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GENERAL GUIDELINES AND FORMATS1. PREFACE: This document containing broad guidelines for e-Procurement for Works and Services hasbeen framed with an objective that it should help all concerned in adopting the proposed automated,web-based e-Procurement System with the objective of online evaluation and thereby reducing thehuman intervention in evaluation of tender and reduction of cycle time of procurement. The system isbased on the facts and figures obtained from National Informatics Centre (NIC) and other internalsources. However, any improvement to these guidelines may be adopted by CIL with the approval ofChairman, CIL for the purposes like:a. Improvement in the System functionalityb. Enhanced convenience to the users of the Systemc. Compliance of Govt. directives and policies related to e-Procurement.d. Changes in Manuals of CILNote: FDs of CIL is authorized to approve any modifications arising out of operationconstraints/difficulties in the provisions of CMM/MCEW/e-procurement guidelines for Works andServices of CIL subject to intimation to CIL Board in its next meeting (approved in 400th meeting ofBoard of Directors of Coal India Limited held on 12th March 2020).2. The e-Procurement portal shall be in compliance with IT Act 2000 and its subsequent amendments and itshall comply with the relevant circulars of CVC and other statutory bodies.3. SCOPE: - The e-Procurement system will cover the following:a. All the Open and Limited Open (Open tender for all the eligible bidders with intimation to some shortlisted vendors) tenders having Estimated Value of Rs. 2.00 lakhs and above.This threshold limit may be reduced further by Chairman, CIL, as per requirement.b. All Single/Limited tenders for Estimated value of Rs 2 lakhs and above.It shall require the implementation of the vendor/contractor registration in different categories incompliance with CVC Office Order No. 43/7/04 dated 02.07.04 and its subsequent guidelines on thismatter, if any.c. The single cover system without technical and financial eligibility and without reverse auction for Worksand Services with estimated value put to Tender below Rupees 50 Lakhs.d. The two part tendering system without reverse auction for Works and Services with estimated value put toTender Rupees 50 Lakhs and above.e. All the steps starting from hosting of Tenders (based on approved and financially concurredestimate/indent) till decision of L-1 bidder is covered in the e-Procurement system. This includesCreating and Hosting of NIT, Downloading and submission of bids, Opening of Tender and EvaluationPage 4 of 62

of bids including uploading of work order/supply order online on a dedicated e-Procurement portal of thecompany with validation of Tender Committee at nodal stages only. The e-Procurement Portal alsogenerates Reports required for the MIS/Decision Support System of CIL/Subsidiary.f.The other Terms and Conditions of NIT and any other offline process(including evaluation of bids, ifany) not covered under e-Procurement Manual of CIL, will be as per the following Manuals of Coal IndiaLimited :i). Contract Management Manual (for Mining tenders and Turnkey Tenders)ii) Manual of Civil Engineering Works (for Civil, E&M works Other than Turnkey Tenders and othertenders pertaining to any department other than MM)The above Manuals are available on CIL website THE ORGANISATIONAL SETUPAn e-Procurement Cell will be at Company Headquarter under direct control of Director (Tech) tofunction as the nodal department for e-Procurement in CIL/Subsidiary. The executives from variousdisciplines will be posted in the e-Procurement Cell. Responsibility of the e-Procurement cell atCIL/Subsidiary HQ will be:a. To co-ordinate and correspond with NIC, Bidders, User Departments and other concernedauthorities such as Banks, Auditors etc. for the effective and efficient implementation of eProcurement.b. To facilitate customization of the Portal and to bring about continuous improvement in the systemto suit the requirement of the Company.c. Arrangement of Training to Bidders and Departmental Users for adoption of automated web basede-Procurement mode.d. To coordinate for the infrastructure development for the proper implementation of the eProcurement system.e. To create a helpdesk for online and offline support to different stakeholders of the system.f. To arrange and update the Digital Signature Certificate for departmental users.g. To arrange Publicity and facilitate change management for smooth migration from manual systemof tendering to electronic mode.h. To guide the user departments for preparation of different formats or documents etc. for the eProcurement system.i. To Administer the e-Procurement Application and Online User Management.Page 5 of 62

5. REGISTRATION/ENROLLMENT OF BIDDER ON E-PROCUREMENT PORTALOF CIL:In order to submit the Bid, the bidders have to get themselves registered online on the e-Procurementportal of CIL ( with valid Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) issued fromany agency authorized by Controller of Certifying Authority (CCA), Govt. of India and which can betraced up to the chain of trust to the Root Certificate of CCA. The online Registration of the Bidders onthe portal will be free of cost and one time activity only. The registration should be in the name ofbidder, whereas DSC holder may be either bidder himself or his duly authorized person.6. The Digital Signature Certificates have to be obtained for CIL/Subsidiary users from any agencyauthorized by CCA (Controller of Certifying Authority), Govt. of India. The bidders will have to obtainthe Digital Signature Certificate from any certifying agency which is authorized by CCA (Controller ofCertifying Authority) of Govt. of India which can be traced up to the chain of trust to the root certificateof CCA.7. UNDERTAKINGS TO BE furnished ON-LINE BY THE BIDDERUSER PORTAL AGREEMENTe-Tender Portal User AgreementIn order to create a user account and use the e-Tender portal you must read and accept this e-Tender portalUser Agreement.A. UNDERTAKINGS TO BE FURNISHED ONLINE BY THE BIDDERI DO HEREBY UNDERTAKE1. That all the information being submitted by me/us is genuine, authentic, true and valid on the date ofsubmission of tender and if any information is found to be false at any stage of tendering or contract periodI/We will be liable to the following penal actions apart from other penal actions prescribed elsewhere in thetender document.a. Cancellation of my/our bid/contract(as the case may be)b. Forfeiture of EMDc. Punitive action as per tender document2. That I/we accept all terms and condition of NIT, including General Terms and Condition andSpecial/Additional Terms and Condition as stated there in the tender document as available on the website.3. That I/we accept the Integrity Pact as given in the tender document (if applicable).4. That I/we am/are giving my/our consent for e-payment and submitting/shall submit the mandate form for epayment in the format as prescribed in the document in case, the work is awarded to us.5. That I/we do authorize CIL/subsidiary for seeking information/clarification from my Bankers havingPage 6 of 62

reference in this bid.6. That I/we will upload original/certified photo/scanned of all the relevant documents as prescribed in thetender document in support of the information and data furnished by me/us online.7. I/We confirm that I/We have not been banned or de-listed by any Govt. or Quasi Govt. agencies or PSUs. Incase We are banned or delisted this information shall be specifically informed to the tender issuing authority.8. That I/We accept all the undertakings as specified elsewhere in the tender document.9. That this online agreement will be a part of my bid and if the work is awarded to me/us, this will be a part ofour agreement with CIL/subsidiary Company.B. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF E-TENDER SERVICES AGREEMENTCOPY RIGHT NOTICE. Copyright 2013,Coal India Limited, India. All rights reserved.YOU MAY NOT MODIFY, COPY, REPRODUCE, REPUBLISH, UPLOAD, POST, TRANSMIT, ORDISTRIBUTE, IN ANY MANNER, THE MATERIAL ON THE SITE, INCLUDING TEXT, GRAPHICS,CODE AND/OR SOFTWARE.You may print and download portions of material from the different areas of the website solely for your ownnon-commercial use provided that you agree that you shall not change or delete any copyright or proprietarymaterials from the is an e-procurement portal of Coal India Limited/it’s Subsidiary.THIS E-TENDER PORTAL AND RELATED SERVICES SUBJECT TO YOUR COMPLIANCEWITH THE USER S TERMS AND CONDITIONS SET FORTH BELOW.PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION CAREFULLY. YOU MAY NOT COMPLETEYOUR REGISTRATION AND USE THE E-TENDER PORTAL WITHOUT AGREEING TOCOMPLY WITH ALL OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS SET FORTH BELOW.BY REGISTERING THE USER NAME AND PASSWORD, YOU AGREE TO ABIDE BY ALL THETERMS AND CONDITIONS SET FORTH BELOW.Bidder Registration, Password and SecurityUpon successful completion of Registration online, User ID and Password will be registered. You can login,only by giving valid User ID and Password and then signing with your valid Digital Signature Certificate.Page 7 of 62

The Online registration/enrollment of bidder on the portal should be done in the name of the bidder.The person whose DSC is attached to the Registered Bidder should be either the bidder himself Or, dulyauthorized by the Bidder.User ID and password are strictly personal to each Authorised User and non-transferable. The User shallensure that its Authorised Users do not divulge or disclose their user ID or password to third parties. In theevent that the Authorised User comes to know that the User ID/ Password has been/might have been divulged,disclosed or discovered by any third party, user or its authorized user shall immediately modify the passwordusing “Change password” option. CIL/subsidiary will have no responsibility or obligation in this regard.At the time of enrollment in the e-Tendering portal of CIL/its Subsidiaries, the Bidders should ensure that thestatus of DSC is active on this site. The activation of newly issued DSC may take 24 hrs or more. HenceBidders who are obtaining new DSC should register at least 24 hrs before the submission of Bid.By registering in this portal you forthwith assume the responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of thePassword and account, and for all activities that occur under your Password or Account. You also agree to (a)immediately notify by e-mail to Application Administrator/Nodal officer, of any unauthorized use of yourPassword or Account or any other breach of security, and (b) ensure that you log-out from your account at theend of each session. CIL/its Subsidiaries shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused to you due to yourfailure to comply with the foregoing.Registered user can modify or update some of the information in their profile as and when required at theirown discretion. However some information such as “User ID” are protected against changes by Bidder afterenrollment and some other information such as “Bidder Name” etc are protected against changes by Bidderafter bid submission.Modification of softwareWith consent of Project Advisory Committee, e-procurement of CIL, the Administrator of e-Tenderportal, reserves the right to modify, add, delete and/or change the contents , classification andpresentation of the information on the marketplace at any time as it may in its absolute discretion findto be expedient and without giving any notice. It is the users responsibility to refer to the terms and/orany change or addition to the same while accessing the site.Coal India Limited reserves right to interrupt/suspend the availability of the e-Tender system withoutany notice to the users.System RequirementsIt is the users responsibility to comply with the system requirements: hardware, software, Internet connectivityat user premises to access the e-Tender portal as mentioned in the home page in the link ‘resources required’.Under any circumstances, CIL shall not be liable to the Users for any direct/indirect loss incurred by them ordamages caused to them arising out of the following:Page 8 of 62

(a) Incorrect use of the e-Tender System, or ;(b) Internet Connectivity failures in respect of the equipments used by the Users or by the Internet ServiceProviders, or ;(c) Inability of the Bidder to submit their bid due to any DSC related problems, hardware, software or anyother factor which are personal/ special/ local to the Bidder.Contents of Tender InformationTenders shall be published by the authorized Tender Inviting Authorities of the respective Tendering entitiesof CIL/subsidiary. In case of any clarifications arising out of the tenders, the users have to contact therespective Tender Inviting Authority.Bid Submission AcknowledgementThe User should complete all the processes and steps required for Bid submission. The successful Bidsubmission can be ascertained once acknowledgement is given by the system through Bid Submissionnumber i.e. Bid ID, after completion of all the processes and steps. Coal India Limited/Subsidiary is notresponsible for incomplete bid submission by users. Users may also note that the incomplete bids will not besaved by the system and so the same will not be available to the Tender Inviting Authority for processing.The acknowledgment is the only confirmation of submission of bid, which the bidder can show as a proof ofparticipating in the tender. Other than this acknowledgement, no proof will be considered as a confirmation tothe submission of a bid. If the bidder fails to produce this acknowledgement required for verification in case ofdispute, his claim for submission of bid may not be considered.Upload filesThe bidders have to ensure that the files being uploaded by them are free from all kinds of viruses and containonly the relevant information as stated by the Tender Inviting Authorities for the particular tender. It is notobligatory on the part of CIL/subsidiary to read each and every document uploaded by the Bidder. If anybidder / company has uploaded / attached irrelevant data, bogus or fabricated certificates towards hisqualification requirements to the respective tender then their User account will be liable for terminationpermanently or temporarily by CIL/subsidiary without any prior notice.User ConductYou agree that all information, data, text, software, photographs, graphics, messages or other materials(“Content”), whether publicly posted or privately transmitted, are the sole responsibility of the person fromwhich such Content is originated. This means that you are entirely responsible for all Content that you upload,post, email or otherwise transmit via the e-Tender portal.CIL/subsidiary does not control the Content posted via the e-Tender portal and, as such, does not guarantee theaccuracy, integrity or quality of such Content. Hence under no circumstances, CIL/subsidiary is liable in anymanner for any Content, including, but not limited to, for any errors or omissions in any Content, or for anyPage 9 of 62

loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of any Content posted, e-mailed or otherwisetransmitted via the Site.Amendments to a tender published:You agree that the CIL/ Subsidiary companies reserves the right to re-tender / cancel a tender or extendthe closing date or amend the details of tender at any time by publishing corrigendum as applicable.Special Admonitions For International Use:Recognizing the global nature of the Internet, you agree to comply with all local rules regarding onlinecontent and acceptable Content. Specifically, you agree to comply with all applicable laws regardingthe transmission of technical data to and from India or the country in which you reside.LinksThe Site may provide, links to other World Wide Web sites or resources. Because CIL/subsidiary hasno control over such sites and resources, you acknowledge and agree that the CIL/Subsidiary is notresponsible for the availability of such external sites or resources, and does not endorse and is notresponsible or liable for any Content, advertising, products, or other materials on or available fromsuch sites or resources. You further acknowledge and agree that the CIL/subsidiary shall not beresponsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by orin connection with use of or reliance on any such Content, Goods or Services available on or throughany such site or resources.MiscellaneousThis Agreement shall all be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of India & applicable toagreements made and to be performed in India. The e-Tender portal's failure to insist upon or enforce strictperformance of any provision of this Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver of any provision or right.Neither the course of conduct between the parties nor trade practice shall act to modify any provision of thisAgreement. CIL/subsidiary may assign its rights and duties under this Agreement to any party at any dhereinarereserved.Governing LawTerms shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, Indian law. The parties agree that the principalcivil court of the place where the registered office of Coal India/Subsidiary company is situated shall havenon-exclusive jurisdiction to entertain any dispute with Coal India/Subsidiary company. In case of disputebeing with a regional Institute of CMPDIL, the principle Civil Court where the said regional Institute issituated shall be place of suing.CIL/subsidiary reserves the right to initiate any legal action against those bidders violating all or any of theabove mentioned terms & conditions of e-Tender services agreement.Modification of terms of AgreementCIL/its Subsidiaries reserves the right to add to or change/modify the terms of this Agreement. Changes couldPage 10 of 62

be made by us after the first posting to the Site and you will be deemed to have accepted any change if youcontinue to access the Site after that time. CIL/its Subsidiaries reserves the right to modify, suspend/cancel, ordiscontinue any or all services/ make modifications and alterations in any or all of the content, at any timewithout prior notice.Policy and SecurityGeneral PolicyCIL/its Subsidiaries is committed to protecting the privacy of our e-Tender site visitors. CIL/subsidiary doesnot collect any personal or business information unless you provide it to us voluntarily when conducting anonline enrolment, bid submission etc. or any other transaction on the Site.Information CollectedWhen you choose to provide personal or business information to us to conduct an online transaction, we use itonly for the purpose of conducting the specific online transaction that you requested. The information is alsoused for the purpose of vendor searches. For each online transaction, we require only a minimum amount ofpersonal and business information required to process your transaction.When you visit our portal to browse, read pages, or download information, we automatically collect and storeonly the following information: The Internet domain and IP address from which you access our portal;The date and time you access our portal;The pages you visitThis information would help us to make our site more useful to visitors and to learn about the number ofvisitors to our site and the types of technology our visitors use.We do not give, share, sell or transfer any personal information to a third party unless required to do so by law.If you do not want any personal or business information to be collected, please do not submit it to us; however,without this required information we will be unable to process your online bid submission or any other on linetransaction. Review, update and correction of any personal or business information can be done directly on theSite.Use of CookiesWhen you choose to enter into an online transaction, we use cookies to save the information that you inputwhile progressing through the transaction. A cookie is a very small amount of data that is sent from our serverto your computer’s hard drive. By enabling this feature, the cookie will remember the data entered by you andnext time when you visit this site, the data stored in the cookie will be available in future.SecurityThe Site has security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of information underour control.Page 11 of 62

8. PREPARTION AND APPROVAL OF NIT8.1 Standard NIT: There will be standard NIT format for each department which will be framed in compliancewith the e-Procurement Manual and shall be uniformly followed across all the Areas & Headquarter ofCIL/Subsidiary. The standard NIT will be framed by HoD of the concerned tender inviting department atCIL/Subsidiary HQ in consultation with e-Procurement Cell regarding conformity with e-procurement portalsoftware. The standard NIT format shall be approved by D(T), CIL/D(T) I/c of CIL/Subsidiary companies andwill be circulated to all Areas of CIL/Subsidiary by the concerned HoDs at CIL/Subsidiary HQ.8.2 In case standard NIT is prepared and circulated by CIL, it should be followed uniformly throughout all thesubsidiary companies. The minor changes as per the requirement of subsidiary companies may be made withapproval of D(T), CIL/D(T) I/c of Subsidiary companies.8.3 The works for which standard NIT is not applicable, a fresh NIT will be framed by HoD of the concernedtender inviting department at CIL/Subsidiary in consultation with e-Procurement Cell regarding conformity withe-procurement portal software. Such NIT will be approved D(T), CIL/D(T) I/c of CIL/Subsidiary companies.8.4The Turnkey Tenders shall be dealt as per “Works” tenders with two part system and customized NITs shallbe made by user department as per need. If required Technical Parameter sheets (TPS) can be used additionallyfor these tenders. TPS can also be used in any other works or service tender as per specific requirement of thetender with the approval of competent authority as per this clause as explained above.8.5 There will be standard GTE Templates available on the e-Procurement portal which will be uniformlyfollowed across all the Areas & Headquarter of CIL/Subsidiary. The standard GTE Templates will be framed bythe tender inviting department at CIL/Subsidiary, HQ in consultation with e-Procurement Cell and shall becirculated to all Areas of CIL/Subsidiary by the concerned HoDs at CIL/Subsidiary HQ.Page 12 of 62

9. PROFORMA FOR UNDERTAKING TO BE SUBMITTED BY BIDDER/S (ONBIDDER'S LETTER HEAD) FOR GENUINENESS OF THE INFORMATIONFURNISHED ONLINE AND AUTHENTICITY OF THE DOCUMENTSUPLOADED ONLINE IN SUPPORT OF HIS ELIGIBILITY :FORMAT OF UNDERTAKINGI / We, ., Proprietor/Partner/Legal Attorney/Director/Accredited Representative of M/S. ., solemnly declare that:1. I/We am/are submitting Bid for the work .against NIT No/TenderID. Dated and I/we offer to execute the work in accordance with all theterms, conditions and provisions of the bid.2. tiveasemployeeof. . (Name of the Company).3. All information furnished by us in respect of fulfillment of eligibility criteria and qualificationinformation of this Bid is complete, correct and true.4. All copy of documents, credentials and documents submitted along with this Bid are genuine, authentic,true and valid.5. I/ We hereby authorize department to seek references / clarifications from our Bankers.6. We hereby undertake that we shall register and obtain license from the competent authority under thecontract labour (Regulation & Abolition Act) as relevant, if applicable.7. *I/We hereby confirm that we have registration with CMPF / EPF Authorities. We shall make necessarypayments as required under law.Or*I/We hereby undertake that we shall take appropriate steps for registration as relevant under CMPF /EPF authorities, if applicable. We shall make necessary payments as required under law.8. *I/We have not been banned or delisted by any Govt., or Quasi Govt. Agencies or PSUs(In case of JV,all partners are covered).Or*I / We .have been banned by the organization named “ ” for a periodof year/s, effective from . to . .(in case of JV,name(s) of the JV Partner(s)).9. If any information and document submitted is found to be false/ incorrect at any time, department maycancel my/our Bid and action as deemed fit may be taken against me/us, including termination of thecontract, forfeiture of all dues including Earnest Money and banning of our firm and all partners of thefirm etc.10. I/We, ., tedRepresentative of M/S , solemnly declare that Myself/Our Partners/Directorsdon’t has/have any work in washing of Coal as washery operator and/or Transportation of coal towashery in (Name of Area(s)) of .(Name of CIL/Subsidiary). (Applicablefor Chapter 3 and Chapter 6 of CMM)* Delete whichever is not applicable.(The concerned department may specify any other specific undertaking to be taken from thebidder/s while framing the NIT)Page 13 of 62

10.PROFORMA FOR LETTER OF BID TO BE UPLOADED BY BIDDER DURINGSUBMISSION OF BID ONLINE :FORMAT OF “Letter of Bid” (for Works & Services Tenders)LETTER HEAD OF BIDDER (As enrolled on the e-Procurement Portal of CIL)To,The Tender Committee.Coalfields LimitedSub. : Letter of Bid for the work “ -----------------------------------------“ (to be filled by the department)Ref. : 1. NIT No.: ------------“ (to be filled by the department)2. Tender Id No. : ----“ (to be filled by the department)Dear Sir,This has reference to above referred bid. I/we have read and examined the conditions of contract, Scopeof Work, technical specifications, BOQ and other documents carefully.I /We am/are pleased to submit our bid for the above work. I/We hereby unconditionally accept the bidconditions and bid documents in its entirety for the above work and agree to abide by and fulfill allterms and conditions and specifications as contained in the bid document.I/we here by submit all the documents as required to meet the eligibility criteria as per provision of thebid notice/document.I/We hereby confirm that this bid complies with the Bid validity, Bid security and other documents asrequired by the Bidding documents.If any information furnished by me/us towards eligibility criteria of this bid is found to be incorrect atany time, penal action as deemed fit may be taken against me/us for which I/We shall have no claimagainst CIL/Subsidiary.Until a formal agreement is prepared and executed, this bid and your subsequent Letter ofAcceptance/Work Order shall constitute a binding contract between us and .Coalfields Ltd.Should this bid be accepted, we agree to furnish Performance Security within stipulated date andcommence the work within stipulated date. In case of our failure to abide by the said provision.Coalfields Ltd. shall, without prejudice to any other right or remedy, be at liberty to cancel theletter of acceptance/ award and to forfeit the Earnest Money and also debar us from participating infuture tenders for a minimum period 12 months.(This document is digitally signed by the DSC holder authorised by the bidder and therefore no physicalsignature is required)Page 14 of 62

11. THE DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES :The following Roles have been identified for the departmental users, which are to be executed with validDigital Signature Certificate:a.CREATOR OF TENDER: The role of CREATOR will be assigned to the tender dealing officer. TheCREATOR will have the privilege of online creation of Tender on the e-Procurement portal of CIL,based on the approved and financially concurred Estimate/Indent. CREATOR will be responsible fortimely and accurate creation of tender on the e-Procurement portal with his Digital SignatureCertificate.b.PUBLISHER OF TENDER: The role of PUBLISHER will be assigned to the HoD (Head of theDepartment) of the tender inviting department. The PUBLISHER will have the privilege of onlinepublication of the tenders created on the e-Procurement portal of CIL, based on the approved andfinancially concurred Estimate/Indent. PUBLISHER will be responsible for timely publish of tenderafter due scrutiny of created tenders on the e-Procurement portal with his Digital Signature Certificate.c.OPENERS OF TENDER: The role of OPENER will be assigned to the members of TenderCommittee only. The tender will be decrypted and opened with the Digital Signatures Certificate ofBid Openers as identified during creation of the tender. OPENERS will be responsible for decryptionand opening of tender on the pre-scheduled date & time, on the e-Procurement portal with his DigitalSignature Certificate.d.EVALUATOR OF TENDER: The role of EVALUATOR will be assigned to the member of TenderCommittee from the tender inviting department. The Evaluator will have the privilege to enter andupload the decision of the Tender Committee in the e-Procurement portal. EVALUATOR will beresponsible for timely and accurate evaluation of tender on the e-Procurement portal in compliancewith the decision of Tender Committee, with his Digital Signature Certificate.e.AUDITOR OF TENDER: The role of AUDITOR will be assig

The e-Procurement portal shall be in compliance with IT Act 2000 and its subsequent amendments and it shall comply with the relevant circulars of CVC and other statutory bodies. 3. SCOPE: - The e-Procurement system will cover the following: a. All the Open and Limited Open (Open tender for all the eligible bidders with intimation to some short