CMS Client software Instruction V1.0CMS Client SoftwareInstructionVersion:1.0

CMS Client software Instruction V1.0CONTENTS1Introduction & operation of CMS Client software. 31.1DVR Network Remote Client . 31.1.1Login . 31.1.2Introduction of main interface. 31.1.3Specific operation. Password management . Add, delete, disconnect the DVR IP . Connect or disconnect many DVR IP at the same time. Move the IP . Remote View. View many DVR images at the same time. . Remote set DVR parameters. Set net parameter. Record. Set PTZ . 161.2AVH Files Player. 171.2.1Introduction of the interface . 171.2.2Specific operation. Select the file and play . Four channels play at the same time . Switch the file format from .AVH to .AVI. Capture and save . 191.3DVR Network Files Player. 201.3.1Introduction of the interface . 201.3.2Specific Operation. Login . Remote Play DVR HDD file. . Remote backup. 241.4Network Tools. 25

CMS Client software Instruction V1.011.1Introduction & operation of CMS Client softwareDVR Network Remote Client1.1.1 LoginPut the accessories CD of the DVR into the CD driver of the computer and openit, you could see the folder “client”you could seeClient software. Please copy it onto the computer, then double-click it,, please double-click the softwareto login the1.1.2 Introduction of main interfacezDVR Network Remote Client is used to view the live image, remote operateDVR and control PTZ and network video recording. After login, you couldsee the following screen:3

CMS Client software Instruction V1.0⑦①⑥②⑤③NO.④DescriptionDVR list.Cancel or show the icons of INFO/System/PTZ.INFO/System/PTZ control icons.Alarm information list.Channels display and capture icons.Video images display channels.Interface control icons.1.DVR list:Show the IP/domain name and channels of the added DVR. E.g.4

CMS Client software Instruction V1.0Show the DVR name of the current viewing DVR① Gray shows that the DVR is notconnected.② Red shows that the DVR isconnected by admin.③ Blue shows that the DVR isconnected by regular user.Show the channels。2.Cancel or show the icons of INFO/System/PTZ.3.INFO/System/PTZ control icons.a. Click“INFO” icon:Show the DVR working mode.Red means the function is beingused,white means no.Show the released time of the DVR versionShow the HDD quantity.Show the percentage of left capacity.b. Click“System” icon:5

CMS Client software Instruction V1.0Show the DVR IP and camera of listening and talk.“Password”, “play”, “language” icons.Show the numbers of relative DVR.c. Click“PTZ” icon:Show the preset data and speed ofthe speed dome.IconDescriptionControl the lens to enlarge / reduce the aperture.Control the lens to prolong/ shorten the focus.Control the lens to reduce the image and expand the vision. Control the lens to withdrawthe establishing shot and enlarge the image.6

CMS Client software Instruction V1.0Control speed dome to rotate upward/ downward/ leftward/ rightward andclick OK to stop auto rotation.Control the speed dome to auto rotation.STOPPreset setting. Set a number for the image. Select the image,then set anumber for it in “DATA” box。Press the icon to finish setting.Select preset point。Select data number,then click this icon to show therelative image.4.Alarm information list:When alarm happened,it will show the alarm server name, channel, type, information andtime etc.Setting steps for alarm: Set motion alarm or sensor alarm in DVR and record.Select alarm output in Client properties-network parameters.5.Channels display and capture icons.icondescriptionCapture and save the image.Full screen.Split screen.7

CMS Client software Instruction V1.0Split screen. They are valid when click ”DVR/CMS” icon.(View multipleDVR at the same time)6.Video images display channels.7.Interface control icons.IconDescriptionMake the interface smallest,click “Make the interface largest.”in the bottom of the PC to recover.Exit.1.1.3 Specific operation1.1.3.1 Password managementDefault password:000000 for Admin,111111 for regular user。Regular user could not add or delete IP,record, move IP and playback etc.1. Click“” to manage the password.Click it to change the regular userpassword.Click it tochangethe adminpasswordSelect password system by clickthe small box,and click OK tosave , When login next time,please input the right password.2.Change the admin password8

CMS Client software Instruction V1.0Input the former admin password.Input new admin passwordConfirm the new password.3.Change regular password.Input the admin password.Input new regular passwordConfirm the new password., delete, disconnect the DVR IPADD IP1. Right-click DVR/CMS in DVR list to pop up the following picture:Click new IPThen you could see:Input DVR IP /domain name and portInput user nameInput password9

CMS Client software Instruction V1.0The above information should be the same as the DVR machine.Then click OK to save IP and return to the main interface. The IP/domain name willshow in the DVR list. If the DVR IP is not connected, it shows gray, e.g.Right-click the IP topop up the followingpicture:Click “connect”Click “property” topop up the followingpicture:Change IP, port,username,passwordand display name.Click OK to saveRed meansloginbyadmin10

CMS Client software Instruction V1.0Blue means login byregular userGray means the DVRis not connected.If connect failed, please check the IP, PORT, user name and password is right ornot. It should be the same settings in the DVR menu. And please check thenetwork cable is connected well or not.Delete or disconnect the DVR IPRight-click the IP,select “delete” or “disconnect”.11

CMS Client software Instruction V1.0Delete any one of the DVR IP,other IP will be disconnected,please connect themagain。One DVR could be used by 16 regular users at the same time, but oneadmin user. When admin login, regular user will be log out and could not login.Rename the DVR IPThe default name is the DVR IP and port. There way to rename. 1. Right-click and select“rename”. 2. Double click the IP and input new name. Right-click or press “ENTER” key tosave.3. Right-click and rename in ”user info”—“property”. Connect or disconnect many DVR IP at the same timeClick “DVR/CMS”, and then right click it. Then click “Connect All”. Move the IPRight click the IP, and then select“up/down” It will disconnect all IP.It needs to connect again.z12

CMS Client software Instruction V1. Remote ViewWhen the DVR IP is connected, it will display the images:Click the single channel toswitch between single channeland multiple channelsClick the channelto view thatchannel1.1.3.6 View many DVR images at the same time.Click “DVR/CMS” in the DVR list to connect all DVR.。It could view 256 cameras atmost at the same time.zSet the cameras display place automatically:Move the mouse cursor on thescreen, right-click, and thenselect “AUTO”.13

CMS Client software Instruction V1.0zSet the cameras display place according to the DVR IP.zSet the cameras display place according to the channels of each DVR IP.Move the mouse cursor to any camera,right-click the mouse to pop up all DVR IPor name. Then select channels. Remote set DVR parametersSelect the DVR IP and thenright-click. Select “remote settings”It will enter into the remote setting menu.14

CMS Client software Instruction V1.0could show more items. You could change the settings here for the DVR.ClickThe DVR will restart automatically after the settings are changed. Set net parameterSelect the DVR IP and right-click, select “property”----click “Net parameter”:Open/closeacertainchannel of live networkvideo recording.Set the frame rate/ imagequality of live view.Save path of the files: Click “Browse” and then select the save path of network video file. Click “SaveAudio”, “Auto Connect” and “Alarm Output” to save audio and connect the network automatically and alarmoutput. After setting, click “Enter” to save and exit. Record15

CMS Client software Instruction V1.0zFirstly please confirm the save path of the recording file,default is Disk C.zIn DVR connecting mode, right-click the DVR name, and then click “Record” to startrecording. Click “Stop” to stop recording.If the DVR machine is not in record mode, you could start DVR record by Clientsoftware. E.g.Click it to start record of theDVR machine. Set PTZzSet PTZ in live view mode.zClick the speed dome channels and make it full screen, and then click PTZ icon to seethe PTZ control icons.e.g. It is the speeddome channel, click itto be full screen, thenyou could do relativePTZ operation.16

CMS Client software Instruction V1.01.2AVH Files Player1.2.1 Introduction of the interface1. Click“” to open the Player. E.g.2. .AVH Files Player could play back-up files. Client’s local video recordingfiles, USB backup files and DVD files could be played by this player. It couldbe changed into AVI file and then play by normal PC player.⑩①⑨⑧②17

CMS Client software Instruction V1.03. y scheduletoolOpen the fileView the playback video.Show the play schedule. Left-click the mouse to drag the schedule.Click it to open the folder and select the file.PlayPausePlayiconscontrolStopBackward. When pause, click it backward one frame.Forward. When pause, click it forward one frame.CaptureScreen capture. The picture will be saved at Disk C.Audio1/2X:1/2 play slow, 1X:Normal play, 2X:Twice forward. 4X:Four timesforward.Open or close the audio.ExitExit the AVH Play file.AVIFour-splitscreenChangechannelsSwitch the file format from .AVH to .AVI.Play speed controlPlayback four channels at the same time.Select video playing channels.1.2.2 Specific operation1.2.2.1 Select the file and playClick“”, you can see the path of opening files:Click it to select the .avh fileClick “Open”to play.18

CMS Client software Instruction V1.0If record resolution is CIF,the default screen of play file is single and small. If recordresolution is D1,the default screen of play file is single and big. E.g.Thebrightchannels couldplay files. Grayones mean norecordfilesand could notplay.Click it toswitchthescreen smallor big. Four channels play at the same timeClick“”to play four channels at the same time. If more than four channels have recordfiles,click this icon to switch to another four channels. If some channel no record file, it willdisplay“NO DATA”. If the speed of switching channels is slow, it will display “WAITING ”.If the record file less than four channels, click this icon is useless. You could click the singlechannel number to switch. Switch the file format from .AVH to .AVI.Click“”to switch the file from .avh to .avi. The .AVI file could be play by RealMedia Player and other player in the PC. It is single channel play.① Click it toselect.avh file.Click the boxasto savethe audio.② Click it toselect save path. Capture and save19③Click it, the .avhfile will be changedinto the .avi file.

CMS Client software Instruction V1.0Click “” to capture screen and then save the screen image in another files.Click this icon to capture the image, at the same time, the following dialog box pop up.Select one folderfrom the save path.Then click “Save” tosave the capturedscreen as .bmp file.1.3DVR Network Files Player1.3.1 Introduction of the interfaceSelect one DVR IP in the DVR list of the CMS interface. Right-click, and then select “Netplayback”.The net files player will pop up:20

CMS Client software Instruction V1.0⑨⑧①⑦⑥⑤④②③序号说明Video file playscreenTime toolView the record files.Drag the cursor in the time tool, the record information of eachchannel will display.:Play/ stopPlay icons:Normal play and forward play.ExitExit.TimeShow the playing time.Audio/Capture:Capture screen pictures.Backup:Backup the record files.Open/ close the audio.CalendarDate selecting.ChannelsIP/domain nameValid timeSelect playback channels. “NONE” means no channels.Show the IP/ domain name of the connected DVR.Show the start and end time of the record file.1.3.2 Specific Operation1.3.2.1 LoginIt should be admin user. When login this network files player, the CMS maininterface will be closed.21

CMS Client software Instruction V1.0Showthecurrent date.Show theplayingchannels1.3.2.2 Remote Play DVR HDD files.a)Select play time, date according to the valid time.Clicktheyear“2010”, you couldsee, selectyear here.Click the month(e.g.May 5)toselect month.Click/in the calendar, it could change year and month too.Click the data number to select day.22

CMS Client software Instruction V1.0The number with redcircle is the present day.The number with blueis the selected day.。Then the record information will show here:b)Click “click“” to play. Drag the cursor“”in the time tool or”to select the begin time.c)Click “d)Before playing, you could select any four channels to play. E.g.”to play fast forward.After selection, you could see record information here:It shows there are record files from 9 to 15e)Clickto play with four channels at the same time. e.g.23

CMS Client software Instruction V1.0Click it toswitch betweensingle channelandmultiplescreens. Remote backup1. Click “”to backup:Set the start time.Click it to select thesave path for backup oflive network video.Set the end timeShow the backup schedule.Click OK to exit.24

CMS Client software Instruction V1.01.4Network ToolsSelect one DVR IP in the DVR list of the CMS interface. Right-click, and then select “Net tool”.Change the channel title of DVR through network:Input new channel namePreviewscreen.Click it to previewthe new name.Select font here.Click it tochangethechannel name.After changed here,please enter into the camera setting menu in the DVR, andthen change the camera name as bitmap, you could see the new channel name on thelive screen of the DVR.That’s it.25

CMS Client software Instruction V1.0 3 1 Introduction & operation of CMS Client software 1.1 DVR Network Remote Client 1.1.1 Login Put the accessories CD of the DVR into the CD driver of the computer and open it, you could see the folder "client" . Please copy it onto the computer, then double-click it,