The Loomis Communities 2020 Annual ReportThe Western MassachusettsPioneer in Senior Living

Guiding PrinciplesAt The Loomis Communities, our Guiding Principlesembody those attributes that are most important tous. They guide us in our decision making, inform ourdaily behaviors, and collectively create the culture ofa diverse organization.At The Loomis Communities our approach todiversity is simple: embrace and engage everyone.To be engaged, you must feel included and valued.We strive to build and nurture a culture where thereis a deep sense of pride, passion and belongingthat transcends residents and team members andLV XQLðHG LQ RXU VKDUHG FRPPLWPHQW WR VRFLDO responsibility.Excellence – We strive to exceed expectationsby challenging ourselves and committing tocontinuous innovation, quality, and technologicalimprovement. We seek excellence in what we do,in who we are as people, and as an organization.Leadership – We seek out and engage theknowledge, experiences, and talents of those aroundus; and together we translate our vision into reality.Voice – We involve and listen to the persons mostimpacted in decision-making, and we combine ourindividual voices to create a more vibrant community.Integrity – We earn trust through honest,transparent, ethical decisions and actions.Respect – We are committed to treatingeveryone with dignity, kindness, and compassion.We encourage and welcome diversity in ourFRPPXQLWLHV GLYHUVLW\ LQ LWV EURDGHVW GHðQLWLRQ EHFDXVH ZH EHOLHYH WKDW GLYHUVLW\ UHñHFWV RXU ZRUOG VWUHQJWKHQV RXU HσRUWV DQG KRQRUV RXU PLVVLRQ Accountability – We take responsibility forVXVWDLQLQJ DQG LPSURYLQJ RXU ðVFDO DQG QDWXUDO resources to provide for current needs whilepreserving and growing for the future.“ELVIRA” – In honor of the over 100 year history,we chose this acronym for Elvira Whiting Ball, whopioneered senior living, and whose vision becameThe Loomis Communities.

Mission StatementWe open doors to worlds of positive aging.Vision StatementBuilding on our proud traditions ofintegrity, security, and hospitality,Loomis will always be a vibrant,welcoming community, providingresources to maximize well-being andSHUVRQDO IXOðOOPHQW ZKLOH VKDULQJ RXU talents and strengths with all thosewhose lives we touch. 1


The Loomis CommunitiesFor more than 100 years, The Loomis Communitieshas been a visionary leader in senior living across thePioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. It was theÄYZ[ VYNHUPaH[PVU PU [OL Z[H[L [V VWLU H JVU[PU\PUN JHYL retirement community. Loomis has since grown intoH T\S[P SVJH[PVU UV[ MVY WYVÄ[ VYNHUPaH[PVU P[O [OYLL distinctive retirement communities that embrace andYLÅLJ[ [OL TPZZPVU HUK ]HS\LZ [OH[ OH]L Z\JJLZZM\SS guided it from the beginning.;OL 3VVTPZ *VTT\UP[PLZ VќLYZ HU \UWHYHSSLSLK SPMLZ[ SL with superior amenities and services. As a continuingcare retirement community, we provide a continuum ofcare that allows residents to remain in the communityif increased services and additional care should beneeded. All three communities are fully accredited byCARF/CCAC, so you can be assured our programs,JHYL HUK ÄUHUJPHS OLHS[O HYL VM [OL OPNOLZ[ X\HSP[ ApplewoodLoomis Lakeside at Reeds LandingLoomis Village1 Spencer DriveAmherst, MA 01002413-253-9833Located in the Amherst countrysidesurrounded by picture-postcard beautyand only minutes from vibrant townsand renowned colleges, Applewoodis ideally situated for an active andengaging lifestyle.807 Wilbraham Road6SULQJðHOG 0 413-782-1800In a beautiful natural setting with a lakeview, Loomis Lakeside at Reeds Landingprovides independent living apartmentsand cottages, assisted living, skilledU\YZPUN JHYL HUK TLKPJHS VѝJLZ P[O primary care physician services all underone roof. A wide variety of resident-ledprograms makes this a very active andsocial community.20 Bayon DriveSouth Hadley, MA 01075413-532-5325With a delightful array of residential choicesclustered around a village center, LoomisVillage’s architecture is reminiscent of aWPJ[\YLZX\L 5L ,UNSHUK PSSHNL In addition to a busy calendar of on-siteevents, nearby Mount Holyoke CollegeVќLYZ THU J\S[\YHS HUK LK\JH[PVUHS opportunities.3

A Report from the Presidentand Chief Executive Officer;OL WHZ[ LHY OHZ ILLU H [PTL MVY YLÅLJ[PVU HUK WYPVYP[PaPUN OH[ PZ PTWVY[HU[ PU V\Y VYR V\Y SP]LZ HUK PU [OL VYSK (Z H UV[ MVY WYVÄ[ VYNHUPaH[PVU OVZL OPZ[VY ZWHUZ TVYL [OHU LHYZ L HYL MVJ\ZLK on creating an environment where the people we serve are safe, engaged,HUK M\SÄSSLK OPSL [OH[ OHZ SVVRLK H IP[ KPќLYLU[ V]LY [OPZ LHY [OL conviction remained the same.,]LU HZ L HUK [OL VYSK JVU[PU\LK [V ÄNO[ HNHPUZ[ [OL WHUKLTPJ ;OL Loomis Communities didn’t just sit still. Following up on our strategicplan initiatives, a review and revision of the mission, vision, and guidingprinciples was completed. We are thrilled with the results, and hope theyresonate with you as well. The process included a virtual board retreat,surveys from residents, team members, and volunteers, and multipledrafts and revisions. While the words have changed, the sentiment hasnot. At the core of what we do is the recognition and respect for the three\UPX\L ZWLJ[HJ\SHY JVTT\UP[PLZ [OH[ THRL \W ;OL 3VVTPZ *VTT\UP[PLZ The work on the mission, vision, and guiding principles highlights ourcommitment to diversity and social responsibility. The past year hasshined a bright light on racial and social injustice. In response, the Boardof Directors established an Inclusion and Social Justice Committee. Thecommittee, made up of board, residents, team members, and volunteers,TLL[Z TVU[OS [V JVUZPKLY [OLZL PTWVY[HU[ HUK KPѝJ\S[ [VWPJZ HUK OV they relate to Loomis’ internal workings and to Loomis as a member ofthe society in which we operate. Loomis is committed to treating otherswith dignity, kindness, and compassion, for without it there cannot be aworld of positive aging.As we approach the middle of 2021 we look forward to continued growthPU V\YZLS]LZ V\Y WYVNYHTZ HUK [OL H Z PU OPJO L Z[YP]L [V M\SÄSS V\Y mission, vision, and guiding principles. We thank you for your continuedsupport, especially our generous donors who make many of Loomis’initiatives possible.May you all be blessed with good health and peace,Margaret MantoniPresident and CEO4

Message from theChair, Board of DirectorsIn the book “The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse” by CharlieMackesy, there is an exchange between the boy and the horse. “We havea long way to go,” sighed the boy and the horse replied “Yes, but lookhow far we’ve come”.0 [OPUR [OH[ X\V[L PZ HU HW[ KLZJYPW[PVU VM OLYL L HYL PU [OL VYSK H[ large as well as in The Loomis Communities. This year has been a time ofupheaval as we continue to live through the COVID pandemic. We havefaced the losses of friends and loved ones. Our times of joyful in-persongatherings to celebrate weddings and graduations have been transformedto virtual events. Birthdays have become opportunities to hold carparades, and in-person plays and concerts have been reimagined. WeOH]L \ZLK JVSSLJ[P]L PUNLU\P[ [V ÄN\YL V\[ OV [V THPU[HPU V\Y ZVJPHS JVUULJ[PVUZ OPSL Z[H PUN ZHMLS HWHY[ 5V P[O PKLS H]HPSHISL vaccinations, we can all begin to emerge from our bubbles. ;OL )V [OL 4VSL [OL -V HUK [OL /VYZL¹ HSZV YLÅLJ[Z VU OV interdependent we all are and how together we are stronger than we areindividually. We are blessed at The Loomis Communities to have aJYLH[P]L [LHT VM WLVWSL OV ZOHYL H JVTTP[TLU[ [V [OL VYNHUPaH[PVU (Z we have continued with the strategic planning process, we have soughtthe involvement of many individuals with connections to Loomis. I hopethat many who have been part of the strategic planning process will beHISL [V ZLL [OLPY PUW\[ YLÅLJ[LK PU [OL WSHU ;OL Z[YH[LNPJ WSHU PUJS\KPUN the reworked mission, vision, and guiding principles will serve as aroadmap to guide our decision making into the near future.On behalf of the Board of Directors, I thank you for your continuedsupport and look forward to the bright future of The Loomis Communities.Kathleen BowlerChair, Board of Directors5


Community Outreach 2020With the goal of having The Loomis Communities residentsand team members an integral part of life in the Pioneer Valley,the Community Outreach Committee is delighted to report theMVSSV PUN HJ[P]P[PLZ PU Z\WWVY[ VM UVU WYVÄ[ VYNHUPaH[PVUZ HJYVZZ [OL YLNPVU PU ! 4,235 was raised for the Alzheimer’s AssociationMemory Walk through walk sponsorships, t-shirt sales, IS\LILYY T\ѝUZ HUK YHўLZ 1,269 and hundreds of pounds of food was raised anddistributed to the Amherst Survival Center, NeighborsHelping Neighbors, The Food Bank of WesternMassachusetts, and Open Pantry through food drivesand valentine’s cookie sales. 5,688 was raised in a virtual food drive by residents HUK [LHT TLTILYZ [V ILULÄ[ ;he Food Bank of WesternMassachusetts in response to the increased need for foodassistance due to Covid. In-kind support to the Orchard Arboretum, next toApplewood, included water, clerical work, set-up and Z[VYHNL VM LX\PWTLU[ HUK VJJHZPVUHS Z\WWSPLZ Residents and team members collected pull tabs forShriners Hospital 7YPVY [V *V]PK OVZ[LK [OL :WYPUNÄLSK 7OV[VNYHWOPJ :VJPL[ and an Alla Goldman Community Piano Concert Worked with various local Boy Scout, Girl Scout VYNHUPaH[PVUZ [OYV\NOV\[ [OL LHY Partnerships with area colleges for student learningincluded Hampshire College, University ofMassachusetts, Mount Holyoke College, 6SULQJðHOG College, and Western New England University. Hundreds of pounds of gently used clothing, sheets, andtowels were collected for the Amherst Survival Center. A summer can and bottle drive held at Loomis Village NLULYH[LK M\UKZ [OH[ LYL KVUH[LK [V [OL 5((*7 3LNHS Defense Fund. ( /HSSV LLU JVPU JVSSLJ[PVU NLULYH[LK M\UKZ MVY 50*,- Hand knitted and crocheted preemie blankets, lap robes,shawls, mittens and hats made by residents and donatedto area hospitals and agencies. Residents and team members held a Wear Pink Day topromote breast cancer screening and awareness.In addition, The Loomis Communities Marketing DepartmentWYV]PKLK ZWVUZVYZOPWZ MVY U\TLYV\Z L]LU[Z VќLYLK I J\S[\YHS HUK UVUWYVÄ[ VYNHUPaH[PVUZ PU [OL YLNPVU!Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s, AmherstSenior Center, Amherst Chamber of Commerce, EricCarle Museum, Gaylord Library, Holyoke Council onAging, Holyoke High School Musical, Jazz Ensemble ofMount Holyoke College, Jones Library, Learning in LaterLife, Majestic Theater, Old Post Orchestra, South Hadley&RXQFLO RQ JLQJ DQG 6HQLRU &HQWHU 6SULQJðHOG &ROOHJH Homecoming and Reunion, UMass Asian Arts and Culture,UMass Athletics, UMass Fine Arts Center, Valley Classical,and Young at Heart ChorusIn all, over 54,000 in cash and hundreds of volunteer hours byThe Loomis Communities’ team members and residents wereWYV]PKLK [V WLVWSL HUK UVU WYVÄ[ VYNHUPaH[PVUZ PU [OL 7PVULLY Valley.Committee Members:ResidentsBetsy Belden, Becky Holmes, Betty Odell, Elwin Sanborn,Rachel Tierney, Graeme VeitchTeam Members;PUH -LYYP 2LSSL 4\YWO 2PT LSJ 9VI *SHÅPU *HYVS *VUZ[HU[7

Better Together, Even Apart2020 has reinforced the value of community. Fromwindow visits to socially-distanced movie nights,residents and team members of The LoomisCommunities have remained securely connected.Safety protocols mayhave challengedtypical visitingprocedures, but a littlethoughtfulness goes along way. Imagine thereaction Jack Wolfe,Loomis Lakesideat Reeds Landingresident, had whenhis grandchildren appeared at his windowMVY H WLYZVUHS THNPJ ZOV ! YHIIP[Z V\[ VM H OH[ H KPZHWWLHYPUN handkerchief, warm smiles, and giddy laughter! Moments likethese allowed residents to share moments of closeness andkeep family bonds strong.From parades toconcerts, movies, andcooking classes, thosewho call The LoomisCommunities home arealways up for somefun. When residentscould no longer attendpublic, crowded eventslike these in 2020, wedecided the showsmust still go on. Withmicrophone, portablespeaker, and guitar inOHUK -YHUR :LYHÄUV put on a three-hourlive performance for allof Loomis Lakeside atReeds Landing.Residents and team members simply had to open their doorsHUK PUKV Z VY ÄUK H JVTMVY[HISL ZWV[ VU [OLPY WH[PVZ [V LUQV Memories continued to form among loved ones throughMay and June.:PTWSL JHYZ [YHUZMVYTLK PU[V H JLSLIYH[VY ÅVH[ WHYHKL MVY Mother’s Day--complete with streamers, balloons, posters,shouts, and waves. Through meticulous design and planningby our community life coordinators, grandmothers and mothLYZ OV NH[OLYLK V\[ZPKL [V H[JO YLJLP]LK ÅV LYZ MLLSPUNZ VM appreciation, and entertainment. Some family members evenKYLZZLK \W PU JVZ[\TL OVWWPUN H[VW [OLPY ÅVH[Z¹ [V NP]L 4VT a little performance and levity. The good times kept rolling onFather’s Day. From classic cars to hotrods, residents at TheLoomis Communities were able to come out and enjoy a beautiful day, amidst roaring engines sleek designs, while basking inthe warmth of togetherness and sunshine.8The Loomis “Drive-In” Theatre provided more summer fun. This\UPX\L L WLYPLUJL IYV\NO[ HIV\[ H ZLUZL VM UVZ[HSNPH HUK [OL vital sense of community we were all longing for. Able to sociallydistance while enjoying a movie selected by residents,complete with freshly popped popcorn, candy, soda, beer,and wine was a real treat. Hamilton was a community favorite.

As summer wound down, the celebrations marched on with[OL JLU[LUUPHS HUUP]LYZHY VM [OL 5PUL[LLU[O (TLUKTLU[ which gave women the right to vote. Residents of Applewoodobserved this historic occasion with a festive ceremony, a readPUN VM [OL YH[PÄJH[PVU HUK HU L OPIP[ PU [OL NHYKLU YVVT ;OL display showcased various artifacts, including an actual dressMYVT [OL VTLU»Z :\ќYHNL 4V]LTLU[ Fitness is just one way residents stay sharp though. Hobbiesare another. At The Loomis Communities, there is somethingfor everyone. Bee keeping, for instance, has become one suchpandemic outlet. Through the support of the Hampden CountyBeekeepers Association, residents and team members havebeen able to collaborate, at a safe distance, whilelearning something new together. This year alone, more thantwo hundred pounds of honey were harvested from LoomisVillage hives--much of it becoming part of our culinaryteam’s tasty and nutritious meals.While we long for a return to normalcy, the pandemicconstraints cannot keep our residents down. They continue toÄUK H Z [V Z[H LUNHNLK HUK JSVZL P[O MHTPS HUK MYPLUKZ Roger Zimmerman, along with several others at LoomisLakeside at Reeds Landing, took to a giant white board tocommunicate well wishes and greetings. These images werethen emailed either by residents themselves or team members.Winter did not send The Loomis Communities into hibernation.Rather, the landscape at all three communities presents a wideopportunity for adventure through its many trails. Bob Russeland Bob Robertson are just a couple of the active residents V\»SS ÄUK V\[ZPKL L WSVYPUN -VY [OLT ZUV ZOVLPUN PZ H H [V THPU[HPU PTWVY[HU[ ZVJPHS [PLZ HUK [V Z[H Ä[ K\YPUN [OL JVSKLY season.9


Elvira Whiting Ball1843-1915The Elvira Whiting Ball award is named for thefounding leader of The Loomis Communities who,with a group of Holyoke women, over 110 yearsago, decided to provide older adults a place to live“exempt from strife.” When there was no SocialSecurity or long-term care insurance, they raisedfunds for construction of a home for older adults OV JV\SK UV[ HɈVYK WYP]H[L JHYL 0U [OL MHSS VM [OL ÄYZ[ YLZPKLU[Z TV]LK [V [OL OVTL VU Loomis Avenue in Holyoke, beautiful within and out,dedicated to their comfort and happiness.The Elvira Whiting Ball Award is presented to anindividual or group that has advanced the missionof The Loomis Communities of improving the livesVM VSKLY HK\S[Z HUK WLYZVUPÄLZ [OL ZWPYP[ VM V\Y founder.Prior Recipients2002 Clarke S. Lyon2003 1981 Loomis Board of Directors2004 Lawrence R. Gonneville2005 Joan C. Steiger2006 Gwendolyn Glass2007 Bruce A. Yarber2008 Founding Directors of Applewood2009 Esmat Ezzat2010 Maria Burgee Dwight2011 Jeanne and Robert Potash, /LWD DQG .HQ 6H\σHU2012 Students of the Blessed SacramentIntergenerational Program2013 Thomas R. Pratt2014 Kathy Bowler2015 Founding Directors of Loomis Lakesideat Reed Landing2016 Carol C. Katz2017 Rachel E. Tierney2018 Alice Bonner2019 Cynthia Jacelon2020 We were unable to honor anyone in 2020due to the Corona Virus pandemic.11

GovernanceBoard of DirectorsDQG 2τFHUV2020-2021Board of DirectorsKathleen Bowler, ChairpersonPaul Lambert, Vice ChairpersonAngela BelmontJessica BodonPaul BreenDeborah BuckleySeunghee ChaSteve CorriganBrian CravenFletcher Davis1LќYL /H KLUErik KjeldsenWinston LavalleeSara LawrenceAnthony PellegrinoDeborah SnowGladys Starks122τFHUVMargaret R. Mantoni,President and *OPLM , LJ\[P]L 6ѝJLYCarly T. Cavanaugh,Treasurer and *OPLM -PUHUJPHS 6ѝJLYPeter Connor, ClerkCarly T. Cavanaugh,Assistant ClerkCorporatorsAngela BelmontKathleen BowlerPaul BreenDeborah BuckleySeunghee ChaCasey ClarkStephen CorriganBrian CravenCatherine CravenHarry CravenFletcher DavisJulie DwightLili Dwight5HUJ ,KK ,ZTH[ ,aaH[Marilyn GassWayne GassLawrence GonnevilleLinda Gonneville5VYTHU /HSWLYU1LHU /HaLU9VILY[ /HaLU1LќYL /H KLUWhiting Houston, Jr.Eric KjeldsenPaul LambertWinston LavalleeSara LawrenceMary Jo MaydewPeter McAvoyAnn McIntoshGwendolyn MorrisseyJames MorrisseyMary Alice OsgoodAnthony PellegrinoJohn PietrasThomas PrattBrandon ReedVenus RobinsonMarie RohanThomas Senecal2LUUL[O :L ќLYGreg SheehanDeborah SnowKay SordilloGladys StarksMary-Anne StearnsJoan SteigerBetsy StevensRichard Whiting, Jr

2020 SeniorLeadership TeamMargaret R. Mantoni,President and Chief , LJ\[P]L 6ѝJLYCarly Cavanaugh,Treasurer and Chief -PUHUJPHS 6ѝJLY9VILY[ *SHÅPU Executive Director,ApplewoodLori Todd,Executive Director, LoomisLakeside at Reeds LandingMaureen O’Toole,Executive Director,Loomis VillageToni Hendrix, Director ofHuman ResourcesCarol Constant,Director of CommunityEngagementPatrick McCarthy,Food and EnvironmentalServicesSenior Leadership Teammembers supported thesegroups in 2020:Photos from left: Art for the Soul Gallery Association of BlackBusiness Professionals Bridge for Unity Conway Festival of the Hills .YPѝUZ -YPLUKZ Holyoke Chamber ofCommerce Holyoke Dementia FriendlyCoalition Holyoke Public Schools United Way South Hadley Chamber ofCommerce South Hadley Council onAging and Senior Center South Hadley and GranbyChamber of Commerce South Hadley Town Meeting LZ[ :WYPUNÄLSK *HWP[HS Planning Committee;OPYK 9V 3 9 ! 1HTPL *SH\ZVU Judy Boehlert, Robert Russell,Sanford Belden:LJVUK 9V 3 9 ! 1LHUUL (JOPSSL Shirley Steiner, Linda Gordon, Harriett*YHTLY 9\[O ,SLYPZ ,SPaHIL[O )LSKLU Rita Kropf:LH[LK 3 9 ! 5HUJ @V\UN *HYVS U /V [ 1HUL[ LP[JO 5VYTHUK 3H7VPU[LLoomis Village ResidentAssociationApplewood Resident Council 3 9 ! 7H[YPJPH YPNO[ :\ZHU *YHTLY 1VOU (YTZ[YVUN 5HUJ ,KK Roland ChiltonLoomis Lakeside at ReedsLanding Resident Association 3 9 ! (UU 4J0U[VZO )VI -LYN\ZVU Dan Marx, Diane Kjeldsen,:HUK )HYILH\ 7H[ :JOPќLYSP Ann Beardsley Erik Kjeldsen, Jim Danalis13


Philanthropy ReportAnnual GivingMemorial and Honoree GivingSpring Reception*Special Projects**9LHSPaLK 7SHUULK .PM[Z HUK )LX\LZ[Z Total Charitable Gifts 85,6825,40029,750968 223,882* The Spring Reception was not held in 2020 due to the worldwide Corona Virus pandemic. Our outstanding vendors stillsupported us with generous donations.Implemented capital improvements: 3VVTPZ PSSHNL! ;OL JVUMLYLUJL YVVT HZ YLUV]H[LK [OL emergency call system updated, and new roofs installedon 2 villas. (WWSL VVK! ; V UL ]LOPJSLZ! H I\Z HUK H JHY" HUK H new tiered garden was planted. 3VVTPZ 3HRLZPKL H[ 9LLKZ 3HUKPUN! 0UZ[HSSLK HKKP[PVUHS handicap accessible doors, renovated the Health CenterFamily Room, and replaced a dishwasher in the kitchen.**Special ProjectsLoomis Lakeside at Reeds Landing Craft Fair3VVTPZ PSSHNL 3PIYHY 5L ZWHWLYZ *** From Diana Bliss, Arthur Gionti, the Estate of Muriel Wilson,and anonymous.The Loomis Communities supporters include:83% of Board Members100% of Senior Management and 23 Team Members44% of Applewood Residents76% of Loomis Lakeside at Reeds Landing Residents57% of Loomis Village Residents41 Business and Corporate Donors88 Family Members and Friends15

Founders SocietyMembers of the Founders Society haveQDPHG /RRPLV DV EHQHðFLDU\ RI D SODQQHG gift. Such gifts might include a bequest,charitable income gift, partial entrance feerefund designation, or gift of life insurance.Founders SocietyDorothy Gavin(Y[O\Y HUK ,SPaHIL[O .PVU[PSonja GoodwinBeverly (and Robert) HennemanCharles JohnsonKit (and Ward) LambertEleanor ParkeJanet Roper-LSP :HSaHUVArt StanleyAlex and Barbara StetynskiPatricia (and Robert) Webler([email protected] : Founders SocietyLegacy MembersHenry Allen andEdith Perman-AllenPhoebe AmsdenHarold and Ruth BaileyChristine BalchEdward Bayon(SILY[ )LYRV P[aDiana BlissPriscilla CarterJack ClarkeCarol CraigBarbara CurtisFrank FowlerRalph FowlerTimothy FowlerHorace and Eloise FullerIlva FunkeTheodore GreenMahat GuestJoan Hafey,SPaHIL[O /HPN PSSHYK HUK ,SPaHIL[O /HSLVonnie HayesLouise KennedyAlice Koenigsburg165HUJ 3HKKOtto and Helen LandgrafMary Kay LandonWilliam LiesonReggie LudwigMary LynchMargaret MaloneyRobert MarkarianRichard MartinLouise MerrittJeanne, Mary, andRebecca MurdochMaril O'MalleyKen and Kathleen PadelfordSamuel PotsubayArlottie PottsArthur RankinRichard and Jean Read5VYTH :HTWZVUElwin SanbornBarbara SheldonRobert SmithWalter and Phyllis SmithBarbara StanleyClio StearnsJohanna SusatThomas TamblynCaroline TurtleEllen Tuttle,SPaHIL[O HYPUNHans and Edith WayneL. Albert and Barbara WebbDorothy WheatMuriel Wilson,SPaHIL[O 9 HU VSML

Thank you to our 2020Spring Reception BusinessSponsors for their supporteven though we were unableto hold the event.BenefactorSilver 5,000 and aboveMountainview Landscapesand LawncarePeoplesBank 350 - 499Altus DentalHackworth SystemsBronzeSustaining 1,000 - 1,499Atlantic Charter InsuranceRetirement Dynamics 200 - 349Belmont LaundryBraman ChemicalEnterprisesClay & AssociatesContractors Home AppliancesForastiere SmithFuneral HomesGeriatric Medical & SupplyInnovative Business SystemsSecurity & Fire IntegrationsUTCA UnemploymentTax ControlWhiting Energy CorporationGoldFriends 500 - 999(KHT 8\LUUL]PSSL 9VVÄUN SidingAladco Linen ServiceAndrew AssociatesBuildex ConstructionClearbrook Global AdvisorsComplete Restoration SolutionsHerbert J. Sims & CompanyHolyoke Millwork &Lumber Company4HJRLUaPL (YJOP[LJ[ZMercier Carpet ServicePaul Robbins AssociatesPreferred Pharmacy Solutions:WYPUNÄLSK *VSSLNL LZ[ÄLSK :H]PUNZ )HUR Up to 199Darcy CompanyIndustrial Mechanical Insulation2P[[YLKNL ,X\PWTLU[ *VTWHU 3LL (\KPV 5 :LJ\YP[ Massachusetts Senior CareAssociationReminder PublicationsT. J. Conway Company 2,500 - 4,999Goss & McLain InsurancePatron 1,500 - 2,4993 VU -P[aWH[YPJRSmith Brothers:WLJPHSPaLK *VUZ[Y\J[PVU PlatinumIn KindCollins Electric/HaLU 7HWLYPeoplesBankRachel’s Table17

Honor Roll ofContributors in 2020Thank you to these individuals and groupsfor their generous support ofThe Loomis Communities!Benefactor LevelGold LevelSilver Level DQG DERYHDiana and Donald Bliss **Arthur Gionti **Muriel Wilson([email protected] : Thomas and Helen Arana ***Paul Aronson *Susan Baker:HUMVYK HUK ,SPaHIL[O )LSKLUDavid and Janice BellewWilliam BixbyJames Bralla *Carly CavanaughAlbert and Janet ChevanPearl Claunch *Ursula Coleman **Peter and Marlene Connor ****P. Martin and Dianne ConwayStephen and MaureenCorrigan ****Brian CravenStephen and Judith EllenburgElliott Fortescue *Graham and Linda Gordon *Janet Hale *Toni and Joseph Hendrix *Mark and Karen Jackson ***Craig Johnsen *Charles Johnson ***HYVS HUK )YHK 2H[a Patricia KeoughSheila KlemWinston and MargaretLavallee *Sara Lawrence **Dorothy O'ConnellGreg Sheehan *Donald and Anna SibleyJohn and Mary-AnneStearns ****Mary and Michael TarailRachel Tierney *Stephen, Richard andJudith Wall ***Andrea WeisbergJeanne WoodCommunity Foundationof Western MA([email protected] : Phyllis BoilardKathleen Bowler *Joan Ciruti ***Carol Constant ***5HUJ ,KK Jane Ferguson *Jane Harrington **Robert MareneckHelen MonkoBarbara Murphy *Helene OpocenskyCaral Potvin and DeniseBeaulieu ***Thomas Pratt ****David SchmidtAshley SolomonAlice SwiftShirley Zimmerman *([email protected] : Sustaining Level Shirley Appy **Edith McEvoy([email protected] : Patron Level 1VOU HUK ,SPaHIL[O (YTZ[YVUNJoanne Murphy,SPaHIL[O 6KLSS Valerie and Adrian Parsegian7OPSPW HUK 5HUJ :[HUKLSJoan Steiger ****5LSZVU HUK 4LYPKP[O WeidermanPlatinum Level Deborah Buckley ****Seunghee Cha andAnthony Bishop *Joshua Sanes andSusan Corcoran **-SL[JOLY HUK ,SPaHIL[O H]PZ Julius and Edith FabosDorothy Gavin **Marguerite HornMuriel Kowlessar *Ann Mann *Margaret Mantoni ****Landis and Gail Markley *Colette Moriarty **:HSS 4V[aLY HUK -HTPS 1LYVTL HUK 5HUJ 4 LYZ 5HUJ 9VNLYZ Lois Schwab *Thomas Senecal *Elder Services of theMerrimack Valley Inc.([email protected] : * Five or more years ofcontinuous giving18** Ten or more years ofcontinuous givingBronze Level Judith AshkinAngela BelmontBernice Bonchi7H\S HUK ,SPaHIL[O )YLLUDavid CarlsonHelen Casey *9VILY[ *SHÅPU Casey Clark ***James and Patricia ClausonDianne ClintonHelen Cohn *,HYS PL[aKatherine Duclos *Carolyn EhrenfriedMarion Fischetti *9VILY[ HUK )HYIHYH -YHUaPUPKristine Furkey *Eugenie GarmanDavid and Marty Healey ***Audrey Heinrichs *Jack Henry *Ann HeropoulosLynn Tabor and Pinky HopeLarry and Lori Hutchison*** Fifteen or more years ofcontinuous givingStaten and Susan JohnstonRosalie Kelley,SPaHIL[O 2LSZL Helen Kidess **David Klekotka **Harold and Janet Krueger3VYYHPUL HUK 5VYTHUK 3HWVPU[LDavid Longworth *Barbara MasonRena MathewsMary Jo Maydew *Deborah McCurdy *Patricia McMahon *Catharine Morrish5HUJ 5PLZRL Maureen O'TooleEleanor Parke **Esta Pekow *Robert Perkins *,SPaHIL[O 7VYHKHJanet PotashLilian RandallDonald ReedAnn Baker Riker-LSP :HSaHUV 9VNLY HUK 7H[YPJPH :JOPќLYSP2LUUL[O :L ќLY Robert Smith **Marcia SpencerRuth TompkinsMargaret TraseAaron TrehubAnn WeickertJoyce WeigelRichard and JenniferWhiting ****:\aHUUL @HYILY HUK MHTPS ([email protected] : **** Twenty or more years ofcontinuous giving

Friend LevelXS WR Virginia AccardoJeanne AchilleIone AlbertsonJane AllanEstelle AndersonClarice BakerSandra Barbeau *Josephine Bellew PKVY HUK 5PZZHU )LYUZ[PLUSusan BerryBarbara Blank **Jessica BodonMary Boulais *Anna BouldenDebra BouyeaLinda BowmanLucille Breen **Andrea Brennan **Virginia BrewerPatricia BrownAnita BrownRobert BucknellSusanna BusicoAnne Cann ***Diane ChajesDonald Cheetham *Yvonne CherryRona ConradLyle and Betty CrakerSusan Cramer4HY *YPZ HUK 1Lќ *YH MVYKRoberta CrowellJames DanalisDaniel DeludeJulie Dwight ****Mary FalkBarbara Falvey *Tina FerriLynne Forbes **Susi Friedmann ***,SPaHIL[O -YVNHTLUPWayne and Marilyn Gass ****Matthew Giroux *Vivian Gladden-JonesDon Donihue and DebGoldsmith **Lawrence and LindaGonneville ****5VYTHU HUK 4HYPVU /HSWLYU Barbara HamannMaureen HamptonTeresa Harris *Audrey Heaphy **Constance HicksJane and Fred HobertAlbert and Barbara HodsonPatricia HollandJean Hopkins,SPaHIL[O /V SL[[ John HubbardRandall and Karen Hyvonen *Beatrice Kaplan *Robert and Janice KeefeFrances KeenanAndrew and Mary KilpatrickErik and Diane KjeldsenRita KropfMichael and Mary 2H[OY U 2Y\aLSYechiael and Rose LanderGloria LeeLorraine LisHilary LoftusThomas and Sally MacPheePatrick and Kimberly McCarthy *Jean McFarlinDorothy Dempesy andAnn McIntosh **Leonard Melnick *Eric and Janice MorrissetteDonna MugnierKelley Murphy2H[OLYPUL 5H\NO[VU Charitable Fund **1LќYL 5L THU )YHUKPU 5PL]LZ5HUJ 5V HR 1V(UUL 6 5LPS Catherine PappasDeb PeaveyAnthony and GeraldinePellegrino *Edward and Dorothy Perrella **John and Emily Pietras ***Gennaro PrincipeCynthia ProvineCarol Roberts *Marie Rohan **Alice Roumas *Anne RydellRuth SandowMargaret Sheldon0Y]PUN HUK 4HYPS U :SP[aR Arthur Stanley *Gladys Starks YL L HYULSS HUK 9P[H :[HYa RJoanne StraubMusa Firat and 1HJX\LSPUL ;OPLILGabrielle ThomesLori and Mark Todd ***Carol ViolaMark Hebert andGretchen WarnerRichard and Theresa WestonAnne WinterheldJoseph and Angela Wright ***Patricia WrightRoger ZimmermanCommonwealth Financial 5L[ VYR([email protected] : Misc: In Kind GiftsMarguerite AnastasovidesGillian BrownMary Fiorentino BarryFrances Henry and HS[LY 2VYaLJLainey HurlbutMichael and Paul KurlandLucas Mantoni*HYVS 4J5LHY Linda Reynolds CohenChristine Sulborski/HaLU 7HWLY *VTWHU Rachel's Table:WYPUNÄLSK ,SLJ[YPJ *VTWHU (YHU\ HσRUW KDV EHHQ PDGH WR DVVXUH WKH accuracy of this list. Please report any errors oromissions to Andrea Brennan at 413-532-5325.19


Gifts in Memory and HonorGifts in Memory ofAlyce AllardCharles JohnsonMartha AnwyllJean AnwyllThomas BellewDavid and Janice BellewDiana BlissCharles Johnson -LSP :HSaHUVShirley Brown :HUMVYK HUK ,SPaHIL[O )LSKLUMary BoulaisAnita BrownLyle and Betty CrakerJane HarringtonStaten and Susan JohnstonMarjorie BuschnerCarol ConstantLarry and Linda GonnevilleGeorge CobleighAl and Barbara HodsonSteve HastingsCharles JohnsonJanet RoperMarcia HeupelCharles JohnsonBob HildrethPatricia BrownCharles JohnsonPatricia McMahonJanet RoperJeannette IngleCharles JohnsonMildred JohnsonCharles JohnsonRalph (Nick) KendallCharles JohnsonPatricia McMahonLucille LeamonPatricia BrownCharles JohnsonGloria LedbetterCharles JohnsonBarbara CohenJanet RoperEvert LindgrenCharles JohnsonPatricia McMahonEarl DietzCharles JohnsonAshley SolomonRita and Lawrence LongworthDavid LongworthCora DouglasPatricia BrownCharles JohnsonFlorence DumalaCharles JohnsonHelen (Betty) EtterPatricia BrownCharles JohnsonJanet RoperSylvia ForastiereCharles JohnsonElizabeth GiontiArthur GiontiGr

The work on the mission, vision, and guiding principles highlights our commitment to diversity and social responsibility. The past year has shined a bright light on racial and social injustice. In response, the Board . WYV]PKLK [V WLVWSL HUK UVU WYVÄ[ VYNHUPaH[PVUZ PU [OL 7PVULLY Valley. Committee Members: Residents