Counseling Bakersfield CollegeinsideBC ( LocationsHome (/)2/14/18, 4 58 PMCatalog alog)Calendar (/calendar/)Directory edu/)This packet will show the steps to accessing the online workshops availablethrough the service. Packet starts with new studentworkshop, then shows the student success seminar, and finally online orientationAdmissionsProgramsStudent(/)& Records& ClassesServicesStudent Services FAQs (/counseling/counseling-faqs)Faculty & Staff (/counseling/facultystaff)Education Planning (/ed-planning)Services (/counseling/services)Student Educational n & Dismissal(/counseling/probation)Get StartedDegrees & lege Catalog (/catalog)Admissions StepsBefore You Apply (/admissions)Apply (/apply)Orientation (/orientation)Placement Test (/placement)Develop Ed Plan (/counseling/newstudent-workshop)Register for Classes(/registerforclasses)Important Dates02/16/18Lincoln Day Holiday02/19/18Washington Day Holiday03/23/18CounselingOur MissionAcademic counseling and advising at Bakersfield College is an on-going, intentional, andeducational partnership between Bakersfield College and its students that is dedicated tostudent academic success. Bakersfield College is committed to an academic counseling andadvising system that helps students.Online WorkshopsDiscover and pursue life goalsSupport diverse and equitable educational experiencesAdvance students’ intellectual and cultural developmentLearn to become engaged, self-directed leaners, and competent decision makersNew Student Online Workshop(/new-student-workshop)Student Success eldOnline Orientation(/counseling/orientation) (Click on"Online Orientation" tab)The Counseling Department is committed to promoting student success by assistingstudents with educational planning, career and education counseling, anddeveloping strategies for navigating higher education.Hours & LocationsPanorama CampusDelano CampusLocation: Center for Student Success (formerly StudentServices), 1st FloorLocation: Science & Technology BuildingPhone: (661) 395-4421 (tel: 16613954421)Phone: (661) 720-2000 (tel: 16617202000)Hours:Hours:Monday–Thursday: 7:30am – 5:30pmFriday: 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.Closed: Saturday and SundayMonday–Thursday: 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.Closed: Saturday and SundayLast day to withdraw and receive a “W”03/26/18 to 03/31/18Spring Break04/04/18Early Web Registration Begins for du/counselingPage 1 of 4

Step 4: Develop an Education Plan Bakersfield College# insideBC (' BC LocationsNew Student Workshop: Step 2 choose in person or online Catalog log)% Calendar (/calendar/)2/21/18, 12:36 PM& Directory du/)Admissions& Records(/)Programs& ClassesStudentServicesAboutBC! Home (/) Student Services (/student) Counseling (/counseling) Education PlanningCounseling(/counseling)FAQs (/counseling/counseling-faqs)Faculty & Staff (/counseling/facultystaff)Education Planning (/ed-planning)Services (/counseling/services)Student Education Plan(/counseling/student-education-plan)Probation & Dismissal(/counseling/probation)Contact UsStep 4: Develop an Education PlanPlan Your First Semesters at BC!College is an exciting and challenging time for new students. The New StudentWorkshop (NSW) and Abbreviated Student Education Plan (ASEP) events aredesigned to help you understand your degree or major pathway to ensureproper preparation to register for classes.Why NSW (New Student Workshop) & ASEP(Abbreviated Student Education Plan)?Enrollment StepsStep 1:Apply (/apply)Step 2:Orientation (/orientation)Step 3:Placement Test (/placement)Step 4:Ed PlanStep 5:Register for ClassesThis workshop is designed to help new students understand Placement Testresults and how those results relate to course placement. At this in-personworkshop, new students will also create an ASEP (Abbreviated StudentEducation Plan). The ASEP (Abbreviated Student Education Plan) is aframework of your first 1-3 semesters at Bakersfield College that you will use toregister yourself into classes.(/registerforclasses)Who Is Required To Take The NSW (NewStudent Workshop) And Complete An ASEP(Abbreviated Student Education Plan)?Admissions & Questions%20About%20Enrollment&body %5BP(661) 395-4301 (tel: 16613954301)FAQ's (/admissions/faqs)Contact UsOutreach & School [email protected] new students must complete the NSW (New Student Workshop) & developPanorama Campus(mailto:[email protected]?an ASEP (Abbreviated Student Education Plan).A8, Administration Buildingsubject Questions%20About%20IT'S%20POSSIBLE&body C%20ID%20in%20this%20message.%5D)(661) 395-4276See our Campus Map(/sites/ CampusIN-PERSON NSW (New Student Workshop) & ASEP (Abbreviated StudentCampusMap-Color-0417.jpg).Welcome Center, AdministrationEducation Plan)BuildingSign up by contacting the Counseling Department at (661) 395-4421See our Campus Map.(tel: 16613954421).(/about/campus-map)Sign Up Now!Outreach EventsSpring Orientation (/event/springorientation)03/06/18ONLINE NSW (New Student Workshop) & ASEP (Abbreviated StudentEducation Plan) ge/nsw)(If you plan to take the online NSW (New Student Workshop), you will need tomeet with a counselor or educational advisor afterward to complete your ASEP(Abbreviated Student Education Plan).)NSW (New Student Workshop) & ASEP Details5:00 pm to 7:00 pmSpring Orientation (/event/springorientation)03/20/185:00 pm to 7:00 pmSpring Orientation (/event/springorientation)04/03/185:00 pm to 7:00 pmNSW (New Student Workshop) & ASEP (Abbreviated Student EducationPlan)will be held in the Counseling Department.(Campus Map with Counseling pusMap-CounselingDept0417.jpg))Parking ) permits arerequired on campus. For NSW (New Student Workshop) & Page 1 of 2

Step 4: Develop an Education Plan Bakersfield CollegeSpring Orientation (/event/springorientation)04/17/185:00 pm to 7:00 pmView All » (/events)2/21/18, 12:36 PM(Abbreviated Student Education Plan), you may park in the student loton Haley & University, free of charge, without penalty.If you are a high school student or recent high school graduate, pleasebring a copy of your high school transcripts.If you have attended another university or college, please bring anunofficial copy of your transcripts.Plan to take notes and bring your questions!(/registerforclasses)NEXT STEP: Register for Classes (/registerforclasses)PDF READERSACCREDITATIONSOCIAL MEDIAThis web site uses files in Adobe AcrobatPortable Document Format (pdf). To viewor print these files you must install the freeAdobe Reader or another PDF readerprogram such as the Foxit Reader.Bakersfield College is accredited by theAccrediting Commission for Communityand Junior Colleges( of the WesternAssociation of Schools and Colleges( The ACCJC isone of the six regional accrediting bodiesrecognized by the U.S. Department ofEducation and the Council for HigherEducation Accreditation.Bakersfield Campus (Main) (/panorama)FacebookPanorama Drive( 1801DelanoBakersfield, CA 93305Facebook(661) 395-4011 (tel: ollegeDelanoCampus)' Google map to Main p:// YouTubeBC Online ollege)(661) 395-4421 (tel: 16613954421)President’s BlogDelano Campus (/delano)( Timmons Ave.Delano, CA 93215BUSINESS HOURS(661) 720-2000 (tel: 16617202000)' Google map to Delano CampusMonday-Thursday: 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.(» Download Adobe Acrobat Reader(» Foxit ESSIBILITY HELP» Bakersfield College DSPS(» Accreditation Website (/accreditation)INSTITUTIONALEFFECTIVENESSFriday: 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.» Assistive Technology» Renegade Scorecard ps/assistive-Closed: Saturday, & Sundaycomputer-technology)SUGGESTIONS» Report an Accessibility rt- » Suggestion Box ITE MAP» BC web site Site Map lto:[email protected])CONSUMER INFORMATION(/NODE/18734)» Campus Safety Booklet(/download/13407)» Crime Report (CLERY) (/publicsafety/clery-report)CAMPUSES & CENTERSWeill Institute (Downtown) (/weill)2100 Chester Ave.Bakersfield, CA 93301(661) 395-4104 (tel: 16613954104)' Google map to Weill Institute( SouthWest (bcsouthwest)11000 River Run Blvd #200Bakersfield, CA 93311' Google map to BC Southwest(» Student Right to Know (/download/7146)» Report edia/en/gui/22328/index.html)» Register to Vote( vr.htm)Copyright 2017, Bakersfield College, Kern Community College 2 of 2

New Student Workshop and Abbreviated Student Education Plan2/21/18, 12:35 PMNew Student Workshop: Step 3After entering name and IDWorkshop IntroductionLet's Begin.InstructionsHere are a few tips for navigatingthe New Student Workshop:Be sure to have yourplacement testing resultsready. Without yourplacement results, you maybe prohibited fromregistering for math,English or other coursesthat requires prerequisites.If you have misplaced yourassessment scores, pleasevisit the Assessment Centerfor a duplicate copy.Use the arrows in the lower right corner to move to the next page, (you mighthave to scroll down to the bottom to see these arrows)Some words have a dashed underline—these are Terms-to-Know. If you scrollover those words, their definition will pop up on your screen.Some words are in blue — these are links to a webpage or file.Once all sections are completed, you will take a final test. You must answer aset number of questions correctly in order to pass the final test.If you signed in as a guest, you'll not be matriculated. You MUST sign in llege/nsw/-/pub/ProgressPage 1 of 2

New Student Workshop and Abbreviated Student Education Plan2/21/18, 12:35 PMyour BC ID and password.You may leave the orientation at any time and return to where you left off.You are now ready to start the workshop.! llege/nsw/-/pub/ProgressNext "Page 2 of 2

SSS2/21/18, 12:39 PMStudent Success Seminar: Step 2After entering name and ID(Step 1 is the Counseling homepage)STOPINTRODUCTIONDefinitionSTOP !IF YOU HAVE NOTCOMPLETED YOUR UPDATEFORM, READINSTRUCTIONS BELOWAND THEN CLICK HEREStep 1: Log into your InsideBC.Step 2: Click on MyBanWebStep 3: Click on Update llege/probation/-/pub/ProgressPage 1 of 2

Step 2: Orientation Bakersfield College# insideBC (' BC LocationsOnline Orientation: Step 2 choose in person or online Catalog log)% Calendar (/calendar/)2/21/18, 1:05 PM& Directory du/)Admissions& Records(/)Programs& ClassesStudentServicesAboutBC! Home (/) Admissions (/admissions) OrientationAdmissions(/admissions)Step 2: OrientationNew Student Admission (/steps)New Student OrientationContinuing Students(/admissions/continuing-students)College is a very exciting and challenging time for new students. We haveprepared an Orientation designed to facilitate a smooth transition into life as aRenegade.Former/Returning Students(/admissions/former)High School Students rnational Students (/international)Academic Calendar(/about/academic-calendar)Apply (/apply)Forms (/records/forms)Graduation ep 1:Apply (/apply)Step 2:OrientationWho Is Required To Take Orientation?Step 3:Placement Test (/placement)We want you to be successful! That is why all new students must complete theOrientation either in-person or online.Step 4:Ed Plan (/ed-planning)Step 5:Register for ClassesWhy Orientation?At the Orientation in-person, you will have the opportunity to meet fellowRenegades, learn about our academic majors and degrees, understandBakersfield College policies, find important academic dates, and you will learnsome tips on how to be a successful student at Bakersfield College.We know that some of our students have busy lives, are moving to the area ormay have scheduling conflicts with our orientations. While we encourage allstudents to come to the in-person Orientation, we have created an onlineOrientation for those not able to attend in-person.Orientation DetailsOrientation will be held in the Forums.(Campus Map Color0417.jpg))Parking ) permits arerequired on campus. For orientation, you may park in the student lot onHaley & University, free of charge, without penalty.Plan to take notes and bring your questions!Important Dates (/important-dates)Outreach (/outreach)Tuition & Fees (/admissions/tuitionfees)Additional Admissions Information(/admissions/more)Enrollment Steps(/registerforclasses)FAQ's (/admissions/faqs)Contact UsAdmissions & Questions%20About%20Enrollment&body %5BP(661) 395-4301 (tel: 16613954301)Panorama CampusA8, Administration BuildingSee our Campus p-Color-0417.jpg).Sign Up Now!IN-PERSON Orientation ( OR ONLINEOrientation ge)Advanced Placement Courses(/download/20512)Orientation (/orientation)(/placement)NEXT STEP: Placement Test (/placement)Contact UsOutreach & School 1 of 3

Bakersfield College Orientation2/21/18, 12:38 PMOnline Orientation: Step 3After entering name and IDGetting StartedEnrollment ProcessOnline OrientationInstructionsTurn your speakers on.Navigation buttons are onthe bottom right.Section titles are listedabove, directly underneaththe BC logo.Important terms areunderlined with a dashedline. Hover your pointerover these terms for a briefdefinition.All links will open in a newtab or window.At any time, you can exitthe Orientation. When you login again, you will return to where you left off.! llege/-/pub/ProgressNext "Page 1 of 1

Counseling Bakersfield College 2/14/18, 4 58 PM https://www .bakersfieldcollege. edu/counseling Page 1 of 4 Home (/) Student Services (/student) Counseling Our Mission Academic counseling and advising at Bakersfield College is an on-going, intentional, and educational partnership between Bakersfield College and its students that is dedicated to