hile many businesses produce profits, the self-servicecar wash business can be ahighly profitable business. The carwash industry is a unique one. Itoffers high income potential byallowing for low labor cost andinventory. Owning a car wash can beexpanded into related areas such asfull service, exterior automatic anddetail centers.WOne in-bay automatictypically generates theincome of 3-5 self-servebays.Today’s Modern Car WashIn the beginning, self-service carwashes offered limited services whichwere simply high pressure wash andrinse with vacuums for the inside ofthe vehicle. Today, the car washfacility has developed into a completecar care center with a wide range ofservices andincome producing options thatare available.Today’s consumer islooking for value andquality service for theircar cleaning needs.The self-service carwash provides themwith just that.In-Bay AutomaticWith today’sdemands on timeand convenience,an in-bay automatic proves to bean essential component for successfulmodern car washes. It is convenientand takes less time than self-servewashing. Over 43% of self-servelocations have an in-bay automaticwash. One in-bay automatic typicallygenerates the income of 3-5 selfserve bays. With that kind of incomepotential in a single bay, selecting theright in-bay automatic is very important.When considering an in-bay automatic, it is important to understand thedifferent types. In-bay automatics areclassified into two categories:touch-free or friction.Touch-Free AutomaticA touch-free automatic uses highpressure passes and cleaning agentsto clean the vehicle. No equipmentcomes into contact with the vehicle ina touch-free automatic. Touch-freeautomatics provide a high qualitywash in little time. A typical washtakes on average between 2 and 5minutes depending on the optionsthat were selected. With that convenience, customers are able to get inand out and be on their way.Friction AutomaticsFriction automatic utilizes top andside brushes that rotate and makecontact with the vehicle in order toclean it. Friction automatics can alsoutilize high-pressure passes andcleaning agents in combination withthe brushes to aid in the cleaningprocess.1

15.3 years old 5 self-serve bays 6 vacuums 7.5 mile estimatedmarket radius Serves an estimatedmarket populationof 64,588 Competes against 3.3other self-serve bays Charges 36.0 centsper minute 38% Averageoperating expense(excluding debt service) 62% Average net incomeBoth friction andtouch-free automatics have lowoperating costs,are easy to operate, convenient forcustomers and canbe operated without an on-siteattendant.To maximize yourcarwash potential, itis important tochoose an automaticthat is loaded with featuresand options that customerscan choose from. Features that,not only provide a clean vehicle,but also, put on a good show,making the car wash a funexperience!2All components needed to create aunique wash experience that willkeep them coming back.It’s true! The self-service car washbusiness can be very profitable. Ofcourse, profitability depends on a fewcontributing factors. Hot Foamy Presoak Tire Cleaner Applicators On-Board Undercarriage Wash Scrubbing Action OscillatingHigh Pressure Wash and Rinse Soft Touch Brushes Rocker Panel Sprayers Wheel Brushes Triple Shine Foaming Conditioner Sizes the Vehicle - Length andHeight Spot-Free Rinse On-Board Blowers Rollover Design for Faster WashCycleLocation, competition, equipment,services, appearance and management are just some of the factors thatlead to a profitable location.Many ask how the self-service carwash business can be so profitable.Here’s how: Low labor cost.typicallyonly one part- time employee Low direct operating cost Cash only.coin/token/creditcard operated machines meansno account receivables and nopersonal checks Customer provides labor Inventory is small Open 24 hours a day You control prices for specialpromotions Not just a seasonal business.carwashes are used year round Broad target market.anyonewho owns a vehicle, regardlessof age, income or gender Fixed costs such as bookkeeping and insurance are minimalEntrance ControllersOffering an automatic entrancecontroller at an automatic baycompliments the entire package. Itwelcomes customers with a vibrantgreeting and gives them instructionsand options. With an automaticentrance controller, the customer isgiven several payment options andthe average per wash income isWhy do so many people invest in theself-serve car wash business? High rate of return on initialinvestment Easy management Minimal labor issues No cash flow or inventorycontrol problems Cash business - no accountsreceivableFeatures like:Choose an automatic thatis loaded with featuresand options that customers can choose from.increased when customers can paywith credit cards, coins, bills, usercodes or any combination of thereof.

Tax incentives Expansion Opportunitiesget income from as many sources aspossible.The Price is RightThe cost of owning a self-service carwash system can vary, depending onland, number of bays, building structure and a few other factors. You mayalready own land, if not, purchasingor leasing property will be added toyour cost of investment. Buildingstructure, of course, will vary becauseof local building codes which mayrequire you to use certain materials.You should consult with your equipment supplier regarding constructioncost and what material you shoulduse. In addition to the car wash baysthemselves, you should always installthe maximum number of income producing equipment the property willallow. With the best locations bringing a premium price you will want toKeep an Eye on CompetitionThe competition plays an importantrole in your marketing plans whenoperating a self-service car wash.Get income from as manysources as possible.Evaluate other car washes. What doyou think attracts customers to theother sites? What do you think mayturn away customers? Most importantly, what can you do to make yourcar wash better?Appearance is important. You mayhave the best equipment that theindustry offers, but if you keep a dirtyplace and muddy floors, chances arethat you could lose business.Good service, a well-maintained site,and quality equipment will keep customers coming to your car washLegal & AccountingAdvertisingSuppliesMaintenance & RepairsGasElectricityWaterInsuranceTrashTaxesPit ServiceTelephoneLaborTotal% of Operating %2.20%1.12%.87%8.14%39.6%Expenses will vary depending on climate, area,cost of utilities, cost of taxes, cost of labor, etc.3

An attractive appearance,quality washing and avariety of services all create a high performancecar wash business thatwill rise above the competition.and quality equipment will keep customers coming to your car washrather than the competitors.Our suggestion is to test your competition using all of their services. Thenevaluate each of them by answeringthe following questions: Is your vehicle clean and free ofdirt? Are the painted surfaces film-free? Are your whitewalls white.aretires clean? Are your chrome and bumpersshining bright? Was the vacuum’s suction strongenough to pick up all carpet dirt? Was the site free of trash and mud? Do they offer fragrance, shampooers and other value added services?Replacing them and keeping themclean and up to date will ensurerepeat business.The bay marketing meter, like therest of the signs, should be clean andattractive. The decals on the baymeter should be colorful and easy toread. The countdown display timer isplaced on the face of the bay meterindicating the amount of time remaining. These countdown timers arealso accumulative timers allowing thecustomer to add coins during thecycle. It should include the price andtime of the cycle and the servicesthat are offered in regard to eachcycle.Methods of PaymentWith electronic coin acceptors andbill acceptors at each bay, vacuum orvendor, customers can pay for timeand services with different coin typesor bills.Some owners incorporate a theme intotheir site for creative marketing.Swipe-At-The Bay Meter accepts cashand credit cards.4Make Your Services the BestYou must keep old customers as wellas make new customers, so yourphysical appearance is very important. Keep your exterior signagemaintained and keep your site trashfree. An attractive car wash will bringin customers.Your easy-to-read in-bay instructionalsignage will also help keep customers coming back. When the signage begins to fade, rust, chip orscratch, they become hard to read.Just as pay-at-the-pump is a must atconvenience stores, credit cardacceptance at self-service car washes is another added feature that cantake your wash to the next level.Customers typically spend an additional 25% when paying with creditcard. Whether you’re using a centralcredit card acceptor like JCC’sSwipe-N-Clean or the Swipe at theBay system, you’ve now made it veryeasy for customers to spend moremoney at your site.The bay marketing meters appearance and ease of instruction shouldnot be overlooked. It should be as it’sname implies .marketing your services.Space Allocation on the PropertyWhen laying out the wash on apotential site, there are a few factorsto consider. Stack up space. There should be

enough stacking room for at least twovehicles for each bay. Turning radius. Allow adequateturning radius area at the entranceand exit of the wash bay. Vacuum area. Vacuums are bestutilized when located in a highly visible area such as along the front of theproperty. Allow room for at least 11/2 vacuums per bay.The typical wash bay is 16’ wide and12’ in height. Length will varydepending on the type of automaticand whether the dryers are on-boardor free standing. Work with yourdistributor if you have smaller dimensions. How the complete wash ispositioned on your property is a keyfactor for maximizing your incomepotential. (Ask for our SITE PLANSCD.) Please allow Jim ColemanCompany or a member of our distributor family to assist you in thisprocess. Provide us with a copy ofyour property survey, and we willwork with you to get the most out ofyour site.Let’s BuildYour self-service car wash should bedesigned to be a permanent that enhances the surrounding architecture.a building thatstands out among the crowd andinvites you in. It should be builtstrong and durable to handle localweather conditions outside while protecting itself from the harsh environment inside the wash bay.StyleThe building design of your self-servecar wash can reflect your personality.In today’s market, some washes takeon a theme. This will definitely setyou apart from your competition.Whether its ‘50’s sock hop, amedieval castle, a lighthouse orsomething of your own creation, marketing your wash using a uniqueElectronic vending islands add an opportunity for another profit center.Colorful awnings can help attract business and brighten up your site.Customers typically spendan additional 25% whenpaying with credit card.Not including setbacks and easements.4 Bays w/1 Automatic 16,500 sq. ft.(110’ Frontage x 150” Deep)5 Bays w/1 Automatic 18,900 sq. ft.(126’ Frontage x 150” Deep)6 Bays w/1 Automatic 21,300 sq. ft.(142’ Frontage x 150” Deep)7 Bays w/1 Automatic 23,200 sq. ft.(158’ Frontage x 150” Deep)8 Bays w/1 Automatic 26,100 sq. ft.(174’ Frontage x 150” Deep)4 Bays w/1 Automatic 28,500 sq. ft.(190’ Frontage x 150” Deep)10 Bays w/1 Automatic 30,900 sq. ft.(206’ Frontage x 150” Deep)5

theme can be very effective at bringing in customers. The additionalbuilding costs involved in constructionmust be factored in to your return oninvestment estimates.A well-groomed site is a must for a successful car wash.Placing vacuums near the front of thewash help when promoting your vacs.WallsCommon wall construction methodsinclude brick, block, or ceramic-facedblock. These products offer the durability mentioned above and come in avariety of textures and colors. Someoperators choose to build with standard concrete masonry units (CMU’s)and apply a fiberglass panel or sprayon coating on the interior bay walls.The exterior is often a different product that expresses the overall lookyou desire for your wash.RoofLocal building codes, area weatherconditions and the overall look of yourwash will dictate the roof systemdesign. Designs can include decorative fascia and backlit awnings thatsurround the building. These areideal for marketing your wash.Clean bay walls as well as instructionalboards aid in the overall appearance ofyour site.6Your design may include a gable roofsystem, which is great for colderweather climates. They allow for acrawl space that can house hosesand cables needed for each bay. Thecrawl space keeps you out of in-climate weather if service is needed inthat area. Jim Coleman Companyand your local distributor can provideyou with building plan options andideas. They will work with you toinsure your structure meets localbuilding codes and equipmentrequirements. Refer to Jim ColemanCompany’s “Car Washes Around theWorld” for a variety of design ideas.Steps to Building a Car WashThe following is a list of the typicalsteps you will follow when building aself-serve car wash. (Proper zoning isassumed.)1) Estimate cost of construction at 75-90,000.00 per self-serve bayand 150-210,000.00 per automaticbay (includes equipment) and complete site analysis questionnaire forreturn on investment estimates.2) Obtain a water, sewer, electric andgas availability letter from local utilityauthorities.3) Select equipment supplier.4) Work with local architect/engineerand equipment supplier to discusslocal building codes and necessaryutility requirements.5) Architect/engineer draws completeset of building plans.6) Submit plans to city for permittingand to potential contractors for construction bidding.7) Finalize equipment order and selectbuilding contractor.8) Obtain building permit and startconstruction9) Make application for utilities.gas,electric and water/sewer.10) Complete construction and installcar wash equipment.11) Utilities turned on and car washequipment started up.12) Obtain occupancy permit andopen your car wash for business!

Other Factors to ConsiderZoningYour selected site should be properlyzoned. Legalities in zoning ordinances should be reviewed.Speed LimitsA high-speed traffic area may not bethe place for a car wash because itmay be difficult to enter and exit thewash. The ideal speed limit is 25-35mph.TrafficThough a high traffic area may beideal, a very heavy traffic in urbanareas may not, especially near intersections.Property CostsYou may buy or lease your property.Usually, a property purchase is a goodinvestment. However, leasing commercial property is an alternativechoice if you have limited capitalresources.Commercial property prices vary fromcity to city and street to street.Because the property itself mayappreciate rapidly, it maybe wise to purchase amore expensivelot inorder to get that “perfect location.”Of course, you must justify the property cost with your gross income.Lot SizingTo calculate the number of bays yourcar wash will have, you must considerthe size of your lot and the demographics. Lot sizes must factor insetbacks and easements. See chartfor estimated property sizes (page 5).Lighted awnings help customers withinterior cleaning at nighttime use.Turn on the LightSince car washes operate 24 hours aday, good lighting is important to generate attention at night and to makecustomers feel safe.There are two basic types of lightingused in a car wash. Fluorescentlighting is the most economical butmust be protected by some type ofenclosure due to the overspray fromthe car wash. The other type of lighting is HID (high intensity light discharge). If you choose to use HIDlighting, the best choice will be themetal halide type because of thewhite light it emits. These lights maybe used in the wash bay and are recommended to be used as flood andarea lights.Whichever lighting you choose toinstall, a minimum of 450 watts issufficient, however, we recommend between 600-900 watts oflights per bay.Overall lighting at your carwash addssafety for your customers.Show Me the WayEasy to read, graphically attractivesignage contribute to the success ofa car wash. Instructional and promotional signage, especially on theinside of the bay, is extremely important. Directional signs on the outsideof the bay are also important so thatthe customer knows where to enterand exit or where each service islocated. For added attraction, somecar wash owners have installed largeilluminated signs in front. It is common for a city to have limits onsquare footage of signage allowed.Good lighting is important togenerate attention at nightand to to make customersfeel safe.7

Using colored tile in your architecture canadd uniqueness to your wash.Awnings over vending area help promoteand advertise your products.Check with your city before purchasing signs.Illuminated signs will create attractionand help business during the eveningand night hours. Also, a reader boardsign allows you to promote wash“specials” and other activities. Theyprovide the opportunity to pass on amessage to potential customers. Anumber of car wash operators usethe reader board as a sort of community bulletin board. Members of thecommunity are then continuallydrawn to your wash to see “what’shappening.” Attractive landscapingenhances the appearance and curbappeal of your car wash.Marketing Your Car WashMarketing is an essential part of thesuccess of your car wash. It distinguishes you from the next car wash.So, how do you create an image foryour site? Just follow the “4 P’s:”product, promotion, price and place.PRODUCT: Know and define yourproduct, which are vehicle washingservices. By offering as many in-bayservices as you can, you not only givethe customer choices, you give thema complete car wash package.Specialty finishes like TripleShineFoaming Conditioner and Spot-FreeRinse give a customer the ultimatefinish in car care. Don’t just put vacuums at your site, install combinationvacuums and fragrance machines orcarpet shampooers. Therefore, youcan market your car wash with awide selection of services.PROMOTION: A full time promotional program will allow you to continuethe flow of new customers to yourwash. Jim Coleman Company’sSwipe-N-Clean credit card acceptance system and Mail-A-Card orPromo Card programs are excellentprograms for promoting grand openings, seasonal promotions and dis-8counted wash incentives. The systemwill create a database of customerswho have used your wash with acredit card, codes or a pre-paidaccount. Ask your JCC distributorabout the dozens of ways to marketyour wash with Swipe-N-Clean.PRICE: In the car wash industry,prices are normally stable. However,you may have some competition onthe price alone. If this is the case,visit your “lower price” competitorand see what their customers aregetting for their money. It could bedeceiving. Adjusting your time withthe turn-on price can sometimesmarket your car wash in the rightdirection.PLACE: It cannot be said enough: thethree most important factors in a carwash site are location, location andlocation. Though you may not have tobe located on “Main Street,” a mainstreet can be the key to success. Youmust be seen.What is a good location? A location that can be seen bythe motoring public. Close to neighborhoods sincepeople usually wash theirvehicles close to their home. Near apartments, town homesand condominiums because ofmultiple families. High traffic areas such asshopping areas and restaurants. Have good ingress and egress.These suggestions are all importantwhen evaluating a car wash site.However, they are all not mandatoryto ensure a successful business,especially in smaller communities.Your marketing strategy depends onyour services and equipment, yourcompetition, your location, and yourcommunity. Once you have analyzed

these, it makes the marketing andpromoting much easier.Sell More, Make MoreWhat must you offer to totally satisfyyour customers’ demands? Today ittakes more than soap and water.They are there to clean their vehicle,inside and out, and you are there tooffer them the highest level of performance available in a self-servicecar wash. Call them accessories orcall them necessities. this is whatthe modern, high quality self-servicecar wash is offering today. Featuressuch as:Water SoftenerDepending on water conditions inyour area, some locations require awater softener. A water softeningsystem will remove damagingminerals from the water, enhancingthe cleaning ability of detergents andincreasing the life of water heatersand pumps.Water HeatersDepending on local climate conditions, water heaters may be required.They provide hot water which greatlyimproves the performance of alldetergents.Countdown Display TimersThe timer shows the customer howmuch time he or she received at thepoint the equipment starts to operate.With one minute remaining, a hornsounds while the digital display flashes, thus allowing the customer todeposit additional coins before thetime expires.Foaming Tire CleanerClean tires are just as important asclean cars. This cycle will clean tireswith a foaming chemical that penetrates the tires to loosen up roadgrime.Foaming Engine CleanerThis speaks for itself. This especiallydesigned emulsifying chemical ispurely for cleaning the grease andgrime that has accumulated on avehicle’s engine.Bug RemoverThis cycle loosens bugs’ bodies andbird droppings. Without this,a car’s paint can be seriously damaged from the acids that exist indecaying bugs.Pre-Soak CyclePre-soak is a concentrated detergentsolution. It is used to loosen dirt andbreak down road film. It is the mostimportant ingredient on the road to aclean vehicle.High Pressure SoapPresent from the beginning of selfserve car washing, high-pressuresoap is still used at every self-servicecar wash. Even with the popularity ofthe foaming brush, high-pressuresoap is used everywhere on the vehicle from tires to engines. High-pressure soap is widely used on trailers,boats and motorcycles.Foaming BrushesWhat an invention! The foamingbrush is one of the greatest moneymakers in the self-serve car washbusiness. Customers love it becausewith very little soap, cold water andcompressed air, we can create all thesuds a customer needs to scrub theirvehicle. The operators love it becauseit increases gross income, and itbrings back more customers.Triple-Color Foam BrushThe Triple-Color Foam Brush Systemfor the self-service bays combinesthree bright and attractive coloreddetergents with a patented application device. Customers love the rainbow of colors created by the swirlingof the brush.Tire Cleaner helps in getting rid of roadgrime.Foaming Brush is a great money makerin the self-serve bay.Select-N-Touch Bay Meters are easy touse and add color to the bay.Foaming Conditioner helps guard againstnature’s elements.9

High Pressure RinseThis cycle is also a basic service.Whether a foaming brush or highpressure soap is used, every customer will use high-pressure cleanrinse. Because cold water is recommended, this will save energy.Signage on the bay walls help in promoting the products.Offering High Pressure Wax can add profits to your site.Spot-Free Rinse uses pure water to helpin eliminating spots.Foaming ConditionerThis cycle conditions the vehicleguarding against nature’s elements.It is delivered through a speciallydesigned wand meant only forfoaming conditioner.TripleShine This foaming conditioner createsthree bright colors of foam and theresult is one deep, long lasting protective shine. This unique formula ofconditioner helps in removing stubborn road grime and guards againstU.V. rays. The 3 colors, red, blue andgold, put on a dazzling show thatentertains all age customers whileperforming its designed use.Clear Coat ProtectantThis feature gives the vehicle a“coat” of protection sealing in theconditioner. It adds protective shineas well.High Pressure WaxApproximately one-fifth of the customers use high-pressure wax,increasing the average income pervehicle.Powerful vacuums have proven to be avery profitable for your car wash.10Spot-Free RinseDue to dissolved solids in the water,Spotting may occur after washing andrinsing. To eliminate spotting, spotfree rinse can be applied. The spotfree rinse uses pure water at low ormedium pressure. The water in thiscycle is put through a reverseosmosis water purification system,removing the dissolved solids, thussolving the problem of spotting.VacuumsVacuums have proven to be a veryprofitable source of income and arewidely used in today’s car wash. Apowerful vacuum cleaner will cleanthe interior of a vehicle with ease.Fragrance MachinesFragrance machines are widely usedin today’s car washes. Applying afragrance in the car will make it smellas clean as it looks. Having thesemachines in your car wash will provide an excellent source of profit.Carpet ShampooersA modern car wash should not bewithout a carpet shampooer. Thecarpet shampooer machine dispensesa hot, thick shampoo from a brush tothoroughly clean carpets and car interiors. With the customer payingaround two dollars to shampoo hiscar, the owner’s cost is about tencents, making the shampooer one ofthe most profitable machines in a carwash. Trash can covers with matclamps on them work great for customers shampooing their mats.Vacuum Combination Units - EarnEven More!To get the maximum return on vacuums, fragrance machine and shampooers you should use combinationunits. For example a vacuum/fragrance or vacuum/shampooer combination unit usually will return approximately 15-20% more revenue thanwhen installed as separate pieces ofequipment. This is due to moreimpulse buying by the customerwhen both services are available inone location.VendingVending machines selling productssuch as fragrance, window cleaner,Armor All and towels are anotherway to increase revenue in yourself-service car wash. For the

The concept of the self serve carwash has been around for years sothat customers can choose the cycles of the wash and spend asmuch time as needed to clean their vehicle. Today’s self servewash has as many options such as TripleShine, Bug Remover, ClearCoat Protectant and Spot-Free Rinse. Vacuum Islands add a greatearning potential as well as vending islands for interior cleaning.Some sites also include an automatic bay giving the site even moreattraction and income earnings.11

Having an automatic-only car wash oradding an automatic bay to your self-servewash attracts a different kind of customer,one that wants a clean car fast withoutgetting out of the car, saving time andoffering convenience to your customer.Automatic bays typically generate 3-5times the amount of income as comparedto a self-serve bay. Entrancecontrollers complimen your car wash bygreeting and guiding your customer to asuccessful and pleasing wash experience.12

Combination washes are the latest and greatest on themarket today. Why? Because your customer has a choicebetween a friction wash or a touchless automatic wash,and customers love choices. The combination wash offersthe best of both worlds with either high pressure washingwithout the brushes or high powered cleaning of rotatingbrushes. With low operating costs and ease of operation,the combination wash system is a great choice for themodern car wash site.13

Friction-only wash systems arealso low in operating costs andeasy to operate. These systemsgive customers the effectivecleaning using speciallydesigned brushes that glideover the vehicle’s surface,enhancing their gloss and luster.Like the touchless automaticand the combination units, thefriction unit offers performanceoptions such as high pressurewash, hot wax, TripleShine and14Spot-Free Rinse. These units areprogrammable to fit your washneeds and to maximize profits.Many features and options areavailable in a friction wash, sooffering the best and the mostwill only increase your incomepotential. Some popular choicesare Wheel Brush System, HighPressure Wash, Undercarriage,and Foaming Tire CleanerApplicator.

innovative owner, electronic vendingislands offer the customer one pointof payment for up to 10 differentproducts. Through electronic vending,the customer can now pay with multiple types of coins, bills or use theSwipe-N-Clean or Swipe at the Bay topurchase vending items with a creditcard.Bill ChangerBill changers are a must at any selfserve car wash. Customers needchange most of the time. Having areliable bill changer will bring customers back and new customers in ifthey know they can easily obtainchange for their bills. We suggest abill changer dispensing quarters anddollar coins as well as a bill-to-billchanger. Bill to bill lets the customerexchange a 10 or 20-dollar bill tosmaller denomination bills.Swipe-N-Clean Credit CardServiceOffering credit card at your car washnot only gives your customer a choiceof payment, but also increases business. Credit card customers will buymore services and spend moreon those services than typical cashcustomers. The credit card capabilitygives your car wash the image ofinnovation.Swipe at the BayCard acceptors at each bay, vacuumor vendor gives customers the independence and simplicity to purchaseyour products and services using theircredit card. Practically guaranteeingan increase in usage and income.Entry Wizard and Entry Wizard 2.0The Entry Wizards are entrance controllers for automatic car washes.Both units feature and ergonomicallydesigned face panel that is inviting,easy to use and provides the customer with a pleasant payment expe-rience. The units offer the customerthe option to pay with their choice ofcredit card, coins, bills, codes or anycombination thereof. In addition, thesystem allows you to promote otherproducts and services your site has tooffer such as Fleet Accounts, PrePayAccounts, and Gift Certificates. Thecode ability allows you to market yourcarwash using Direct Mail, Pro

car wash business can be a highly profitable business. The car wash industry is a unique one. It offers high income potential by allowing for low labor cost and inventory. Owning a car wash can be expanded into related areas such as full service, exterior automatic and detail centers. Today's Modern Car Wash In the beginning, self-service car