Bringing the benefits of Cortex-Mprocessors to FPGAPresented ByPhillip BurrSenior ProductMarketing ManagerSimon GeorgeDirector, Product & Technical Marketing– System Software and SoC Solutions

Agenda 2Market trendsIntroducing Arm DesignStart FPGADesignStart FPGA in the Xilinx EcosystemSummary 2018 Arm Limited

Powering diverse embedded devices with Arm Cortex-M CPUsBillions of Cortex-M based chips shippedCortex-M based devices are growing exponentially3109876543210 2018 Arm Limited35bn Cortex-MbasedSoCs shippedto date

A large growth in application-optimized designs Over 1 billion cost-optimized Xilinx devices sold to dateCortex-A9 shipments on Zynq-7000 Xilinx continues investment in their cost-optimized portfoliowith new devices, tool, and IP improvements2 years3x growthin the past Multiple generations of Arm-based embedded processingsolutions:4 2018 Arm Limited2 yearsfor Arm Cortex-A9on Zynq-7000

IntroducingDesignStart FPGA 2018 Arm Limited

Consistent architecture across the hardware e-shelfSoCsFast timeto marketDevelopment toolsSoftware librariesTraining, resourcesand support 2018 Arm LimitedCustomsiliconApplicationoptimizedOperating systems6FPGAs

DesignStart: addressing the needs of FPGA usersDesignStart for SoC Quick and easy access toCortex-M0 and subsystem Cortex-M3 and subsystem DesignStart Eval for design, simulationand prototyping on FPGA DesignStart Pro for full products withmanufacturing rights for SoC7 2018 Arm LimitedDesignStart FPGA Easy to access and free to useCortex-M1 Cortex-M3 For use in FPGA fabric, including fullcommercial use Integrated in Xilinx Vivado Design Suitefor ease of use

Fast and simple access to the world’s leading IPQuick and easy access Instant download of Cortex-M1 and Cortex-M3 processorsSimple click-through agreementFree to use on FPGA Free use on FPGA for Cortex-M1 and Cortex-M3For prototyping, research and commercial useIntegrated with Xilinx Vivado Design Suite 8Drag and drop the Vivado compatible Cortex-M componentAvailable for on any Vivado supported Xilinx FPGA device 2018 Arm LimitedAvailable at

Proven Cortex-M technology optimized for FPGA integrationCortex-M1 FPGA-optimized version of Cortex-M032-bit processing in the smallest areaFor constrained devicesCortex-M3 General purpose 32-bit processorBalanced performance and areaFor diverse embedded and IoT applicationsExceptional code densitySimplified software development and vendor-independent CMSIS abstraction layerSupported by the broadest technology ecosystem of software, tools and services9 2018 Arm Limited

Best-in-class code density with Thumb instructions Cortex-M are 32-bit processors with 32-bit and16-bit Thumb instructionsCoreMark Code in kB1210.210.1BC10 Thumb technology brings to reduced code sizethan 8/16-bit processorsTogether resulting in reduction of memory flash size86.464.9420Cortex-MACoreMark code compiled optimized for size10 2018 Arm Limited

Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS)Vendor-independent standard for hardware manufacturers and tool vendorsµVisionDebuggerApplication MSIS-DriverPeripheral HALCMSIS-SVDReal-time executionMachine learningSignal processingMiddleware interfaceDevice specificPeripheral descriptionCMSIS-CORECMSIS-DAPCMSIS-ZoneProcessor core and peripheral accessDebug accessSystem PartitioningCoreSight debug logicAccess Filter(MPU, SAU)Arm Cortex eralsSystem-on-chip11 2018 Arm LimitedAvailable open source at 5

Access the world’s #1 embedded ecosystem on XilinxLargest choice of provenOS and toolsThriving developer base350k Mbed OS registereddevelopers2 Eclipse/GCC (Arm)downloads in 1 yearmillion21 40 RTOS20 IDEcompiler12 2018 Arm LimitedDebug &trace8.5 millionCMSIS packdownloads in 1 yearLargest open-accessdevelopment resources1000s of how-to guides,articles, and onlinedevelopment resources

Rapid time to market with simplified development flowDesign hardwareSimple drag-and-dropintegration of CPUDevelop softwareDeploy on FPGABenefit from broadestembedded ecosystemDeploy to anydevelopment boardReuse existing codeAccess widest range ofthird-party softwarePre-integrated on Arty A7 & S7DAPLink adaptor boardavailable for a simpler,out-of-box experience13 2018 Arm Limited

DesignStart FPGA in theXilinx Ecosystem

Arm DesignStart FPGA is integrated with Vivado1. DesignStart FPGA imports as aVivado repository2. Cortex-M1/Cortex-M3 then partof the Vivado IP catalog3. Configure M cores as needed: ConfigurationDebugInstruction MemoryData Memory4. Add and configure peripherals5. Hardware/Software Managerrecognizes the Arm CPUs6. Export to your IDE for softwareimplementationIP CatalogEmbeddedArm Cortex-M1Arm Cortex-M3

Innovative Arm / Programmable Logic ArchitectureComplete Arm-basedProcessing Systems Single/Dual Cortex-A9 (Zynq-7000)Dual/Quad Cortex-A53 (ZU )Dual Cortex-R5 (ZU )Soft Cortex-M processing optionsTightly IntegratedProgrammable Logic Extension of the processing system Scalable density and performanceUltimate Flexibility Create custom, flexible SoC to meet exact projectneeds in a single device HW / SW partitioning optimized to specific applicationrequirementsFlexible Array of External Interfaces Wide range of external multi-standard I/O High performance integrated serial transceivers Analog-to-digital converter inputsRemove the Multi-chip Bottleneck Data transfersUp to 100Gbps BWVast Internal IP Catalogs Common functions and peripherals

Cortex-M ideal for optimizing Zynq hardware performanceARM Cortex-A9HardwareCortex-Mfor Application ProcessingReal-Time Co-Processingfor Parallelism and DeterminismProgrammable e-IntensiveTasks TasksIntensive TasksLinuxARM Cortex-A9 ProcessorPage 17 CriticalTasksRTOSCortex-M

DesignStart FPGA is ready to use todayPart NumberLogic CellsXC7S6XC7S15XC7S256,00012,80023,360 Spartan XC7S25 on the Arty-S7 features over 23K logic cells! A single Cortex-M consumes less than 1/10th of the programmable logic Block RAM can be configured as on-chip memoryOptional DAPLink adaptorwith Arm mbed supportCortex M1/M3 referencedesigns available on theArty-S7 and A7Page 18 Serial wired debug over USB Dedicated QSPI flash DAPLink USB composite device

Cost-optimized development kits availableARTY S7ARTY A7ARTY Z7MiniZedUltra96Spartan-7 25Artix-7 35TZynq-7000 Z7-10Zynq-7000 7SZynq UltraScale ZU3EG Spartan-7 50Artix-7 100T 119 249Zynq-7000 Z7-20 199 Cortex-M1 and Cortex-M3 reference designs availablePage 19

Summary 2018 Arm Limited

Easier, faster development of FPGA-based products 0 and instantaccessFaster hardwaredevelopmentFaster softwaredevelopmentChoice, flexibilityand innovationto Arm Cortex-M1and Cortex-M3with integration inXilinx FPGA toolswith the extensiveArm ecosystemUsing the CPUs ofchoiceDownload today at 2018 Arm Limited

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2. Cortex-M1/Cortex-M3 then part of the Vivado IP catalog 3. Configure M cores as needed: Configuration Debug Instruction Memory Data Memory 4. Add and configure peripherals 5. Hardware/Software Manager recognizes the Arm CPUs 6. Export to your IDE for software implementation IP Cata