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Opening Remarks2 Additive Manufacturing (AM) ABS Advisory – Publishedin 2017 ABS Guidance Notes –Published in 2018 ABS Approved Crane Hook- Installed in 2019 ABS Guide – Published inApril 2021

Outline IntroductionStandardizationApproval for AM FacilityApproval for AM PartAM Activities in ABSSummary3 Additive Manufacturing (AM)

Introduction AM History- Prototype to end-use- Non-metallic to metallic- Desktop to computer numericalcontrol (CNC) machine or robotic arm Feasible to implement AMtechnology for Marine and OffshoreRapid Prototype, 1980Molds and Tooling, 1990Digital Manufacturing, 2000Customized Fabrication, 20104 Additive Manufacturing (AM)

AM Value Market Forecast in Oil and GasSupply Chain2.067 BMore Flexibility in DesignSmall Batch ProductionHybrid Metal AM ProcessSource: Grandview Research5 Additive Manufacturing (AM)

AM vs. Traditional ManufacturingTraditional Manufacturing Materials Manufacturing- Rolling, Casting, Forging, Heat Treatment etc.- To meet mechanical property requirements Machining- Cutting, Turning, Milling, Grinding, Drilling etc.- To meet dimension and special features Connecting- Welding, Brazing, Soldering, Fastening- To join or connect multi-pieces6 Additive Manufacturing (AM)Additive Manufacturing (AM) Integrated process of materialsmanufacturing, machining andwelding Fused/Joined materials to make partsfrom sliced 3D solid model data Built layer by layer Digital controlled by machine softwareand hardware

AM ProcessesAdditive ManufacturingDirect Energy Deposition(DED)Powder Bed Fusion (PBF)PowderLaser7 Additive Manufacturing xtrusionWireLaserE-BeamPlasmaGas Tungsten (GT)Gas Metal (GM)Arc

Standardization Specifications with revision chnicalRequirements forApplication ProductionPost BuildPre-buildBuild8 Additive Manufacturing (AM)

Part DesignPart Solid Model and/or DrawingEngineering DesignFunctional andTechnicalSpecificationsSpecific Digital Design for AMEngineering Calculation or Simulation,if requiredPart Design Package(PDP)Requirements for Mechanical PropertiesSystem or Equipmentto be InstalledMaterialsSpecificationRequirements for Other Properties such asFatigue, Corrosion, Wear/Erosion, etc.Non-Destructive Testing9 Additive Manufacturing (AM)

FeedstockGeneralHandling, Storage and Re-use,if nSpecificationWireDocumentation10 Additive Manufacturing (AM)Material Grade, Atomization Process, PostAtomization Classification, Composition,Powder Size, Distribution and Morphology,Flowability etc, refer to ASTM standardsMaterial Grade, Composition, Wire Size,refer to ASTM or AWS welding consumablestandards

AM Manufacturing Process Machine (Hardware andSoftware) Procedure Operator Part and Support RemovalStress ReliefHot Isotropic Pressure (HIP)Other Heat TreatmentSurface or Feature Finish11 Additive Manufacturing (AM)GeneralPre-BuildPost-BuildAM Build Part Location and Orientation Test Coupon Location andOrientation Machining allowances Others such as support, infill,contour, transition etc. Digital Build Model, STL, 3MFetc. Heat Input: Beam/Arc Powerand Size Heat History: Scan Pattern,Travel Speed, Hatch Overlapand Distance, Layer Thickness,Edge and Surface Control Build Environment

Inspection and Testing ABS Rules for Materials and Welding andthe applicable sections enclosed in otherABS Rules for application. ASTM A751 for Chemical Analysis ASTM A370 for Mechanical Testing ASTM E8 for Tensile Testing ASTM E23 for Notched Bar Impact Testing ASTM E10 for Hardness ABS Guide for Non-Destructive Inspectionor ASTM WK68731 Other recognized industry standards inaccordance with ISO/ASTM12 Additive Manufacturing (AM)PartFunctionTestingSpecialProperties,if requiredVT forDimension,Features,SurfaceMPT/LP forSurfaceDefectsTesting Report, inaccordance withRule/Guide, Industrystandard or Designer’sSpecificationsTensile metricDefects

ABS Approval and Certification ProcessDesignReviewDeliverablesof EngineeringReviewAM FacilityApprovalManufacturingProcess andProcedures13 Additive Manufacturing (AM)Part SpecificTesting duringQualificationfor ApprovalPartCertificationduringProduction

Approval for AM Facility Quality Management System AM Capability Machine, Procedure, OperatorQualification Approval Tests Submittals Approval for AM Facility Range of Approval14 Additive Manufacturing (AM)Approval for AM Facility(ABS Review and Survey)Approval Tests(Repeatable/Consistent MaterialsProperties)AM Capability(Machine, Procedure, Personnel)Quality Management System

Approval for AM Part ISO Standards ASTM Standards for AM Process Approval Tests Submittals Approval for AM PartApproval for AM Part(ABS Review and Survey)Approval Tests(Achievable Technical Requirementsper the Applicable ABS Rules, IndustryStandards or Designer Specification)ISO/ASTM Standards for AM Process Range of Approval Fabrication Plan15 Additive Manufacturing (AM)ISO or Equivalent Quality Standards

ABS Review and SurveyShip OwnerShip Builderor OriginalEquipmentManufacturerABS Review,Survey ty16 Additive Manufacturing (AM) Adoption and Expansion byCollaboration Input by Ship Builder or OriginalEquipment Manufacturer Pre-building, Building, Post-building,Inspection and Testing by AdditiveManufacturing Facility Design Review, Manufacturer Surveyand Approval by ABS On-Board Performance and CloseLoop Feedback for ContinuousImprovement

AM Activities in ABSSmall Crane Hook with Design Load of 80 Metric Tons4 Prong Crane Hook with Design Load of 250 Metric TonsPump ImpellerPump Flexible CouplingPump Gear SetsGenerator Air Ejector Nozzle17 Additive Manufacturing (AM)

Summary AM process is standardized using Specification. The applied parameters arecontrolled, monitored and documented. AM facility can be qualified and approved based upon the desired materialsproperties support by the history data in manufactured materials or parts. AM part can be qualified and approved based upon the desired requirements forpart engineering design and functionality. Class parts can be certified based upon satisfactory completion of requiredapproval of AM facility and AM part, as well as agreed fabrication plan andwitness. Certification is optional for non-class parts. Qualification and Certification follow ABS Rules/Guides for class parts andindustry standards or designer’s specifications for non-class parts.18 Additive Manufacturing (AM)

Closing Remarks Update ABS Guide for Polymerand Polymer Composite Expand Adoption of AMTechnology in Spare Parts Improve Capabilities andEfficiency of DED Process forLarge Structure Explore Non-Critical Marine andOffshore Applications of Low-CostAM Processes such as BinderJetting or Materials ExtrusionProcesses19 Additive Manufacturing (AM)

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AM vs. Traditional Manufacturing. 6 Additive Manufacturing (AM) Integrated process of materials manufacturing, machining and welding Fused/Joined materials to make parts from sliced 3D solid model data Built layer by layer Digital controlled by machine software and hardware. Additive Manufacturing (AM) Materials Manufacturing