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Page 333 SIP response codesSIP response codesThe SIP status codes are defined as follows (Source: Wikipedia, based on RFC 3261, supplemented by additional RFCs, broken down by the IANA) as follows.3.11xx - ProvisionalPreliminary information indicates that the server is still carrying out several other actions and therefore still can not send a final answer.3.2CodeMessageMeaning100TryingAn attempt is made to transfer the call.180RingingAn attempt is made to ringthe called party.181Call Is Being ForwardedThe call is forwarded.182QueuedThe call is queued.183Session ProgressThe connection is established.CodeMessageMeaning200OKThe request has been successfully processed and theresult of the request is transmitted in the response.202AcceptedThe request has been accepted, but is executed at a latertime.2xx - SuccessfulThe request was successful.

Page 43.33 SIP response codesCodeMessageMeaning204No NotificationThe inquiry was successfullycarried out, the appropriateresponse is aware but notsent.3xx – RedirectionThese messages inform you of a new contact address of the called party, or other services thatmake it possible successfully establish the connection.3.4CodeMessageMeaning300Multiple ChoicesFor the remote site, there isno unique destinationaddress.301Moved PermanentlyThe called party is permanently accessible elsewhere.302Moved TemporarilyThe called party is temporarilyaccessible elsewhere.305Use ProxyThe specified proxy must beused.380Alternative ServiceThe call was not successful,but there are alternative services available.4xx – Request FailuresRequest Failures are negative feedbacks. The previous message could not be processed.CodeMessageMeaning400Bad RequestThe SIP request is faulty.401UnauthorizedThe authorization is faulty.

Page 53 SIP response codesCodeMessageMeaning402Payment RequiredNot yet defined; provided for"non sufficient funds available".403Use ForbiddenThe request was inadmissible.404Not FoundThe user can not be found ordoes not exist.405Method Not AllowedThe method of the request(for example, SUBSCRIBE orNOTIFY) is not allowed.406Not AcceptableThe options of the call are notpermitted.407Proxy Authentication RequiredThe proxy requires authorization.408Request TimeoutTimeout - The server couldnot produce a response within a suitable amount of time.410GoneThe user existed once, but isnot available here any more.412Conditional Request FailedThe given precondition hasnot been met because arequired request failed.413Request Entity Too LargeRequest body too large.414Request URI Too LongThe server is refusing to service the request because theRequest-URI is longer thanthe server is willing to interpret.415Unsupported Media TypeRequest body in a format notsupported.416Unsupported URI SchemeRequest-URI is unknown tothe server.417Unknown Resource-PriorityThere was a resource-priorityoption tag, but no ResourcePriority header.420Bad ExtensionBad SIP Protocol Extensionused, not understood by theserver.

Page 63 SIP response codesCodeMessageMeaning421Extension RequiredThe server needs a specificextension not listed in thesupported header422Session Interval Too SmallThe received request contains a session-expires headerfield with a duration below theminimum timer423Interval Too BriefExpiration time of the resource is too short.428Use Identity HeaderThe server policy requires anIdentity header, and one hasnot been provided.429Provide Referrer IdentityThe server did not receive avalid Referred-By token onthe request.430Flow FailedA specific flow to a user agenthas failed, although otherflows may succeed. Thisresponse is intended for usebetween proxy devices, andshould not be seen by anendpoint (and if it is seen byone, should be treated as a400 Bad Request response).433Anonymity DisallowedThe request has beenrejected because it wasanonymous.436Bad Identity-InfoThe request has an IdentityInfo header, and the URIscheme in that header cannotbe dereferenced.437Unsupported CertificateThe server was unable to validate a certificate for thedomain that signed therequest.438Invalid Identity HeaderThe server obtained a validcertificate that the requestclaimed was used to sign therequest, but was unable toverify that signature.

Page 73 SIP response codesCodeMessageMeaning439First Hop Lacks OutboundSupportThe first outbound proxy theuser is attempting to registerthrough does not support the"outbound" feature of RFC5626, although the registrardoes.440Max-Breadth ExceededNo concurrent forks can bededuced form the request.469Bad Info PackageBad InfoPackageInappropriate InformationPackage - transmissionerrors, resend.470Consent NeededConsentNeededThe source of the request didnot have the permission ofthe recipient to make such arequest.480Temporarily UnavailableCallee currently unavailable.481Call/Transaction Does NotExistServer received a request thatdoes not match any dialog ortransaction.482Loop DetectedServer has detected a loop.483Too Many HopsMax-Forwards header hasreached the value '0'.[484Address IncompleteRequest-URI incomplete.485AmbiguousRequest-URI is ambiguous.486Busy HereCallee is busy.487Request TerminatedRequest has terminated bybye or cancel.488Not Acceptable HereSome aspect of the sessiondescription or the RequestURI is not acceptable.489Bad EventThe server did not understand an event package specified in an Event header field.491Request PendingServer has some pendingrequest from the same dialog.493UndecipherableRequest contains an encrypted MIME body, which recipient can not decrypt.

Page 83.53 SIP response codesCodeMessageMeaning494Security Agreement RequiredThe server has received arequest that requires a negotiated security mechanism,and the response contains alist of suitable securitymechanisms for the requester to choose between, or adigest authentication challenge.5xx – Server FailuresA participant in the delivery server was unable to process a message.CodeMessageMeaning500Server Internal ErrorThe server could not fulfill therequest due to some unexpected condition.501Not ImplementedThe server does not have theability to fulfill the request,such as because it does notrecognize the requestmethod.502Bad GatewayThe server is acting as a gateway or proxy, and received aninvalid response from adownstream server whileattempting to fulfill therequest.503Service UnavailableThe server is undergoingmaintenance or is temporarilyoverloaded and so cannotprocess the request.504Server Time-outThe server attempted toaccess another server inattempting to process therequest, and did not receive aprompt response.505Version Not SupportedThe SIP protocol version inthe request is not supportedby the server.

Page 93.63 SIP response codesCodeMessageMeaning513Message Too LargeThe request message lengthis longer than the server canprocess.580Precondition FailureThe server is unable or unwilling to meet some constraintsspecified in the offer.6xx – Global FailuresGeneral error: The server was indeed contacted successfully, but the transaction is not concluded.CodeMessageMeaning600Busy EverywhereAll possible destinations arebusy.603DeclinedThe destination does not wishto participate in the call, orcannot do so, and additionally the destination knows thereare no alternative destinations(such as a voicemail server)willing to accept the call.604Does Not Exist AnywhereThe server has authoritativeinformation that the requested user does not existanywhere.606Not AcceptableThe user's agent was contacted successfully but someaspects of the session description such as the requested media, bandwidth, oraddressing style were notacceptable.

Page 103.73 SIP response codes7xx – SIP stack error codesCodeMessageMeaning701Party Hangs UpThe called party has hung up.

Page 8 3 SIP response codes 3.5 5xx - Server Failures A participant in the delivery server was unable to process a message. 494 Security Agreement Required The server has received a request that requires a nego-tiated security mechanism, and the response contains a list of suitable security mechanisms for the reque-ster to choose between, or a