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This guide provides a summary of key circuit protection consideration factors, descriptions ofthe technologies Littelfuse offers, and product selection tables. It is designed to help you quicklyfind a protection solution appropriate to your application.24–5Automotive Applications in Modern Vehicles6–7Automotive Circuit Protection Applications Matrix8–11Energy Storage System12Battery Module13On-board Battery Charger14Traction Motor Inverter15DC/DC Converter16Battery Distribution Unit17Active Clamping18Ignition System19Motor Control20Engine Cooling System21Infotainment and Navigation22Vehicle Communication23Emergency Call (eCall)24Sensor Fusion25Radar System26Camera27Remote Keyless Entry28Lighting – Inside Cabin29Lighting – Headlamps30Global Lab Capabilities31Specifications, descriptions, and illustrative material in this literature are as accurate as known at the time ofpublication, but are subject to changes without notice. Visit for more information. 2020 Littelfuse, Inc.Introduces industry’sfirst centralized underdash fuse blockPageLittelfuse: Everywhere, Every DayFounded in 1927, Littelfuse has become the world’s most respectedcircuit protection brand, with well-established and growingplatforms in power control and sensing technologies. Today, weare a global company, offering a diverse and extensive productportfolio—fuses, semiconductors, polymers, ceramics, relays,sensors, and more—serving the electronics, automotive, andindustrial markets. Each is manufactured to exacting qualitystandards and backed by an unwavering commitment to technicalsupport and customer service.Our history of innovation, combined with our customer-firstculture, drives us to collaborate with you to develop safer, morereliable products that are energy efficient and compliant withglobal regulations. We will partner with you to solve complexproblems wherever electrical energy is used, bringing design,engineering, and technical expertise to deliver business results.Why Choose Littelfuse1976Electrical Threats and New Automotive TechnologiesCONTENTSLittelfuseinvents the firstautomotive fuse2017Topic1930About this guide1950Use Our Deep Experiencefor Your Automotive ApplicationThe first blade-typeATO (Autofuse )Fast Acting Fuse,now consideredthe globalstandard Develops 1200VSiC MOSFET forbattery chargingapplicationsLittelfuse introduced the first of what would become a longline of automotive circuit protection technologies in the 1930s,with the design and development of the original automotivefuses. That commitment to the automotive industry continuestoday as vehicles have become increasingly dependent onhigh-powered electronics.Littelfuse supports automotive designers with a global networkof test labs and design and manufacturing facilities across fourcontinents, including China’s second-largest semiconductorfabrication facility. Our Silicon Valley Technology Center supportsthe complete innovation life cycle, from new materials and productconcepts to product design, prototyping, testing, and validation.Customer FocusA customer-first approach is at the heart of our company-wideculture, driving us to build long-lasting relationships and exceedexpectations. Every day, it’s our employees who make the differencefor your business. They listen to your needs and understand yourchallenges. They use their knowledge and expertise to develop thebest solutions and solve your problems.Application ExpertiseAt Littelfuse, we partner with customers to design, manufacture, anddeliver innovative solutions for a wide range of markets includingautomotive and commercial vehicles, industrial applications, data andtelecommunications, medical devices, consumer electronics, appliances,and transportation. Our expertise involves applying reliable and efficientproduct solutions, innovative technologies, and global resources toaddress technical challenges in a variety of applications. Our worldwidenetwork of research teams focuses on product development and support,design-in programs, and application testing in our global labs.Operational ExcellenceWith our global manufacturing footprint, Littelfuse is firmly committed tomanufacturing quality products at a competitive price. We build qualityinto our products and services, striving for zero defects in everythingwe do, thereby reducing cost and increasing your total satisfaction. Westrive to exceed your expectations every day.Quality AssuranceOur global manufacturing facilities abide by strict quality assurancerequirements and hold the following quality management systemregistrations: ISO 9001 ISO14001 IATF 16949Protect. Control. Sense.Littelfuse offers leading technologies in circuit protection, powercontrol, and sensing. We continue to expand our broad and diverseportfolio of products into adjacent markets, including PowerSemiconductors, heavy-duty Switches, Magnetic, Optical,Electromechanical, and Temperature Sensors as well as other productsthat provide safe control and distribution of electrical power.Littelfuse.com3

Electrical ThreatsElectrical Threats andNew Automotive TechnologiesTHREAT: OVERLOADS/SHORT-CIRCUIT CURRENTSSustained overloads will cause circuit components to overheat, potentially leading to catastrophicand uncontrolled failures of the vehicle’s electrical system. Short circuits can surpass the capabilitiesof the wires, connectors, etc. in the power circuit, which can also lead to uncontrolled failures orpossibly a thermal event.FusesTHREAT: ELECTROSTATIC DISCHARGE (ESD)ESD is characterized by fast rise times and high peak voltages and currents up to 30A, whichcan melt silicon and conductor traces. Even when ESDs don’t cause catastrophic failures,electrical currents due to ESD can change the state of internal logic, causing a system tolatch up and behave unpredictably or cause corruption of a data stream. Without adequateprotection, ESD can damage control units, infotainment electronics, sensors, fuel injectors,valves, motors, powertrains, and dozens of other components. Sometimes, a component orcircuit is damaged by ESD, creating latent defects that later progress to premature failures.TVS Diode ArraysBecause of their high-speed response to overvoltages, TVSDiode Arrays are widely used for ESD protection in automotiveelectronics. Automotive-qualified SPA TVS Diode Arrays fromLittelfuse are available in a range of compact surface-mountpackages to fit into any layout.Littelfuse Polymeric Positive Temperature Coefficient (PPTC) devices arewidely used in automotive applications like wiring harness and networkprotection, communication and infotainment systems, and EV batterymanagement systems. Unlike Fuses, these devices provide resettableprotection for automotive electronics against damage from harmfulovercurrent surges. Bladed, leaded, and surface-mount form factors areavailable for automotive applications.OPPORTUNITY: ELECTRIFYING THE VEHICLES OF TOMORROWIn modern automotive designs, all on-board electronics are connected to the batteryand the alternator. However, the output of the alternator is unstable and requires furtherconditioning before it can be used to power the vehicle’s other systems. During thepowering or switching of inductive loads, the power is temporarily interrupted, andunwanted voltage spikes or transients are generated. If left unchecked, these transientswould be transmitted along the power line and into the electronic modules.Researchers predict that by 2025, a typical high-end vehicle will contain more than 6,000worth of electronics. The growing interest in self-driving vehicles, vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicleto-infrastructure communications, and on-board safety, convenience, and environmentalfeatures ensures that the sheer number of electronic components per vehicle will continue toexpand rapidly. Additionally, as hybrid-electric vehicles become increasingly popular, powersemiconductors will be critical to the next generation of Battery Management Systems andon-board/off-board charging systems.Automotive-qualified Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) and Multilayer Varistors(MLVs) protect against voltage transients induced by load dump and othertransient events. When exposed to high-voltage transients, the varistorimpedance changes by many orders of magnitude—from a near opencircuit to a highly conductive level—clamping the transient voltage to asafe level. Choose from radial-leaded MOVs in disc sizes from 5mm to20mm. Also, surface-mounted MLVs are available. 2020 Littelfuse, Inc.Resettable PPTC OvercurrentProtection DevicesTHREAT: SWITCHING LOADS IN POWER ELECTRONICS CIRCUITSVaristors4Automotive Fuses protect components or circuits by melting underovercurrent conditions to interrupt current flow. In addition towithstanding rapid temperature cycles and vibration, they must offerlong-term stability and AEC-Q test compliance. Littelfuse offers anunparalleled range of automotive Fuses, from cartridge and blade stylesto surface-mount chip Fuses.5Power SemiconductorsPower semiconductor devices enable the next generation of vehicles bymanaging power flexibly. Fast-switching SiC technology increases powerdensity and energy efficiency in systems like on-board battery chargers.The Littelfuse power semiconductor portfolio includes Thyristors,Rectifiers, Fast Recovering Diodes, IGBTs, and wide band gap

Automotive Applicationsin Modern VehiclesCOMMUNICATION & INFOTAINMENT SYSTEMSThe Littelfuse portfolio of AEC-Q101-qualified (TVS diodes and diode Arrays)and AEC-Q200-qualified (varistors, multilayer varistors, and PPTCs)components helps to protect the growing number of electronic applicationsin modern vehicles. RadioPower AudioGPS ModuleSatellite Navigation Portable NavigatorNavigation SystemTelematics BoxCar MultimediaFrom ultra-low capacitance Diode Arrays for ESD protection of to high-speedsignal lines, including Ethernet, USB 3.1, and HDBase, to our high-surgeformulation AUMOV varistors, Littelfuse has the solutions and expertise tomatch your technical and application challenges.NETWORK SYSTEMS & BODY CAN BusLIN BusFlexRay*MOST*Bluetooth*BroadR-Reach Safe-By-Wire*Central Body ModuleLighting Power WindowRetracting Mirror WiperDashboardClimate ControlKeyless EntrySeat ControlPark AssistancePOWERTRAIN SYSTEMS Automatic CruiseControl (ACC) Electronics Control Unit(ECU) Turbo Charger Selespeed* Transmission ControlUnit (TCU) Battery Charging Injection GDINEW ENERGY CAR Active Suspension Tire Pressure MonitoringSystem (TPMS) Electric Power Steering (EPS) Seat Belt Pretensioning Precrash Battery Disconnect Antirollover Stability Control Brake Control DC Power Supply Air Bag ABS RadarADVANCED DRIVER ASSISTANCE SYSTEMSGas ElectricFuel Cell ElectricDiesel ElectricLi-Ion and NiMH Battery ElectricUltracapacitorsBattery Management System (BMS)Ignition IGBTsCHASSIS & SAFETYSYSTEMS Night VisionPedestrian AvoidanceLane Departure SensingAdaptive Cruise ControlVehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V)Communication Interior Camera –Driver MonitoringSM24CANA Diode ArraysTPSMD TVS DiodesAXGD Series Exterior Camera –Front View Exterior Camera –Rear View Park Assist Blind Spot Detection Side Impact Assist Automated HeadlightControlLittelfuse experts support customers’ designs in accordance with worldwide automotive safety standards. By contributingtheir own experience to the development of new standards, Littelfuse engineers help to ensure the safety and reliability ofthe next generation of circuit protection products.Littelfuse engineers help customers understand which standards apply in terms of both the application itself and thegeographical location for which it is designed, as well as offer guidance on how to meet those standards. Littelfuse offers abroad line of circuit protection devices certified compliant with these standards.Switching semiconductordevices for ignition circuitsSafeguard automotive CAN Busfrom ESD damageAUML & Auto MLA VaristorsAUMOV VaristorsProtect electronic circuits againstsystem-generated transientsProtects high-frequency andRF circuits from ESDn Transient surges: JASO and ISO 7637-2 (Surge) testn Electrical disturbance by conduction and coupling: ISO 7637-2n Electrical disturbances from electrostatic discharge: ISO 10605 Surface Mount PPTCsSurface Mount Fuses6n Environmental conditions and testing for electrical and electronics equipment: ISO 16750-27n Load dump, switching transients, and ESD threats: SAE J1113, GM 9105, ES-F2af-1316-AAFord (Visteon)Electrical component qualification:Designed to suppressdestructive surges and ESDSuppress high-energy transientsin AC and DC circuitsResettable overcurrentprotection for DC circuitsProvide safety protection againstovercurrent eventsn AEC-Q101: failure-mechanism based stress test qualification for discrete semiconductors inautomotive applicationsn AEC-Q200: stress test qualification for passive electrical devices* The marks BroadR-Reach , FlexRay, MOST, Bluetooth, Safe-By-Wire, and Selespeed are the properties of their respective owners. 2020 Littelfuse,

Automotive Electronics Circuit Protection Applications Matrix----------- --------- - -------------------------------- -- -- -- --------- -------- --------------------------------------- ------- ----------- --------- ---------- ------------------------- ----------------- -- -- ---------------- --- - -- ----------------------- -----------------------------Airbag System------ -------------------------------------- -------------- -- - -- -- ------------------------ ------- -- --- ------------------------------- --- ---------------- - ----------------- ----------- --- - ------------------------- ------ ---------------------- --- -- --- -- --- - -------------------- -----V2X (Vehicle to X)----- --- Ethernet Gateway------ Connectivity Control Unit---- TCU (Telematics Control Unit)--Active Suspension---On-Board Diagnostic-EPS (Electronic Power Steering)--- MOST----HDBaseT--- --BCM (All Body Control Module)---- -Dashboard/Cluster--- - -Wireless Charging (In-Vehicle)-------HVAC----AFL (Adaptive Front Lights)----eCall System-DC Power Supply-Traction and Stability Control-Battery Disconnect (Low Voltage)-Seat Belt PretensioningFluid Level Sensor-On-Board Computer-Lighting-BSM (Blind Spot Monitoring)--- FCW (Collision Detection Warning) --PA (Park Assistance)--Camera--DMS (Driver Monitor System)-Mirror (Rear and Side Mirrors)------ -- --- -- - --------------------- ------------------------------------- ---------- --------- ---------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------- DC/DC Converter------ -- Traction Motor Inverter------ -- -OBC (On-Board Charger)----- BMS (Battery Management System)------Battery Disconnect (High Voltage)-----xEV 48V-- Fuel Injection-- Ignition--- Turbo Charger--- Powertrain Control--- -ECU (Engine Control Unit)-- -New Energy CarTCM (Transmission Control Module)-- - PowertrainSmart Antenna--- -Navigation--- Infotainment- - Bluetooth- Ethernet- -CAN/LIN Bus/FlexRay- -Telematics and NetworkingRain Sensor-- Anti-theft System- Body and ConvenienceRemote Keyless Entry/Start-ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control)-LDW (Lane Departure Warning)-PDS (Pedestrian Detection System)-LiDAR/Radar-- NVS (Night Vision System)AVS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System) VCU (Vehicle Control Units)8TP6KE Series30KPA (no AEC-101)P6SMB510CA (no AECQ)P6KE510CA (no AECQ)Schottky ristorHS4040XAQXSJ6025XXXPS8016NAXPS8025XXXPESD Protection D Protection PolymerAXGD10402AXGD10603AUML Varistor 2220NSV16AUMLA2220HADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) ABSApplicationTVS DiodesSLD8S SeriesSZSMF SeriesSZNS6A SeriesSZ1SMB SeriesSZ1SMC SeriesSZ1.5SMC SeriesTPSMF4L SeriesTPSMA6L SeriesTPSMB SeriesTPSMC SeriesTPSMD SeriesTP1.5KE SeriesTP5KP SeriesChassis and SafetyTPMS (Tire Pressure Measurement System)Overview----- ---------------------- ------ --------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- ---- ---------------- --- ----------------------- ------------------ - - ------------ ----------------------------------------------- ------ --------------- - - - - -- ------------------- -- - - ---------------------------------- ---------------- --- --------------------------- ------------------------ ----------- -- -- -------------------------------------------* The marks BroadR-Reach , FlexRay, MOST, Bluetooth, Safe-By-Wire, and Selespeed are the properties of their respective owners. 2020 Littelfuse, Inc.Littelfuse.com9

Automotive Electronics Circuit Protection Applications Matrix------------------------------- ------------- -------------------------- -------------- --- ------------ --------- --------------------- ------ - ---------------------------------- ---------------------- ---------- --------------------- -- ------------------ -- -------------------------- - ------------------- ------------ ------------------------------- - ----------------------------------- ---------------------------------- --------------- ---------------- -------------- ------------------------------ - ------------------------ ----------- ------ -------- ------------------------------ --------- - ---------- ------------- ------- ------------ - - ---------------------------------------- - -------------------------- ---- ---------------------------------------- --------------------- -- ------------------ - -------------- ---------- --------------------------------- ------------------ -------------- -- -- -- -- ---- ----------- --- ----------------------------- ------------------------------------------------ --------------------- -- ------------------- -------Dashboard/ClusterLighting--DC/DC Converter--Traction Motor Inverter-- -OBC (On-Board Charger)--Smart Antenna-Navigation--Infotainment--Connectivity Control Unit-TCU (Telematics Control Unit)---Bluetooth--Active SuspensionAnti-theft System-Remote Keyless Entry/Start-Wireless Charging (In-Vehicle)-HVAC--Fluid Level Sensor--On-Board Computer----On-Board Diagnostic---HDBaseT----Ethernet---CAN/LIN Bus/FlexRay---Rain Sensor----BCM (All Body Control Module)-EPS (Electronic Power Steering)-Airbag SystemBSM (Blind Spot Monitoring)-FCW (Collision Detection Warning)-PA (Park Assistance)-Camera-DMS (Driver Monitor System)--------BMS (Battery Management System)--Battery Disconnect (High Voltage)--xEV 48V- - --- --Fuel Injection--Ignition- Turbo Charger- Powertrain Control- -ECU (Engine Control Unit)- -TCM (Transmission Control Module)- New Energy CarV2X (Vehicle to X)- PowertrainEthernet Gateway--- Telematics and Networking-MOST-ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control)-LDW (Lane Departure Warning)AVS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System)-PDS (Pedestrian Detection System)AFL (Adaptive Front Lights)-LiDAR/RadareCall System--NVS (Night Vision System)DC Power Supply--VCU (Vehicle Control Units)Traction and Stability Control TPMS (Tire Pressure Measurement System) Body and ConvenienceMirror (Rear and Side XXAHRFXXXAHEFXXXSMD 501XXX.WRA0881XXXUR0885XXXDRHigh Voltage Fuse0HEV10EVSHEV20EV30EV38EV70V FuseMIDI70VMEGA70VCartridge Fuse526527Thermal ProtectorHCRTP-MiniIgnition IGBTNG -- ABSApplicationAUMOV Varistor MLA Automotive Varistor DC0XXFPICOASMDC0XXSADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System)Battery Disconnect (Low Voltage)Chassis and SafetySeat Belt PretensioningOverview--* The marks BroadR-Reach , FlexRay, MOST, Bluetooth, Safe-By-Wire, and Selespeed are the properties of their respective owners. 2020 Littelfuse, Inc.Littelfuse.com11

ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEMBATTERY MODULEThe energy storage system, which includes the battery management system,stores and supplies electric power for all vehicle needs. Obviously critical, thissystem needs protection from a wide range of electrical threats, such as highfault currents, voltage transients, overcurrent, and overloads. Each threat isbest countered with the right type of circuit protection technology.Inside the battery pack is a number of battery modules made up of individualbattery cells. This architecture dictates that layers of circuit protection are required.At the module level, the battery module and cable should be protected fromovercurrent and from overloads between power-sense lines. The electronics shouldbe defended against voltage transients, and the CAN and other communicationbuses should be safeguarded from ESD and voltage transients.41Module 1Module 2Li-ionCellsLi-ionCell PackPack 1ContractorMain SwitchHigh-VoltageMain FuseModule nLi-ionCell trol andProtect Circuit2Cell Balancingand ControlCell Balancingand Control36Battery SystemControllerModule 1Module 2Li-ionCell PackLi-ionCell PackCell Balancingand ControlCell Balancingand ControlPack X2BatteryModuleOutputCellBalancingCircuitsModule n1AuxiliaryPower Supply31Cell Balancingand ControlLi-ionCell PackAnalog Front-EndMCU24Cell Balancingand Control3CAN BusWired InterfaceLegend:Power LineSignal cationSeries NameSMD FuseProtects cells and downstream BMScomponents from high-fault currentsdue to external shorts501A, 881ATested to new AECQ specification, fast response to fault current, surface mount deviceTVS DiodeTransient Voltage SuppressionTPSMC, SZ1SMC,SZ1.5SMCAEC-Q101 qualified, meets IEC standards for ESD protection and ISO for in-vehicle transient surgesSMD or Inline FuseProtects cells and BMS componentsfrom overcurrent438A, 441A, 521Tested to new AECQ specification, fast response to fault current, surface mount deviceTVS DiodeTransient Voltage SuppressionTPSMB, SZ1SMB,SZP6SMBAEC-Q101 qualified, meets IEC standards for ESD protection and ISO for in-vehicle transient surgesTVS DiodeTransient Voltage SuppressionAQ05CAEC-Q101 qualified, meets IEC standards for ESD protection and ISO for in-vehicle transient surgesTPSMA6L, SZ1SMAAEC-Q101 qualified, meets ESD protection levels specified under IEC 61000-4-2,ISO10605, low leakage current and clamping voltageSHEV, 20HEVBolt down form factor, high breaking capacity, qualified to ISO 8820 standardIXD 6xxSIDiode Array4High-Voltage Fuse5Gate DriverDiode Array6SMD FuseTVS Diode 2020 Littelfuse, Inc.Protects sensitive electronic ICs fromESD, EFT and voltage transientShort circuit protectionOverload circuit protectionControls the switching MOSFETsProtect CAN Bus from ESD,EFT and voltage transientProtects cells and BMS componentsfrom overcurrentTransient Voltage SuppressionPower LineSignal LineFeaturesTechnology1High-Voltage Fuse2Low-Voltage FuseTight tolerance, small form factor, fast thermal response3TVS DiodeAQ24CANAEC-Q101 qualified, meets ESD protection levels specified under IEC 61000-4-2,ISO10605, low leakage current and clamping voltage4Diode Array885Tested to new AECQ specification, fast response to fault current, surface mount deviceTPSMB, TPSMCAEC-Q101 qualified, meets IEC standards for ESD protection and ISO for in-vehicle transient surgesApplicationProtect battery pack moduleand cable from overcurrentAnalog front-end protection of user andenvironment in case of external short,overload between power-sense lineProtect sensitive electronic componentsfrom voltage transientsProtect CAN Bus sensitive electronic ICsfrom ESD, EFT and voltage transientSeries NameFeatures885, 521Third party compliance UL/ISO, low internal resistance, shock safe, vibration resistant437A, 438A, 440ASurface mountable, compatible with lead-free solder process per IEC standards, high reliabilityTPSMB600W peak pulse capability, compatible with lead-free solder reflow temperature profileAQ24CANA, SZ1SMBAECQ-101 qualified, low capacitance, low leakage currentLittelfuse.com13

ON-BOARD BATTERY CHARGERTRACTION MOTOR INVERTERHybrid and electric vehicle batteries can be recharged from standard power outletsby using an AC-DC converter system, or directly from DC power that is coveredoutside of the vehicle for faster charging. Design challenges include protectingagainst overcurrents, overvoltages and ESD, as well as controlling switching of theinput rectifiers. Littelfuse offers a broad range of High Voltage Fuses, Varistors, GDTs,Switching Thyristors and TVS Diodes and Diode Arrays to address these threats.The traction motor inverter changes DC current from the battery into the ACcurrent needed to drive the traction motor of an electric or hybrid electric vehicle.Littelfuse offers a variety of components across this system, starting with a fuseon the power supply and ending with thermal protection on the motor.InputVoltageACDCLink2OutputVoltage5112 VPowerSupply13644PInverter2CableCAN ifier3Power FactorCorrectionStationaryBaseEGateDriverDC/DC ConverterApplicationSeries NameFuseShort circuit protectionOverload circuit protection10EV*, 20EVGLightning and system transient surgesGDTCG2, CG3Rugged, high surge current based on ceramic tube design, low leakage currentSIDACtorLightning and system transient surgesPxxx0FNL, Pxxx0SDSurface mount form factor, semiconductor-based design provides no wear-our capability2ThyristorRectificationS8016xACompact TO-220AQ and surface mount TO-263 form factors, Vdrm of 800V, It or 25A (rms)3Gate DriverControls the switching IGBTsIXD 6xxSI, IX4340NETight tolerance, small form factor, fast thermal response4TVS DiodeActive clampingTPSMB High VoltageSmall form factor DO214-AA package, low clamping voltage, products are availablewith voltage ratings from 150V 650V. For more information on Active Clamp see hereGate DriverControls the switching IGBTsIXD 6xxSI, IX4340NETight tolerance, small form factor, fast thermal responseTVS DiodeActive clampingTPSMB High Voltage67CGCGEELegend:Power LineSignal LineBolt down form factor, high breaking capacity, qualified to ISO 8820 standardEnsures electrical isolation between line,neutral and ground5EFeaturesMetal DiodeVaristor (MOV)AUMOVMotorG67Power LineSignal LineTechnologyCECControl UnitLegend:14CGE15HVBattery PackTechnologyWide range of surge current ratings, disk sizes and lead optionsSmall form factor DO214-AA package, low clamping voltage, products are availablewith voltage ratings from 150V 650V. For more information on Active Clamp see hereAEC-Q101 qualified, meets ESD protection levels specified under IEC 61000-4-2,ISO10605, low leakage current and clamping voltageDiode ArrayESD protection of the gate inputAQ4022FuseShort circuit protectionOverload circuit protection10EV*, 20EVBolt down form factor, high breaking capacity, qualified to ISO 8820 standardMetal DiodeVaristor (MOV)Transient Voltage SuppressionAUMOVWide range of surge current ratings, disk sizes and lead optionsTVS DiodeTransient Voltage Su

with the design and development of the original automotive fuses. That commitment to the automotive industry continues today as vehicles have become increasingly dependent on high-powered electronics. Littelfuse supports automotive designers with a global network of test labs and design and manufacturing facilities across four