The investment case for theemerging accommodation segments3 February 2015The HotelAlternativesEvent 20153 February 2015Jumeriah Carlton Tower, London“ This is an exciting time to be in the accommodation sector as change is happening in almost everydirection. We want to create an event that examines why and how these changes are happening.Now is the moment to get in touch to shape what is discussed,”Andrew Sangster,Editorial director of Hotel Analyst news analysis services and creator of the Hotel Alternatives Event.For further information on all sponsorship opportunities please contact:Deborah Faulkner email: [email protected] tel: 07807 027 189Powered

The Investment Case for the EmergingAccommodation Segments.The rise and rise of alternatives to traditional hotel accommodation is changing theinvestment landscape for what had been a specialised and exclusive real estatesegment. Hotel Analyst, the definitive source of information for hotel investors formore than a decade, is launching a new event to highlight the issues.New accommodation types – such as capsulehotels, hostels and serviced apartments - areemerging as direct threats to hotels. Othertraditionally separate asset classes such asstudent accommodation, timeshare and theprivate rented sector are entering the short-termletting space as well.The new threats are being facilitated by thesharing economy as websites like Airbnb andHousetrip enable the emerging accommodationproviders to cost effectively market to a wideaudience of potential guests.This conference will discuss: H ow big a threat to traditional hotels are thenew accommodation providers? H ow do the returns delivered by the emergingplayers compare to hotels? C an the sharing economy deliver an effectivedistribution platform?. And much more.The programme will look in turn at eachsegment by demand drivers:BackgroundThe Hotel Alternatives event is the second tobe launched by ZeroTwoZero Communications,the publishers of the Hotel Analyst titles. “Thesuccess of our Hotel Distribution Event hasencouraged us to bring our editorial skills to bearon creating a new conference that will again havethe hallmarks of real debate and insight,”said Sangster.Hotel Analyst, the 11 years old hotel industryinvestment information service, is curatingthis new conference so that the investmentcommunity can reach an understanding of what ishappening across all types of buildings with beds.“This is an exciting time to be in theaccommodation sector as change is happeningin almost every direction. We want to create anevent that examines why and how these changesare happening. Now is the moment to get intouch to shape what is discussed,” said AndrewSangster, editorial director of the HotelAnalyst group. M illennials – hostels, capsule hotels, studentaccommodation M id-life / family – serviced apartments, residentialrentals, holiday rentals, B&B G rey pound – senior living, cruise ships,hospital accommodationWho should attend?The target audience for Hotel Alternatives isinvestors, operators and advisers with an interestin the new accommodation types that rival

Floor Plan 2015Conference Room12RegistrationVisitor EntranceExit to Hotel313412Food & BeverageStationStairs5StairsPrivate Meeting

OpportunityIntroductory offer for 2015Hotel Alternatives is introducing a dedicated exhibition space for 2015 with arange of sponsorship opportunities available. Supports to this new event willenjoy special introductory rates for 2015 which also include complimentarypasses to the conference. Hotel Alternatives offers a platform for you toshowcase your products and services to an influential senior audience.The benefits of becoming a sponsorPre-event exposure of your companylogo on promotional materials related toHotel AlternativesYour logo promoted via Hotel Analyst’s database.Our database is the leading database in the hoteland hotel like accommodation, with nearly 50,000contacts of senior level

Sponsorship InformationSponsorship packagesSponsor package – limited to 12 onlyThere are two levels of sponsorship available atHotel Alternatives 2015: 3,500.00 VAT (introductory rate 2015)Exclusive Patron package including HA 2015Cocktail Reception sponsorship 6,500 VAT E xclusive Patron sponsorship incorporating aprime location stand plus branded hosting ofthe HA 2015 cocktail reception which will beheld within the exhibition space at the JumeirahCarlton Towers Garden Rooms on the eveningbefore the event. Patron retains exclusive rightsto distribute a branded promotional product orgift at the cocktail reception (tbc withHA organisers) F ully equipped large exhibition stand in reservedspace at forefront of exhibition room. Includesstandard power socket, light box to highlightlogo/branding, printed graphic display 2m x1m,integrated storage cupboard for marketingcollateral, literature rack, stool. Stand has afootprint of approx W3m x D1m x H2m (standardis w2m x D1m x H2m). C ompany logo as “patron” on programme and allHA 2015 Cocktail Reception information C ompany logo has top weighting on allpromotional materials and on all signageas “patron” S ignage will include welcome board at entrance,directional signage and reception desk front wrap. C ompany logo and acknowledgement onconference website homepage with hyperlink Solus email to delegates 2 days prior to event 3 complimentary delegate passes (2 exhibitorpasses also included) P rivate meeting room with private service ofrefreshments for up to 12 to use during HotelAlternatives 2015 F ully equipped exhibition stand – includesstandard power socket, light box to highlightlogo/branding, printed graphic display 1m x 1m,integrated storage cupboard for marketingcollateral, literature rack, stool. Stand has afootprint of approx. W2m x D1m x H2m C ompany logo on promotional materials relatedto Hotel Alternatives 2015 C ompany logo and hyperlink on HotelAlternatives 2015 website 2 complimentary delegate passes (2 exhibitorpasses also included)Additional sponsorship opportunities Lanyards - 1,500 (exclusive) B anners on HA 2015 website registration page 500 (exclusive) V ideo advert on screen located in entrancelobby - 250 N otepads and pens - 1,500 (exclusive and to besupplied by sponsor) P lastic files for conference materials distributedat registration - 1,000 (exclusive) E -shot to potential database fordelegates - 1,000 S olus email to pre-reg delegates a week beforethe event - 1,000 Lunch refreshments sponsor - 1,500 (exclusive) P rivate meeting room with refreshments servicefor up to 12 for duration of HA 2015 - 1,000Further advertising opportunities to reservespace in both publication and newsletter to boostprofile are on offer. Separate media pack can begiven if required.For further information on all sponsorship opportunities please contact:Deborah Faulkneremail: [email protected]: 07807 027

Booking Form 2015Sponsorship packages:Contact Details:Exclusive Patron PackageIncluding HA 2015 CocktailReception Sponsorship 6,500Sponsor PackageLimited to 12 only 3,500Company name:Contact name:Position in company:Additional Sponsorship Opportunities (POA):LanyardsAddress: 1,500Banners on HA 2015website registration page 500Video advert on screenlocated in entrance lobby 250Postcode:Telephone:Notepads and pens 1,500Plastic files for conference 1,400materials distributed at registrationE-shot to potential databasefor delegates 1,000Solus email to pre-reg delegatesa week before the event 1,000Lunch refreshments sponsor 1,500Private meeting room withrefreshments service for up to 12for duration of HA 2015 1,000Other Details:Fax:Email:Invoice contact:Purchase order number (if applicable):Total Cost (GBP) VATI/we agree to pay the total cost shown above issued by Hotel Alternatives2015 and pay the instalments within 14 days of invoice date,(except for bookings made less than 14 days prior to the event which willbe payable immediately upon receipt), and understand that the standmay be reallocated if payments are not made by the date required andthe relevant cancellation fee will be charged.Attached are our terms and conditions.I have read and accepted the terms and conditions.Signed for and on behalf of the Hotel Alternatives 2015.I confirm that I am authorised by my company to signthis contract.Signed:Signed:Dated:Dated:Please return this booking form via email to:Deborah FaulknerEmail: [email protected] also include with your booking confirmation: Company logo in jpeg & vector format Company profile in 50 & 150 words Website URLAll prices quoted are

Terms and Conditions for sponsorship and exhibition packages1. DEFINITIONS AND INTERPRETATION 1.1 In these terms and conditions the following terms shall have thefollowing meanings: (a) “ZTZ” means ZeroTwoZero Communications Limited (company number4661849); (b) “Hotel Alternatives 2015” means Hotel Alternatives which is owned byZTZ. (c) “Hotel Alternatives 2015 Marks” means “2015 Hotel Alternatives 2015”together with any other marks, logos, artwork, designs, slogans as maybe advised by Hotel Alternatives 2015 in writing; (d) “Booking Form” means the Hotel Alternatives 2015 booking form fromtime to time; (e) “Commercial Rights” means any and all rights of a commercial natureconnected with the Hotel Alternatives 2015, including without limitation,broadcasting rights, new media rights, interactive games rights,Sponsor/Exhibitorship rights, merchandising rights, licensing rights,advertising rights and hospitality rights. (f) “Contract” means any contract between ZTZ and the Sponsor/Exhibitorfor a Sponsorship Package or Exhibition Package; (g) “Conference” means the Hotel Alternatives 2015, to be held on the19th September at the Jumeriah Carlton, London; (h) “Conference Marks” means the Hotel Alternatives 2015 Marks andthe Designation used singularly or collectively in association with theConference or in the exercise of the Sponsorship Rights; (i) “Conference Marks Guidelines” means the Hotel Alternatives 2015guidelines setting out the technical requirements for the reproductionof the Conference Marks (if any), as these guidelines may be amendedby Hotel Alternatives 2015 from time to time by notice in writing to theSponsor; (j) “Conference Venue” means the Jumeriah Carlton Tower, On CadoganPlace, London; (k) “Designation” means the designation “[Official Sponsor of the 2015Hotel Alternatives 2015]”. (l) “Display Area” means the display area specified by Hotel Alternatives2015 within the part of the Conference Venue applicable to the relevantSponsorship/exhibition Package; (m) “Exhibition Package” means the package of services and benefitsidentified in the Booking Form and more particularly described in thedocument entitled “Hotel Alternatives 2015 Sponsorship Information”; (n) ”Intellectual Property Rights” means any intellectual property rightsof any nature including without limit any copyright, know how, tradesecrets, confidential information, trademarks, service marks, tradenames and goodwill; (o) “Products” means the products and or services of the Sponsor/Exhibitor; (p) “Sponsor/Exhibitor” means the person, firm or company entering into aContract as identified in the relevant Booking Form; (q) “Sponsorship Package” means the package of sponsorship rights,benefits and services identified in the Booking Form and moreparticularly described in the document entitled “Hotel Alternatives2015, Sponsorship information”; (r) “Sponsorship Rights” means the bundle of rights set out in aSponsorship Package; and (s) “Sponsor’s Marks” means the Sponsor/Exhibitor’s name togetherwith any artwork, design, logo and trade mark, together with anyaccompanying words, slogan or text of the Sponsor/Exhibitor as may benotified in writing by the Sponsor/Exhibitor.2. APPLICATION OF TERMS 2.1 The Contract shall be on these Terms and Conditions and the BookingForm to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions (including any termsor conditions which the Sponsor/Exhibitor purports to apply under anypurchase order, confirmation of order, specification or other document). 2.2 No terms or conditions endorsed on, delivered with or contained in theSponsor/Exhibitor’s purchase order, confirmation of order, specification orother document shall form part of the Contract simply as a result of suchdocument being referred to in the Contract. 2.3 The Sponsor/Exhibitor acknowledges that it has not relied on anystatement, promise or representation made or given by or on behalf ofHotel Alternatives 2015 which is not set out in the Contract. Nothing in thiscondition shall exclude or limit Hotel Alternatives 2015 liability for fraudulentmisrepresentation. 2.4 Each order or acceptance of a quotation for Sponsorship Packages orExhibition Packages by the Sponsor/Exhibitor from Hotel Alternatives 2015shall be deemed to be an offer by the Sponsor/Exhibitor to buy the samesubject to these Terms and Conditions. 2.5 No order placed by the Sponsor/Exhibitor shall be deemed to beaccepted by Hotel Alternatives 2015 until a Booking Form duly executed byHotel Alternatives 2015 is issued by Hotel Alternatives 2015.3. SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES 3.1 Subject to payment of the applicable fee relating to the relevantSponsorship Package chosen by the Sponsor/Exhibitor (if any) HotelAlternatives 2015 shall provide the services and benefits set out in suchSponsorship Package and grant to the Sponsor/Exhibitor the SponsorshipRights. 3.2 The Sponsor/Exhibitor undertakes to Hotel Alternatives 2015:(a) to exercise the Sponsorship Rights strictly in accordance with the termsof the Contract. For the avoidance of doubt, the Sponsor/Exhibitor shallnot be entitled to use or exploit any of the Commercial Rights (otherthan the Sponsorship Rights) in any way;(b) to use the Conference Marks and other branding materials providedby Hotel Alternatives 2015 in accordance with the Conference MarksGuidelines;(c) to apply any legal notices as required by Hotel Alternatives 2015 oras set out in the Conference Marks Guidelines on all materials andproducts that incorporate the Conference Marks;(d) to submit to Hotel Alternatives 2015 for its prior written approval,not to be unreasonably withheld, full details of all the Products andany advertising, promotional or other material or press release whichassociates the Sponsor/Exhibitor or the Products with the Conference,or which incorporates the Conference Marks, before their distribution,production or sale;(e) to ensure that all materials and the Products promoted, published,distributed or sold and which are associated with the Conference orwhich incorporate the Conference Marks shall comply in all respectswith the information approved in accordance with condition 3.2(d);(f) to ensure that all materials and the Products promoted, published,distributed or sold and which are associated with the Conference orwhich incorporate the Conference Marks shall be safe and fit for theirintended use and shall comply with all relevant statutes, regulations,directives and codes in force(g) to provide to Hotel Alternatives 2015, at the Sponsor/Exhibitor’ssole cost and expense, all suitable material including artwork of theSponsor’s Marks in a format and within print deadlines reasonablyspecified by Hotel Alternatives 2015 for it to be reproduced under thecontrol of Hotel Alternatives 2015;(h) not to apply for registration of any part of the Conference Marks oranything confusingly similar to the Conference Marks as a trade markfor any goods or services;(i) not to use the Conference Marks or any part of them or anythingconfusingly similar to them in its trading or corporate name orotherwise, except as authorised under the Contract;(j) not do or permit anything to be done which might adversely affect anyof the Commercial Rights or the value of the Commercial Rights;(k) to provide all reasonable assistance to Hotel Alternatives 2015 inrelation to Hotel Alternatives 2015 exploitation of the CommercialRights;(l) to use its reasonable endeavours to assist Hotel Alternatives 2015 inprotecting the Conference Marks and not to knowingly do, or causeor permit anything to be done, which may prejudice or harm or hasthe potential to prejudice or harm the Conference Marks or HotelAlternatives 2015 title to the Conference Marks or to the image of theConference, Hotel Alternatives 2015 or the Conference Venue;(m) to notify Hotel Alternatives 2015 of any suspected infringement of theConference Marks, but not to take any steps or action whatsoever inrelation to that suspected infringement unless requested to do so byHotel Alternatives 2015;(n) to hold any additional goodwill generated by the Sponsor/Exhibitor forthe Conference Marks as bare trustee for Hotel Alternatives 2015 and toassign the same to Hotel Alternatives 2015 at any time on request andin any Conference following termination of the Contract; 3.3 All rightsnot expressly granted to the Sponsor under this agreement are reservedto Hotel Alternatives 2015. The Sponsor/Exhibitor acknowledges andagrees that Hotel Alternatives 2015 is the owner or controller of theCommercial Rights and of all rights in the Conference Marks; 3.4TheSponsor/Exhibitor grants and Hotel Alternatives 2015 accepts aworldwide, non- exclusive, royalty free, sub-licensable licence to usethe Sponsor’s Marks during the term of the Contract for the delivery ofthe Sponsorship Rights.4. EXHIBITION PACKAGES 4.1 Subject to the other terms and conditions of the Contract, HotelAlternatives 2015 shall permit the Sponsor/Exhibitor to display its Productsin the Display Area during the Conference. The Sponsor/Exhibitor shall notdisplay any items other than the Products within the Display Area. 4.2 The Sponsor/Exhibitor acknowledges that it shall occupy space at theConference Venue as a licensee and that no relationship of landlord andtenant between Hotel Alternatives 2015 and the Sponsor/Exhibitor is createdby the Contract. The Contract is personal to the Sponsor/Exhibitor and onlythe Sponsor/Exhibitor and its staff may exercise the rights granted to theSponsor/Exhibitor under the Contract. The Sponsor/Exhibitor may not assign,transfer or novate any of its rights and/or obligations under the Contract toany other person. 4.3 Hotel Alternatives 2015 retains control, possession and managementof the Conference Venue and the Sponsor/Exhibitor has no right to excludeHotel Alternatives 2015 from any part of the Conference Venue. Withoutprejudice to its other rights under the Contract, Hotel Alternatives 2015shall be entitled at any time on giving at least 1 hours notice to require theSponsor/Exhibitor to move from the Display Area to a comparable similararea within the Conference Venue and the Sponsor/Exhibitor shall alwayscomply with any such request.5. CHARGES AND PAYMENT 5.1 In consideration of the rights granted and services provided to theSponsor/Exhibitor under the Contract, the Sponsor/Exhibitor shall pay toHotel Alternatives 2015 the amounts as specified in the Booking Form inaccordance with the payment terms set out in the Booking Form. 5.2 All charges are stated exclusive of VAT which if applicable, shall bepayable by the Exhibitor in addition at the rate from time to time.6. OBLIGATIONS OF THE SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR 6.1 The Sponsor/Exhibitor shall comply with all applicable laws andregulations relevant to its activities under the Contract (including, but notlimited to, relating to the display and promotion of the Products) and shallcomply with all site policies and procedures of the Conference Venuenotified to the Sponsor/Exhibitor form time to time. 6.2 The Sponsor/Exhibitor shall ensure that during the Conference, theDisplay Area is manned by a suitable number of competent employees. TheSponsor/Exhibitor has no right to make any representation or warranty onthe behalf of Hotel Alternatives 2015 and the Sponsor/Exhibitor shall ensurethat none of its employees purports to do so nor makes any statementwhich is derogatory towards Hotel Alternatives 2015 or any of its products,services or brands. 6.3 At the request of Hotel Alternatives 2015, the Sponsor/Exhibitor shallexclude/remove from the Conference Venue any person present there at therequest or invitation of the Sponsor/Exhibitor where Hotel Alternatives 2015deems the continued presence of that person at the Conference Venue to beundesirable. 6.4 The Sponsor/Exhibitor shall ensure that the Products and any fixtures,fittings, furniture etc. which it installs within the Display Area shall complywith all applicable health & safety requirements (including, but not limitedto, fire safety). The Sponsor/Exhibitor shall not in any circumstancesbring any dangerous or inflammable items into the Conference Venue.At the request of Hotel Alternatives 2015, the Sponsor/Exhibitor shallimmediately remove or make good any item within the Display Area whichHotel Alternatives 2015 in its absolute discretion deems to constitute anunacceptable risk to health & safety. 6.5 The Sponsor/Exhibitor shall carry out any fitting out of the Display Areaduring such times as are specified by Hotel Alternatives 2015 and, at theend of the Conference and upon termination of the Contract, the Sponsor/Exhibitor shall remove all items brought by it into the Conference Venue andshall leave the Display Area in a clean and tidy condition. 6.6 All items brought into the Conference Venue by the Sponsor/Exhibitorare done so entirely at the risk of the Sponsor/Exhibitor and HotelAlternatives 2015 shall not be liable for any loss or theft of or damage toany such items howsoever caused. 6.7 The Sponsor/Exhibitor shall maintain in place public and employerliability insurance in respect of all periods of its occupation of the DisplayArea and shall produce evidence of such insurance cover being in place atthe request of Hotel Alternatives 2015. The Sponsor/Exhibitor shall ensurethat such insurance complies with any reasonable requirements as tominimum level of cover which may be specified by Hotel Alternatives 2015from time to time.7. LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY 7.1 Save in respect of liability for death or personal injury caused by itsnegligence; for fraudulent misrepresentation; and for any other formsof liability which it would be illegal or unlawful for Hotel Alternatives2015 to seek to limit or exclude its liability for, the entire liability of HotelAlternatives 2015 to the Sponsor/Exhibitor under the Contract shall belimited to the value of charges (if any) actually paid by the Sponsor/Exhibitorto Hotel Alternatives 2015 under the Contract. 7.2 Except as expressly provided in the Contract, neither party shall beliable or responsible for the other hereunder in contract tort or otherwise(including any liability for negligence) for:- (a) any loss of revenue, businesscontracts anticipated savings or profits, or any loss of use of facilities; or (b)any special indirect or consequential loss howsoever arising. 7.3 In clause 7.2(b) “anticipated savings” means any expense which eitherparty expects to avoid incurring or into incur in a lesser amount than wouldotherwise have been the case. 7.4 The Sponsor/Exhibitor shall indemnify Hotel Alternatives 2015 andkeep Hotel Alternatives 2015 indemnified in full against any and all losses,liabilities, costs, claims, demands, expenses and fees (including butwithout limitation legal and other professional fees), actions, proceedings,judgements awarded and damages suffered or incurred by HotelAlternatives 2015 arising out of or in connection with any and all acts,inactions and omissions of the Sponsor/Exhibitor, its employees, agents orsub-contractors in relation to its activities under the Contract.8. TERMINATION 8.1 Subject to earlier termination in accordance with its provisions, theContract shall remain in force until the end of the Conference. 8.2 Hotel Alternatives 2015 shall be entitled to immediately terminate thearrangement constituted by the Contract by notice in writing in the eventthat the Sponsor/Exhibitor: (i) commits any breach of its obligations underthe Contract; (ii) ceases to carry on its business, becomes insolvent, entersinto liquidation or administration, is declared bankrupt or any similar oranalogous event occurs to it; and/or (iii) suffers any change in controlwhereby control (whether by virtue of ownership of shares or voting rights;ability to control and direct management policies and procedures; orotherwise) of the Sponsor/Exhibitor or any parent or holding company of theSponsor/Exhibitor changes from the persons having control as at the dateof the Contract; and/or (iv) fails to pay to Hotel Alternatives 2015 any sumspayable under the Contract by the due date. 8.3 The Sponsor/Exhibitor shall have the right to terminate the Contract onwritten notice to Hotel Alternatives 2015 to be received not less than 90days prior to the Conference. In the event of such termination, the Sponsor/Exhibitor shall be entitled to a refund of 50% of the amounts paid to HotelAlternatives 2015 under the Contract. 8.4 Hotel Alternatives 2015 shall be entitled to terminate the right ofthe Sponsor/Exhibitor to exhibit at the Conference provided that HotelAlternatives 2015 provides the Sponsor/Exhibitor with at least three monthsnotice. In such circumstances, the sole liability of Hotel Alternatives 2015 tothe Sponsor/Exhibitor will be to refund any advance charges actually paidby the Sponsor/Exhibitor to Hotel Alternatives 2015 in connection with theConference in question. 8.5 Termination of the arrangement constituted by the Contract shall notaffect the coming into force or continuing in force of any part of the Contractwhich, whether expressly or by implication, is to survive termination.9. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS 9.1 Hotel Alternatives 2015 and the Sponsor/Exhibitor acknowledge asfollows: (a) all Intellectual Property Rights in the Sponsor’s Marks shall bethe sole and exclusive property of the Sponsor/Exhibitor, together with anygoodwill, and the Organiser shall not acquire any rights in the Sponsor’sMarks, including any developments or variations; and (b) all IntellectualProperty Rights in the Conference Marks shall be the sole and exclusiveproperty of the Organiser and the Sponsor shall not acquire any rights in theConference Marks, including any developments or variations; 9.2 The Sponsor/Exhibitor shall indemnify and keep indemnified HotelAlternatives 2015 from and against all claims, damages, losses, costs(including all reasonable legal costs), expenses, demands or liabilitiesarising out of any claim that the Hotel Alternatives 2015’s use of theSponsor’s Marks in accordance with the Contract infringes any IntellectualProperty Rights or moral rights of any third party. 9.3 Hotel Alternatives 2015 shall indemnify and keep indemnified theSponsor/Exhibitor from and against all claims, damages, losses, costs(including all reasonable legal costs), expenses, demands or liabilitiesarising out of any claim that the Sponsor/Exhibitor use of the ConferenceMarks in accordance with the Contract infringe any Intellectual PropertyRights or moral rights of any third party. The limits and exclusions set out inclause 7 shall not apply to this indemnity. 9.4 The party seeking to rely on an indemnity at condition 9.2 and condition9.3 (Indemnified Party) shall: (a) promptly and fully notify the other party(Indemnifying Party) of any third-party claim in respect of which it wishesto rely on the indemnity (IPR Claim); (b) allow the Indemnifying Party, atits own cost, to conduct all negotiations and proceedings and to settlethe IPR Claim, always provided that the Indemnifying Party shall obtainthe Indemnified Party’s prior approval of any settlement terms, which isnot to be unreasonably withheld; (c) provide the Indemnifying Party withany reasonable assistance regarding the IPR Claim as is required by theIndemnifying Party, subject to reimbursement by the Indemnifying Partyof the Indemnified Party’s costs so incurred; and (d) not, without priorconsultation with the Indemnifying Party, make any admission relating tothe IPR Claim or attempt to settle it, provided that the Indemnifying Partyconsiders and defends any IPR Claim diligently and in a way that does notbring the reputation of the Indemnified Party into disrepute.10. GENERAL 10.1 Hotel Alternatives 2015 nor the Sponsor/Exhibitor shall be liable forany failure or delay in performing its obligations where such failure or delayresults from any cause that is beyond the reasonable control of that party.Such causes include, but are not limited to: power failure, industrial action,civil unrest, fire, flood, storms, earthquakes, volcanic ash clouds, acts ofterrorism, acts of war, governmental action, acts of god or any other eventthat is beyond the control of the party in question. 10.2 No amendment or variation to the Contract shall be effective unlessmade in writing and signed on behalf of each party. 10.3 Any notice given under or in connection with the Contract shall not beeffective unless given in writing and delivered by: registered post (effectivetwo business days after posting) or personal delivery (effective at the timeof delivery). 10.4 Headings are used in the Contract for convenience only and shall notaffect the interpretation of any particular provision. 10.5 No delay or failure by either party in exercising or pursuing any claim,right or remedy arising under the Contract or from any breach by a party ofany of its obligations under the Contract shall operate or be construed as awaiver thereof, nor shall the rights and remedies of either party under theContract be in any way extinguished or diminished by the granting of anyindulgence, forbearance or extension of time by that party and a single orpartial exercise of any right or remedy shal

Hotel Alternatives Your logo promoted via Hotel Analyst's database. Our database is the leading database in the hotel and hotel like accommodation, with nearly 50,000 contacts of senior level people. opportunity Introductory offer for 2015 Hotel Alternatives is introducing a dedicated exhibition space for 2015 with a