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Securing Your Small BusinessTable of contentsSecuring your small business2A firewall to keep up with the changing threat landscape3A firewall to make your network more efficient and secure4A firewall that filters out your junk mail5A firewall that doesn’t let you down when your connection crashes6A firewall that untethers you from your desk7A firewall that enables you to keep people and groups separate8A firewall that comes from someone you trust9Conclusion1102015 Dell. All rights reserved. Share:

Securing Your Small BusinessSecuring your small businessWith broadband providers increasing access speed while reducing costs,small and medium businesses (SMBs) are using more internet content. Thisincreased threat surface makes SMBs appealing prey for cyber-criminals,who are starting to look at SMBs as rich targets with low security, as well aspromising avenues to compromise enterprise partners.In order take advantage of the opportunities offered by broadbandimprovements while minimizing your risk from cyber-criminals, your SMBneeds a firewall that delivers the same protections as big business needs.To take advantage of all the web has to offerand high-speed broadband makes available,SMBs need the same high-quality firewalls usedby big businesses.22015 Dell. All rights reserved. Share:

Securing Your Small BusinessA firewall to keep up with the changing threat landscapeChallenge: Blocking the malware cycleTo effectively block today’s advanced malware, your SMB needs a firewallthat delivers content filtering, intrusion protection and antivirus thatleverages the cloud. The firewall must also be able to inspect the completefiles coming in on all ports and protocols.Solution: Unified threat management (UTM)Unified threat management solutions provide a higher level of protectionby scanning traffic for the latest threats, including vulnerabilities andmalware. By scanning more traffic, UTM solutions reduce the chance ofmachines on your network receiving a virus or malware infection. Regularcountermeasure updates allow the UTM solution to stay ahead of thelatest threats.32015 Dell. All rights reserved. Share:

Securing Your Small BusinessA firewall to make your network more efficient and secureChallenge: Provide the best availableprotectionSolution: Dell firewallsYou need to know that the UTM solution you purchase provides thehighest level of protection without slowing down your network. It mustbe able to prioritize important applications and to throttle or blockapplications that are not productive — and to do all this based on aschedule, since, for example, more bandwidth is typically available lateat night. Finally, it must work with faster networks operating with1-gigibit connections.Not all UTM solutions are the same. Dell firewalls provide organizations ofany size with a deeper level of network security. These industry-leadingfirewalls are designed with a scalable, multi-core hardware architecture thatensures that every byte of every packet is inspected — while maintainingthe high performance and low latency that busy networks require.In addition, to combat emerging threats effectively, Dell firewalls provideadvanced anti-evasion capabilities and network-based malware protectionthat leverage the power of the cloud.Traffic outTraffic inInspection timeLess4MoreInspection capacityAll traffic is inspectedwithout slowing yourbusy network.2015 Dell. All rights reserved. Share:MinMax

Securing Your Small BusinessA firewall that filters out your junk mailChallenge: Incomplete and complex antispam protectionSolution: Comprehensive anti-spamMost UTM solutions that provide anti-spam functionality rely on real-timeblacklists (RBLs) and other less-accurate methods for blocking spam.Additionally, some solutions require you to set up a server to run thirdparty software to provide additional spam blocking options.5Dell firewalls feature a comprehensive anti-spam service that removesspam, phishing and virus-laden messages from inbound SMTP-basedemail before that email reaches the network. A hybrid-cloud designsimplifies setup while optimizing protection, since there is no need toredirect mail exchanger (MX) records or send email to another vendor tobe cleaned.2015 Dell. All rights reserved. Share:

Securing Your Small BusinessA firewall that doesn’t let you down when yourconnection crashesChallenge: Lost internet connectivitySolution: 3G/4G failoverMost SMBs rely on their internet connection to run their daily businessand connect their business locations, partners and customers over a widearea network (WAN). Service interruptions lead to downtime and hurtbusiness productivity.Dell firewalls deliver WAN redundancy that includes WAN failover and loadbalancing. For additional redundancy, you can take advantage of today’s3G/4G cellular technology by adding a USB-based 3G/4G adapter, whichwill enable the firewall to seamlessly fail over to the wireless network.62015 Dell. All rights reserved. Share:

Securing Your Small BusinessA firewall that untethers you from your deskChallenge: A secure wireless networkToday, SMBs need the flexibility of a wireless network — both to enableemployees to move about in the office with their devices and to enticecustomers to stay longer at the location. But these benefits cannot comeat the cost of either security or performance.Solution: Wireless networks as secure aswired networksThe Dell wireless network security solution makes wireless networks assecure as wired networks — while delivering the fast performance youneed. With all traffic going through the firewall and high-speed 802.11nand 802.11ac technology integrated into the solution, you have boththe protection and the performance you need to enable employees andcustomers to move around your office or retail shop.Plus, the solution is easy to deploy and administer, featuring centralizedaccess policy management and automatically recognizing any new accesspoints you add.Cent7seseleed wireless connectionh-spHignd protect wireless tpt araffiyrctaminate wirEn d deconeles cstnraffinaealcfotrnweirCmed aegandanwlmirra2015 Dell. All rights reserved. Share:

Securing Your Small BusinessA firewall that enables you to keep people andgroups separateChallenge: Network growth managementSolution: Contextual port interfacesAs your SMB grows, you need an easy way to segment systems on yournetwork and enforce policy. For example, you might need to separatemarketing, the sales organization and the executive staff to ensureappropriate access for each group.Dell firewalls enable you to easily control access by providing networksegmentation. With a Dell firewall, you can set up groups for yourexecutives, your marketing department and even your guests so eachgroup has access to only the resources they need.82015 Dell. All rights reserved. Share:

Securing Your Small BusinessA firewall that comes from someone you trustDell — a company you know and trust — offers SMBs complete yetaffordable protection that integrates all of these advanced features: Integrated intrusion prevention Gateway anti-malware with Cloud AV Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection Stateful packet inspection Denial of service (DOS) attack protection Intuitive user interface Easy-to-use configuration wizards Integrated secure wireless 802.11 n/g/b1 High performance USB 3G/4G wireless failover Network segmentation Integrated SSL VPN secure mobile access IPSec VPN for remote branch offices Comprehensive anti-spam2 Application intelligence and control3All Dell SonicWALL TZ series firewalls support external wireless access points. Integrated wireless functionality is available on TZ 105, TZ 205, TZ 215 models.Add-on service3TZ400, TZ500 and TZ600 models only1292015 Dell. All rights reserved. Share:

Securing Your Small BusinessConclusionWith Dell, your SMB can take advantage of all the benefits of the interneteconomy without sacrificing security or performance — or breaking thebank. Dell firewalls deliver a no-compromise solution at a price that fitsyour budget. Now, wireless can be both high-speed and secure, so youcan enable your employees and guests to be mobile and productive.How can I learn more? Download the white paper “10 Easy Steps to Secure Your Small Business” Opt in to receive Dell newslettersIf you have feedback on this e-book or other Dell e-books or white papers,please send an email to [email protected] Dell. All rights reserved. Share:

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and connect their business locations, partners and customers over a wide area network (WAN). Service interruptions lead to downtime and hurt business productivity. Solution: 3G/4G failover Dell firewalls deliver WAN redundancy that includes WAN failover and load balancing. For additional redundancy, you can take advantage of today's