You may change your PIN at any Heartland Bank office atyour convenience. Your new card will be activated for you May20 at 8:00 a.m., and your Citizens First National Bank cardwill be deactivated. PleaseDeactivated 5see “Direct Deposits and Au-20-13tomatic Payments” on page6 if you have automatic payments currently tied to yourCitizens First National Bankdebit card.Activated 5-20-13We do not charge a fee for6264 0012 3456 7890using your Heartland BankDEBIT06/15VISA debit card. In addiKATHERINE HILLtion, we do not charge a feefor using other banks’ ATMs!*You can find a current list of our ATM locations online at If you don’t have a debit card and would like to receive one, contact a Retail Banker at any office.4264GOODTHRUMaking Cents SavingsThe Making Cents Savings service will be discontinued May 20.Please see a banker to discuss other options for building yoursavings. Pay bills online to anyone, anywhere, anytime! View your account history View and print check images Transfer money between accounts.and much more!Mobile BankingGet your FREE Mobile App Banking for iPhone , iPad andAndroid devices from the Apple App Store or the GooglePlay Store to check balances, pay bills, transfer money or findour locations. Just search for “Heartland BankMobile” or “Heartland Bank” and choose theHeartland Bank icon. Once installed on yourmobile device, log on using your Online Banking ID and Password.Our FREE Mobile Web Banking services provide you with themost commonly used features of Online Banking. Visit to view a demo today! To enroll in Mobile Web Bankingon or after May 20, just log on to using your Online Banking user ID and Password or visit our website, smartphone? Our FREE Mobile Text Banking uses any SMS(Short Message Service) text-enabled phone to do your banking. To enroll, just text “ENROLL (space) HBTBANK” to 39257. Foradditional commands, visit Money ManagerWe offer a financial management tool that allows you to reviewand manage all of your financial accounts in one place. If youare currently enrolled in these services,you will also receive an ElectronicBanking ServicesGuide separatelySign up online atto assist you inhbtbank.comthis!9* Non-Heartland Bank ATM owners may charge a fee to use their machine. Carrier message/data fees may apply.

WWealth Management SERVICESAT hEARTLANDbANK AND tRUSTHeartland Bank and Trust offers comprehensive wealth management solutions to individuals, foundations, corporate trusts, andqualified retirement plan sponsors. We offer assistance to build, maintain, and protect financial security. Services range frominvestment management to trust and estate administration, financial planning, retirement plan administration, risk management,and wealth transfer solutions. Our experienced team works with you to identify and understand your goals and objectives whichthen help us tailor a wealth management plan for your specific situation. You will benefit from our services during all life stages –from working years through retirement.Investment Management* Individuals Foundations & EndowmentsTrust and Estate Administration Living Trust Irrevocable Trust Trust Under Will Charitable TrustRetirement Plan Services Trustee and AdministrationPlan DesignEducation and EnrollmentInvestment Selection and MonitoringFinancial & Estate PlanningAll of our services are deliveredwith the personal touchthat is unique to Heartland Bank’scommitment to you.10*Securities and insurance products are NOT deposits of Heartland Bank, are NOT FDIC insured, are NOT guaranteed by or obligations of the bank, and aresubject to potential fluctuation in return and possible loss of principal. See prospectus for full details.

Wealth management.ContinuedHBTInvestment ServicesInvestment Services Fixed and Variable AnnuitiesMutual FundsDomestic & Foreign SecuritiesAlternative InvestmentsProfessionally Managed Investment PortfoliosFinancial Planning Estate, College, Business,Tax, & Retirement PlanningRisk Management Life, Disability, & Long Term Care InsuranceSecurities and advisory services offered through LPL Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor, Member FINRA/SIPC. Insurance products offered through LPL Financial or its licensed affiliates. The investment products sold through LPL Financial arenot insured Heartland Bank deposits and are not FDIC insured. These products are not obligations of Heartland Bank and arenot endorsed, recommended or guaranteed by Heartland Bank or any government agency. The value of the investment mayfluctuate, the return on the investment is not guaranteed, and loss of principal is possible.1111Heartland Bank and HBT Investment Services are not registered broker/dealers and are not affiliated with LPL Financial.

Farm ManagementAt Heartland Bank, we’ll work with you to improve your farmland’s productivityand asset value. The knowledge, skills, and time required to produce high yieldsand high profits are very exacting in the Ag industry. Budgeting, controlling costs,selling crops, collecting revenue, and daily management are the goals of everyfarm owner, yet it can be difficult to find the time needed to keep up with all ofthese important functions. Experience peace-of-mind knowing your farm is beingmanaged by experienced professionals.Personalized management with regular, easy to understand reporting enables youto enjoy your farmland investment. Our Ag Services clients receive many reportsfrom our team. In addition to financials, grain sales, and capital improvements, ourclients also receive easy to understand planting and harvesting reports.“Our Farm Manager enables us totrade on larger volume because ofhis connections, and he has accessto services like buying seed.Living out of state, I also appreciatehis experience managing contractswith operators and seed companies,along with marketing our grainand supervising maintenance.” Jay, Anchor Illinois landownerwho makes her home in TexasBuying or Selling FarmlandHave you thought about selling your farmland at today’s high prices? When it’s time to buy or sell farmland, you’ll appreciate theknowledge and expertise of our licensed real estate professionals. They’ll make sure you get th

Interest checking Hi Powered checking Preferred checking totally Free checking All in one checking Student checking Absolutely Free checking e-Green checking Freedom Plus Absolutely e-checking Free checking Spirit checking capital Interest, 50 Free Interest, VIP Free Interest or totally Free checking HSA Health checking Account Health Savings .