Guide to the SPACELAB CollectionNASA Marshall Space Flight CenterHistory ArchivesGuide to theSPACELAB CollectionNASA Marshall Space Flight CenterHuntsville, Alabama 35812Phone: (256) 544-0034Compiled by Brian Odom, Archivist2013Spacelab CollectionPage 1

Guide to the SPACELAB CollectionContentsTable of Contents .2Summary Information . 3Administrative Information .3Collection Description .3Collection Inventory .6Series I: Correspondence 6Series II: Payloads 7Series III: Payload Projects .7Series IV: Spacelab Missions . .7Series V: Spacelab General . 8Series VI: Spacelab Science Results Study .9Series VII: Microgravity Payloads .10Series VIII: Publications . .10Series IX: Photographs . 13Series X: Atlas Missions .14Spacelab CollectionPage 2

Guide to the SPACELAB CollectionSummary InformationRepository: Marshall History ArchivesTitle: Spacelab CollectionCall Number: MS-0033Extent: 11.7 Linear FeetAbstract: This collection contains correspondence, presentations, reports,publications, and photographs related to the NASA Spacelab missions (1983-1998).Language: EnglishAdministrative InformationRestrictions on Access: NoneTerms Governing Use and Reproduction: All materials in this collection mustremain inside the Marshall History Office and can only be accessed by the archivist.Property rights reside with the repository.Source: Majority of material acquired from Center Director’s Vault files.Citation: [After identification of item(s)] Spacelab Collection, History Archives,Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL.Processing: Processed by Brian C. Odom, August 2013.Collection DescriptionHistorical Note: Spacelab was part of NASA’s Space Shuttle program whose missions,from 1983-1998, provided scientists with both a pressurized manned laboratorymodule and unpressurized external instrument platforms (pallets), that was suitablefor conducting research and application activities across the fields of astronomy,atmospheric physics, life sciences, Earth observations, and materials sciences undermicrogravity. Developed to be an adaptable, reusable workshop for conductingscientific experiments in the microgravity environment of space, Spacelab was acooperative venture between NASA, which held overall program planning andmanagement for implementation, and the European Space Agency (ESA), which wasresponsible for design and development of the module and pallets with theirassociated support equipment.Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama held Lead Center managementresponsibilities for the project with future Marshall Center Director Thomas Jack Leeserving as Program Manager at Marshall. These responsibilities included ProgramSpacelab CollectionPage 3

Guide to the SPACELAB CollectionManagement and Direct Program Tasks consisting of all functions related to themanagement of U.S. activities including establishment of design requirements, overallprogram/systems engineering and integration, definition and maintenance ofinterfaces, development of selected flight and ground hardware/software, planningand development of operational concepts and Follow-on Procurement. Selection asLead Center was also owing to Marshall’s valuable efforts during Skylab.The idea for Spacelab first emerged between 1969 and 1971 as NASA sought projectsto follow the Apollo program and in September of 1971, Headquarters tasked Marshallwith conducting a design study of “Sortie Can” suitable for short-duration missions offive to seven days with capabilities for Earth observation astronomy. A Memorandumof Understanding was worked out in 1973 between NASA and ESRO (soon to be a partof the European Space Agency (ESA)) in which the Europeans agreed to develop thepressurized laboratory as well as the unpressurized pallets. In 1974, with anagreement reached between NASA and ESA, NASA administrator James C. Fletcherannounced Sortie Lab would now be known be the name of Spacelab, a namepreferred by the Europeans. Spacelab also provided Marshall with opportunities toexpand its role in the fields of program operations and space science.The November 28, 1983 launch of Spacelab 1 (SL-1), with its six-man crew of acommander, pilot, two mission specialists, and two payload specialists, onboard theorbiter Columbia (STS-9) marked the culmination of much work by an internationalteam of contributors. The 10-day mission achieved great results with 72 experiments,ranging across five disciplines, produced 20 million photos and 2 trillion bits of data,and was deemed by NASA to be an “unqualified success.”In all there would be 26 Spacelab missions, culminating with the April 17-May 3, 1998flight of Neurolab, again aboard the orbiter Columbia. Marshall also held technical andprogrammatic responsibilities for the International Microgravity Laboratory, Atlas,Spacelab-J, United States Microgravity Payload, and the United States MicrogravityLaboratory series of missions.Historical Sources:Dunar, Andrew J. and Stephen P. Waring. Power to Explore: A History of MarshallSpace Flight Center 1960-1990. NASA: Washington D.C., 1999.Jenkins, Dennis R. Space Shuttle: The History of the National Space TransportationSystem, the First 100 Missions. Specialty Press: North Branch, 2010.Lord, Douglas R. Spacelab: An International Success Story. NASA: Washington D.C.,1987.Wright, Mike. Spacelab: A Short-Term Spaceborne Laboratory. FY1993 Research andTechnology, Annual Report of the Marshall Space Flight Center.Scope and Content Note: The collection (11.7 linear ft.) includes generalcorrespondence (1972-1993), correspondence related to payload and missionplanning, project reviews, as well as numerous publications related to scientificSpacelab CollectionPage 4

Guide to the SPACELAB Collectionresults and microgravity experiments. Also included within the printed materialportion of the collection are several press kits, NASA fact sheets, publications, andother press releases. Three boxes of photographs are also included in the collection.The Spacelab collection also includes items related to the subjects of sortie lab,payloads, microgravity, space shuttle, and reference manuals.Arrangement Note: This collection is organized into the following series:Series I: CorrespondenceSeries II: PayloadsSeries III: Payload ProjectsSeries IV: Spacelab MissionsSeries V: Spacelab GeneralSeries VI: Spacelab Science Results StudySeries VII: Microgravity PayloadsSeries VIII: PublicationsSeries IX: PhotographsSeries X: Atlas MissionsSpacelab CollectionPage 5

Guide to the SPACELAB CollectionCollection InventorySeries I: CorrespondenceBoxDescriptionDateBox 1, Folder 1Sortie Lab - 19721972Box 1, Folder 2Spacelab (Formerly Sortie Lab) - 19731973Box 1, Folder 3Sortie Lab – 1973- June 19741973-1974Box 1, Folder 3Spacelab – 19741974Box 1, Folder 4Spacelab – 19741974Box 1, Folder 5Spacelab – 19751975Box 2, Folder 1Spacelab – 19761976Box 2, Folder 2Spacelab – 19771977Box 3, Folder 1Spacelab – 1978-791978-1979Box 3, Folder 2Spacelab (General) 1979/19801979-1980Box 4, Folder 1Spacelab - 1980-19811980-1981Box 4, Folder 2Spacelab - 1980-19811980-1981Box 5, Folder 1Spacelab - 1981-April 19831981-1983Box 5, Folder 2Spacelab – 19831983Box 5, Folder 3Spacelab – 1983-19841983-1984Box 6, Folder 1Spacelab Program - 19841984Box 6, Folder 2Spacelab – 19851985Box 6, Folder 3Spacelab – 19851985Box 7, Folder 1Spacelab Program General – 19851985Box 7, Folder 2Spacelab Program – 19861986Box 7, Folder 3Spacelab – 19901990Box 7, Folder 4Spacelab – 19911991Box 7, Folder 5Spacelab – 19921992Spacelab CollectionPage 6

Guide to the SPACELAB CollectionBox 7, Folder 6Spacelab – 19931993Series II: PayloadsBox 8, Folder 1Spacelab Payloads – 19751975Box 8, Folder 2Request for Comments on Safety Policy and Requirements Document forPayloads Using National Space Transportation System (STS)1975Box 8, Folder 3Development and Integration of Spacelab Payloads by James T. Murphy(3 copies)10/15/1975Box 8, Folder 4Spacelab Payloads – 1980-19821980-1982Box 8, Folder 5Spacelab Payloads – 1984 – General1984Box 8, Folder 6Spacelab Payloads – 19841984Box 9, Folder 1Spacelab Payload (General) – 19841984Box 9, Folder 2Spacelab Payload – ADSF 19841984Box 9, Folder 3Spacelab Payload – 19851985Box 9, Folder 4Spacelab Payload General – 19851985Box 10, Folder 1Spacelab Payload – 19861986Box 10, Folder 2Spacelab Payload – 1986/19871986-1987Series III: Payload ProjectsBox 10, Folder 3Spacelab Payload Projects - 19761976Box 11, Folder 1Spacelab Payload Projects – 19771977Box 11, Folder 2Spacelab Payload Projects – 1978-791978-1979Box 11, Folder 3Spacelab Payload Projects – 1980 & 19811980-1981Box 12, Folder 1Spacelab Payload Projects – 19821982Box 12, Folder 2Spacelab Payload Projects – 19831983Series IV: Spacelab MissionsBox 13, Folder 1National Geographic Volume 164, No. 3 September 1983 – Article onSpacelab 1Spacelab CollectionSeptember1983Page 7

Guide to the SPACELAB CollectionBox 13, Folder 2Spacelab 1 Press Information – Contains SL-1 First SpacelabMission/STS-9 Ninth Space Shuttle Mission Press Kit – November –December 1983 and various other factsheets1983Box 13, Folder 3Spacelab Mission 1 Experiment Descriptions – Third Edition NASA TM– 82537 ESA/FSLP-EX-001 Edited by Paul D. Craven Space ScienceLaboratory August 1983August 1983Box 13, Folder 4Spacelab 1 Press Book from Rockwell International1983Box 13, Folder 5SL-1 Contingency AssessmentMay 1980Box 13, Folder 6SL D-1September1985Box 13, Folder 7Spacelab 2 Post Mission Science Report – 19861986Box 13, Folder 8Spacelab 3 Mission Science Review – Proceedings of a symposium heldat NASA George C. Marshall Space Flight Center Marshall Space FlightCenter, Alabama December 4, 1985 - NASA Conference Publication2429December1985Box 14, Folder 1Spacelab 1980-1985 (Spacelab 1,2,3)1980-1985Series V: Spacelab GeneralBox 14, Folder 2Spacelab Integration File - 1976-19801976-1980Box 14, Folder 3Spacelab Level IV Integration - 1978-19811978-1981Box 14, Folder 4Spacelab Integration Contract ReviewDecember1984Box 15, Folder 1Program Alignment FY81 – Spacelab9/26/1980Box 15, Folder 2Spacelab Presentation to Management – 19751975Box 15, Folder 3Spacelab Presentations to Management – January to May 19761976Box 15, Folder 4Spacelab Presentations to Management – January to May 19761976Box 15, Folder 5Spacelab 1976 –Contract and Integration Documents1976Box 15, Folder 6Spacelab 1977 – Contract and Integration Documents1977Box 16, Folder 1Spacelab Presentations – 19741974Box 16, Folder 2Spacelab Weekly Notes1980Spacelab CollectionPage 8

Guide to the SPACELAB CollectionBox 16, Folder 3MSFC Performance Review Spacelab October 1980October 1980Box 16, Folder 4Spacelab Experiments – PATIE1985Box 16, Folder 5Spacelab (OFT PALLET) Readiness Review1981Box 16, Folder 6Spacelab Astro-1 FRR Board Phase I, Mr. Lee Chaired Board1/21/1986Box 16, Folder 7Spacelab Payload – 1982 Transfer of OSS-3/7 GSFC to MSFC1982Box 16, Folder 8Spacelab User’s Guide Level I- September 9, 1974 NASA-MF-74-2Preliminary9/9/1974Box 16, Folder 9Spacelab/ERNO NASA Resident Office Personnel Assignments9/14/1979Box 17, Folder 1Final Science Results Spacelab J – NASA SP-525 Office of Life andMicrogravity Sciences and Applications NASA Headquarters,Washington, DCFebruary1995Box 17, Folder 2Spacelab Data Book – ESA – BR-14September1983Series VI: Spacelab Science Results StudyBox 17, Folder 3Spacelab Science Results Study Final Report - Executive SummaryContract Number NAS8-97095 Task No H-30194D –Robert J.Naumann, Study Team Leader University of Alabama in HuntsvilleAugust 18, 19998/18/1999Box 17, Folder 4Spacelab Science Results Study Final Report – Volume I, ExternalObservations, Contract Number NAS8-97095 Task No H-30194D –Robert J. Naumann, Study Team Leader, Charles A. Lundquist,Astrophysics, Einar Tandberg-Hanssen, Solar Physics, James L.Horwitz, Space Plasma Physics, Glynn A. Germany, AtmosphericScience, James F. Cruise, Earth Observations University of Alabama inHuntsville August 18, 19998/18/1999Box 17, Folder 5Spacelab Science Results Study Final Report – Volume II, MicrogravityScience, Contract Number NAS8-97095 Task No H-30194D –Robert J.Naumann, Study Team Leader University of Alabama in HuntsvilleAugust 18, 19998/18/1999Box 17, Folder 6Spacelab Science Results Study Final Report – Appendix Volume II,Microgravity Science, Contract Number NAS8-97095 Task No H30194D –Robert J. Naumann, Study Team Leader University ofAlabama in Huntsville August 18, 19998/18/1999Spacelab CollectionPage 9

Guide to the SPACELAB CollectionBox 17, Folder 7Spacelab Science Results Study Final Report – Volume III,Microgravity Science, Contract Number NAS8-97095 Task No H30194D –Robert J. Naumann, Study Team Leader University ofAlabama in Huntsville August 18, 19998/18/1999Series VII: Microgravity PayloadsBox 18, Folder 1USML-1 Microgravity - 19921992Box 18, Folder 2The First United States Microgravity Laboratory – 90-Day ScienceReport10/23/1992Box 18, Folder 3First International Microgravity Laboratory – Summary of PreliminaryResultsSeptember1992Box 18, Folder 4USML-21995Box 18, Folder 5USML-21995Box 19, Folder 1USMP-2 Mission Overview – Mission Dependent Training CadrePrincipal Investigator Simulation Presentation Brian E. Blair PayloadOperations Lead EO221993?Box 19, Folder 2IML-2 German (DARA) Experiments?Box 19, Folder 3Execute Packages IML-2 (MSI Reports “Published” on Shuttle) IML-27/8/1994Box 19, Folder 4IML-21993-1995Box 20, Folder 1Fourth United States Microgravity Payload – Second InvestigatorsWorking Group USMP-4, Marshall Space Flight Center Huntsville,Alabama July 25-26, 1996July 1996Box 20, Folder 24th US Microgravity Payload USMP-4February1998Box 20, Folder 3Fourth United States Microgravity Payload Third Investigators WorkingGroup Marshall Space Flight Center Huntsville, Alabama9/9/1997Box 20, Folder 4Microgravity General1994-1995Series VIII: PublicationsBox 20, Folder 5Joint Launch One Year Science Review of USML-1 and USMP-1 withthe Microgravity Measurement Group Ed. By N. Ramachandran, D.O.Frazier, S.L. Lehoczky, and C.R. Baugher – Proceedings of aConference Held at Huntsville, Alabama September 22-24-1993 –Spacelab CollectionMay 1994Page 10

Guide to the SPACELAB CollectionNASA Conference Publication 3272 Volume IBox 21, Folder 1NASA Microgravity Materials Science Conference Compiled by F.Szofran, D. McCauley, and C. Walker – Proceedings of a ConferenceHeld at Huntsville, Alabama June 10-11, 1996 – NASA ConferencePublication 3342October 1996Box 21, Folder 2Life Science and Microgravity Spacelab (LMS) Final Report J.P.Downey, Compiler – NASA/CP – 1998-206960February1998Box 21, Folder 3Third United States Microgravity Payload: One Year Report – Compiledby P.A. Curreri, D. McCauley, and C. Walker – Proceedings of aConference Held in Washington, DC, February 10-11, 1997- NASA/CP1998-207891November1998Box 21, Folder 4Microgravity Science Laboratory (MSL-)1 Final Report Compiled byM.B. Robinson – Proceedings of the Microgravity Science Laboratory(MSL-1) One Year Science Review Meeting held at Marshall SpaceFlight Center, Huntsville, Alabama, August 25-26, 1998 – NASA/CP—1998-208868November1998Box 22, Folder 1The Spacelab Accomplishments Forum Ed. By J. Emond, Compiled byN. Bennett, D. McCauley, K. Murphy- Proceedings of a Forum held inWashington, DC March 10-11, 1999 – NASA/CP—2000-210332 (2Copies)September2000Box 22, Folder 2Fourth United States Microgravity Payload: One Year Report Compiledby E.C. Ethridge, P.A. Curreri, and D.E. McCauley – Proceedings of aConference Held at Marshall Space Flight Center January 22, 1999 –NASA/CP—1999-209628 (2 Copies)September1999Box 22, Folder 311th International Conference on Atmospheric Electricity Compiled byH.J. Christian – Proceedings of a Conference Held in Guntersville,Alabama June 7-11, 1999—NASA/CP—1999-209261June 1999Box 23, Folder 1Second International Microgravity Laboratory (IML-2) Final Report –R.S. Snyder, Compiler – NASA Reference Publication 1405 (2 Copies)July 1997Box 23, Folder 2Second United States Microgravity Laboratory: One Year Report,Volume 1 Ed. By M. Vlasse, D. McCauley, and C. Walker –NASA/TM—1998-208697August 1998Box 23, Folder 3Second United States Microgravity Laboratory: One Year Report,Volume 2 Ed. By M. Vlasse, D. McCauley, and C. Walker –NASA/TM—1998-208697August 1998Spacelab CollectionPage 11

Guide to the SPACELAB CollectionBox 24, Folder 1Spacelab and Attached MissionsUndatedBox 24, Folder 2Spacelab: working in orbitUndatedBox 24, Folder 3Spacelab: the space laboratory of EuropeUndatedBox 24, Folder 4ESA: SpacelabUndatedBox 24, Folder 5Fuwatto ‘92UndatedBox 24, Folder 6Getting Aboard Spacelab (2 Copies)UndatedBox 24, Folder 7Spacelab 3 (2 Copies)UndatedBox 24, Folder 8Spacelab UtilizationUndatedBox 24, Folder 9Spacelab JUndatedBox 24, Folder 10Spacelab 2UndatedBox 24, Folder 11Spacelab Life Sciences 2UndatedBox 24, Folder 12Spacelab (2 Copies)UndatedBox 24, Folder 13Spacelab Life Sciences 1UndatedBox 24, Folder 14Spacelab ESA Data Book (2 Copies)UndatedBox 24, Folder 15Spacelab News ReferenceUndatedBox 24, Folder 16Spacelab/space shuttleUndatedBox 24, Folder 17Flight Path to the FutureUndatedBox 24, Folder 18Spacelab 1 ExperimentsUndatedBox 24, Folder 19Spacelab - SpacelabUndatedBox 24, Folder 20ATLASUndatedBox 24, Folder 21Spacelab 1UndatedBox 25, Folder 1Spacelab Users Guide: A Short Introduction to Spacelab and Its UseNovember1976Box 25, Folder 2Spacelab Fact Sheet – Release Number 77-125June 1977Spacelab CollectionPage 12

Guide to the SPACELAB CollectionBox 25, Folder 3Spacelab ESA – First MissionUndatedBox 25, Folder 4ESA – Spacelab1980Box 25, Folder 5STS-9 and Spacelab 11983Box 25, Folder 6Spacelab Users’ Guide: A Short Introduction to Spacelab ESA SP-1001Issue No. 3 (2 copies)June 1983Box 25, Folder 7Spacelab Users’ GuideJune 1983Box 25, Folder 8SpacelabUndatedBox 25, Folder 9Science –American Association for the Advancement of Science Volume225, Number 4658 – Spacelab 17/13/84Box 25, Folder 10The User’s Guide to Spacelab Payload ProcessingOctober1986Box 25, Folder 11Information Summaries: Spacelab (2 copies)April 1987Box 25, Folder 12Spacelab Life Sciences 11989Box 25, Folder 13Solid Surface Combustion ExperimentOct. 1990Box 25, Folder 14Information Summaries: Spacelab (2 Copies)Sept. 1994Box 25, Folder 15The Life and Microgravity Spacelab MissionUndatedBox 25, Folder 16Spacelab InfoOctober1983Box 25, Folder 17NASA Fact Sheet: Spacelab Mission Operations Control, HuntsvilleJuly 1991Series IX: PhotographsBox 26, Folder 1Spacelab GeneralBox 26, Folder 2Spacelab 1,2,3 Crew TrainingBox 26, Folder 3Spacelab 1,2,3 Crews on OrbitBox 26, Folder 4Spacelab 1,2,3 Hardware Development and TestingBox 27, Folder 1Spacelab 1,2,3 Mission PatchesBox 27, Folder 2Spacelab 1,2,3 On Orbit PhotosSpacelab CollectionPage 13

Guide to the SPACELAB CollectionBox 27, Folder 3Spacelab ConceptsBox 27, Folder 4Spacelab D-2Box 27, Folder 5Spacelab Ground ControlBox 28, Folder 1ASTRO-1Box 28, Folder 2ASTRO-2 PayloadBox 28, Folder 3Sortie LabBox 28, Folder 4Spacelab Life SciencesBox 28, Folder 5International Microgravity Lab-1Box 28, Folder 6US Microgravity Lab-1Box 28, Folder 7MicrogravityBox 28, Folder 8US Microgravity Payload-4Box 28, Folder 9US Microgravity Lab-2Series X: Atlas MissionsBox 29, Folder 1Atlas General1991Box 29, Folder 2A Look Back at Atlas -1, DRAFT12/7/1992Box 29, Folder 3Atlas-1 – Spacelab: Research to Understand Our Earth, Our Sun, OurAtmosphere (2 Copies)c1991Box 29, Folder 4Earth’s Mysterious Atmosphere – Atlas-1 Teacher’s Guide withActivities, For Use with Middle-School Students1991Box 29, Folder 5The Atlas1 Mission by Marsha R. Torr, Space Science Laboratory,Marshall Space Flight Centerc1992Box 29, Folder 6Atlas-1 and Middle Atmosphere Global Change by Marsha R. Torr,Space Science Laboratory, Marshall Space Flight Centerc1992Box 29, Folder 7Fact Sheet – Atlas-1: The First Atmosphere Laboratory for Applicationsand ScienceFebruary1992Box 29, Folder 8Atlas-1 Experiments – Far Universe Space Telescope (FAUST),Energetic Neutral Atom Precipitation (ENAP), and AtmosphericEmissions Photometric Imaging (AEPI) Experiment Materialc1992Spacelab CollectionPage 14

Guide to the SPACELAB CollectionBox 29, Folder 9Atlas-1: Encountering Planet Earth (2 Copies)c1991Box 29, Folder 10Atlas-1 Results1993Box 29, Folder 11Atlas-2 Material1995Box 29, Folder 12Atlas-2 – Includes STS-56 Press Kit (March 1993) and Atlas-2: ASpacelab Component of Mission to Planet Earth Presentation by TimMiller1993Box 29, Folder 13Atmospheric Detectives – Atlas-1 Teacher’s Guide with Activities1992Box 29, Folder 14Atlas-3 Brochure – Atmospheric Laboratory for Applications andScience (2 Copies)c1994Box 29, Folder 15Atlas-3 Posterc1994Spacelab CollectionPage 15

portion of the collection are several press kits, NASA fact sheets, publications, and other press releases. Three boxes of photographs are also included in the collection. The Spacelab collection also includes items related to the subjects of sortie lab, payloads, microgravity, space shuttle, and reference manuals.