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Agenda Explanation of current requirement scenarios Overview of Vault Overview of BIM360 Docs Live Demo Closing questions.Vault ProfessionalBIM360

Current Industry Scenario 1 Security Conscious Own the data Cloud Cautious for ALL Data Fear of Malware / Hacks Access Control Traceability of Files on Premise

Current Industry Scenario 2 Mobile Access. Phone/Tablet Unlimited Storage Large Model Viewer Mark-ups – Issue creation Permission Access Traceability of Files and Users

Synchronisation of DataOROR

Overview on Vault Professional

Autodesk Vault ProfessionalThe Autodesk Vault family ofproducts is a comprehensive PDMsolution that allows you and yourengineers to better manage yourproject, product and design datatracking the entire developmentlifecycle

Autodesk Vault ProfessionalDataPeopleProcessSecuring intellectualpropertyEngineers have visibility into whatothers are working on at anygiven timeRevision control & history (CAD &documentation)Capturing and reusingengineering knowledgeEngineers in different locationsare working from the same set ofdataEngineering standardsenforcementBOMs are managedautomatically andconnected to design dataTeam members outsideengineering access the rightdesign dataManage release and changeprocess

Comprehensive CapabilitiesConcurrentDesignPublishing e & RevManagementApprovalsChangeManagementWeb Based &Remote rocessUserSearch &ReuseEnterpriseSecurity

Flexible & Scalable Enterprise Collaboration Synchronization options for any situation Direct access File replication Database replication Scale to any size team Synchronization options can be mixed Cloud enabled – AWS and Azure Citrix enabled

Manual Upload of Files to BIM360 Manual exchanging adocument from Vault toBIM360Job ProcessorDesktop ConnectorViewing of the file inBIM360 Docs.

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Overview on BIM360 Docs

Next Generation BIM360 Docs PackagingClassic ProductsStandaloneBIM 360DesignBIM 360CoordinateBIM 360BuildDesign CollaborationCloud WorksharingModel CoordinationField ManagementProject ManagementInsightBIM 360 DocsDocument ManagementAdministrationCentralized Account, Project & User Management

Document Management Strong PermissionsPublish multi-page PDF’sinto individual sheets,Revit Files into 2D sheetsand 3D viewsTitle block extractionVersion ControlChange ManagementMarkup and issuesEasy file navigation andhyperlinks2D alongside 3DView embedded data

Documentation ReviewsAccelerate constructabilityreviews quickly identify andresolve costly issues Review and annotatemodelsSend notifications toproject teamRespond to mark-upsConductconstructabilityreviews on thejobsite or in theoffice

Version ControlQuickly review changes fromone revision to the next Ensure the entireteam has access tothe most up to datedrawingsEasily run new clashdetections as modelsare updated

Document Approvals Approval engine toallow multiple partiesto sign off on adrawing, model ordocument1 step, 2 step to 6step approvals can beset upApprovers can beindividuals,companies or roles

Mobile Access in the FieldMobile accessibility on iOSand Android as well as offlineand sync functionality Access files both inthe office and fieldOffline viewingcapabilitiesInstant informationupdates

BIM360 Docs rkflowsInsightsVaultPermissionAccess s

Demo of the Synchronisation

Synchronisation ExampleCollaboratorsClientsContractor onSiteExternalDesign TeamIn houseDesignIn tionClientsRepresentatives

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Cloud Cautious for ALL Data . Permission Access Traceability of Files and Users. Synchronisation of Data OR OR. Overview on Vault Professional. Autodesk Vault Professional The Autodesk Vault family of products is a comprehensive PDM . Enterprise Integrations Relationships Tracking Lifecycle & Rev Management Publishing & Viewing Web Based &