Eminent DVR APPfor Apple and Android

2 ENGLISHEminent DVR APP for Apple and AndroidTable of contents1.0 Install the App on your smartphone . 32.0 First use of the Eminent DVR APP . 33.0 Add your EM6104 or EM6108 to the Eminent DVR APP. 43.1 Collect the information from your DVR . 44.0 Add your DVR to the Eminent DVR APP (internal). 54.1 Add your DVR to the Eminent DVR APP (External) . 74.2 Remove a DVR form the APP . 95.0 Live view . 105.1 LiveView functionality . 106.0 Playback. 116.1 Remote Playback . 126.2 Local Playback . 146.3 Image Playback . 157.0 Settings . 168.0 More . 178.1 System . 178.2 About . 189.0 Frequently Asked Questions and other related information . 1910.0 Service and support . 1911.0 Warning and points of attention . 2012.0 Warranty conditions . 2113.0 Declaration of Conformity . 21

3 ENGLISH1.0 Install the App on your smartphone1.2.3.4.Go to the ‘Play store’ or ‘Apple store’Search for the ‘Eminent DVR’ APPDownload the app and install it on your smartphoneStart ‘Eminent DVR’ APP.2.0 First use of the Eminent DVR APPAfter starting the Eminent DVR APP you will see the screen below.At default there is a Demo in the application. Access the demo in the LiveView bypressing the ‘Select’ button.

4 ENGLISH3.0 Add your EM6104 or EM6108 to theEminent DVR APPIn order to add your DVR to the Eminent DVR APP, you need to collect theinformation below. You can find this information in the menu of the EM6104 orEM6108. The IP-address of the DVRMedia port (port 9000 by default)Web port (port 80 by default)UsernamePasswordNumber of connected camera sThe external IP-address, also called WAN-IP-address. The WAN-IP-address isnecessary to access the DVR outside your home network (via the internet)3.1 Collect the information from your DVR1. to ‘Menu’Click on ‘information’Click on ‘NetworkWrite down the IP-address (LAN)Write down the IP-address (WAN)Write down the Media port numberWrite down the Web port number

5 ENGLISH4.0 Add your DVR to the Eminent DVR APP(internal)Note: If you’d like to use your Eminent DVR APP outside your home network (via theinternet), it’s best to create 2 entries in the Eminent DVR APP; one for internal accessand one for external access.Ensure your smartphone is connected to the same network as your DVR1. To add your DVR to the Eminent DVR App press the device button at first.2. Press ’ ’3. Fill out the information you have written down from the DVR menu.

6 ENGLISH Device name:IP:Media port:Web port:UserName:Password:Channel:Give a name to your device : i.e. ‘Internal’Fill out the LAN-IP-address (i.e. : port (default 9000)Web port (default 80)UsernamePasswordNumber of connected camera’s

7 ENGLISH4. Press ‘save’4.1 Add your DVR to the Eminent DVR APP (External)To add your DVR to have access via the internet (External) :1. Press ‘Device’2. Press ‘ ’3. Fill out the information you have written down from the DVR menu.

8 ENGLISHWAN IP adres ! Device name:IP:Media port:Web port:UserName:Password:Channel:Give a name to your device : i.e. ‘External’Fill out the WAN-IP-address (i.e. : port (default 9000)Web port (default 80)UsernamePasswordNumber of connected camera’sWAN IP adres !4. Press ‘save’

9 ENGLISHTo access your DVR from outside your home network you need to fill out the WAN IPaddress. You also need to open ports on your router to have external access to yourDVR. Please check your routers user manual on how to open the ports on your router.You can also take a look at Remove a DVR form the APPIn order to remove a DVR from the APP you need to go into the ‘Device’ menu.Select the DVR you would like to remove. Swipe the screen to the right and you willsee thePresstheicon.and the DVR will be deleted from the list. Swipe back to the left andicon is no longer available.

10 ENGLISH5.0 Live viewSwitch to the LiveView menu to look at the videos from your DVR. Press the ‘Select’button first to select the DVR you would like to use.5.1 LiveView functionalityBelow you can find the additional menu items for LiveView PTZ : You can control your PTZ camera by this function. (A PTZ supportedcamera should be connected to your DVR) Record : You can record the videos directly on your smartphone.Note : You need to record at least 1 minute in order to have the videos saved on yoursmartphone. Snapshot : Make a snapshot of the video images Stop : Stop the LiveView functionality Audio : Switch On/Off the audio. Note : audios only available when an audiosource is connected the the corresponding channel of the DVR.

11 ENGLISH6.0 PlaybackWith the Playback function you can watch recorded videos from your DVR,EM6104/EM6108, or your smartphone.

12 ENGLISH6.1 Remote PlaybackWith ‘Remote Playback’ you can watch the videos which are recorded at the hard diskof your DVR.1. Press ‘Select’ and chose the DVR of which you would like to see the videos.

13 ENGLISH2.The Calendar will be filled with blue squares for the days on which the DVRhas recorded videos.3.Select a date and you will see a list of recordings for that day.4.Select a camera and watch the recorded video.

14 ENGLISH6.2 Local PlaybackSelect this option to watch videos which are recorded locally on your smartphone.Select the file with the correct time-stamp and camera to watch the video.The file name is created out of the year, month, day, hour, minutes, seconds andchannel-number.

15 ENGLISH6.3 Image PlaybackWith ‘Image Playback’ you can watch the snapshots which are stored locally on yoursmartphone.Select the snapshot you would like to view. Press on the image to enlarge the view.

16 ENGLISH7.0 SettingsWith ‘Settings’ you can change the settings of the DVR itself. Note: these settings willbe changed directly in your DVR!

17 ENGLISH8.0 More‘More’ will show additional options in the Eminent DVR APP.8.1 System‘Stream Main or Sub’; this item will let you choose between the main and the substream coming from your DVR. The Main-stream has the best quality but also needsmost data transfer and it can take some more time to load the images on yoursmartphone. A fast connection is required for the main-stream; mostly this is usedwhen you have access through your home network.The Sub-stream has a lower image quality and faster loading time. Less data istransferred.‘Network’ let you choose to use 3G or only WiFi.Note: Your telecom provider will charge you for using data transfer by 3G. Pleasecontact your telecom provider for more information.‘PTZ Speed’ Adjust the speed of the movement of the PTZ (Pan / Tilt /Zoom)functionality.

18 ENGLISH8.2 AboutPlease find the version and date of the APP in the ‘About’ menu

19 ENGLISH9.0 Frequently Asked Questions and otherrelated informationThe latest Frequently asked questions for your product can be found on the supportpage of your product. Eminent will update these pages frequently to assure you havethe most recent information. Visit for more information aboutyour product.10.0 Service and supportThis users manual has been carefully written by Eminent’s technical experts. If youhave problems installing or using the product, please fill out the support form at thewebsite can also contact us by phone. Below you will find a list with phone numbers foreach supported country.CountryBelgium (Dutch)Belgium nThe NetherlandsUKHungaryHungaryHungaryPhone number070 277 286070 277 286 45 69918565 35 8942415826 49 (0)30 887 89 298 39 0240042016 47 21075033807 080 042 46 840 3099850900-3646368 44 (0)203 318 99981-4088902 (FromBudapest)06-1-4088902 (From therest of Hungary) 36 1-4088902(International)Rate per minute* 0.30 0.30Local CostsLocal CostsLocal CostsLocal CostsLocal Costs 0.41Local Costs 0.45Local CostsLocal CostsLocal CostsLocal Costs* Rates mentioned in this table do not include cell phone charges.

20 ENGLISH11.0 Warning and points of attentionDue to laws, directives and regulations set out by the European parliament, some(wireless) devices could be subject to limitations concerning its use in certainEuropean member states. In certain European member states the use of such devicescould be prohibited. Contact your (local) government for more information about thislimitations.Always follow up the instructions in the manual*, especially where it concerns deviceswhich need to be assembled.Warning: In most cases this concerns an electronic device. Wrong/improper use maylead to (severe) injuries!Repairing of the device should be done by qualified Eminent staff. The warrantyimmediately voids when products have undergone self repair and/or by misuse. Forextended warranty conditions, please visit our website at*Tip: Eminent manuals are written with great care. However, due to new technologicaldevelopments it can happen that a printed manual does not longer contain the mostrecent information.If you are experiencing any problems with the printed manual or you can not find whatyou are looking for, please always check our website first forthe newest updated manual.Also, you will find frequently asked questions in the FAQ section. It is highlyrecommended to consult the FAQ section. Very often the answer to your questions willbe found here.

21 ENGLISH12.0 Warranty conditionsThe five-year Eminent warranty applies to all Eminent products unless mentionedotherwise before or during the moment of purchase. When having bought a secondhand Eminent product the remaining period of warranty is measured from the momentof purchase by the product’s first owner. The Eminent warranty applies to all Eminentproducts and parts inextricably connected to and/or mounted on the main product.Power supply adapters, batteries, antennas and all other products not integrated in ordirectly connected to the main product and/or products of which, without reasonabledoubt, can be assumed that wear and tear show a different pattern than the mainproduct are not covered by the Eminent warranty. Products are not covered by theEminent warranty when subjected to incorrect/improper use, external influencesand/or when opened by parties other than Eminent.13.0 Declaration of ConformityTo ensure your safety and compliance of the product with the directives and lawscreated by the European Commission you can obtain a copy of the Declaration ofConformity concerning your product by sending an e-mail message to: [email protected]. You can also send a letter to:Eminent Europe BVPO Box 2766160 AG GeleenThe NetherlandsClearly state ‘Declaration of Conformity’ and the article code of the product of whichyou would like to obtain a copy of the Declaration of Conformity.Eminent DVR APP UK 12-2013

1.0 Install the App on your smartphone 1. Go to the 'Play store' or 'Apple store' 2. Search for the 'Eminent DVR' APP 3. Download the app and install it on your smartphone 4. Start 'Eminent DVR' APP. 2.0 First use of the Eminent DVR APP After starting the Eminent DVR APP you will see the screen below.