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Package ContentsThank you for choosing Smonet product.Here is the list for product and relevant accessories.S/NItemQuantity1NVR1pc2IP Camera(2CH/4CH/6CH/8CH)2/4/6/8 pcs3DC 12V/2A power supply(for NVR)-3.3 feet1pc4DC 12V/1A power supply(for IPC2CH/4CH/6CH/8CH)-10 feet2/4/6/8 pcs53.3 Ft network cable1pc6USB mouse1pc7User manual1pcHow can I get product and technical support?USA Toll Free: (866) 678-0666 (Available after 5:00 PM at Pacific Time)CANADA Toll Free: (888) 792-5254 (Available after 5:00 PM at Pacific Time)UK Toll Free: 08004 725222E-mail for US&CA: [email protected] for UK: [email protected] ID for US&CA: safeskysales003Skype ID for UK: SMONETSERVICEWechat for US&CA: B997520270Website: WWW.SMONETCCTV.COM02

1Camera System InstallationPreparation for setupBefore installation, be sure to have the following:TV/PC monitor (Not laptop or all in one computer), with 1080P or higher resolution.VGA or HDMI cables for connection to the TV/PC monitor.Router (WAN) and Internet Service (for remote viewing)Ethernet cable for connecting the NVR to the RouterIf you purchased the system without a hard drive, you will need a hard drive if youwish to record videos from the cameras.Installing a Hard Drive (Skip this section if a hard drive was pre-installed)Hard Drive Specifications: 4TB maximum, internal, SATA Interface, 3.5/2.5 inchesPlease power off the NVR before installing the hard drive.Remove the cover from the unit,and remove the top two screwsRemove the coverInsert the hard drive, secure itto the bottom of the unit with thefour screwsConnect the data wire andpower wire as shownReplace the cover and fasten screwsNOTE: A newly installed Hard Drive needs to be formatted beforerecording. More information can be found at FAQ Part below.03

Installing the systemConnect NVR and cameras with corresponding power adapters.NOTICE,NVR Power Adapter: 12V/ 2ACamera Power Adapter: 12V/ 1ADO NOT USE WRONG ADAPTER FOR SYSTEM WORKINGConnect provided mouse to NVR box.Attach provided antennas to cameras.NOTE:If antenna already has been screwed into the camera, please DO NOT unscrew it.Otherwise camera will be broken. Systems have two different antennas. One can beremoved and the other cannot be, which is all-in-one.)NOTICE,Fasten antennas tightly for better signal transfer.Connect NVR to PC Monitor or TV by VGA/ HDMI cable, please kindly noted that thesystem doesn’t support on laptop and All- in-One PC for initial Setup.Connect NVR to the router by provided Ethernet cable, the router must beWAN(wide area work).VGA Port(PC Monitor)HDMI Port(TV Monitor)Ethernet Port(Router)USB Port Power Supply(Mouse)The NVR and cameras that came with your order have been paired and tested atthe factory to operate immediately when powered up. Pairing would only be necessary if you add additional cameras to your system. (More on the pairing processlater)04

Best placement of cameras in their final locationThe NVR’s signal coverage is circular with the NVR’s antennas in the center. Signalis strongest around the combined NVR antennas and weak in the area immediatelybetween the 2 antennas. For best signal reception the cameras should be placedaround the NVR and as close to the same horizontal plane as the location of theNVR. The camera antennas should be vertical or perpendicular to the orientation ofthe antennas on the NVR.Best wireless signal2Worst wireless signalPassword Management and Internet ConnectionLog in: Right click your mouse to open the main menu on the home screen. ClickSystem Setup and the password page will appear.NOTE: The Default Username is “admin” and a Password is not required. Leavethe password field blank. Simply click Login to access the System Setup menu.Setting a Password: Right click on the home screen of your monitor, navigate toSystem setup System admin, click User on the left menu bar Set password(Request: 8 Characters Max. Keep it short.). Create a password and type it in the field,repeat new password, click ‘OK’. Be sure to remember your password.05

Check Network Status: With the NVR connected to your router via an Ethernetcable, navigate to System setup Network setup, make sure DHCP is checked. Atthe bottom of the window you should see Network Status as Healthy Network.Click Show QR Code, you should see Cloud ID.Click network icon at the bottom right side of main screen you should see pageof Fast network.06

Once Cloud(P2P) is “Online”, you will be able to access videos from the camerasremotely by PC or Smart Phone (More on this in the next Section of this manual).If the system does not come “Online” please do the following:1.Make sure the light at the network port of the NVR is flashing which indicatesactive communication with the router. Re-seat or replace the cable if necessary.07

2. In System Setup Network Setup page, please tick off DHCP, click Apply.Then, please select DHCP again, click OK.3.Power off the NVR by removing the power cable. Then, plug it in again tore-power the unit. NVR will re-boot.4.Wait 2-3 minutes then repeat steps 1-2. If the problem remains please contactthe Smonet Customer Service Team.3Remote Viewing on a Smart PhoneFrom your Smartphone, download free App ‘IP PRO’ or ‘Eseecloud’ from GooglePlay or App Store.Click Register to create an account and password based on your email or phonenumber. Be sure to remember your account login info.#Pic 1Click " ", then click Add device by ID.#Pic2On your device, either scan the QR code or manually enter your Cloud ID. Youcan locate your Cloud ID on your monitor screen as seen earlier in section 2 ofthis manual. (Use NVR login Username/password on your monitor screenhere).#Pic3If you have multiple Smartphones, you must register multiple accounts. Youcannot have one account across multiple devices.Pic1Pic208Pic3

4Viewing on PC by Eseecloud SoftwarePlease contact seller for Eseecloud software.Install Eseecloud Software first.The default setting of Eseecloud software is no password under admin account,please.Select “Add” at upper right corner.In the “Add device” box, select Cloud ID. Enter the cloud ID(9 or 10 numbers). Youcan find it at the bottom right side of your home monitor screen.Username is NVR system user name on your home monitor screen.(If you don’tchange it in your setup, it should be admin)Password is your NVR system password on your home monitor screen.(If youdon’t change it in your setup, it should be blank, no password)Channels: Input 4 or 6 or 8. If you have 4 cameras, enter 4 etc.Click Finish, the device will be added successfully.09

At right bar, you’ll see your Device name, double click on it, select ConnectVideos, you’ll be able to view live videos.10

5Record VideoNOTE: Recording and playback requires a hard drive installed and shipped with thesystem or installed in the NVR by the user.Recording - There are two types of recording – Scheduled Recording and MotionActivated Recording.TYPE 1: Scheduled Recording – Right click the mouse on the home screen andnavigate to System Setup Record Setup.Factory default setting is playing 24 hours/ 7days recording for all channels.11

If device user like to change, please ‘Reset’ first. Then, setup your own schedule.How:Repeat the following steps for each camera channel:Step1: Select the channel you wish to schedule.Step2: Highlight the Time button. The “Motion” and “Alarm” buttons will be discussedads part of Type 2: Motion Recording in the next section.Step3: The period can be set to an individual day of the week (7 day available fromMonday to Sunday)Step4: Specific time intervals can be set for recording during a 24-hour period (from0am to 23pm)Step5: If you wish to set the same period and time periods for all camera channels,simply click “Copy to.”NOTE: You do not have to repeat this process for each channel if you select “Copyto”12

TYPE 2: Motion Activated Recording - In System Setup Record Setup RecordPlan page, please select Motion.Then, please set motion detection alarm as following information.Step1: On your monitor, please navigate to System Setup Channel Setup VideoDetection.Step2: Please make sure Enable is checked. Select one channel, choose Motion inDetection.Step3: Motion sensitivity adjustment.Step4: Select alert type including Buzzer, E-mail Notice and APP AlarmBuzzer: your NVR box will start to beep when motion being detected.E-mail Notice: you need to bind your email to the system if you want to receiveemail alert. More information about how to bind email can be checked in FAQ.Step5: Arming time: Factory Default Setting is 24 hours/ 7 days selected for motiondetection.Click ‘Reset’ first and go to setup your own plan.Step6: Area edit: Factory Default Setting is all areas selected for motion detection. Ifdevice user like to change, please right-click mouse to clear all first. Then, selectmotion detection area as you wish.13

Step7: After setting area, please right click your mouse, choose Return get back toVideo Detection page. Please click Apply to save the setting.Step8: You can simply click Copy to, copy the motion detection setting to otherchannels, and adjust area setting for each cameras one by one.6Playback VideoTo use the playback feature, you must first set up the recording function as describedin the section above. To playback, from the home screen of your monitor, right clickand navigate to ‘Video playback’.14

At right bar, please select a date, channel, record type, specific time, click Search,you’ll see colorful timeline show up at bottom of your screen, recorded video will startto playback.7Frequently Asked QuestionsQ1: How do I format my new hard drive and check my hard driveinformation?A: From the home screen of your monitor, right click the mouse, navigate to Systemsetup General setup HDD Setup, select Format and click Format click OK.From this screen you can also turn off the overwrite function and check your hard driveStatus.15

Q2: Do I need to connect the camera with network cable?A: No, the cameras are wireless. You do, however, need to connect the camera witha power supply. The cameras and NVR are already paired. The camera will connectwith the NVR automatically once attached to a power supply. Do not attempt to installyour cameras until you are able to view images on your TV or PC monitor first.Q3: How can I troubleshoot camera issues?A: First check to see if the power adapter is working by testing with another poweradapter. lf the power adapter is functioning, move the camera close to NVR box tocheck whether you have video or not. lf there is no video, cover the photocell withyour finger as shown in the figure below cover around 5 to 10 seconds. If the IR-CUTlight turns red, the camera is working. If it does not turn red, this indicates that thecamera has experienced a malfunction.In this case,please contact us for after saleservice.Cover thephotocell16

Q4: Why I cannot get motion notifications on my Smartphone?A: First verify that the status of your Cloud ID is ONLINE and the Network Statusindicates Healthy Network (refer to section 2). Next, from the home screen of yourmonitor, right click the mouse, navigate to System setup Channel Setup Videodetection. Next, select the following: Enable for Motion Detection, E-mail Notice, andAPP Alarm. Click OK.Please make sure you haven not blocked message notifications from the IP PROapp in your phone settings.Q5: How can I receive e-mail notifications for motion detection?A: First,ensure you follow the steps outlined in the previous question How can I getmotion notifications on my Smartphone?To receive notifications, you need a Email account (Such as, Hotmail,Gmail,Ya- hoo,etc.)Next, log into the web version of your Email account. In the upper right-hand corner,click on the Settings button, then select Connected accounts POP and IMAPSelect Yes and Don’t as shown in the figure and Save.17

From the home screen of your monitor, right click your mouse and navigate toSystem Setup, select Network setup, select Email from the left menu bar. Fromthere, click Enable and More Parameter, enter the information in the fields as shownin the figure below. For the dot, please be sure to use the correct key on thekeyboard next to the forward slash as shown in this figure:Complete the fields on the screen as follows(take hotmail account as an example):SMTP Provider: select it per your email typeSender: Sender e-mail address to send alarmPassword: Sender E-mail login passwordPort: 25 or 587Encryption Type: TLS or SSLSendee: Receiver e-mail address to receive alarm (it can be the same email accountwith sender)If you use other email account as sender,such as gmail,yahoo,etc,you need find outtheir own SMTP server and port.18

After you have entered all of your information, click Test until the Test successmessage appears on the screen. Please allow a few minutes for the testing cycle tocomplete. If the test failed, try another Email account.Click OK. Whether or not yourtest was successful, be sure to click Ok to save your settings.To test your alarm, walk past your camera. You will receive an Email notificationwithin 2 to 3 minutes as shown in the sample figure below.Event:Motion detect in video channel 1; Time: 2017-8-1811:24:36; Device: K9604-W; IP Address: Motion detection snapshot will only be sent by email, not included in appnotification.19

Q6: How do I stop the Email notification?A: From the home screen of your monitor, right click your mouse and navigate toSystem Setup select Channel Setup Video detection. Deselect Email Notice.Click OK.Next, re-enter the same dialogue box that you just entered by right clicking on thehome screen of your monitor and navigate to System Setup Channel Setup Video detection again. Click the ‘Copy to’ button to other Channels. Click OK, Emailalarm will be deactivated.Q7. How do I use a USB to Back-up my data?A: You need to make sure you have recorded video in your hard driver first, from thehome screen of your monitor, navigate to Video backup. Select all or any channel(s)you prefer, select the particular time frame you desire, click Search, select specificfile in the square, click Backup.Next, click Yes, remove your mouse directly and insert USB storage in oneminute,then wait for the system to perform the back-up.20

Q8: How do I add a new camera? What should I do when there isno camera display on the screen?A: As mentioned previously the system uses its own 2.4GHz wireless signal and thecameras and NVR are paired at the factory before shipping. If you plan to addadditional cameras up to a total maximum of eight, you will need to manually pair theindividual cameras to the NVR by detecting and matching the unique code of thecamera.Step1: Remove the Ethernet cable connecting the NVR to your router and connect itto the new camera. Power up the camera.Step2: right click the mouse and select the “Video Manage” menu item.Step3: Click the ‘search’ button and you will see your new camera start as 192.XXX.Then, click ‘Match Code’ at right. Wait the camera to show as 172.XXX in Addeddevice area. Picture will show up after a while.The new camera is now paired with the NVR and its video is ready to be displayed.The NVR should be reconnected to your router via the Ethernet cable and your newcamera can be installed at its permanent location.21

Q9: How can I strengthen the wireless signal?A: 1. Cameras and NVR are communicated by antennas. Make sure all camerasantenna fixed tightly. Adjust the direction of antennas as shown in the figure below.Best wireless signalWorst wireless signalPutting NVR box higher, to be the same level and central of cameras. Please don’tput NVR box behind/under monitor.22

2. Please don’t put two cameras too close, they may cost interference to each other.3. Metal or glass blocks signal a lot. Avoid putting cameras behind these obstacles.4.Contact service person if more assistance is needed.Q10: How do I adjust the Date and Time?A: First way: Verify that your system have a healthy network(refer to section 2).Navigate to System setup General setup Time setup from the left menu bar. SelectEnable click Apply click OK.Second way: Navigate to System Setup General setup&Time setup, pleaseunselect Enable Select correct System Date & System Time and click Apply. ClickOK.Q11: I have my cameras set up outdoors for motion typerecording and I notice there is much more motion detected atnight than during daylight. In fact, most recordings show no largeobject moving at all, only small dots and streaks of light. Why isthat and is there anything I can do about it?A: At night the area is illuminated by infrared LEDs. Rain or other precipitation nearthe lens is highly illuminated by the LEDs. Insects are also attracted by the LEDlight and are also highly illuminated. Try lower the sensitivity settings on thecameras to minimized false recordings. You could also try mounting the camerasunder a building overhang that will block rain from passing too close to the cameralens.Q12: What is the working temperature of Security Cameras.A: Camera working temperature: From -50 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degreesFahrenheit.Q13: How do restore my unit to the Factory Settings?A: Right click the mouse from the home screen of your monitor, navigate to Systemsetup System admin Factory setting, click Simple Restore or Restore All.Noted: For ‘Restore All’, cameras pictures will be gone. Their IP addresses need tobe searched to add to the system. Right click the mouse navigate to Video manage,click Search, click Add One, after all IP addresses appear, click OK. All videos willappear on your monitor screen.23

Q14: My system doesn’t recognized its hard drive?A: First confirm that the power adapter for NVR is 12V-2000mA. Once you haveconfirmed, right click the mouse from the home screen of your monitor and navigateto System setup General setup HDD setup. Verify if there is HDD information,select hard drive information, click Format OK .If there is no hard drive information,open the NVR box and check to see if the cable of hard drive is loose. Re-connectthe HDD cable.Q15: What if I forgot my login password?A: please call us or send us Email, update us your phone number. Email subject:Request Password Reset. So that we call and give you super password to login.Q16: What's the meaning of IRON on the TV/PC monitor?A:Picture!IRONLocationMeaningGreen barTop Right CornerWireless Signala little clockTop Right CornerRecordingRed TriangleBottom Left ScreenAlarmLittle Yellow manTop Right CornerMotion Detection24

Q17: I connected the system, why nothing is showing on mymonitor?A: Step1: Please make sure your TV/PC Monitor has been set to HDMI Mode andyou are connected to its HDMI port. Be sure the HDMI cable is tightly connected.Step2: The resolution of your TV/PV Monitor must be 1080P or higher. Since theoutput resolution of our system is 1080P any TV/PC Monitor with lower resolutionwould not be compatible. Try to connect the NVR to another monitor with higherresolution. When the videos appear, you may need to adjust the NVR to a lowerresolution level, such as 1024*768, to allow the videos to properly display on thescreen. If so, right click the mouse on your home screen and navigate to SystemSetup General Setup General Setup. Select an appropriate Display Resolution foryour monitor and click “Apply” to save.Step3: If above does not help, since a VGA connection is more stable than an HDMIconnection, connect the NVR to monitor by VGA cable and set the monitor mode toVGA.If the problem remains, please call us or send us Email.25

recording. More information can be found at FAQ Part below. 1 Camera System Installation Remove the cover from the unit, and remove the top two screws Remove the cover Insert the hard drive, secure it to the bottom of the unit with the four screws Connect the data wire and p