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PCBA Exam QuestionsKnow Your PCBA Certification Well:The PCBA is best suitable for candidates who want to gain knowledge in thePega Business Role. Before you start your PCBA preparation you may struggleto get all the crucial Business Architect materials like PCBA syllabus, samplequestions, study guide.But don't worry the PCBA PDF is here to help you prepare in a stress freemanner.The PDF is a combination of all your queries like What is in the PCBA syllabus? How many questions are there in the PCBA exam? Which Practice test would help me to pass the PCBA exam at the firstattempt?Passing the PCBA exam makes you Pega Certified Business Architect (PCBA).Having the Business Architect certification opens multiple opportunities for you.You can grab a new job, get a higher salary or simply get recognition within yourcurrent organization.Pega PCBA Business Architect CertificationDetails:Exam NamePega Certified Business ArchitectExam CodePCBAExam FeeUSD 175Exam Duration90 MinutesNumber ofQuestions50Passing Score70%FormatMultiple Choice QuestionsBooks / Trainings Class ScheduleSchedule ExamPearson VUESample QuestionsPega PEGAPCBA85V1 Exam Sample Questions andAnswersPractice ExamPega Certified Business Architect (PCBA) Practice TestPega Business Architect Certification Practice Exam3

PCBA Exam QuestionsPCBA Syllabus:TopicDetailsPega ExpressMethodology- Describe the four phases of a Pega Express Deliveryand terminology- Articulate the benefits and best practices of PegaExpress delivery- Describe the information required to quickly build a10%Pega application (i.e., Three Pillars)- Fill the backlog with stories that are ready to be built;user stories- Describe the process and benefits of Directly CaptureObjectives (DCO)CaseManagement- Design a case lifecycle: stages, case statuses, addinstructions to assignments- Add a service level agreement: urgency, goals,deadlines- Route assignments to users, work queues- Design an approval process- Configure and send email correspondence- Identify duplicate cases- Add optional actions to a workflow- Automate workflow decisions with conditions on adecision step- Skip a stage or process- Create a child case- Pause and resume case processing; wait steps50%Data andIntegration- Configure data types, data relationships, and createdata objects- Identify and create calculated values- Validate data; create and configure data validationrules using business logic- Capture and present data; fields and views14%Security- Manage user and role assignments2%User Interface- Customize user interface elements; configure actionsets8%ApplicationDevelopment- Manage application development; user stories,feedback, bugs4%Reporting- Create business reports- Identify types of reports- Use columns and filters6%Mobility- Configure mobile app channels- Use of Pega Mobile Preview6%Pega Business Architect Certification Practice ExamWeights4

PCBA Exam QuestionsPega PCBA Sample Questions:Question: 1Select two ways you use Agile Workbench to add details to bug and feedback items.(Choose Two)a)b)c)d)Use the integrated audio recording tool.Use the integrated screen capture tool.Record the bugs and feedback in the case life cycle step descriptions.Use the integrated video recording tool.Answer: b, dQuestion: 2Which of the following statements is not true about the Definition of Ready?a)b)c)d)The definition of ready (DoR) is defined by the lead business architect.The definition of ready (DoR) is defined during the prepare phase.Stories that meet the definition of ready (DoR) are approved by the product owner.Stories that do not meet the definition of ready (DoR) can progress to sprint planning.Answer: dQuestion: 3You configure a service level to adjust assignment urgency to 100 when the goal intervallapses. How does the assignment urgency impact the deadline and passed intervals?a)b)c)d)Urgency value continues to increment as configured.Service level processing is halted until the assignment is completed.The user is notified that the maximum urgency value has been reached.Urgency value remains at 100, but other service level processing continues.Answer: dQuestion: 4A Customer applies for a credit card. In order for the credit card to be approved, the creditcard consultant must receive the results of a credit check.How do you configure the case types to reflect their relationship?a)b)c)d)Make credit card request a child case of credit check.Make credit check a child case of credit card request.Make both loan request and credit check top cases.Make credit check a spin-off case of credit card request.Answer: bPega Business Architect Certification Practice Exam5

PCBA Exam QuestionsQuestion: 5When completing a new rule for, the "Apply To" field represents what?a)b)c)d)The version of the ruleThe ruleset the rule applies toThe other rules the new rule will apply toThe rules context, or scope, for the purpose of inheritanceAnswer: dQuestion: 6Select the two correct statements about work items in Agile Workbench.(Choose Two)a)b)c)d)Feedback items are feature enhancement requests.Major bugs are typically deferred.User stories are the primary work items.The development backlog includes user stories, bugs, and tasks.Answer: a, cQuestion: 7Case life cycle design is a model to and .a)b)c)d)define processes and steps to implement the three necessary stages of workdefine a structure to create, process, and resolve workdefine the user interface appearancedefine how work is completed for each specific customer requestAnswer: b, dQuestion: 8Case life cycle design is a model to and .a)b)c)d)define processes and steps to implement the three necessary stages of workdefine a structure to create, process, and resolve workdefine the user interface appearancedefine how work is completed for each specific customer requestAnswer: b, dPega Business Architect Certification Practice Exam6

PCBA Exam QuestionsQuestion: 9Which two of the following options is true about Directly Capture Objectives (DCO)?(Choose Two)a)b)c)d)DCO is only used for the documentation of user stories during the build phase.DCO is a methodology that ensures collaboration with the business and IT.The integration designer is an example of a visualization tool used in DCO.DCO is used during the Prepare phase to confirm and validate the three pillars of themicrojourney.Answer: c, dQuestion: 10Which two of the following methods can configure one stage in the case life cycle to advanceto the next?(Choose Two)a)b)c)d)While running a case, use the Actions menu to change the stage.Configure automatic stage transitioning in the stage contextual property panel.Add a Change Stage step.Configure the stage to resolve the case in the stage properties panel.Answer: b, cStudy Guide to Crack Pega Business ArchitectPCBA Exam: Getting details of the PCBA syllabus, is the first step of a study plan. Thispdf is going to be of ultimate help. Completion of the syllabus is must topass the PCBA exam. Making a schedule is vital. A structured method of preparation leads tosuccess. A candidate must plan his schedule and follow it rigorously toattain success. Joining the Pega provided training for PCBA exam could be of much help.If there is specific training for the exam, you can discover it from the linkabove. Read from the PCBA sample questions to gain your idea about the actualexam questions. In this PDF useful sample questions are provided tomake your exam preparation easy. Practicing on PCBA practice tests is must. Continuous practice will makeyou an expert in all syllabus areas.Pega Business Architect Certification Practice Exam7

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In order for the credit card to be approved, the credit card consultant must receive the results of a credit check. How do you configure the case types to reflect their relationship? a) Make credit card request a child case of credit check. b) Make credit check a child case of credit card request. c) Make both loan request and credit check top .