HP 22-in-1 Media Card ReaderIntroductionThis document describes how to install the HP 22-in-1 Media Card Reader into an HP Workstationsadapter bracket, and then install the media card reader and bracket into an HP computer. Basictroubleshooting information for the HP 22-in-1 Media Card Reader is also included.Kit contents 3.5-inch media card reader with integrated USB cable HP Workstations adapter for 5.25-inch drive bays Four M3 guide screws Documentation CD Warranty information 2009, 2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.Microsoft, Windows, and Windows Vista are either trademarks or registeredtrademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.ENWWIntroduction1

Warnings and cautionsWARNING!Any surface or area of the equipment marked with this symbol indicates thepresence of a hot surface or hot component. If this surface is contacted, the potential for injury exists.To reduce the risk of injury from a hot component, enable the surface to cool before touching.WARNING!Any surface or area of the equipment marked with this symbol indicates thepresence of an electrical shock hazard. To reduce the risk of injury from electrical shock, do not openany enclosed area marked with this symbol.WARNING! To reduce the risk of electric shock or damage to your equipment:— Do not disable the power cord grounding plug. The grounding plug is an important safety feature.— Plug the power cord in a grounded (earthed) outlet that is easily accessible at all times.— Disconnect power from the equipment by unplugging the power cord from the electrical outlet.WARNING! To reduce the risk of serious injury, read the Safety & Comfort Guide. It describesproper computer setup, posture, health, and work habits for computer users, and provides importantelectrical and mechanical safety information. This guide is located at and onthe documentation CD (if one is included with the product).WARNING! If a product is shipped in packaging marked with this symbol,, the product mustalways be lifted by two persons to avoid personal injury due to product weight.CAUTION: Static electricity can damage the electronic components of the computer. Beforebeginning these procedures, be sure you discharge static electricity by briefly touching a groundedmetal object.CAUTION: To prevent damage to the computer, observe the following Electrostatic Discharge(ESD) precautions while performing the system parts removal and replacement procedures:— Work on a static-free mat.— Wear a static strap to ensure that any accumulated electrostatic charge is discharged from yourbody to the ground.— Create a common ground for the equipment you are working on by connecting the static-free mat,static strap, and peripheral units to that piece of equipment.NOTE: HP accessories are for use in HP computer products. They have been extensively tested forreliability and are manufactured to high quality standards.2HP 22-in-1 Media Card ReaderENWW

Installing the media card readerInstalling the 5.25-inch bay adapterTo install the 3.5-inch media card reader into a 5.25-inch drive bay, you must first install the readerinto the 5.25-inch bay adapter.1.If installing the media reader in an HP Z200 or Z400 Workstation, install four black M3 guidescrews in the four lower holes of the bay adapter.Figure 1 Installing the guide screws in the bay adapter for HP Z200 and Z400 Workstations2.To install the media reader in the 5.25-inch optical bay adapter:a.Leave the four preinstalled guide screws in the lower holes of the media reader (1) in place.b.Use the four guide screws to align the media reader with the adapter (1).c.Lower the media reader into the adapter (2).Figure 2 Installing the media reader in the bay adapterENWWd.Align the rear screws on the drive with the channel in the carrier (3).e.To fully seat the media reader in the carrier, the carrier cannot be in contact with a solidsurface. Lift the carrier up as you slide the drive forward (4).Installing the media card reader3

f.The green carrier latch (5) snaps into place when fully seated.Figure 3 Installing the media reader in the bay adapterPreparing the computerNOTE:Computer models vary. All illustrations are examples only.Accessing the internal components of the computer1.If you need help preparing the computer for this installation, consult the removal andreplacement procedures in the service guide for your computer at down the computer, and then disconnect the power cord.3.Power down all external devices, and then disconnect them from the computer.4.Remove the side access panel.Removing components1.If present, remove the card support to access the system board connectors.2.If present, remove the airflow guide to access the optical bays.3.Remove the front bezel, if required to install a device in the optical bay.NOTE: The front bezel does not need to be removed to install the media reader in HP Z600and Z800 Workstations.4.4Remove the bezel blank cover or filler tray from the optical drive bay (or remove the drive fromthe bay if you are replacing an existing drive with the media card reader and do not have anempty drive bay).HP 22-in-1 Media Card ReaderENWW

Installing the media card reader in the computer1.Install the media card reader into an optical drive bay.2.Ensure that the adapter snaps securely into place.Figure 4 Installing the media card reader in the optical bayConnecting the media card readerNOTE:See the service label on the side access panel to locate connectors on the system board.1.Connect the USB cable from the media card reader directly to a keyed, two-row, 9-pin USBconnector on the system board.2.Ensure the USB cable connector is positioned correctly on the system board connector.Figure 5 Connecting to the system boardENWWInstalling the media card reader5

Reassembling the computerTo reassemble the computer after installation:1.Reinstall the card support, if removed.2.Reinstall the airflow guide, if removed.3.Reinstall the side access panel.4.Reconnect power to the computer and all external devices.5.Restore power to the computer and all external devices.Identifying media slotsFront panel componentsThe media slots accept the following cards:Figure 6 HP 22-in-1 USB Media Card ReaderSlot IDMediaxD-Picture Card (xD)2 Micro SD (T-Flash) Micro SDHCStatus Light Secure Digital Card (SD) Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) MiniSD MiniSDHC MultiMediaCard (MMC) Reduced Size MultiMediaCard (RS MMC) MMC Micro (adapter required) MultiMedia Card 4.2 (MMC Plus, including MMC Plus HC) Reduced Size MultiMedia Card 4.2 (MMC Mobile, including MMC Mobile HC)USB Connector6HP 22-in-1 Media Card ReaderENWW

Slot IDMedia CompactFlash Card Type I CompactFlash Card Type II MicroDrive Memory Stick (MS) MagicGate Memory Stick (MG) MagicGate Memory Stick Duo Memory Stick Select Memory Stick Duo (MS Duo) Memory Stick PRO (MS PRO) Memory Stick PRO Duo (MS PRO Duo) Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo Memory Stick Micro (M2) (adapter required)Compatible media cardsFor a list of supported USB media cards for the HP 22-in-1 (USB) Media Card Reader, see the“Compatible Media Cards” document available on the CD included with this kit.NOTE:The HP 22-in-1 (USB) Media Card Reader is not compatible with 1394 devices.TroubleshootingSolving common problemsThe following table lists possible problems, the possible cause of each problem, and therecommended solutions.Table 1 Solving Common ProblemsENWWProblemPossible CauseSolutionUSB connector is notavailable on the systemboard.All USB ports on the computerare used or none areavailable.Purchase and install a USB expansion card that isappropriate for your system.Media card does not work in adigital camera after formattingit in Microsoft Windows XP.By default, Windows XPformats any media card with acapacity greater than 32 MBwith the FAT32 format. Mostdigital cameras use the FAT(FAT16 and FAT12) formatand cannot operate with aFAT32 formatted card.Either format the media card in the digital camera orselect FAT file system to format the media card in acomputer with Windows XP.A write-protected or lockederror occurs when attemptingto write to the media card.Media card is locked. Lockingthe media card is a safetyfeature that prevents writing toand deleting from an SD/Memory Stick/PRO card.If using an SD card, make sure that the lock tab locatedon the right of the SD card is not in the locked position. Ifusing a Memory Stick/PRO card, make sure that the locktab located on the bottom of the Memory Stick/PRO cardis not in the locked position.Troubleshooting7

Table 1 Solving Common Problems (continued)ProblemPossible CauseSolutionMedia card reader cannotwrite to the media card.The media card is a read-onlymemory (ROM) card.Check the manufacturer’s documentation included withyour card to see if it writable. See the “Compatible MediaCards” document available on the CD included with yourreader.Media card reader cannotaccess data on the mediacard after inserting it into aslot.The media card is not insertedproperly, is inserted in thewrong slot, or is not supported.Ensure that the card is inserted properly with the goldcontact on the correct side. The green LED illuminates ifinserted properly. Refer to the “Compatible Media Cards”document available on the CD included with your reader.Media card does not ejectproperly.The computer software is usedto safely eject the card.Open My Computer . Right-click on the correspondingdrive icon, and select Eject . Then pull the card out ofthe slot. Caution: Never remove the card when the greenLED is flashing.After installing the media cardreader and booting toWindows, the reader and theinserted cards are notrecognized by the computer.The operating system needstime to recognize the device ifthe reader was just installedinto the computer, and you areturning the computer on for thefirst time.Wait a few seconds so that the operating system canrecognize the reader and the available ports, and thenrecognize whatever media is inserted in the reader.After inserting a media card inthe reader, the computerattempts to boot from themedia card.The inserted media card hasboot capability.If you do not want to boot from the media card, remove itduring boot or do not select the option to boot from theinserted media card during the boot process.After installing the media cardreader, the front USB ports onthe computer do not work.The USB cable for the frontUSB ports was disconnectedso that the system boardconnector could be used forthe reader.Reconnect the cable for the front USB ports.Connect themedia reader to an available USB connector on thesystem board.Using the webFor online access to technical support information, self-solve tools, online assistance, communityforums or IT experts, broad multivendor knowledge base, monitoring, and diagnostic tools, go to contact HP customer service worldwide, see 日本語This document is available in Japanese. See, then select yourproduct and select Japanese from the drop down Manual Language manuals ション製品を選択し、Manual Language ドロップダウン メニューからJapanese を選択してください。8HP 22-in-1 Media Card ReaderENWW

Media card reader cannot write to the media card. The media card is a read-only memory (ROM) card. Check the manufacturer's documentation included with your card to see if it writable. See the "Compatible Media Cards" document available on the CD included with your reader. Media card reader cannot access data on the media card after .