INVESTINGIN AN INTERNATIONALFUTURE“We are delighted to have theopportunity to share the JavaHouse experience with the rest ofthe world; with brand partnerswho are rooted in the samevalues, culture and love for whatwe do” – Paul Smith, CEO.

BUSINESSHIGHLIGHTS1Currently have2Strong74 storesacross3 countries14 citiesoutlookof new businessopportunitiesAmbitiousschedule ofopenings4underwayin East Africa.3Opened stores inUgandain 2014 andRwanda 2017.

INVESTINGIN AN INTERNATIONAL FUTURE“We are fortunate to participate in an industry thatis diversifying across brands, categories, channelsand countries; a thriving industry with strongrelative growth within the guest experience space;and an industry in which Java House Group isuniquely positioned for sustained growth.

INVESTINGIN AN INTERNATIONAL FUTUREAs East Africa’s leading coffeeand food chain, we have one ofthe region's most valuablebrand portfolio, leading valueshare positions across multiplecategories. With 20 years ofnurturing this business, we stillhave ample room to grow.We currently reach 20,000 thousandguests a day across all branches.We are excited to capitalize on thegrowth potential we see in front ofus. We believe in the strength of ourbusiness, the continued growth ofthe food industry, and the actionsthat we are taking to ensurecontinued success.Our business and our 74branches position us as EastAfrica’s largest coffee andfood chain. Franchising willhelp us continue that growthstrategy.We are looking for great partners tojoin us as we continue to build uponour iconic brand and change the waypeople everywhere engage withJava House Group.”

BRANDS LEADERSHIPPaul SmithPriscilla GathunguAllan WainainaPaul is the Chief ExecutiveOfficer at Java House Group.He has been working withthe group since September2017 and Group CEO fromFebruary 2018. His principlerole is the development andimplementation of theGroup’s growth anddevelopment strategies.Priscilla is the Group’s Headof Human Resources and isin charge of developing,implementing andmonitoring the HumanResource strategies, policiesand practices in thecompany.Allan is the Chief Financeofficer at Java House Group.He joined the organization inMay 2019 and is in charge ofmanaging the Group’sfinances through faninacialplanning, management offinancial risks,record-keeping and financialreportingChief Executive OfficerHead of Human ResourcesChief Finance OfficerNaima HassanHead of OperationsNaima is the Group’s Headof Operations. She joinedthe group in 2010 and is incharge of general operationsof all restaurants under theJava House Group andoverall guest experience.

BRANDS LEADERSHIPSam ImendeHead of PropertySam is the Java Group Headof Property. Since he joinedthe Group in 2015, he’s beenin charge of the brandexpansion, site selection andconstruction in the EastAfrican region.Steve CarlyonGeneral ManagerFoodscapeSteve is the GeneralManager at Java HouseGroup’s Central ProcessUnit. He Joined the Group inSeptember 2017 and hasbeen in charge ofstreamlining all food pointmanufacturing and supplychain activities.


*Current franchise focus is Java House. Our other brands will be available in future.

The BrandJava House, commonly referred to as ‘Nairobi Java’,opened its first store in 1999 at Adam’s Arcade inNairobi. With the aim of introducing gourmet coffeedrinking culture in Kenya, the first outlet was a coffeeshop and later the brand evolved to an American dinerstyle restaurant to its present-day status as a 3 -day partcoffee-led, casual dining concept.Java House is now one of the leading coffee brands inAfrica and has grown to have outlets in 14 cities across 3countries in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda).“Welcome to Java. A home away from home”

OUR AMBIENCEOur signature 3 day-part, coffee-led,casual dining experience is thecornerstone of the Java House brand andis a welcome setting for guests of all agesand backgrounds seeking a place toconnect, relax and enjoy their lives.The ambience at Java House outlets is awarm, cosy and comfortable home awayfrom home.At Java House we are constantlyimproving the interior décor and feel ofour guest environment, as well ascontinuously evolving to create morecomfortable spaces and design conceptsthat meet our customers' increasingexpectations.An integration of the interior design is ourart collection. We work with local artistswho deliver amazing art pieces that arekey features in all our branches.

PROPERTYWe have a flexible format ofchannels strategies suited to avariety of customer occasions,building types and sizes. We candeliver a successful coffee-ledcasual dining restaurant in anychannel from retail malls, to petrolstations and hospitals. We alsohave kiosks in smaller locations. 200-300 Sqm Potential for smaller or largerpremises Prime mixed use retail and leisureschemes Mall sites Concessions environment Office Hospitals

OUR GUESTSCOME FIRSTALWAYSGuests have the freedom to choosewhat they buy and from whom theybuy. Whom they choose to spend theirtime and money with depends on you.We build long-term relationships withour guests who return to a brand theytrust. Therefore, it is imperative that webuild relationships of trust with each ofour guests across our network of outletsand territories, to earn their loyalty.To earn our guests’ trust, we strive indelivering a Welcoming’ and ‘Wonderful’experience first time, every time.Guests are retained through productand service excellence and we aim todeliver an unbeatable experience sothat our guests come back time andtime again.Authentic African Hospitality.

OUR PEOPLEOur brand is our people. They deliver the mostimportant element of our brand essence.We are famous for our warm hospitality, and this is notpossible without unbeatable service from passionateand skilled individuals. Our staff are friendly andexpressive, able to confidently share their knowledgeon the menu, or engage in friendly banter with theguests. They are empowered to deliver and constantlyimprove themselves and look for ways to exceed guestexpectations by ‘going that extra mile’.Our brand promise to our guests: “You will love ourJava House experience or we will make it right”

OUR COFFEEEXCELLENCEJava House serves what is regarded to be the best cupof coffee in the region - our famous Kenya AA. Infactwe are confident is one of the best in the world.Java introduced the gourmet coffee culture to Kenya,and Java coffee is the rule by which all other coffees inKenya are measured.We hand roast all our coffee daily with love.

OUR FOOD & BEVERAGEAs Java House we pride ourselves in delivering Authentic AfricanHospitality. Our food is prepared and made fresh daily to ensure that ourguests have the best quality they deserve.All our ingredients are locally sourced to empower our local farmers.Java house has invested in food innovation which enables us to serveonly the best of meals to our guests.


PROPERTYWE OFFER YOU: A comprehensive Design Manual withdetailed specifications and guidelines Design brief and standards fordifferent outlet models to supportyour channel strategy A considered approach to ensure aquality ‘pipeline’ of new outlets issecured Detailed drawings/designdocumentation covering standardfront and back of house layouts. Training, design and projectmanagement support, including visitsto your market during design andbuild Access to our recommended supplybase: a simple method of obtaining allspecified shop-fit elements &equipment

BRANDPROMOTIONWE OFFER YOU: Brand guidelines that clarify ourcore strategies and the way we dobusiness Support and shared best practicesfor pre-market opening research Shared principles and processes toensure you achieve a ‘world class’marketing opening strategy thatrecognises and accounts for localneeds 6 simple steps to help Java Houseachieve a dominant brand positionin your market A comprehensive toolkit tosupport tactical and strategic localmarketing activity

FRANCHISE PORTALWE OFFER YOU: A Franchise Operational Manualthat defines brand standards, byfunction, as well as roles &responsibilities of both parties andhow you can measure, analyse andimprove your business All brand documents stored in asimple to navigate on-line portalwith a clear structured menu Updated remotely in ‘real time’,ensuring all documentation iscurrent Ability to download, email and printfrom the portal Standard Operating Procedures forall aspects of the business: fromfront of house operations, beverageand food to brand standardsdocuments, covering set-up, guestservice, checklists and daily successschedules Training materials and guidelinesthat cover all core operationalskills, with clearly defined learningthat supports the delivery of allbrand standards

INDUCTION & TRAININGWE OFFER YOU: Comprehensive induction and trainingin Kenya in our outlets and withinfunctional departments at our headoffices Guidelines and support to ensure youhave the right management andoutlet structure at both set up stageand as you grow your business Support and guidance on planningand delivering training for pre andpost opening Training materials which can beadapted and localised to meet yourmarket needs On-going support and refreshertraining, as required, as well as theprovision of training before a newproduct or brand concept launch

QUALITY CONTROL &RISK MANAGEMENTWE OFFER YOU: Operational audits ensuringcompliance and consistency in yourlocal market A Food Safety Policy which ensuresyou have in place a comprehensiveFood Safety Management Systemthat meets both brand and localmarket requirements Standards and policy guidelines forEnvironmental Health and Safetythat ensures safe working practicesacross all aspects of operations Guidelines on recruiting the rightpeople at the right time, with accessto job descriptions with clearlydefined skills and competencies Robust business reporting andcommunication which enables you tomeet commercial targets whilstprotecting the business and itsrevenue

QUARTERLYBUSINESSREVIEWSWE SHALL: Reviews based on a set of KPIs thatprovide insight and understandingof key areas of the business:strengths, weaknesses andopportunities in the local market Analysis of both financial andoperating performance in line withbusiness plan Clear objectives set and reviewedagainst business plans


BRAND RESEARCHPRE-LAUNCHOnce a new market is signed, jointlywe will conduct a series of brandresearch projects to assist you withlaunching and positioning the brandeffectively for your market:This will help us to adapt areas of thebrand to better suit your targetcustomer - such as interior design orlayout brand positioning and bestapproach to your food offering.POST LAUNCHBENCHMARKINGBRAND RESEARCH TESTING AND REFINING2-3 months post launch jointly we willconduct a series of focus groups totest how well the brand is beingreceived in your market. This willenable us to provide strategicguidance to you on any alterationsthat may be needed, either in brandexperience, operational execution orbranding and marketing.In depth focus groups testing brandappeal and all key elements of thebrand.COMPETITOR PRICEWe will support you in conducting athorough place review of all your keycompetitors, providing guidance onpricing range and price tolerance, withsuggested pricing suitable for yourmarket.ANNUAL BRAND TRACKINGPROGRAMMEAn annual brand-track survey will beconducted. Applicable for any marketwith 5 or more established restaurantsopen at the time of research.

WEBSITES & DIGITALPRESENCEYou will be provided with templated CMS based brand websites. Which willensure our digital brand presence is consistently executed whilst giving you thetools to effectively market your business.WEBSITE CMS TEMPLATE A branded template for you to customisewith your own content Can be dual-language if needed Content guides will be provided We will assist in setting up websitesaligned with brand guidelines

HOWEVER, IF WE HAVEMULTIPLE FRANCHISES OFTHE SAME BRAND IN ONEMARKET, THE WEBSITE WILLOPERATE SLIGHTLYDIFFERENTLY In this case the home pagewill be controlled centrally,which will direct to regionalpages, of which eachfranchisee will have control.

SOCIAL MEDIA & PROur central marketing team will assist youwith creating on-brand, compelling socialmedia and PR strategies in your marketSOCIAL MEDIA: we provide guidelinesand support with: Content planning Fan acquisition Fan engagement Campaign activationPR: to protect our brand reputation, wewill need to sign off any press releasesin advance Sample press releases will beprovided with each menu launch andcampaign launch Brand partners can adapt or altercontent, or write their own pressreleases.

FOOD DEVELOPMENT ANDMENU LAUNCH PROCESSOur marketing team will support you with your menu strategy; category and rangeplanning, pricing and analysis. Our dedicated food development team will assist youin menu development, food strategy and menu launch planning.MENU CHANGE PROCESS Menu analysis Menu change brief signed off Recipes submitted for review/approval Procurement and food developments Product/recipe sign off Final sign off Launch


OUR FRANCHISESUPPORTCOMMITMENTSWe will welcome you as a Brand Partner and work withyou so that individually, and collectively, we achievesuccess and develop ‘An Internationally RenownedPioneering African Business, Achieving Excellence inEverything We Do’.Our Kenya Support Team is committed to guiding youwhenever you need it to help you grow your business toits full potential.

WHAT WEOFFER ASA FRANCHISOR Our organization structure Our proven Know-How:business and operationalsystems Guidance and support Coaching and mentorshipBENEFITS:Franchise Partner Go into business for yourself quickly: nota ‘start-up’ Defined Territory Established product/service Proven business know-how/system Loyal customer base Quality & Consistency Pre-Opening/Ongoing Support/Training Supporting Business Model: FranchiseeNetwork

How to contact us:Head OfficeABC Place, Waiyaki Way, Nairobi, Kenya 254 (20) 3504468 254 (20) 2166871 254 (20) [email protected]

the group since September 2017 and Group CEO from February 2018. His principle role is the development and implementation of the Group's growth and development strategies. Paul Smith Chief Executive Officer Allan is the Chief Finance officer at Java House Group. He joined the organization in May 2019 and is in charge of managing the Group's