2018CONSTRUCTION SUMMITCDA DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTIONAlex LeonDeputy CommissionerFebruary 7, 2018


O’HARE CAPITAL PROGRAMS OVERVIEW O’Hare is taking stepsto reconfigure andmodernize for long-termgrowth Working in partnershipwith United, Americanand other domestic andinternational airlines onfacility needs Projects are funded withmultiple sources2

POTENTIAL CONFIGURATIONFOR NEW CONCOURSESTerminal Area Development - TAP Over 400 acres available for gate expansion Taxiways comply with FAA guidance to eliminate irregular geometry3

EXPANSION OF TERMINAL 5TO SUPPORT INCREASED DEMAND Terminal expansion includes 9 new wide-body gates Provides for a second A380 capable gate at O’Hare Addresses near-term demand and capacity of International Terminal gates and facilities Provides additional capacity for domestic flights Includes expanded security screening and Federal Inspection Services (FIS) facilities4

CM AT RISK FOR T5 EXTENSION AND ADDITIONAL O’HARE 21PROJECTS (ANTICIPATED TO BE AT LEAST TWO CONTRACTS) CM at Risk contracts to deliver the Terminal 5 M Extensionprojects as well as additional O’Hare 21 Projects O’Hare 21 Projects will include airside facility projects,landside facility projects, terminal projects and securitypackagesAnticipated Term:Advertisement Date:Anticipated Award Date:TBD2nd Quarter 20172nd Quarter 20185

ORD TERMINAL 5 M EXTENSION SITE/CIVILScope of Work:The civil component of the buildingextension will include four (4) newhardstand positions, including all site,apron, lighting, security, fueling & taxiwaydesign. Also included are modifications tothe pavement area near Gates M1 to M6for two additional contact gates for futureoperations.ANTICIPATED ADVERTISEMENT DATE:ESTIMATED CONTRACT VALUE:DBE/MBE/SBE/WBE GOALS:2NDQUARTER 2018 90- 100 MILLIONDBE 30%TRADESLOCATION: YORSCEMENTMASONSIRON WORKERS6

TARGET MARKET CONTRACTS Contracts designated for competition limitedto MBEs or WBEs The Target Market Program reserves a percentage of the City’snon-construction contracts and limits participation to M/WBEs Contracts are not eligible for the program unless thereare at least three qualified MBEs or WBEs interested inparticipating in that type of contract The prime contractor on a Target Market Contract mustperform at least 50 percent of the dollar value7

TARGET MARKET CONSTRUCTIONMANAGEMENT SERVICES Multiple target market Construction Manager contractswill be awarded to oversee various segments of O’Hare 21Terminal Area Plan, the Capital Improvement program andthe TAP enabling projects Projects will include airside projects, landside projects,terminal projects, site preparation and security packagesAnticipated Term:Anticipated Advertisement Date:Anticipated Award Date:5 Years1st Quarter 20183rd Quarter 20188

TARGET MARKET DESIGNS/TASK ORDERS Multiple target market design/task order for O’Hare 21and CIP projects. Projects will include airside work, landside projects,terminal projects, site preparation and security packagesAnticipated Term:Advertisement Date:Award Date:5 Years2nd Quarter 20174th Quarter 20189

TARGET MARKET, FEDERAL, NON-FEDERALDESIGNS/TASK ORDERS Multiple target market design/task order for O’Hare 21and CIP projects. Projects will include airside work, landside projects,terminal projects, site preparation and security packagesAnticipated Term:Advertisement Date:Award Date:5 Years2nd Quarter 20172nd Quarter 201810

LEAD DESIGNER – TUNNEL FORAIRSIDE PEOPLE MOVER (APM) Tunnel system from the east end of Terminal 2, through the SatelliteConcourses, to a point beyond the relocated Taxiways A & B for thepurpose of conveying passengers (sterile and non-sterile), baggage,utilities and bag carts/GSE The tunnel provides sufficient width to enable the future installationof an APM Designer will be tasked to bring up to 15% DesignAnticipated Duration:Advertisement Date:Award Date:To task completion2nd Quarter 20184th Quarter 201811

LEAD DESIGNERS –O’HARE GLOBAL TERMINAL (OGT) GT willCONCOURSESprovide Gate Space for a Multiple Aircraft RampAND SATELLITE System (MARS) configuration to allow flexible use of Gate Spacebetween regional jets, narrow body and wide body aircraft (asdeemed appropriate) to serve international and domestic operations,as well as a Customs & Border Protection (CBP) arrival hall Satellite concourses will provide Gate Space for a Multiple AircraftRamp System (MARS) configuration to serve international, preclearedinternational and domestic operations Up to two designers can be selectedAnticipated Duration:Advertisement Date:Award Date:To task completion2nd Quarter 20184th Quarter 201812

O’Hare ModernizationProgram

O’HARE - AIRFIELDThe Modernization of O’Hare has completed approximately 5.8Bof improvements, including: Two New Airport Traffic Control Towers Extension of Runway 10L/28R New Runway 9L/27R New Runway 10C/28C New Runway 10R/28L Multiple Taxiway Improvements (K&L, LL, others) Ongoing Runway 9C/27C Ongoing Consolidated Rental Car/Parking Multimodal facility Ongoing ATS Modernization and Extension14

RUNWAY 9C/27C – CONSTRUCTION PACKAGESLEGENDRunway 9C-27C East PackageRunway 9C-27C Package 1Runway 9C-27C Package 2Runway 9C-27C Package 3Airline Employee Parking Lot15

RWY 9C/27C – PACKAGE 2Scope of Work:Construction of airfield pavements, PCCand AC, airfield lighting and signage,demolitions of existing structures andunderground utilities and otherimprovements, site preparation, gradingand drainage, site restoration, utilitiesand other appurtenances and incidentalwork. Project site is located in the AirOperations Area (AOA).ADVERTISEMENT DATE:ESTIMATED CONTRACT VALUE:DBE/MBE/SBE/WBE GOALS:1/19/2018 120 - 160 MILLIONDBE 30%TRADESLOCATION: YORSCEMENTMASONSIRON WORKERS16

AIRLINE EMPLOYEE PARKING LOT PKG #2Scope of Work:Roadway intersection improvements onBessie Coleman Drive to access newEmployee Parking Lot, the expansion ofthe entrance to the new lot withsupporting five lane check point, andthe construction of a new Guard Post.ANTICIPATED ADVERTISEMENT DATE:ESTIMATED CONTRACT VALUE:DBE/MBE/SBE/WBE GOALS:1st QUARTER 2018 6- 8 MILLIONM/WBE 26/6%TRADESLOCATION: YORSCEMENTMASONSIRON WORKERS17

RWY 9C/27C – PACKAGE 3Scope of Work:Phased construction of airfieldpavements, PCC and AC, airfield lightingand signage, site preparation, gradingand drainage, site restoration, utilitiesand other appurtenances and incidentalwork. Project site is located in the AirOperations Area (AOA).ANTICIPATED ADVERTISEMENT DATE:ESTIMATED CONTRACT VALUE:DBE/MBE/SBE/WBE GOALS:3RD QUARTER 2018 40 - 60 MILLIONDBE 30%TRADESLOCATION: YORSCEMENTMASONSIRON WORKERS18

CDF CONTROL TOWERScope of Work:Construction of a building to serve as aoperations control tower for airlinesmanagement of their winter deicingoperations at the Centralized DeicingFacility.ANTICIPATED ADVERTISEMENT DATE:ESTIMATED CONTRACT VALUE:DBE/MBE/SBE/WBE GOALS:1st QUARTER 2018 4-6 MILLIONM/WBE – 26/6%TRADESLOCATION: YORSCEMENTMASONSIRON WORKERS19

CENTRAL BASIN RECONFIGURATIONScope of Work:Modifications to the Central and SouthBasins to accommodate the futureterminal developments. Work mayinclude earthwork, large diameter deeptunnel construction, modifications tomechanical equipment, including anexisting pump station. Project may bedelivered as design-build.ANTICIPATED ADVERTISEMENT DATE:ESTIMATED CONTRACT VALUE:DBE/MBE/SBE/WBE GOALS:4th QUARTER 2018 100- 120 MILLIONM/WBE – 26/6%TRADESLOCATION: YORSCEMENTMASONSIRON WORKERS20

RELOCATION OF TAXIWAYS A&BScope of Work:Phased construction of airfieldpavements, PCC and AC, airfield lightingand signage, pavement removal, PCCPcrushing, and underground utilities andother improvements, site preparation,grading and drainage, site restoration,utilities and other appurtenances andincidental work. Project site is located inthe Air Operations Area (AOA).ANTICIPATED ADVERTISEMENT DATE:2ND QUARTER 2019ESTIMATED CONTRACT VALUE: 80 - 100 MILLIONDBE/MBE/SBE/WBE GOALS:MBE 26% / WBE 6%TRADESLOCATION: YORSCEMENTMASONSIRON WORKERS21

ATS LOT E STATION DEMOLITIONScope of Work:Demolition of the structure andplatform of this station, modification ofwayside systems, power systems andtrack work as required and siterestoration. Construction will requirecoordination with and limitedinterruption of services of the Airport’sTransit System Project site is in thecurrent Public Parking Lot E.ANTICIPATED ADVERTISEMENT DATE:4TH QUARTER 2019TRADESELECTRICIANSESTIMATED CONTRACT VALUE:DBE/MBE/SBE/WBE GOALS:OPERATORSLOCATION: LANDSIDELABORERSIRON WORKERS 10 - 20 MILLIONDBE 30%22

O’Hare International AirportCapital Improvement Program

BESSIE COLEMAN WATERMAIN REPLACEMENTScope of Work:Replacement of approximately 5,000 lfof water main along Bessie Coleman, aconnection to the existing 12” serviceline adjacent to the E Lot ATS Station,and abandoning the existing water mainrunning underneath I-190. Other workitems will include: lateral runs to firehydrants, isolation valves, valve boxes,fire hydrants, cathodic protection andother pertinent items integral to theinstallation of a new water distributionand/or capping and connections to theexisting water main.ADVERTISEMENT DATE:ESTIMATED CONTRACT VALUE:DBE/MBE/SBE/WBE GOALS:2/1/2018 2 - 3 MILLIONMBE 26% / WBE ON: LANDSIDELABORERSELECTRICIANS24

NORTH AIRFIELD SANITARY SEWER REPLACEMENTScope of Work:Construction of a sanitary sewer systemthat will serve the North Airfieldbuildings. Existing flow that travels NWto the MWRD Kirie Plant will beintercepted and sent to an existingforcemain sewer on airport propertynear Building 850. That existing pipeoutfalls near Mannheim Road where itenters the MWRD Stickney system. Anew lift station will be included as wellas approximately 6400LF of gravity pipeand forcemain.ANTICIPATED ADVERTISEMENT DATE:ESTIMATED CONTRACT VALUE:DBE/MBE/SBE/WBE GOALS:1ST QUARTER 2018 2.5 - 3.5 MILLIONMBE 26% / WBE 6%TRADESLOCATION: ORERSSURVEYORSLANDSCAPERSWELDERSPIPE FITTERSTEAMSTERS25

RUNWAY 9R-27L RWSL INSTALLATIONScope of Work:Install approximately 10,000 linear feetof electrical ductbank, handholes, andairfield lighting cable to complete theinstallation of the FAA Runway StatusLights (RWSL) system for Runway 9R27L. A FAA-RWSL shelter to be locatedadjacent to the existing Runway 27LALSF shelter will also be installed. Anew Com Ed service feed as well as fiberoptic cable connectivity to the air trafficcontrol tower will be required to makethe RWSL shelter fully functional.ANTICIPATED ADVERTISEMENT DATE:1ST QUARTER 2018TRADESOPERATORSESTIMATED CONTRACT VALUE:DBE/MBE/SBE/WBE GOALS:ELECTRICIANSLOCATION: AIRSIDETEAMSTERSLABORERS 2.5 - 3 MILLIONDBE 30%26

MIAMI BEACH LIFT STATION IMPROVEMENTScope of Work:Demolish existing Lift Station andspecified equipment, erosion controland paving, site utility installation,including jacked sanitary sewer,excavation and construction of the newLift Station Facility in the SW corner ofLOT B, electrical and communicationsduct bank installation, SMS installationand tie-in, and C1 Electrical VaultSwitchboard replacement and lightingupgrades.ANTICIPATED ADVERTISEMENT DATE:ESTIMATED CONTRACT VALUE:DBE/MBE/SBE/WBE GOALS:2ND QUARTER 2018 5 - 6 MILLIONMBE 26% / WBE ON: LANDSIDELABORERSELECTRICIANS27

BAGGAGE SERVICE ROAD RETAINING WALL REPAIRScope of Work:Repair the Baggage Service RoadRetaining Wall from approximatelyGuard Post 7 to Guard Post 10(excluding Terminal 2). Scope willinclude the drilling of piles to supportthe wall footing; concrete and crackrepair; cap replacement; newunderdrain system; select stemreplacement; cleaning and repaintingand replacement of conduit andcircuitry to roadway and apron lighting.ANTICIPATED ADVERTISEMENT DATE:ESTIMATED CONTRACT VALUE:DBE/MBE/SBE/WBE GOALS:2ND QUARTER 2018 1 - 2 MILLIONMBE 26% / WBE : AIRSIDEELECTRICIANSFINISHERS28

RING AND UTILITY TUNNEL CONCRETE REPAIRSScope of Work:Phased approach to address the areasin need of structural concrete repair intwo utility tunnel locations. Scope variesfrom spall repair, cathodic protection ofreinforcement to entire beamreplacement. This project will addressthe 2nd Phase in the program.ANTICIPATED ADVERTISEMENT DATE:2ND QUARTER 2018ESTIMATED CONTRACT VALUE (PH 2): 8 - 10 MILLIONDBE/MBE/SBE/WBE GOALS:TRADESLOCATION: RKERSCONCRETEMASONSTEAMSTERSMBE 26% / WBE 6%29

PEDESTRIAN TUNNEL REPAIRSScope of Work:Remediation of water infiltrationthroughout the pedestrian tunnelsbelow the concourses and roadways.Scope also includes interior remodelingand updating of pedestrian tunnels.New finishes will allow for a back-updrainage system as a second line ofdefense to any possible water migrationthrough the tunnel structure. Newenergy efficient lighting and mechanicaldistribution is included. Project areaextends into the area of the tunnelsunder the Hilton for finishes continuity.ANTICIPATED ADVERTISEMENT DATE:ESTIMATED CONTRACT VALUE :DBE/MBE/SBE/WBE GOALS:2ND QUARTER 2018 25 - 30 MILLIONMBE 26% / WBE 6%TRADESLOCATION: PAINTERS30

I-190 LIFT STATION REPLACEMENTScope of Work:This project consists of improvementsto the existing Taxiway Lift Station. Workincludes removal and replacement ofexisting ventilation, pumps, valve,motors, motor starters, wet well controlpanel, associated piping, and electricalinfrastructure. The project also includesSupervisory Monitoring System (SMS)integration, upgrades to the facility'slighting control, replacement of anexisting "ship's ladder", and installationof a wet well concrete liner and partialdepth concrete repair.ANTICIPATED ADVERTISEMENT DATE:ESTIMATED CONTRACT VALUE:DBE/MBE/SBE/WBE GOALS:3RD QUARTER 2018 3-4 MILLIONMBE 26% / WBE 6%TRADESLOCATION: AIRSIDEELECTRICIANSPLUMBERSCARPENTERSPIPE FITTERSLABORERSTEAMSTERSOPERATORSFINISHERS31

REPLACEMENT OF ROTUNDA AIR HANDLING UNITSScope of Work:Replacement of 11 Rotunda AirHandling Units. Recondition of theexisting ductwork. The new, efficient,code complying units will serve theenvironments that require differenttemperature controls, air movement,cooling capacities, heating capacities,with separate multi-zone controls toreconnect to existing ducting.ANTICIPATED ADVERTISEMENT DATE:ESTIMATED CONTRACT VALUE:DBE/MBE/SBE/WBE GOALS:3RD QUARTER 2018 15 - 20 MILLIONMBE 26% / WBE 6%TRADESSHEET METALWORKERSELECTRICIANSLOCATION: AIRSIDEPLUMBERSLABORERS32

RECIRCULATION BRIDGE RECONSTRUCTIONScope of Work:The project includes the replacementof the three-span entrance roadwayrecirculation bridge and associatedramp and approaches for thestructure.ANTICIPATED ADVERTISEMENT DATE:ESTIMATED CONTRACT VALUE:DBE/MBE/SBE/WBE GOALS:4TH QUARTER 2018 3 - 4 MILLIONMBE 26% / WBE TION: AIRSIDEELECTRICIANSFINISHERSIRON WORKERS CARPENTERS33

TERMINAL AREA FIRE MAIN REPLACEMENTScope of Work:Relocation of the terminal area fire mainloop including approximately 7000 lf of12” fire main, 1500 lf of 8” hydrant firemain and 32 fire hydrants. New alignmentwill minimize impacts to traffic by locatingportions of the loop within the commercialvehicle lanes. Medians and center laneswill be reconstructed within the terminalarea to meet ADA and will include newsidewalks and utility replacements.Approximately 2,500 lf of ComEd ductbankwill be included to replace an existingductbank that is at risk of failure.ANTICIPATED ADVERTISEMENT DATE:ESTIMATED CONTRACT VALUE:1ST QUARTER 2019 20 - 25 SLOCATION: AIRSIDEOPERATORSPLUMBERSIRON WORKERS CARPENTERSELECTRICIANSDBE/MBE/SBE/WBE GOALS:MBE 26% / WBE 6%34

Midway International AirportCapital Improvement Program

MDW AIRFIELD LIGHTINGINFRASTRUCTURE IMPROVEMENTSScope of Work:Installation of a new duct bank systemthat will provide a more efficient way tomaintain airfield electrical system. Thiswill include new duct bank runs to providemore direct routing of circuits, theinstallation of new manholes and handholes that minimize the need to accessRunway and Taxiway safety areas duringmaintenance, replacement of agingcabling, and additional capacity to handlefuture improvements. This project alsoincludes new fiber optic duct bank in theSW corner of the airfield.ANTICIPATED ADVERTISEMENT DATE:1ST QUARTER 2018TRADESELECTRICIANSESTIMATED CONTRACT VALUE:DBE/MBE/SBE/WBE GOALS:OPERATORSLOCATION: AIRSIDETEAMSTERSLABORERS 8 - 10 MILLIONDBE 30%36

MDW AIRPORT MAINTENANCE COMPLEX IMPROVEMENTSScope of Work:Replacing the HVAC for the garage withan energy efficient system, replacing theoverhead doors and associated hardware,an upgrade to the emergency generator andswitchgear, and the replacement of theboilers with more energy efficient boilers.Expanding and replacing the potassiumacetate pumps and tanks to allow for a totalof 90,000 gallons of onsite storage. Theproject also includes replacing the roofmembrane, an upgrade of the windows,replacing the HVAC system in the office area,replacement of the emergency egress doorsand hardware, and improvements for ADAaccessibility.ANTICIPATED ADVERTISEMENT DATE:ESTIMATED CONTRACT VALUE:DBE/MBE/SBE/WBE GOALS:1ST QUARTER 2018 11 - 12.5 MILLIONDBE 30%TRADESLOCATION: ENTERSPLUMBERSIRON WORKERSPAINTERSCEMENTMASONS37

Residential SoundInsulation Program (RSIP)

ON-CALL A/E SERVICES FOR THE RSIP On-call architectural and engineering (“A/E”) design andconsulting services for the RSIP for O’Hare and Midway. Federally-funded. DBE participation of 30% required. Services may include, but are not limited to: making atleast two site visits per home, computer-aided design anddrafting, developing window and door schedules,preparing specifications, and reviewing submittals andcode requirements.Anticipated Term:Advertisement Date:Award Date:5 Years1st Quarter 20182nd Quarter 201839

O’HARE PHASE 17 HISTORICAL HOMESScope of Work:Sound-insulate 133 historical dwellingunits in single-family homes and multifamily buildings in the Chicago NorwoodPark Historical District near HarlemAvenue and Higgins Avenue. Work toinclude installation of approximately2,600 acoustical window treatments,2,600 storm windows, 260 acousticalprime door treatments, 260 stormdoors, 20 central air conditioningsystems, upgrades to electrical serviceand other miscellaneous work.ANTICIPATED ADVERTISEMENT DATE:ESTIMATED CONTRACT VALUE:2nd QUARTER 2018 10 - 15 MILLIONTRADESLOCATION: NSSHEET METALWORKERSPIPE FITTERSASBESTOSWORKERSCARPENTERSDBE/MBE/SBE/WBE GOALS:DBE 22%40


W W W. F LY C H I C A G O . C O M

modernize for long-term growth Working in partnership with United, American . ELECTRICIANS. TEAMSTERS. LABORERS. 26. MIAMI BEACH LIFT STATION IMPROVEMENT. Scope of Work: Demolish existing Lift Station and specified equipment, erosion control and paving, site utility installation,