Six ways tobe well in theScottish BordersThis guide offers ideas about howto become healthier and well

Crisis? Ask for helpIf you (or a person you are supporting) haveproblems that will not go away or you needhelp to cope, please contact your GP.There are specialist mental health services in the ScottishBorders that can help. Ask your GP about these.Useful contactsNHS24Tel: 111 or visit www.nhs24.comChildlineTel: 0800 11 11 or visit ScotlandTel: 08000 28 22 33 or /parentline-scotlandSilverline (Helpline for older people)Tel: 0800 4 70 80 90 or visit Crisis Scotland National HelplinePhone free any day between 6pm and midnight on 08088 01 03 02Emotionalsupport helplinesFor emotional support in andout of normal working hours, call:A mobile app for those at risk ofsuicide and people worried aboutsomeone.2Samaritans (24 hours)Tel: 116 123Scottish Borders Rape CrisisTel: 01896 661070 or visit / RSABI helplineFor Scotland’s farming and land-based communityTel: 0300 111 4166 or visit WelfareSupporting those in the horse racing industryTel: 0800 6300 443 (24hr Helpline) or visit live chat)Breathing SpaceTel: 0800 83 85 87www.breathingspace.scotFrank / Drugs infoTel: 0300 123 6600, text 82111 or visit www.talktofrank.comBorderlineTel: 0800 027 4466NAPAC (National Association for People Abused in Childhood)Free support line: 0808 801 0331 or visit

Useful contactsSurvivors UnitePeer support group for people aged 16 who have experienced childhoodsexual abuse. Tel: 07921 058 675 or email [email protected]’s AidNational Domestic Abuse Helpline (24 hours)Tel: 0800 027 1234 or visit ways to be wellin the Scottish BordersThis guide offers ideas about how to become healthier and happier.This is sometimes called ‘wellbeing’.There are many things we can do to look after our own wellbeing.There are also many things we can do to support the people aroundus to be healthier and happier.To be well, we need to look after both our minds and our bodies.Border Women’s AidTel: 01835 863 514 or visit Abuse Advocacy Support (DAAS)A free, confidential support service that works with both female/male adultvictims of domestic abuse to maximise your safety Tel: 01835 825024or email [email protected] Aware BordersScottish Borders Council – Services: 0300 100 1800Financial Inclusion Team: 01896 661 394Citizens Advice – Branches across the Borders. For your nearest onecall 01896 753889 or visit Advice Bureau Youth Info (aged 16-25)Call 07508 331513 or visit›4More useful information about local communityfacilities can be found at the back of this guide (page 36).Wellbeing is not about being happy all the time – it’s about being able todeal with life’s challenges and being content. Nobody can give wellbeingto you – you have to take action yourself.This guide uses ‘Six ways to be well’ to recommend small changesyou can make.››››››NurtureBe ActiveBelongBe KindEnjoy and LearnBe AwareThink of these as your ‘six a day’ for wellbeing.Try these six ways to help you become healthier and happier.You can also use ALISS (A Local Information System for Scotland)to find help and support for your health and wellbeing.www.aliss.org5

Six ways to be wellin the Scottish BordersBe KindNurtureGiving and receiving fromothers helps to build asupport network.Look after your body and findways to cope with stress.BelongEnjoy and LearnFeeling that we belong – thatwe are included – is good forour wellbeing.Learning new thingscan help you to be moresatisfied and fulfilled.Be AwareBe ActiveBeing mindful for a few minutescan help you to de-stress. Giveyourself some ‘me time’.Exercising regularly can make you feelmore confident, happier, less stressed,sleep better and be more energised.67

Nurture. yourself, and those around you. Sometimes we all needa bit of care and protection. Our bodies and our minds neednurturing as we grow, develop and get older.› Could you nurture yourself more?› Do you need support to make a change to your lifestyle,or to help care for somebody else?To nurture ourselves we should tryto eat well, sleep well, be activeand cut out things that are badfor us. Try and make time to relaxand have fun. Try to think positivelyrather than negatively.Sometimes this might meanspending time on our own. It isokay to want to be alone – beingcomfortable with who you are isimportant to wellbeing.› Could you find a way to nurtureyourself – perhaps eat or drinkmore healthily?StressBusters BordersNHS Borders website to help youmanage stress and links to all theDoing Well self-help booklets (manytopics including anxiety, depression,panic and lthy/stress-bustersSteps for StressHandy hints and practicalsuggestions for how to look afteryourself and stop stress frombuilding up in Healthier Scotland’s‘Steps to deal with Stress’ booklet.www.stepsforstress.orgEat Well for LessTips on healthy eating withoutspending more, recipes, the NHSEat Well Guide, the Easy Meals Appand other tools for healthy ood-shopping.aspxHands On ScotlandA toolkit of helpful responses toencourage children and youngpeople’s emotional wellbeing.Gives practical information, toolsand activities to deal with troublingbehaviour and to help children andyoung people Better Feel BetterMake changes to how youshop, cook and eat – tips,recipes and of us take on caring roles forother people. Support is availablein the Borders if you are caring forsomebody else.Happiness HabitsLearn to recognise your stresstriggers and find ways to copewith stress.“A good night’s sleep, eating healthy. Talking to peoplewho understand, talking to my daughter who understands”.‘Eat well’ and ‘Drink sensibly’are two of the Mental HealthFoundation’s top tips for goodmental health.8How we eat and drink canaffect how we feel – eating wellcan make you feel better, happier,less stressed, sleep better andbe more energised.Useful websites and apps– nurturing yourself“It is important to still see lots of people, but have some timeon your own. Know yourself – what you like”.Ideas from Burnfoot, Cornmill Court and Whim Hall Happiness Habits Cafes9

Signposts for ‘Nurture’Wellbeing Service – NHS BordersThe ‘Wellbeing Service’ provides evidence based early interventions tosupport adults wishing to improve their health. This includes support tomake positive changes to their lifestyle and includes topics like smokingcessation, physical activity, weight management, healthy eating andenhance wellbeing by providing support to improve low to moderate mentalwellbeing. Referrals can be made via your GP or health professional, oryou can refer yourself by contacting the team directly. Tel: 01896 824502or email: [email protected] Living NetworksThere are healthy food projects that could help you eat morehealthily if you live in the Langlee, Burnfoot or Eyemouth areas.Health and food training courses and Lunch Clubs are available.Contact the Joint Health Improvement Team on 01835 825970or email [email protected] Food BuddiesFor practical tips and recipes that local people have shared,look for Borders Food Buddies on Facebook.Abundant BordersA network of local food production in the Scottish Borders with projectsin Eyemouth, Ayton and Hawick. Training and volunteering opportunities.Email: [email protected] Carers CentreIf you are an unpaid family carer, the Borders Carers Centre provides FREEindependent help & support to unpaid family carers (aged 18 ) of peoplewith all types of illness and disability throughout the Scottish Borders.The Borders Carers Centre, Brewerybrig, Low Buckholmside, Galashiels,TD1 1RT. Tel: 01896 752431 or visit Borders Young Carers ServiceSupports young carers aged 8-18 who look after or help to look aftersomeone in their family who is unwell or disabled, including children caringfor parents who have mental health or substance misuse problems.Tel: 01896 750173. Action for Children, Unit 10/A, Galabank Business Park,Galashiels, TD1 1PR.Addaction BordersAddaction Borders provides support for people misusing alcohol, drugs andother substances and works with them to develop a plan for their recovery.Tel: 01896 757843 or ly Years CentresEarly Years Centres help families give their children a good start intheir early years. Weekly programme of activities, advice and support.Galashiels – Tel: 01896 754637, Selkirk – Tel: 01750 20476Hawick – Tel: 01450 375147, Eyemouth – Tel: 01890 750785 / – Breastfeeding in Borders SupportLocal support for breastfeeding parents from volunteers who haveexperience of breastfeeding. Scheme supported by NHS Borders.For more information contact your midwife, Health Visitor or the JointHealth Improvement Team on 01835 825970.Supported Childminding SchemeAdditional childcare support for vulnerable families. By referral.Tel: 01890 771356 Email: ers Resilience for Wellbeing Service works with young people agedbetween 10 and 18 to improve their wellbeing. We support young peopleto build confidence to work towards their goals, and help them to developthe resilience to cope when times are tough. Tel: 01896 668411Email: [email protected] or visit

Be Active.Find a physical activity that you enjoy, one that suitsyour level of mobility and fitness. Go for a walk or run.Step outside. Cycle. Play a game. Garden. Dance.Exercising makes you feel good.› Are you active on a regular basis?› Do you need support to become more active?If you are able to be active,this could help you be healthierand happier.Making small changes to howactive you are can make a bigdifference to your wellbeing.Exercising regularly can makeyou feel more confident, happier,less stressed, sleep better andbe more energised.For adults, activity should add upto at least 2½ hours of moderateactivity a week. One way is to do30 minutes on at least five days aweek. This doesn’t have to be anorganised activity – walking to thebus stop, doing the hoovering orgentle seated exercise counts.Children need to be physicallyactive for at least an hour a day.Walking to school, playing outside,cycling, scooting, roller skating,climbing trees, walking a dog,skipping, jumping or playing asport like football or frisbee allcount towards that hour a day.Useful websites and appsWalks and TrailsInformation on the ScottishBorders Council website aboutwalking in the Borders, includingthe Ranger Led and trailsMy Fitness PalA free journal App that you candownload to help keep track offood and exercise.www.myfitnesspal.comFactsheetsFind out how much physicalactivity each age group shouldbe doing, from early years toolder cal-activityguidelinesFitStarApp by FitBit. Personal trainerApp to help you get in shape.Free to download and use.Also, FitStar Yoga for personalisedYoga sessions to reduce stressand build strength.www.fitstar.comStravaMillions of runners and cyclistsuse the Strava Running andCycling GPS App to record theiractivities and share stories.www.strava.comHappiness Habits– being active“Knitting, reading, puzzles, walking, eating healthy, swimming,meeting friends, listening to music, ironing / housework.”“Keep active but don’t do so much that you get tired. Volunteeringso you get out of the house. Get out of bed and get on with the day.Keep busy and do some cleaning.”Ideas from Burnfoot and Netherurd Happiness Habits Cafes1213

Signposts for ‘Be Active’Wellbeing Service – NHS BordersThe ‘Wellbeing Service’ provides evidence based early interventions tosupport adults wishing to improve their health. This includes support to makepositive changes to their lifestyle and includes topics like smoking cessation,physical activity, weight management, healthy eating and enhance wellbeingby providing support to improve low to moderate mental wellbeing. Referralscan be made via your GP or health professional, or you can refer yourself bycontacting the team directly. Tel: 01896 824502 or email:[email protected] Living NetworksFor signposting to physical activity opportunities such as Gentle Exerciseand Tea Dances in the Langlee, Burnfoot or Eyemouth areas. Contact theJoint Health Improvement Team on 01835 825970 or [email protected] ItA scheme in the Scottish Borders that encourages people to walk more.You can join one of the organised walks or become a volunteer WalkLeader. Includes MacMillan Cancer Walks and Dementia Friendly Walks.Call 01835 826 702 for further information about local walks or and outdoors/632/walking/3Move MoreAn exciting and free physical activity programme for people affectedby cancer. It is offered by Macmillan in partnership with Live Borders.Walking, Gentle Movement Classes and Circuits Classes are all offeredand there are also opportunities for volunteers. Tel: 01896 661166 forfurther information.Just CycleJust Cycle recycles unwanted bikes and makes them ready for use again.Bikes at affordable prices or for loan or donation, plus bike-ability classes.Tel: 01896 208180 or email [email protected] Tweedbank Craft Cen