CLIENT ENROLLMENT GUIDEThe key to successful payroll processing is a successful enrollment! We’re here to walk youthrough what you need to know to get your clients enrolled!WHAT YOU'LL NEED FROM YOUR CLIENT:a Their Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)a The client’s bank account and routing informationa The following information for both the client and client’s employeesa PERSONAL: Name, Address, Social Security Number, and Email Addressa PAY INFORMATION, INCLUDING: Hire Date, Status Type, Pay Rates, and Deductionsa OTHER: Withholding Status and Allowances from Employees’ W-4 Formsa BANK: Direct Deposit Information (if applicable)WWW.SUREPAYROLL.COM855-354-6941. PAGE 1.

STEP 1: ACCESSING YOUR ACCOUNTANT PORTALTo access your accountant portal, go to tAuth.aspx and enter youraccountant login information.You will be taken to your Reseller Dashboard, where you will find the Enroll New Client button featured below. Pleasenote, clients can be filtered as shown below, and clients will be listed under ‘Enrolling’ prior to processing their first payrollunder the Reseller Clients tab.WWW.SUREPAYROLL.COM855-354-6941. PAGE 2.

STEP 2: BEGIN ENROLLMENT - BUSINESS TYPEAfter selecting Enroll New Client, you’ll be taken to the following screen, which lists the information you’ll need toprovide during the enrollment process. If you have all the requested information, go ahead and select the appropriatebusiness type for the client you are enrolling. Most businesses fall under ‘General Business’, but there are a few specialcategories your client’s business may fall into.WWW.SUREPAYROLL.COM855-354-6941. PAGE 3.

STEP 3 : NEW ACCOUNT SETUPAfter selecting the appropriate business type, you’ll need to fill in the Company Contact Information. Please note thefollowing:a The Company Name must be entered exactly as it appears on the IRS proof being used;a The Username will only be used if the client processes their own payroll;a Provide the first and last name of the Legal Owner / Officer of the company, unless Power of Attorney (POA) isprovided; anda The email address refers to whom payroll reminders and service notifications will be sent to. Emails will come 6941. PAGE 4.

STEP 4 : NEW ACCOUNT SETUP - CONTACT INFORMATIONFor these fields, please provide the information for theAuthorized Signer of the Enrollment FormsPlease Note! Titles IncludeCorporation - OfficerLLC - LLC MemberSole-Prop - OwnerOther - CPA / Power of Attorney / Enrolled AgentWWW.SUREPAYROLL.COM855-354-6941. PAGE 5.

STEP 5 : COMPANY BANK INFORMATIONPlease provide the routing number and checking account number for the banking account from which payroll fundswill be drawn from.WWW.SUREPAYROLL.COM855-354-6941. PAGE 6.

STEP 6 : COMPANY EARNINGSThe below screen provides you a glimpse at the Default Earnings and Compensation Types that are automaticallycalculated in SurePayroll’s system. You are also able to add additional earnings types should the company require them.To create a new earnings type, select the drop down below the Default Other Compensation table.WWW.SUREPAYROLL.COM855-354-6941. PAGE 7.

STEP 7 : COMPANY STATE TAX INFORMATIONProvide your State Income and State Unemployment Tax information in the below screen. Please ensure the StateTax IDs adhere to the Valid Format requirements below each box. Additional documentation or assessment rates can besent to your sales representative with additional client documents.Please note, if the client’s DepositFrequency is different from the default(semi-monthly), please notify your salesrepresentative to assure it is accounted for.WWW.SUREPAYROLL.COM855-354-6941. PAGE 8.

STEP 8 : COMPANY TAX IDsProvide the company’s State and Federal Tax IDs. If your client is in the process of applying for a Tax ID, please notethat we will need either the State registration confirmation or an email stating “State Unemployment/Income Tax has beenapplied for”, within the first 30 days of the client’s first payroll run.WWW.SUREPAYROLL.COM855-354-6941. PAGE 9.

STEP 9 : COMPANY PAY FREQUENCY AND SCHEDULEOn the following pages, please select the company’s Payroll Frequency and schedule the first payday.WWW.SUREPAYROLL.COM855-354-6941. PAGE 10.

STEP 10 : COMPANY DEDUCTIONSThen, set up the Company’s Deductions. If there have been any garnishments, 401k, insurance premiums, etc. listedon the current year’s payroll reports, they will need to be created at a company level here, then added to employees’profiles during Employee Set-Up. If this does not apply to your client, nothing needs to be done during this step.WWW.SUREPAYROLL.COM855-354-6941. PAGE 11.

STEP 11 : PAYROLL SERVICE AGREEMENTFederal regulations require us to obtain a Payroll Service Agreement to process payroll from your client’s account. Theagreement must be accepted by the company principal. You will need to provide the agreement to your client’s principal inorder for us to run payroll for the account.WWW.SUREPAYROLL.COM855-354-6941. PAGE 12.

STEP 12: FORMSThere are a number of forms that will need to be completed and provided to SurePayroll prior to us running yourclient’s payroll. On this page, you will also find the Enrollment Forms Packet, which includes the a Deposit AccountVerification form, the IRS Form 8655, and the State Power of Attorney form. You can download the enrollmentforms packet to complete with your client. We also accept electronic signatures through DocuSign. Note, for the DepositAccount Verification, you can also provide a voided check in lieu of the completed Deposit Account Verification form.WWW.SUREPAYROLL.COM855-354-6941. PAGE 13.

STEP 13: EMPLOYEE INFORMATIONNow that the company information is taken care of, you may begin inserting your client’s employee information.Note: Providing the employee’s email address willallow them to access W-2s and pay stubsWWW.SUREPAYROLL.COM855-354-6941. PAGE 14.

STEP 14: EMPLOYEE PAY METHOD & RATEAfter entering the employee’s information, select the delivery method of their payment, and, on the following screen, theirpayment rate. The example below demonstrates what this would look like for an hourly employee.WWW.SUREPAYROLL.COM855-354-6941. PAGE 15.

STEP 15: EMPLOYEE TAX INFORMATIONNow you will need to set up the employee’s tax information. This information can be pulled from the employee’s W-4.WWW.SUREPAYROLL.COM855-354-6941. PAGE 16.


STEP 16: EMPLOYEE DEDUCTIONSFinally, if applicable, provide any additional deductions needed for the employee. If there are no deductions required,simply click “Next”.WWW.SUREPAYROLL.COM855-354-6941. PAGE 18.

STEP 17: RINSE, REPEATOnce you’ve set up deductions for that employee, they’ll be added to the client’s Employee List. If your client has anyadditional employees, simply click the Add Another Employee button, where you’ll repeat steps 13 through 16. Makesure you do not click “Done” until all employees that have been paid in this fiscal year have been added.After you have added all necessary employees and click “Done”, please allow four business days for us to review andverify all account information. After we have reviewed all necessary fields and documents, including prior to service wages(if applicable), an email will be sent to the client approver email address requesting that they confirm the accuracy of allinformation provided.Finally, a Notice of Debit email will be distributed to the client approver email address outlining any outstanding taxpayments that will need to be paid as a result of the transition from a prior service provider. Any taxes not listed in thisemail will need to be remitted by the client.NEED HELP? REACH OUT!If you need assistance at any time during the enrollment experience, don’t hesitate to reach out to your dedicated SalesRepresentative. These enrollment specialists have seen and done it all, and will help you through any sticking points.WWW.SUREPAYROLL.COM855-354-6941. PAGE 19.

STEP 11 : PAYROLL SERVICE AGREEMENT Federal regulations require us to obtain a Payroll Service Agreement to process payroll from your client's account. The agreement must be accepted by the company principal. You will need to provide the agreement to your client's principal in order for us to run payroll for the account.