Recourse FactoringVersusNon-Recourse

What is freight bill factoring?Freight bill factoring is an easy way to manage cash flow for your truckingcompany. Phoenix Capital Group will buy your invoices for the freight that you'vealready delivered, and give you cash immediately.There are TWO types of freight bill factoring a truck driver has to choose;recourse freight factoring and non-recourse freight factoring.

How do truck driversbenefit fromfreight bill factoring?

“Successful truckers can’t wait 30, 60, or 90 days foraccounts to pay freight bills.At Phoenix Capital Group, we buy invoices and paytruckers the same day the load was delivered.We offer same day setup, quick approval, and fastcash in your hands!

Start driving towardFinancial success.Let’s take a look at recoursefactoring versus non-recoursefactoring to decide which type offreight factoring is right for YOU.

Recourse!Recourse freight factoring(Recourse factoring makes up most of theaccounts receivable financing industry.)

About recourse freight factoring.When you make a recourse factoring agreement, youand your factor both acknowledge that you areresponsible for buying back invoices that aren’t paid byyour customers after a predetermined period of time,which could be 60, 90 or even 120 days.

More about recourse freight factoring.Factors realize that this could be a risky move for atrucker in need of factoring. Many factors provide creditchecks for all your accounts and prospective accounts.Since recourse factoring offers a factor the least amountof risk, it is the most affordable option for a businessseeking to factor invoices in order to increase cash flow.

Non-Recourse!Non-recourse freight factoringNon-recourse factoring means that the factorassumes the risk of non-payment by your accounts.

About non-recourse freight factoring.With non-recourse factoring, your business is safe fromthe cost of bad debt, but the discount rate will be higherthan it is for recourse factoring since it is a higher risk forthe factor. Even with higher discount rates, many truckerssee non-recourse as a promising agreement because thecost of an unpaid invoice is a much greater loss.

Which type ofFreight Bill FactoringIs right for you?

Let’s find out.The most common choice for large businesses is recoursefactoring but that does not mean this choice is the best forall businesses. The best thing to do is fill out a contact formto speak to a Phoenix Capital Group representative anddiscuss the terms of factoring agreements. After yourdiscussion, it should become clear as to which choice shouldbe selected.

Our process is easy:First.Do your freightfactoring researchSecond.Call PhoenixCapital Group623 - 298- 3460Last.Start funding& get on theroad.

What else can Phoenix Capital Group help me with?Equipment FinancingFuel Card ProgramFree Load BoardPhoenix Capital Group offersequipment financing with lowdown payments along withflexible payment schedules to allexisting freight factoring clients.The private fuel card programwe provide can helpindependent truckers andtrucking companies respondto expenses and get back onthe road faster. We offer ourown cash card program tohelp your business managefuel and other expenses.PCG is determined to helptruckers find high paying freightquickly and with no cost to PCGclients by providing our loadboard extension. It is theultimate truck load board searchfor independent truckersand fleets.

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Freight bill factoring is an easy way to manage cash flow for your trucking company. Phoenix Capital Group will buy your invoices for the freight that you've already delivered, and give you cash immediately. There are TWO types of freight bill factoring a truck driver has to choose; recourse freight factoring and non-recourse freight factoring.