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ContentsExecutive Summary . 3Cost . 4Security. 4Governance . 4Assessment Report Structure . 4Inventory . 5Directory: . 5Cost Optimizations . 6Recommendations summary . 6B-Series Optimization. 7Cross-Region Optimization. 9Orphaned Disks Optimization . 11Orphaned Snapshot Optimization . 12VM Disk Type Optimization. 13Azure Hybrid Benefit Optimization . 14Backup Strategy Optimization. 15Operating System Disk Rightsizing . 16Virtual Servers Rightsizing . 17Low Usage VM Optimization . 19Reserved instances optimization . 20Virtual Servers Rebuild . 21Security Improvements . 22MFA Authentication Enforcement . 22Remove Deprecated Accounts . 22Enforce HTTPS Storage Connectivity. 22Disallow Public Access to Storage . 22Enable Automation Variable Encryption . 24Governance and Compliance . 25Cost Management . 25Security Enforcement. 25Stakeholders . 25Terms and abbreviations . 25CONFIDENTIALVIAcode Azure Optimization AssessmentPage 2 of 26

Executive SummaryThe VIAcode Azure Optimization Assessment (AOA) provides in-depth analysis of the Azure infrastructure cost andsecurity posture. It delivers actionable recommendations to dramatically improve efficiency and effectiveness of anAzure operation saving you money and reducing risk along with strategies to maintain an optimized state.Using data collected from your Azure environment VIAcode experts analyzed 29 optimization strategies to deliver thefollowing: Prioritized, actionable and specific recommendations for improving your Azure environment Interactive analytical report to help identify infrastructure affected by recommended improvements Estimated value for each proposed recommendationThe Assessment allows VIAcode to do a thorough review of your Azure infrastructure, identify key improvement areas,understand environment health state. The optimization recommendations in the Assessment report can be used to plannecessary improvements to the cloud infrastructure. These improvements can be done by customer, using VIAcodeProfessional Services, or by VIAcode as part of our Managed Services.The VIAcode Assessment found potential annual savings of 306,151.51 out of 971,084.16 predicted spend (a 31.53%cost reduction). These graphs represent the percentage of potential saving as well as the optimization strategies thatwill provide the savings.ESTIMATED ANNUAL COST IALVIAcode Azure Optimization AssessmentPage 3 of 26

CostKey strategies that contribute to this cost reduction are: Rebuild VMs to optimize usage of premium disk types (DUT), decrease OS disk sizes (ODO), optimize tiers(VUT) and/or transition to B-Series (BSR) to save 125,150.40 (12.89% savings)Implement schedule for VM rebuild (RVO) and Low utilization VM (LUV) optimization strategy to save 86,632.82 (8.92% savings)Transition VMs to WESTUS2 and migrate all ASR disks to EASTUS2 to save 60,497.57 (6.23% savings)Note: estimation of annual spend and savings are based on August 2020 monthly spend X 12.SecurityWe understand that the Azure environment us used for Dev/QA needs. While this environment is not for productionusage there are certain measures that would increase the security depth and lower security expose. Secure storage by enforcing HTTPS and removing public accessEncrypt Azure Automation variablesDelete deprecated accounts and require MFA on accounts with owner permissionsGovernanceCloud cost and security management is an ongoing process. To significantly simplify the burden of controllingcompliance, help optimize costs, and reduce security risk we recommend the implementation of Azure Policy in order toenforce the following best practices: Require Azure Hybrid Benefit enablementAlert on usage of Premium SSDPrevent/Alert VM creation with OS disk 64 GbRequire VMs to be deployed in cost-effective regionsEnforce cost effective backup replication configurationAssessment Report StructureThis report includes a structured analysis of the cloud infrastructure using the VIAcode proprietary software to cover thefollowing areas of cloud infrastructure management:-Cost optimizationSecurity depthGovernance and complianceThe infrastructure analysis and recommendations for the areas above are described in specific sections of the report. Thenext section (“Executive Summary”) includes information about the overall assessment results and the improvementrecommendations that VIAcode identified as necessary/recommended based on the infrastructure condition.CONFIDENTIALVIAcode Azure Optimization AssessmentPage 4 of 26

InventoryDirectory:Subscription NameABC-DEF-XXX-DEV-Lab-DevTestSubscription mensionSubscriptionsResource GroupsResources TotalVirtual MachinesDisksSnapshotsStorage AccountsLoad BalancersKey VaultsVirtual NetworksApp Service IAcode Azure Optimization AssessmentPage 5 of 26

Cost OptimizationsNote: this report is based on analysis of the billing information for the period of August 1, 2020 – August 31, 2020.Table below provides a summary of applicable optimization strategies. Columns represent the following information: Resource count – number of analyzed resources Current cost – Azure cost for applicable resources. For example, all VM’s with OS disks 64GB or all Azureresources where Azure Hybrid Benefits are not enabled. Optimized cost – how much applicable resources would cost after optimization is applied Savings – delta between current costs and optimized cost Savings/Cost - % of savings within applicable resources. For example, as part of optimization we’ve analyzed1000 resources, however, only 200 are not optimized and would be affected by such optimization strategy.Typically, this % shows effectiveness of such optimization strategy within a resource type. Savings/Total - % of optimization savings compared to the total -Series optimizationCross region optimizationOrphaned Disks optimizationOrphaned Snapshots optimizationVM Disk type optimizationAzure Hybrid BenefitBackup replication optimizationOS Disk size optimizationVM Rightsizing (Not B-Series)Low Used VM optimizationReserved instanceVM rebuild optimizationTOTAL:ResourceCountCurrentcost, 80,923.68Annually 971,084.16Optimizedcost, 11.05Saving, 566.611,963.592,669.21772.804,550.1925,512.63 Savings/ Savings/ Cost, % Total, 57%1.94%2.43%3.30%0.95%5.62%32%Recommendations summary1. replacement of 221 premium SSD with standard SSDMigrate dev environment to WESTUS2 and migrate ASR disks to EASTUS2Decrease OS disk size to 64Gb on 55 virtual serversDowngrade 96 virtual servers with underload CPU while preserving memory capacityMigrate 2 resources from RA-GRS to GRSPurchase additional 72 reserved instancesMigrate 82 virtual servers to B-series with the same memory/core capacity.Delete 103 orphaned snapshots and 9 VM disks/ASR replicasEnable Azure Hybrid Benefits for 7 VMs in GRC-GRC-XXX-Dev-Lab-DevTest subscriptionDelete or consolidate 303 virtual serversDevelop CI/CD pipeline to rebuild 72 virtual serversCONFIDENTIALVIAcode Azure Optimization AssessmentPage 6 of 26

Oct 20, 2020