.I.t.III.13Program Calendar .,,,,.,.,.,,,.-.ii.i.i.ii.i .4Academic Calendar. .I.5Information Sessions.,.,.,.,.,,.A .I.I.III.i'i'i'.,.mm., 1997-1998 Tuition and Fees .6Class Schedule, Fall 1997-1998 . 7Class Schedule, Winter 1997-199812.,.,,,.,.,.Class Schedule, Spring 1997-1998 . 17Schedule of Courses by Department.,.2 2 . .;, . .Schedule of Courses by PerspectiveISkill.,.,.,.n-. 32Note: Class schedule changes may occur afer this schedule is published. Students shouldconsult the course list each term for the most current schedule of classes.

AUGSBURGWEEKEND COLLEGEWeekend College Office HoursMonday-Friday: 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.Office Hours on Class WeekendsFriday: 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.Saturday: 8:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m.Academic Advising Center Oftice HoursMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.Thursdays: 8:00 a.m.-6 p.m.Office Hours on Class WeekendsFriday: 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.Saturday: 8:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m.The Weekend College Office and Academic Advising Center are located on campusin the Murphy Place building on the corner of 23rd Avenue and 7 112 Street.Weekend College phone: (612) 330-1782Academic Advising Center phone: (612) 330- 1025FAX: (612) 330-1784Augsburg College does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, national or ethnic origin,age, gender, sexual preference, marital status, or handicap as required by Title lXof the 1972 Education Amendments or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973,as amended, in its admission policies, educational programs, activities and employment practices.

Adults who are interested inAugsburg Weekend College areencouraged to attend one of theInformation Sessions that arescheduled throughout the year.Information Sessions are free ofcharge and are approximatelyone hour in length. Please callthe Weekend CollegeAdmissions Office at 330-1743for details or to sign up for oneof the following dates:For Fall Trimester 1997-1998Saturday, May 17 .9 0 0 a.m.9 : a.m.Saturday, June 7 .6 3 0 p.m.Tuesday, June 17 .Saturday, July 12 .9 0 0 a.m.Thursday, July 24 .6 3 0 p.m.Saturday, August 16 .9:OO a.m.For Winter Trimester 1997-1998.6 3 0 p.m.Saturday, November 15 .9:OO a.m.Tuesday, October 21For Spring Trimester 1997-1998.6 3 0 p.m.Saturday, February 21 .9:OO a.m.Tuesday, January 27For more information write or call:Augsburg Weekend College AdmissionsCampus Box 65221 1 Riverside AvenueMinneapolis, MN 55454Phone: (612) 330-1743FAX: (612) [email protected]

New Students (enrolling for the first time or in the readmission process)Fall TrimesterWinter TrimesterSpring TrimesterApplication DeadlineAug 22Dec 15Mar 27Applicant FileCompletion DeadlineAug 29Dec 22Apr 3Registration BeginsJune 13Nov 7Feb 13Registration EndsSept 6Jan 3Apr 14Syllabi AvailableAug 11Dec 5Mar 27New Student OrientationSept 6Jan 3Apr 14Payment Information SentAug 11Dec 8Mar 16-Confirmation DueSept 6Jan 3Apr 14New students are encouraged to register as early as possible. New degree-seeking students willreceive registration materials when they meet with an adviser from the Academic Advising Center,(612)330-1025. Students in a non-degree program will receive registration materials by mail.Current StudentsFall TrimesterWinter TrimesterSpring TrimesterMail Registration BeginsJune 13Nov 7Feb 13Mail Registration EndsAug 8Dec 5Mar 13Syllabi AvailableAug 11Dec 5Mar 27Payment Information SentAug 11Dec 8Mar 16Confirmation DueAug 25Dec 26Mar 30

All StudentsFall TrimesterWinter TrimesterSprinq TrimesterClasses MeetSept 12-14Sept 26-28Oct 10-12Oct 24-26Nov 7-9Nov 21-23Dec 5-7*Dec 12-14Jan 9-ll*Jan 16-18Jan 30-Feb 1Feb 13-15Feb 27-Mar 1Mar 13-15Mar 27-29"Apr 3-5Apr 17-19May 1-3May 15-17May 29-3 1*June 5-7June 19-21*June 26-28FinalsDec 12-14Apr 3-5June 26-28Last Day to Add or DropClass Without Record Notation*" Sept 15Jan 12Apr 20Last Day to ChangeGrade OptionOct 13Feb 2May 18Last Day to Withdrawfrom ClassOct 27Feb 16June 1Final Grades DueDec 22Apr 13July 3--*One week between classes**Courses may not be added after the first scheduled class meeting.The College reserves the right to change the above dates should it be necessary. In such cases,suflcient advance notice will be given.

.1997-1998 TUITIONAND FEESApplication Fee (payable once, non-refundable)Tuition (per course)Tuition (per summer course 1997)Activity Fee (per trimester)Audit a CourseLifetime Sports: Fee for CourseLifetime Sports: Fee for Assessment of Previous LearningNursing Clinical FeeSupplementary Student Teaching Fee (per course credit)Late Fee (per day)Registration change after first class meeting (cancelladd)Transcript Fee (first is free)Finance Charge: A finance charge is applied at a simple rate of one percent per month on any accountwith an open balance of 30 days or more.Augsburg College reserves the right to adjust charges should economic conditions necessitate.

F a l lFriday Evening6:OO-9: 30ART 240BUS 242BUS 301BUS 355BUS 440CSC 330ECO 112EDE 379EDE 387EDS 350EDU 210EDU 264EDU 341ENG 27 1ENG 351HIS 102HPE 116NUR 350PHI 241PHY 106REL 356SOC 121SOC 231SPC 345SWK 260Saturday Morning8:30-12:OOACC 221ACC 322ACC 324BIO 102BIO 185Art History SurveyPrinciples of ManagementBusiness LawMarketing CommunicationsOperations ManagementTheory of ComputationPrinciples of MacroeconomicsK-El Curriculum: Art (0.25 credit)K-El Curriculum: Language Arts (0.5 credit)Reading in the Content Areas (0.5 credit)Learning and Development in an Educational SettingOrientation to Education in an Urban Setting (0.5 credit)Media Technology (0.5 credit)European Literature: Home1 to DanteAmerican Literature Since 1920The Shaping of Western CivilizationHealth Concepts for Educators (0.5 credit)Introduction to Nursing ResearchHistory of Philosophy I: The Classical PhilosophersIntroductory Meteorology*History of ReligionsIntroduction to Human SocietyFamily Systems: A Cross-Cultural PerspectiveOrganizational CommunicationHumans DevelopingPrinciples of Accounting IAccounting Theory and Practice IManagerial Cost AccountingThe Biological World*The Biology of Aging*Extra class or lab sessions required.

F a l lT r i m e s t e r.BUS 33 1BUS 340CHM 100CSC 340ECO 113ECO 360EDE 377EDE 382EDE 384EDE 386EDS 353ENG 227ENG 245MAT 122MIS 175MUS 2721472PHI 120POL 295POL 342PSY 105PSY 362REL 362REL 441SPC 111SPC 352SWK 257SWK 463Saturday Afternoon1 :15-4:45ACC 222BUS 252BUS 295Financial ManagementHuman Resource ManagementChemistry for Changing Times I*Introduction to Networking and CommunicationsPrinciples of MicroeconomicsInternational EconomicsK-El Curriculum: Science Methods (0.25 credit)K-El Curriculum: Mathematics (0.5 credit)K-El Curriculum: Social Studiesrnematic Studies (0.5 credit)K-El Curriculum: Children's Literature (0.5 credit)Creative Learning Environments: SecondaryJournalismIntroduction to LiteratureCalculus for the Social and Behavioral Sciences*Principles of Computing for BusinessHuman Identity Through the Creative ArtsEthicsWomen and PoliticsMass Communications in SocietyPrinciples of PsychologyBehavior DisordersTheology of the ReformersFeminism and ChristianityPublic SpeakingPersuasionExploring Human ServicesCommunity Development and OrganizationPrinciples of Accounting I1Principles of MarketingEntrepreneurship

Sunday Afternoon1:15-4:45BUS 362International BusinessCSC 170Structured ProgrammingECO 112Principles of MacroeconomicsECO 312Intermediate MacroeconomicsEDE 350Creating Learning Environments: K-El (0.5 credit)EDS 375Social Studies Methods (0.5 credit)EDU 264Orientation to Education in an Urban Setting (0.5 credit)EDU 388Human Relations (0.5 credit)ENG 225Intermediate Expository WritingENG 361Studies in Modern FictionMIS 379Quantitative Methods for Business and Economics*POL 160World PoliticsPOL 342Mass Communications in SocietyPSY 351REL 331Developmental Psychology: ChildFoundations in Bible and TheologyREL 363Religion in Americasoc 21 1SPA 111Human Communities and the Modern MetropolisBeginning Spanish I*SPC 355Small Group CommunicationSWK 361Social Responses to Human NeedsACC 221Principles of Accounting IART 132PhotographyBUS 252EDE 351Principles of MarketingTechniques of Teaching ReadingEDE 380K-El Curriculum: Music (0.25 credit)EDE 388K-El Curriculum: Health (0.25 credit)EDE 389K-El Curriculum: Physical Education (0.5 credit)ENG 111Effective WritingBritish Literature: Medieval to ElizabethanENG 331FRE 111Beginning French I**Extra class or lab sessions required.

T r i m e s t e rWeekend ScheduleEvening and OtherEvening Classes(Day school schedule,meet weekly Sept. 3through Dec. 12.).GST 140Introduction to the Liberal ArtsHPE 115Health and Chemical Dependency Education (0.5 credit)INS 233MAT 131Women: A Cross-Cultural PerspectiveMIS 175Principles of Computing for BusinessMIS 375PSY 361MIS in the OrganizationPersonalityREL 221Biblical StudiesREL 370American Indian Spirituality and Philosophical ThoughtSOC 265Culture: Ethnicity, Gender and RaceSPA 111Beginning Spanish I*SWK 466Field Work n IEDE 263EDS 252K-El Clinical Experience (0.5 credit) (Sat. noon)Clinical Experience (0.5 credit) (Sat. noon)HPE 002Lifetime Spoas: Fitness Walking(8 weeks, Thurs., 530-7:30 p.m.)NUR 330Trends and Issues in Nursing (Thurs., 6-9:30 p.m.)NUR 403Contemporary Nursing 111: Families (Thurs., 6-9:30 p.m.)CSC 210Data Structures (Thurs., 6-9 p.m.)CSC 495EDE 375Advanced Topics in Computer Science (Wed., 6-9 p.m.)Mathematics for the Liberal Arts*Discovery Learning in World of Kindergarten (0.5 credit) (TBA)EDS 364ENG 223English Methods (Thurs., 6-9 p.m.)ENG 345Introduction to the English Language (Tues., 6-9 p.m.)ENG 399ENG 445Internship in Developmental Writing (Arranged)Advanced Expository Writing: Creative Non-Fiction(Mon., 6-9 p.m.)GST 209City Seminar: Experiential Education (0.0 credit) (TBA)HIS 495History Seminar (Tues., 6-9 p.m.)Writing for Business and the Professions (Wed., 6-9 p.m.)

INS 105Introduction to American Indian Studies (Tues., 6-9 p.m.)INS 260Contemporary American Indians (Thurs., 6-9 p.m.)INS 320MIS 479American Indian Women (Thurs., 6-9 p.m.)MUS 241OJB 111The History of Jazz (TBA)PHY 116Introduction to Physics (Mon. and Thurs., 6-9 p.m.)Research Methods: Design, Procedure and Analyisis I(Mon. and Thurs., 6-7:30 p.m.)PSY 230PSY 399REL 111Student Teaching(Prereq.: Approvaland Placement byEducation Dept.)**Intermediate Quantitative Methods for Business and Economics(Tues., 6-9 p.m.)Beginning Ojibwe I (Wed., 6-9 p.m.)Internship (Mon., 6-9 p.m.)REL 111Introduction to Theology (Tues., 6-9 p.m.)Introduction to Theology (Thurs., 6-9 p.m.)REL 495Seminar (Wed., 6-9 p.m.)EDE 481AStudent Teaching K & SeminarEDE 48 1BStudent Teaching El & SeminarEDE 481CStudent Teaching K-El& SeminarStudent Teaching K & SeminarEDE 482AEDE 482BStudent Teaching El & SeminarEDE 482CStudent Teaching K-El& SeminarEDE 483AStudent Teaching K & SeminarEDE 483BStudent Teaching El & SeminarEDE 483CStudent Teaching K-El SeminarEDE 484AStudent Teaching K & SeminarStudent Teaching El & SeminarEDE 484BEDE 484CStudent Teaching K-El& SeminarEDS 481Student Teaching & SeminarEDS 482Student Teaching & SeminarEDS 483Student Teaching & SeminarEDS 484Student Teaching & Seminar*Extra class or lab sessions required.**Additional clinical fee required.

Friday Evening6:OO-9:30ART 224BUS 252BUS 340BUS 433CSC 160CSC 495ECO 113EDE 350EDE 383EDS 478EDU 282HPE 115MIS 376NUR 310PHI 110PHY 106REL 111REL 481SPC 354SPC 495SWK 363Saturday Morning8:30-12:OOACC 221ACC 222BIO 101BUS 301BUS 352BUS 465CHM 101CSC 345ECO 112ECO 313Publication Design IPrinciples of MarketingHuman Resource ManagementFinancial Theory: Policy and PracticeIntroduction to Computing and CommunicationsAdvanced Topics in Computer SciencePrinciples of MicroeconomicsCreating Learning Environments: K-El (0.5 credit)K-El Curriculum: Health, Physical Education, First AidSchool and SocietyIntroduction to Special EducationHealth and Chemical Dependency Education (0.5 credit)Project ManagementCommunity Health Nursing IIntroduction to PhilosophyIntroductory Meteorology*Introduction to TheologyContemporary TheologyInterpersonal CommunicationTopics: Effective Business SpeakingMethods and Skills of Social WorkPrinciples of Accounting IPrinciples of Accounting I1Human BiologyBusiness LawMarketing Research and AnalysisInternational ManagementChemistry for Changing Times 11*Principles of Computer OrganizationPrinciples of MacroeconomicsIntermediate Microeconomics

ECO 318Management ScienceEDE 351Techniques of Teaching ReadingEDE 379K-El Curriculum: Art (0.25 credit)EDU 341Media Technology (0.5 credit)ENG 438ShakespeareHIS 243African American Civil RightsHPE 116Health Concepts for Educators (0.5 credit)INS 225Introduction to IslamApplied AlgebraMAT 105MAT 121MIS 175MIS 375Principles of Computing for BusinessPHI 380Ethics of Medicine and Health CareSocial Justice in AmericaPOL 140MIS in the OrganizationSPC 352Developmental Psychology: ChildPersuasionTHR 222Introduction to TheatreACC 222Principles of Accounting I1ACC 323Accounting Theory and Practice I1ACC 425Advanced AccountingART 107BUS 242DrawingPrinciples of ManagementBUS 252Principles of MarketingBUS 440Operations ManagementCSC 210Data StructuresECO 110ECO 113Economics of Urban IssuesEDE 382K-El Curriculum: Mathematics (0.5 credit)EDE 495Topics: Language ArtsIChildren's LiteratureEDU 210Learning and Development in an Educational SettingPSY 35 1Saturday Afternoon1 :15-4:45Finite MathematicsPrinciples of Microeconomics*Extra class or lab sessions required.

EDU 264Orientation to Education in an Urban Setting (0.5 credit)ENG 337British Literature: the Romantics and the VictoriansHPE 116Health Concepts for Educators (0.5 credit)INS 260Contemporary American IndiansPSY 373IndustriaVOrganizational PsychologyWorld Justice and Hunger: Developing a New World ViewDenominations and Religious Groups in AmericaREL 263REL 353SPA 111Complex OrganizationsBeginning Spanish I*SPA 112Beginning Spanish 11*SPC 329Intercultural CommunicationSWK 364Field Work ISWK 465Social Policy: Analysis and DevelopmentACC 322Accounting Theory and Practice IACC 326BUS 242Tax AccountingPrinciples of ManagementBUS 331Financial ManagementECO 315Money and BankingDiscovery Learning in the World of KindergartenSOC 349Sunday Afternoon1 :15-4:45EDE 375EDE 377EDE 380K-El Curriculum: Science (0.25 credit)ENG 225Intermediate Expository WritingFRE 112GER 111GST 140Beginning French 11*Introduction to the Liberal ArtsGST 209City Seminar: Experiential Education (0.0 credit)INS 105MIS 379Introduction to American Indian StudiesQuantitative Methods for Business and Economics*MIS 475Systems Analysis and DesignPSY 105Principles of PsychologyPSY 359Psychological AssessmentK-El Curriculum: Music (0.25 credit)Beginning German I*

REL 22 1Biblical StudiesSOC 265Culture: Ethnicity, Gender and RaceSPA 111Beginning Spanish I*SPA 112Beginning Spanish 11*SPC 351ArgumentationEDE 263K-El Clinical Experience (0.5 credit) (Sat, noon)EDS 252Clinical Experience (0.5 credit) (Sat. noon)HPE 002Lifetime Sports: Step Aerobics (0.0 credit)(8 weeks, Thurs., 5:30-7:30 p.m.)NUR 305Contemporary Nursing I: Communication(Thurs., 6-9:30 p.m.)NUR 423Practicum in Nursing: Family** (Thurs., 6-9:30 p.m.)Evening ClassesCSC 440Advanced Networking and Communications (Thus., 6-9 p.m.)(Day school schedule,ECO 414Welfare Economics (Tues., 6-9 p.m.)meet weekly, Feb. 2ENG 101Developmental Writing (Tues. and Thurs., 6-7:30 p.m.)through May 15.)ENG 216American Indian Literature (Thurs., 6-9 p.m.)ENG 341Advanced Creative Writing: Fiction (Wed., 6-9 p.m.)ENG 399Internship in Developmental Writing(Tues. and Thurs., 6-7:30 p.m.)ENG 480Criticism (Wed., 6-9 p.m.)HIS 326American Indian History (Wed., 6-9 p.m.)HIS 380History of Women to 1870 (Tues., 6-9 p.m.)HIS 495History Seminar (Wed., 6-9 p.m.)INS 233Women: A Cross-Cultural Perspective (Tues., 6-9 p.m.)MIS 370Advanced Computing for Business (Thurs., 6-9 p.m.)OJB 112Beginning Ojibwe I1 (Wed., 6-9 p.m.)REL 366The Church and Social Change in Latin America(Mexico travel course - arranged)REL 370American Indian Spirituality and Philosophical Thought(Tues., 6-9 p.m.)SWK 469Field Work IV (TBA)Weekend ScheduleEvening and Other*Extra class or lab sessions required.**Additional clinical fee required.

Student Teaching(Prereq.: Approvaland Placement byEducation Dept.)**EDE 481AEDE 481BEDE 48 1CEDE 482AEDE 482BEDE 482CEDE 483AEDE 483BEDE 483CEDE 484AEDE 484BEDE 484CEDS 481EDS 482EDS 483EDS 484Student Teaching K & SeminarStudent Teaching El & SeminarStudent Teaching K-El& SeminarStudent Teaching K & SeminarStudent Teaching El & SeminarStudent Teaching K-El& SeminarStudent Teaching K & SeminarStudent Teaching El & SeminarStudent Teaching K-El& SeminarStudent Teaching K & SeminarStudent Teaching El & SeminarStudent Teaching K-El& SeminarStudent Teaching & SeminarStudent Teaching & SeminarStudent Teaching & SeminarStudent Teaching & Seminar

Friday EveningBUS 242Principles of Management6:OO-1O:OOBUS 466International MarketingCSC 320AlgorithmsK-El Curriculum: Mathematics (0.5 credit)Orientation to Education in an Urban Setting (0.5 credit)EDE 382EDU 264ENG 272Human Relations (0.5 credit)European Literature: Renaissance to the Modern PeriodHPE 114Health and Safety Education (0.5 credit)INS 264NUR 306American Indians in the CinemaContemporary Nursing 11: Paradigms in NursingPHI 175Philosophy of Love and SexPHY 101POL 158Astronomy*Political Patterns and ProcessesPSY 105Principles of PsychologyPSY 357Behavior AnalysisSOC 121SPC 351Introduction to Human SocietyArgumentationSPC 480SWK 461Advanced Methods and Skills in Social WorkSWK 467The Social Worker as ProfessionalSaturday MorningBIO 231The Biology of Women8:OO-12:OOBUS 301Business LawBUS 357ECO 113AdvertisingPrinciples of MicroeconomicsECO 3 18EDE 350Management ScienceCreative Learning Environments: K-El(0.5 credit)EDE 386K-El Curriculum: Children's Literature (0.5 credit)EDU 388Public Relations/Promotiona1 Communication*Extra class or lab sessions required.**Additional clinical fee required.

eSpringT r i m e s t e rEDS 353EDU 210ENG 111ENG 226HIS 222MIS 175MIS 379MUS 130POL 495PSY 485REL 360REL 430SOC 231SPC 354Saturday Afternoon1 :OO-5:OOACC 221ACC 222ACC 323BUS 252BUS 331BUS 368BUS 438BUS 450CSC 170CSC 445ECO 112ECO 311Creative Learning Environments: SecondaryLearning and Development in an Educational SettingEffective WritingIntroduction to Creative Writing20th Century U.S.Principles of Computing for BusinessQuantitative Methods for Business and EconomicsIntroduction to Music in the Fine A r t sSeminar in CommunicationsCounseling PsychologyReligion and SocietyChristians Seeking UnityFamily Systems: A Cross-Cultural PerspectiveInterpersonal CommunicationPrinciples of Accounting IPrinciples of Accounting I1Accounting Theory and Practice I1Principles of MarketingFinancial ManagementResponding to the Challenge of JapanInvestment TheoryMarketing ManagementStructured ProgrammingOperating SystemsPrinciples of MacroeconomicsPublic Finance

EDE 351Techniques of Teaching ReadingEDE 377K-El Curriculum: Science (0.25 credit)EDE 379K-El Curriculum: Art (0.25 credit)EDE 380K-El Curriculum: Music (0.25 credit)EDE 388K-El Curriculum: Health (0.25 credit)EDE 389K-El Curriculum: Physical Education (0.5 credit)ENG 25 1Readings in American LiteratureENG 423Studies in the British NovelHPE 116Health Concepts for EducatorsMIS 370Advanced Computing for BusinessMIS 376Project ManagementPSY 381Psychology in Historical PerspectiveREL 111Introduction to TheologyREL 339Television and ReligionSPA 112Beginning Spanish 11*SPC 355Small Group CommunicationSWK 462Field Work I1Sunday AfternoonACC 423Auditing1:OO-5:OOART 221Sculpture IART 478Sculpture I1EDE 384K-El Curriculum: Social Studies/'Thematic Studies (0.5 credit)EDU 341Media Technology (0.5 credit)ENG 223Writing for Business and the ProfessionsENG 245Introduction to LiteratureGER 112Beginning German 11*HPE 101Fitness for Life*Extra class or lab sessions required.

oHPE 115MAT 132MIS 476PSY 355REL 221SOC 265SPA 112SPC 111SWK 365Weekend ScheduleEvening and OthermHealth and Chemical Dependency Education (0.5 credit)Numeracy for Contemporary SocietyInformation Systems ProjectsBrain and BehaviorBiblical StudiesCulture: Ethnicity, Gender and RaceBeginning Spanish 11*Public SpeakingQuantitative Analysis and Program EvaluationSOC 336Painting I (TBA)Painting I1 (TBA)K-El Clinical Experience (0.5 credit) (Sat. noon)Clinical Experience (0.5 credit) (Sat, noon)Lifetime Sports: Racquet Sports (0.0 credit)(8 weeks, Mon., 530-7:30 p.m.)Community Health Nursing 11: Practicum*"(Thurs., 6-10 p.m.)Leadership and Management: Theory and Practice(Thurs., 6-10 p.m.)Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (TBA)EDE 481AEDE 481BEDE 481CEDE 482AEDE 482BEDE 482CStudent Teaching K & SeminarStudent Teaching El & SeminarStudent Teaching K-El& SeminarStudent Teaching K & SeminarStudent Teaching El & SeminarStudent Teaching K-El& SeminarART 118ART 355EDE 263EDS 252HPE 003NUR 311NUR 431Student Teaching(Prereq.: Approvaland Placement byEducation Dept.)**o

EDE 483AEDE 483BEDE 483CEDE 484AEDE 484BEDE 484CEDS 481EDS 482EDS 483EDS 484Student Teaching K & SeminarStudent Teaching El & SeminarStudent Teaching K-El& SeminarStudent Teaching K & SeminarStudent Teaching El & SeminarStudent Teaching El & SeminarStudent Teaching & SeminarStudent Teaching & SeminarStudent Teaching & SeminarStudent Teaching & Seminar*Extra class or lab sessions required.**Additional clinical fee required.

Courses 1SW2WHCTAestheticsCityChristian Faith Area 1Christian Faith Area 2Christian Faith Area 3Human IdentityIntercultural Awareness Area 1Intercultural Awareness Area 2 (Language Level 1)Intercultural Awareness Area 3 (Language Level 2)Natural World Area 1Natural World Area 2Social World Area 1Social World Area 2Western HeritageTermACC 221ACC 222ACC 322ACC 323ACC 324ACC 326ACC 423ACC 425ART 107ART gTime- -GWRQRSCritical ThinkingGraduation Level WritingQuantitative end joint classPerspectives-Skills- -GWR, S---.

erNNFFTBANS a.m.S a.m.S a.m.S a.m.FS p.m.NFS p.m.NFS p.m.S p.m.S p.m.FS a.m.S a.m.S a.m.NS p.m.S a.m.FS a.m.FS a.m.S p.m.S p.m.FS p.m.FS p.m.-- -ART 132ART 22 1ART 224ART 240ART 355ART 478BIO 101BIO 102BIO 185BIO 231BUS 242BUS 252BUS 295BUS 301BUS 331BUS 340BUS 352BUS 355BUS 357BUS 362BUS 368BUS 433BUS 438BUS 440-PerspectivesSkillsGWR

TermBUS 450BUS 465BUS 466CHM 100CHM 101CSC 160CSC 170CSC 210CSC 320CSC 330CSC 340CSC 345CSC 440CSC 495ECO 110ECO 112ECO 113ECO 311ECO 312ECO 313ECO 315ECO 318ECO 360ECO 414EDE rSpringTimeS p.m.S a.m.FS a.m.S a.m.FS p.m.S p.m.D m , TH EVES p.m.FFS a.m.S a.m.S p.m.D m , TH EVED m , W EVEFS p.m.FS p.m.S a.m.S p.m.S a.m.FS p.m.S a.m.S p.m.S p.m.S a.m.NS a.m.S a.m.S a.m.D m , T EVES noonS noonS noonPerspectivesSkillsGWRGWRGWRGWR, QR

EDE 350EDE 35 1EDE 375EDE 377EDE 379EDE 380EDE 382EDE 383EDE 384EDE 386EDE 387EDE 388EDE 389EDE 481EDE 482EDE 483EDE 484EDE 495EDS interFallWinterSpringS p.m.FS a.m.NS a.m.S p.m.TBANS a.m.NS p.m.FS a.m.S p.m.NNS p.m.S a.m.S p.m.FFS a.m.NS a.m.S a.m.FNS p.m.NS p.m.S p.m.S noonS noonTBAPers ectives Skills

Courses byTermEDS 350EDS 353EDS 364EDS 375EDS 478EDS 481EDS 482EDS 483EDS 484EDU 210EDU 264EDU 282EDU 341EDU 388ENG 101ENG 111ENG 216ENG 223ENG 225ENG 226ENG 227ENG 245ENG 25 1ENG 27 lTimePerspectivesSkillsFS a.m.S a.m.D m , TH EVES p.m.FFS p.m.S a.m.FS p.m.S p.m.FFFS a.m.NS p.m.FD m , T & TH EVENS a.m.D m , TH EVED m , W EVENS p.m.NS a.m.S a.m.S a.m.NS p.m.FGWRGWRGWRGWRGWR

TimeTerm ENG 272ENG 331ENG 337ENG 341ENG 345ENG 351ENG 361ENG 399ENG 423ENG 438ENG 445ENG 480FRE 111FRE 112GER 111GER 112GST 140GST 209HIS 102HIS 222HIS 243HIS 326HIS 380HIS 495HPE 002HPE 003HPE 101HPE 114HPE tivesFWHNS p.m.Dm, W EVEDm, T EVEFS p.m.Dm, TBADm, T & TH EVES p.m.S a.m.Dm, M EVEDm, W EVENNNNNNDm, TBANFS a.m.S a.m.Dm, W EVEDm, T EVEDm, T EVEDm, W EVETH EVETH EVEM EVENFNFNSkillsGWRCTGWRSGWR, S*Also requires Clinical Experience to satisfy City perspective.

Courses byHPE 116INS 105INS 225INS 233INS 260INS 264INS 320MAT 105MAT 121MAT 122MAT 131MAT 132MIS 175MIS 370MIS 375MIS 376MIS 379MIS 475MIS 476MIS 479MUS 130MUS 241MUS gFallFallFS a.m.S p.m.S p.m.ND m , T EVES a.m.ND m , T EVED M , TH EVES p.m.FD m , TH EVES a.m.S a.m.S a.m.NNS a.m.NS a.m.S a.m.D/W, TH EVES p.m.NS a.m.FS p.m.S p.m.NS a.m.NND m , T EVES a.m.D M , TBAS a.m.PerspectivesSkillsIA 1IAlGWRSQR

NUR 305NUR 306NUR 310NUR 311NUR 330NUR 350NUR 403NUR 423NUR 43 1OJB 111OJB 112PHI 110PHI 120PHI 175PHI 241PHI 380PHY 101PHY 106PHY 116POL 140POL 158POL 160POL 295POL 342POL 495PSY 105PSY 230PSY 351PSY 355PSY 357PSY 359PSY 361PSY 362PSY lFallWinterTH EVEFFTH EVETH EVEFTH EVETH EVETH EVEDm, W EVEDm, W EVEFS a.m.FFS a.m.FFFDm, M & TH EVES a.m.FS p.m.S a.m.S a.m.S p.m.S a.m.S a.m.NFDm, M & TH EVES p.m.S a.m.NFNNS a.m.S p.m.PerspectivesSkillsGWRS*CT, QRGWRIA2IA3HICF3HIWHHINW2NW1 or 2NW1CSWl or 2SWl or 2GWR*Both NUR 330 and 431 are required to satisfy Speaking skill.-

PSY 381PSY 399PSY 485REL 111REL 221REL 263REL 331REL 339REL 353REL 356REL 360REL 362REL 363REL 366REL 370REL 430REL 441REL 481REL 495SOC 121SOC 211SOC 231SOC 265SOC 336SOC 349SPA rTimeS p.m.D/W, M EVES a.m.D/W, T EVED m , TH EVEFS p.m.NNNS p.m.S p.m.S p.m.S p.m.FS a.m.S a.m.S p.m.TBAND m , T EVES a.m.S a.m.FD m , W EVEFFS p.m.FS a.m.NNNTBAS p.m.S p.m.NS p.m.PerspectivesSkillsCTproposed for CFCF1,2 or 3CF2 or 3GWRCIAlS

SPA 112SPC 111SPC 329SPC 345SPC 351SPC 352SPC 354SPC 355SPC 480SPC 495SWK 257SWK 260SWK 361SWK 363SWK 364SWK 365SWK 461SWK 462SWK 463SWK 465SWK 466SWK 467SWK 469THR ingSpringFallWinterFallSpringWinterWinterNS p.m.NS p.m.NS a.m.NS p.m.FNFS a.m.S a.m.FS a.m.S p.m.S p.m.FFS a.m.FS p.m.FS p.m.NFS p.m.S a.m.S p.m.NFTBAS a.m.PerspectivesSkillsIA3QRGWRCTGWR

Human IdentityFallEDU210MUS 2721472PSY 105SWK 260WinterEDU210PHI 110PHI 380p s y 105AestheticsSpringEDU210HPE 101PHI 175PSY 105Social World Area 1FallECO113POL160SOC 121SWK 463WinterECO113ECO110WinterCHM101PHY 106SpringECO113POL158SOC 121WinterECO 112THR 222SpringART118ART 221ENG 226ENG 245MUS 130FallECO113POL160POL 342SOC 121SWK 361SWK 463WinterECO

For more information write or call: Augsburg Weekend College Admissions Campus Box 65 221 1 Riverside Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55454 Phone: (612) 330-1743 FAX: (612) 330-1784 [email protected] . New Students (enrolling for the first time or in the readmission process) .