CISCO IP 7942 Series Press Answer softkey for hands-freeorPress the yellow(flashing) line buttonOrPress iDivert soft key tosend the caller directly tovoice mable ButtonsPhone ScreenFoot stand ButtonMessages ButtonDirectories ButtonHelp ButtonSettings ButtonServices ButtonVolume ButtonSpeaker ButtonMute ButtonHeadset ButtonNavigation ButtonKeypadSoft key ButtonsHandset Light StripPlace a Call Lift handset and enter anumberorPress Speaker buttonfor hands-free Dial a phone number Answer a Call Lift handsetorPress Speaker buttonfor hands-freeEnd Call Return the handset toits cradleor Press the soft keyEndCallor Presswhile onspeakerphonePlace a Call on HoldMake sure the call youwant to put on hold ishighlighted.1. Press Hold soft key2. Press Resume softkey to return to yourcallPlace a Second Callon Hold1. Place the first call onhold by pressing theHold soft key2. Press New Call softkey or line button3. Press EndCall softkey to end yoursecond callCISCO IP PHONE 7942 SERIES Instructional & Information Technology Services 12/15/20109:08:06 AMQUICK REFRENCE4. Press Resume softkey to return to thefirst callNote: Use Navigationbutton to alternatebetween first and secondcall, and press RESUMEsoft key to return to thecall.Transfer Call1. From an active call,press the Transfer softkey2. Dial target number3. Wait for recipient toanswer4. Announce call transfer(optional)5. Press Transfer tocomplete the transferor press EndCall tocancelCall Forward1. Press CFwdALL orForward All soft key2. Dial number to forwardcalls toTo deactivate:1. Press CFwdALL orForward All soft keyCall Waiting1. When you hear a callwaiting beep (singlealert) press Answersoft key (first call goeson hold)2. Use Navigation buttonsto alternate between

and press Resume soft keyto return to a call3. Press EndCall soft key todisconnect the selectedcallerJoin Calls1. From an active call, pressJoin2. Press More to display thissoft key3. Press the green (flashing)line buttonfor thecalls you wish to joinIf the calls do not join:1. Highlight the calls on thewindow of your phonescreen2. Press Select soft key3. Selected calls display thisicon4. Press Join soft key tocomplete the actionPlace a Conference CallUp to six participants.1. While on a call, pressConfrn or Conference2. Press More to display thissoft key3. Enter the participant’sphone number4. Wait for the call to connect5. Press Confrn orConference again to addparticipant to call6. Repeat to add moreparticipantsMeet Me ConferenceRequires special phonenumber from IITS.To establish:1. Lift receiver2. Press MeetMe soft key3. Dial the assigned MeetMeconference numberParticipants can now joinconference by dialing in.To join a MeetMe call:1. Dial the assigned MeetMeconference numberNote: If participants call the MeetMenumber before the call has beenestablished by the coordinator of theconference call, they will hear a busytone.End the conference:1. All participants must hangupCheck MessagesTo retrieve message(s):1. Press the Messagesbutton2. Follow the prompts tocheck voice mailNew message indicators:1. Steady red light on thehandset2. A flashing messagewaiting icon3. Text message on yourphone screen CISCO IP PHONE 7942 SERIES Instructional & Information Technology Services 12/15/2010Note: The red light display isonly for a voice message onyour primary line, even if youreceive voice messages onother lines.Retrieved Missed, Placedand Received Calls1. Press the Directoriesbutton2. Use Navigation button tohighlight either missed,received or placed calls3. Use Navigation to scrollthrough calls4. Press Details to displayinformation about the callTo dial a number:1. Press Dial soft key (forinternal calls) or liftreceiveror2. Press Edit Dial soft keyfollowed by or toadd or delete digits3. Add 9 before any externalcall4. Press Dial soft key or liftreceiverSpeed DialSee Web Interface Section.Redial Last Number Called1. Press Redial soft key todial the last number2. Speaker for hands-freeturns on automaticallyorLift HandsetP.2

Mute a CallDisables the microphone.1. Press Mute buttontoactivate2. Press Mute button againto deactivateSwitch between Handsetand Speaker1. If on Speaker, lift handset2. If on handset, pressSpeakerbutton andreplace handsetInternal Directory1. Press Directories button2. Use Navigation button toscroll to CorporateDirectory3. Press Select soft key4. Enter first or last nameusing dial pad (keeppressing a number keyto toggle between letters;use soft key to backspaceand delete a letter)5. Press Search soft key6. Use Navigation button tohighlight the person youwish to call7. Press Dial soft keyDo Not Disturb (DND)A feature to turn off only theringer on your phone or toturn off all audible and visualnotifications of incoming calls.Speaker, handset,headset1. Press the volume button§ Your system administratorenables DND for your phone.To turn on:1. Press DND or Do NotDisturb2. “Do Not Disturb” displayson the phone3. The DND lightsandthe ring tone are turned offTo turn off:1. Press DND or Do NotDisturbPHONE SETTINGSPhone Settingswhile thehandset, headset orspeaker is in use2. Press Save soft key tosave the volume settingRinger Type1. Press the Settingsbuttonthen UserPreferences Rings2. Choose a phone line orthe default ring setting3. Choose a ring tone toplay a sample of it4. Press Select and Saveto set the ring tone, orpress CancelThe Settings buttonallows you to personalizeLCD Display Contrastsome of the features of yourphone. A screen menu willassist you in adjusting various 1. Press the Settingssettings such as ringer typebuttonthen selectand contrast. Scroll throughUserPreferences the options using theContrastNavigation button.2. To make adjustments,press Up, Down or usethe Volume buttonVolume§ Ringer1. Press the Volume button3. Press Save or pressCancelwhile thehandset is in the cradleand the headset andspeakerphone buttons areoff. The new ringer volumeis saved automatically. CISCO IP PHONE 7942 SERIES Instructional & Information Technology Services 12/15/2010P.3

Programmable ButtonsButtons illuminate to indicatestatus:Green, Steady:Active call or Two-wayIntercom callGreen, Flashing:Held callAmber, Steady:Privacy in use, One-wayIntercom call, DND activeAmber, Flashing:Incoming call orReverting CallRed, Steady:Remote line in use(shared line or BLFstatus)Red, Flashing:Remote call on holdLine and Call IconsYour phone displays icons tohelp you determine the calland line state.On Hook LineNo call activity on this lineOff Hook LineYou are dialing a number oran outgoing call is ringingConnected CallYou are currently connectedto the other partyCall on HoldYou have put the call on holdRemote Call on HoldAnother phone that sharesyour line has put a call onholdRemote in UseAnother phone that sharesyour line has connected a callButton IconsNavigationScroll through menus andhighlight items. Displays phonenumbers from your PlacedCalls log.MessagesReverting CallA holding call is reverting toyour phonePhone Screen IconsAuto-dials your voice mail.DirectoriesUse it to access call logs anddirectories.SettingsCall Forward EnabledMessage WaitingUse it to control phone screencontrast and ring sounds.ServicesSpeed dial, call log ordirectory listing (linestatus unknown)Use it to access the busschedule and other services.Handset in UseControls the handset, headset,speakerphone volume andringer volume.Headset in UseSpeakerphone in UseFeature Assigned toButtonHold Assigned toButtonConference Assignedto ButtonTransfer Assigned toButtonPhone Service URLAssigned to ButtonOption SelectedFeature Enabled CISCO IP PHONE 7942 SERIES Instructional & Information Technology Services 12/15/2010VolumeHelpActivates the Help menu.SpeakerToggles the speakerphone on(button is lit) or off.MuteWhen the microphone(speakerphone) is muted, thebutton is lit.HeadsetToggles the headset on(button is lit) or off.Soft keyEach activates a soft keyoption (displayed on yourphone screen).P.4

WEB INTERFACE(CALL MANAGER)Each user has their ownpersonal Web site to allowthem to manage some of theadvanced phone features,such as: Setting up speed dial Forwarding calls Activating and setting upFast Dial Activating and setting upMy Address BookAccessing Call ManagerThe Call Manager for yourphone is accessed throughyour personal account on theMyConcordia Portal at information about usingthe Portal, see thedownloadable user guide .pdf.When you have accessedyour personal portal page,click [CONFIGURE MYPHONE].Select Phone DeviceIf you have multiple phonesets, you must select the oneyou wish to configure fromthe drop-down menu on themain menu page.Change your PinClick [CHANGE YOUR PIN]on the main menu. Enter12345 as the current PIN,and select a new personalPIN consisting of 7-20 digits.Your new PIN will be requiredto subscribe and activatespecial services such as MyAddress Book and Fast Dial.Call Forward1. On the main menu, click[FORWARD ALL CALLSTO A DIFFERENTNUMBER]2. Check box of phoneextension you wish toforward3. Select either voice mail(you must have voice mailto use this option!) or thisnumber (and enter thephone number where youwant your calls to go)4. Click [UPDATE]5. To stop call forwarding,clear the check box of theextension that is beingforwarded, and click[UPDATE]Configure Speed Dial Available speed dialbutton(s) on your phone:1. On the main menu, click[ADD UPDATE YOURSPEED DIALS]2. Enter the phone numberin the first text box andthe name you would likedisplayed on your phoneset in the second text box3. Remember to add “9” toexternal numbers4. Click [UPDATE] CISCO IP PHONE 7942 SERIES Instructional & Information Technology Services 12/15/2010To dial, press speed dialbutton on your phone. Speed dial settings notassociated with a button(up to 99 entries accessedusing dial pad andabbreviated dialing):1. On the main menu, click[ADD/UPDATE YOURSPEED DIALS]2. Enter the phone numberin the first text box andthe name associatedwith the number in thesecond text box (name isfor reference and is notdisplayed on the phone)3. Remember to add “9” toexternal numbers4. Click [UPDATE]Change phone localeprofile (language)This determines thelanguage used on thephone’s LCD display. Tochange the default languagesetting:1. From the main menu,click [Change theLocale for this Phone]2. Select a language fromthe drop - down menu3. Click [UPDATE]Change web locale(language)The User Locale determinesthe language of the CallManager. To change thedefault language setting:P.5

1. From the main menu, click Add Entries (Online):[Change the Locale for1. From the main menu,your device profile(s) andclick [CONFIGUREthese web pages]YOUR CISCO2. Select a language fromPERSONAL ADDRESSthe drop-down menuBOOK]3. Click [UPDATE]2. Click [ADD A NEWENTRY]3. Enter information andChange the Ring Settingclick [INSERT]1. On the main menu, click[CHANGE THE RING Add Entries (On theSETTINGS FOR YOURPhone):PHONE]* Note that My Address Book2. From the drop-downmust first be activated onlinemenus, select how youwould like each line on1. Press SERVICESyour phone to ring WhenbuttonPhone is Idle and When2. Use Navigation key toPhone is In Usescroll to “My Address3. Click [UPDATE]Book”3. Press SELECT soft key4. Press SUBMIT soft keyMy Address Book5. Press NEW soft key6. Use dial pad to enterStore and retrieve telephonename (keep pressing anumbers. To use this service,key to toggle betweenit must first be activatedletters)online (one time only).7. Press SUBMIT soft key8. Use dial pad to enter Activate Service (Online):phone number(s)1. From the main menu, click9. Enter 4 digits for[CONFIGURE YOURinternal; enter 1 for longCISCO IP PHONEdistance (9 is notSERVICES]necessary)2. Click [MY ADDRESS10.Press SUBMIT soft keyBOOK] under “Your(success message)Subscribed Services”11.Press OK soft key3. Enter 9 for the “OutsideAccess Code” Dial a Number:4. Enter User name (your1. Press SERVICESphone number 1 Ex.:buttonPhone number 84834322. Use Navigation key toUser ID will be 84834321)scroll to “My Addressand new PINBook”5. Click [UPDATE]3. Press SELECT soft key CISCO IP PHONE 7942 SERIES Instructional & Information Technology Services 12/15/20104. Enter partial (or whole)Last, First or Nicknameusing the dial pad5. Press SUBMIT soft key(you may skip step 4 andscroll through entries)6. Select a name from thelist7. Press DIAL soft keyFast DialStore up to 99 numbers forfast dialing. To use thisservice, it must first beactivated online (one timeonly). ActivateService(Online):1. From the main menu,click [CONFIGUREYOUR CISCO IPPHONE SERVICES]2. Click [FAST DIAL] under“Your SubscribedServices”3. Enter 9 for the “OutsideAccess Code”4. Enter User name (yourphone number 1 Ex.:Phone number 8483432User ID will be84834321) and new PIN5. Click [UPDATE] Add Entries (Online):Adding a number from yourpersonal Address Book1. From the main menu,click [CONFIGUREYOUR CISCOPERSONAL ADDRESSBOOK]2. Click [FAST DIALS]P.6

3. Under “Description”,click [(UNASSIGNED)]4. Click a name already inyour “Address Book”5. Select a number from“Choose a DirectoryNumber from yourPersonal Address Book”drop-down menu6. Click [INSERT]7. Enter 4 digits for internal,and enter 1 for longdistance (9 is notnecessary)8. Press SUBMIT soft key(success message)9. Press OK soft key Dial a Number1. Press SERVICES button2. Use Navigation key toorscroll to “Fast Dial”Adding a number not in your 3. Press SELECT soft keypersonal Address Book4. Use Navigation key toselect number1. From the main menu,5. Press DIAL soft keyclick [CONFIGUREYOUR CISCOPERSONAL ADDRESSBOOK]2. Click [FAST DIALS]3. Under “Description”,click [(UNASSIGNED)]4. Select “Enter a directorynumber” and enter aphone number (it is notnecessary to include 9)5. Click [INSERT] Add Entries (On thePhone):* Note that Fast Dial must first beactivated online1. SERVICES buttonUse Navigation key toscroll to “Fast Dial”Press SELECT soft keyPress ASSIGN soft keyUse Navigation to scrollto (UNASSIGNED)Press SELECT soft key CISCO IP PHONE 7942 SERIES Instructional & Information Technology Services 12/15/2010P.7

call Note: Use Navigation button to alternate between first and second call, and press RESUME soft key to return to the call. Transfer Call End Call 1. From an active call, press the Transfer soft key Dial target number 3. Wait for recipient to answer 4. Announce call transfer (optional