STATEOFDELAWARESTATE FIRE PREVENTION COMMISSIONDELAWARE FIRE SERVICE CENTER(302) 739 – 3160FAX (302) 739 – 4436STATE FIRE PREVENTION COMMISSIONMonthly MeetingMay 16, 2017MEMBERS PRESENTDavid J. Roberts, ChairmanAlan Robinson, Jr., Vice ChairmanTom DiCristofaroRon MarvelLynn TruittMarvin C. SharpJoseph M. ZerolesALSO PRESENTPatricia Davis, Deputy Attorney GeneralPatrick Matthews M.D., BLS Medical DirectorSherry Lambertson, Executive SpecialistDavid J. Truax, Investigator/Compliance OfficerGrover P. Ingle, State Fire MarshalRobert P. Newnam, Director, State Fire SchoolGUESTSElizabeth Carey, Admin., SFPCTed Walius, DVFARichard Perillo, Brandywine Hundred Fire Co.Warren Jones, DVFAElmer Steele, DVFAW. Mike McMichael, DSEMSAAnthony Spiezio, DTI1463 CHESTNUT GROVE ROADDOVER, DELAWARE 19904

SFPC MinutesMay 16, 2017Page 2CALL TO ORDERChairman Roberts called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCEAPPROVAL OF APRIL 18, 2017 COMMISSION MEETING MINUTESIt was moved by Commissioner Dicristofaro, and seconded by Commissioner Sharp thatthe minutes of the April 18, 2017 Commission meeting be approved. Motion carried byunanimous vote.REPORT OF THE STATE FIRE MARSHALINFORMATIONAL ITEMSPersonnel ItemsFire Marshal Ingle updated the Commission on personnel matters. Donna Burnett,Administrative Specialist I will return from medical leave on May 22, 2017.Joseph Moran, Fire Protection Specialist I has completed his 1 year probation andbecame eligible for promotion. He was promoted to the position of Fire ProtectionSpecialist II on April 18, 2017.Jennifer Adams has been appointed as a representative of the State Fire Marshal Office tothe Delaware Burn Camp and will attend her first meeting this evening.Collective Bargaining Unit – Deputy Fire Marshal SeriesFire Marshal Ingle updated the Commission with recent meetings held with regard to theCollective Bargaining Unit. Bargaining Unit 9 by current Statute include the Deputy FireMarshal I – V. This will include the Chief Deputy Fire Marshal’s and Assistant StateFire Marshal’s. The State as well as the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3 has objectedto the Deputy Fire Marshal’s IV & V (Chief Deputy & Assistant State Fire Marshals) asthey are Supervisor and according to the DE Code are prohibited from being representedfor Collective Bargaining purposes. Fire Marshal Ingle was asked to participate in thesediscussions where he participated in mediation with the State and FOP to clarify what theBargaining Unit consisted of. It was determined that it would consist of Deputy FireMarshal’s I, II and III.

SFPC MinutesMay 16, 2017Page 3Fire Injuries/Fire Fatality UpdateFire Marshal Ingle reported that Delaware remains at one fire fatality for 2017.Other victims that remain in recovery or hospitalization:Lewes Firefighter – Still recovering.Dover Fire Victim – Critical condition at Crozer Hospital.Limestone Hills Victim – Critical condition at Crozer Hospital with improving condition.Fire Marshal Ingle reported on several fires statewide. The first was on May 13, 2017 inthe Christiana District of the 400 Block of Feather Drive in Wellington Woods. Therewas heavy smoke showing from the 2 story structure upon arrival. There were 4occupants in the house, ages 13, 18, 25 and 44. The 13 and 44 year old victims weretreated and released. The 18 and 25 year old victims were transferred to Crozer wherethey are in critical condition with non-life threatening injuries. One individual sufferedfrom respiratory arrest and the other three suffered from smoke inhalation. There weresmoke alarms in the home and the individuals began exiting the home prior to the smokealarms activating. The incident remains under investigation.On May 8, 2017 in the Lewes District of 100 Carter Way at approximately 1:00 AM.Lewes arrived to heavy fire showing from the rear of 3 Townhouses. It eventuallyinvolved 5 townhomes. 5 occupants and 3 pets were able to get out. There was severedamage done and determined to be started by discarded smoking materials on the outsideof the property. The fire started up the rear of the property and spread to the otherdwellings.On May 15, 2017 there was a large loss fire located on Hickory Street in downtownFrankford. It was located in a warehouse where employees were outside burningcardboard in a burn barrel. The embers from the burn barrel ignited some combustiblematerials nearby. The fire spread to the building and caused an extensive fire.ASF Revenue Reduction FY ‘17Fire Marshal Ingle reported that his agencies Appropriated Special Funds Revenueaccount was reduced by 2 Million dollars. These funds were reduced from theoperational account. The Office of Management and Budget pulled these funds for apossible revenue source in the FY ’17 Budget. These were funds accumulated tosupplement the agency for any salary shortfalls and operational needs during difficulttimes.

SFPC MinutesMay 16, 2017Page 4DTI UpdateFire Marshal Ingle reported that they worked with DTI on the Ransomware Virusconcerns. Anthony Spiezio and his staff have done a good job identifying computers thatmay have not been up to date on spyware.The rebuild of the new programs is moving along. Fire Marshal Ingle has a meetingscheduled next week with Terry Littlefield to discuss updates and to set up testing.NFPA 20/22 – Training Class on May 17 & 18, 2017 at DSFSFire Marshal Ingle reported that his agency has been able to obtain two trainings throughNFPA at no cost. These will include Fire Pumps and Private Water Systems.NFPA 72 – Training Class on June 14, 2017 at DSFS through a NASFM GrantOn June 14, 2017 the National Association of State Fire Marshal’s will have an NFPA 72training class through a third party. The intent is to discuss dormitories and other typesof facilities.NFPA Fire Inspector II – June 6 – 8, 2017Fire Marshal Ingle and his staff will participate as Instructors at the Fire School for theNFPA Fire Inspector II class from June 6 – 8, 2017.New Castle County Water IssueThe water flow was checked at the New Castle County Division in February, 2017. Atthat time it was found there was not enough volume or pressure to meet the water flowrequirements. Fire Marshal Ingle requested that his Technical Staff become moreinvolved in this process. Artesian has done some site testing and determined where theproblem may be. It is not on the site its self, so the repair responsibility is Artesian.They are putting together a work schedule to complete the project. Artesian will workdirectly with Facilities Management with regard to scheduling and repairs.

SFPC MinutesMay 16, 2017Page 5DFIRS Incidents ReceivedTOTAL STATE PARTICIPATION IN COMPLIANCE75 %DELINQUENT DEPARTMENTSNew Castle CountyOdessaFebruary – MarchTownsendFebruary – MarchBelvedereNovember – December, 2016 & January – March 2017Kent CountyBowersJanuary – MarchCamden-WyomingMarchCheswoldNovember – December, 2016 & January – March, ary - MarchMagnoliaJanuary – MarchSouth BowersJanuary - MarchSussex CountyEllendaleMarchMemorialJanuary - MarchRoxanaJanuary – February30 Days6OVERDUE REPORTS BY DAYS60 Days90 Days25Source: DFIRS Incidents received as of 5/04/17.90 Days2

SFPC MinutesMay 16, 2017Page 6REPORT OF THE STATE FIRE SCHOOL DIRECTORDirector Life Time Instructor status awarded to Dottie Barber and Francis Passwaters atthe Blades Fire Company Meeting.Student Injury – Climbing ladder, Knee, refused services continued in classAHA eCard Requirement for US Training Centers – required with Training Center renewal6/2017DTI – DSFS has requested an application developer for enhancements to record systemNew Castle expansion project – Facilities Management is working with Artesian Water forneeded site repairs.EMT charged ½ or full course rate, Company will be invoiced at the time ofregistration due to a recent collection concern.May 22 – Congressional Delegation AFG grant announcement is scheduled for 10:30 AMat the Fire School. Additional info to follow.Staff Activities NY fire & life safety conf. - Montour Falls, NY – O’MalleyGAAP/GMEN 2017 Advanced training – May 11th – MurabitoEastern Chiefs Conference – Rehoboth Beach – Baker, Miller (AV Assistance)NCC Recruit Class Graduation – May 30th, Station 15 – BrennanPresentation to Instructor Passwaters – Baker, Brennan, Ingram, O’Malley andLowePrograms/CoursesFigures in red are reference to last year’s comparison of class attendance. Current Montho Firefighter Self Survival – 18 studentso Hazardous Materials Tech. Course – 23 students (13)o Fire Instructor I Course – blended learning class – 11 studentso Haz. Mat. Tech. 16 hr. Refresher - 5 students (6)o EVO – New Castle Division – 35 students (26)o Certification Testing Haz. Material Operation - 6 students Firefighter I/II – 11 students Fire Officer 1 – 2 students Fire Officer 2 – 2 students

SFPC MinutesMay 16, 2017Page 7Programs and Courses cont. o Rope Rescue I – 19 students (21)o NFA – Firefighter Health and Safety – 3 studentso Hazardous Mat. Tech – 24 hr. – 1 student (12)o Mastering Unified Command (weekday program) 19 studentso Law Enforcement Fire Orientation – 34 New Castle recruitsDivisions Usageo New Castle – 25 scheduled (11)o Kent – 7 scheduled (8)o Sussex 2 scheduled (3)Additions – Revisionso Junior Fire Camp – 3 day camp to learn Fire skillso Camp Fury Delaware – girls 13 to 17 – first developed in Tucson, Az. (Aug. 1920) Intro to Fire, EMS and Policeo Fire Training Prop – lesson plan development, first programs Fire Awareness andbehavior scheduled for May 23 (Theory) May 25 (Evolutions).o EVO class updated to the 2017 version – BrennanEMS Current Montho CEU programs – 5 programs scheduled (15)o EMR class – KCD – 10 studentso EMR weekday class – 11 students (11)o EMT weekday accelerated class – 17 students (20)Public Education and Injury Prevention - Activity Report Current Montho Fire Safety Programs – 7 scheduledo DSFS Tours – 1 scheduledo Fire Safety Displays - 4 scheduledo Life Safety Programs – 5 events scheduled

SFPC MinutesMay 16, 2017Page 8Maintenance – Building and Grounds Completed the Fire Safety Building at Sussex DivisionCar Fire Prop in-service at Sussex DivisionWalkway installed around the Phase 5 Fire Training PropReconfigure the office area and staff offices to include computer testing area.Financial 20678 Tuition Fund – 851,831.00Accounts receivable – 70,087.00Revenue Comparisono Tuition – 2017 – 80,135.00, 2016 – 64,993.00Special Funds Summary – The Special Funds Summary report was submitted tothe Commissioners for review.Expenditure Report – The Expenditure report was submitted to theCommissioners for review.Staff and Office Staff Meeting MinutesStaff and office staff meeting minutes were submitted for Commission review.REPORT OF BLS MEDICAL DIRECTORThe flu is local activity in Delaware. Delaware has over 4,500 confirmed cases and 15deaths statewide. Agencies should continue to follow their infectious disease policies.Opiate Epidemic Update – The epidemic has become more complex with the introductionof Fentanyl (50 times more potent than morphine) and Carfentanyl (10,000 times morepotent than morphine). The amount of Narcan to reverse these effects can be extreme.There was a report of a police officer that touched Carfentanyl with his hand where it wasabsorbed. That was enough that he became unresponsive and needed multiple doses ofNarcan to reverse the effects so he could awake.In the absence of Narcan working, respiratory support is going to be of the utmostimportance. Our EMS providers need to be aware of these possible conditions. Bodysurface isolation is very important. EMTs must wear gloves.

SFPC MinutesMay 16, 2017Page 9BLS Medical Director Cont.Dr. Matthews thanked Commission Investigator Truax for being professional and throughally evaluating a recent case. He interviewed all of the persons involved in theinvestigation and clearly presented the findings to Dr. Matthews where he could thenreview the case. Dr. Matthews stated that this process has been extremely helpful.REPORT OF THE INVESTIGATOR/COMPLIANCE OFFICER28 Annual Ambulance Unit Inspections0 New Unit Inspections3 Complaints Received1 Arrest Notifications were received.0 Self Report7 2016 Open Cases4 2017 Open Cases2016 – 4 Open Cases2017 – 7 Open CasesRequest Closure on Case No. 1705. This was a patient care concern. After a thorough review,Deputy Attorney General Plerhoples and Dr. Matthews recommended that the case be dismissedagainst EMT Diana L. Stewart for reasons of prosecutorial discretion. EMT Stewart agreed to retakeand has completed remedial training for Protocols and CPR set forth by Dr. Matthews. TheCommission office has received notification that the required additional training has been completed.It was moved by Commissioner Dicristofaro, seconded by Commission Truitt to close case No. 1705per the Deputy Attorney Generals recommendation. Motion carried by a unanimous vote.Chairman Roberts is concerned with the cost the Fire School is taking on at providing remedialtraining for EMTs. Director Newnam will meet with Sherry Lambertson to create a fee structure andreport back to the Commission at the June meeting.REGULAR SESSIONACTION ITEMSCase No. 1706 – Consent AgreementDeputy Attorney General Oliva presented the Consent Agreement for Case No 1706. Itwas moved by Commissioner Dicristofaro, seconded by Vice Chairman Robinson toreject the consent agreement.

SFPC MinutesMay 16, 2017Page 10Case No. 1706 – Consent Agreement cont.After further discussion it was moved by Commissioner Dicristofaro, seconded by ViceChairman Robinson to withdraw the motion.It was moved by Commissioner Zeroles, seconded by Commissioner Marvel to accept theConsent Agreement Motion carried by a roll call vote.Commissioner Dicristofaro Commissioner Marvel Commissioner Sharp Commissioner Truitt Commissioner Zeroles Vice Chairman Robinson Chairman Roberts -NoYesNoYesYesYesYesGiving the Availability of EMT to Clock In Each Shift – Discussion – Commissioner MarvelCommissioner Marvel suggested that the Commission correspond with the Office of EmergencyMedical Services consider adding the ability for an EMT to clock in with each shift through theDMERS system. Commissioner Marvel has agreed to work with Diane Hainsworth of OEMS andreport back to the Commission. This has been a concern that several commissioners have attemptedto address over the years.Commissioner Dicristofaro questioned the Chairman with regard to the Commission asking theDepartment of Labor about dictating the hours that an EMT can work. Commissioner Marvel statedthat this has nothing to do with requiring anyone to clock in their hours. It merely will makeavailable a tool for companies to use if they so choose. Commissioner Dicristofaro stated that he hasin Claymont’s rules that a full time employee cannot work anywhere 8 hours prior to coming to workfor Claymont. The same requirement is not made of the part-time EMTs. Commissioner Marvelstated that you have no way of knowing/proving if your full time employee worked 8 hours prior tothe shift at Claymont.Commissioner Dicristofaro stated he’s not sure that he wants to be able to prove it. CommissionerMarvel is concerned with a case coming before the Commission of an EMT that is negligent of dutyfor being too tired to work because of working at numerous places for extended hours.Commissioner Marvel responded that this is simply a tool for companies that would like to use it andnot a mandate. Commissioner Dicristofaro stated that it will eventually become a mandate.Commissioner Sharp stated that Paramedics are required to clock in and out of a shift. He also saidthat everyone has heard an EMT say they have to leave a shift at one station by a certain time so they

SFPC MinutesMay 16, 2017Page 11Giving the Availability of EMT to Clock In Each Shift – Discussion – Commissioner Marvel cont.can report to the next station for work on time. Commissioner Marvel asks if that’s fair to thedepartment they are going to work for or the patients that they will be serving?Eric Haley, EMS Representative of the New Castle County Chiefs Association addressed theCommission with concerns that he has with EMTs clocking in during work shifts. He feels theCommission wants to worry about someone is doing before or after they go to work. He asked if apaid and volunteer would be required to log working hours. Commissioner Marvel responded thatthe ability would be available. Mr. Haley said he will create a system that is even worse than it isnow. It would be another unfunded mandate for the handful of people riding ambulances. He statedthat the system only survives now because those individuals are working the hours that they work.Some of those individuals need to work that many hours to survive and support their family.Commissioner Marvel’s response was “that doesn’t help my patient any”. Mr. Haley stated that theCommission is more likely to have an EMT in front of them because of a mistake and because of theincompetent individuals who are allowed to carry an EMT card, than a mistake because they are tired.Commissioner Marvel stated that it was rumored that there was a fatal several years ago because anEMT fell asleep at the wheel after working 36 hours. Mr. Haley responded, “So you are going tohave a volunteer clock in and out too?” Commissioner Marvel responded it would be required if theindividual department so desires.Commissioner Marvel stated that the Commission is giving the departments all of the tools to workwith and it is up to them to use them. The Commission will be setting a parameter for an EMT to beable to clock in and clock out. It’s the Commissions job to make an EMT as good as he or she canbe.Mr. Haley stated that he has the same requirement as Commissioner Dicristofaro at Claymont. Hecan’t work 6 hours prior to working a shift. But, they have no way of tracking him. They wouldhave to catch him at it. There are people that skirt the system all of the time. He then askedCommissioner Marvel how you make an EMT better by having them clock in and out?Commissioner Marvel responded, you will know if they are working many different places and ifthey are too tired to give a standard of patient care. Mr. Haley asked Commissioner Marvel if he wasprepared for the fire companies that will go out of business when EMTs can’t work that many hoursin a row. Commissioner Marvel asked if an EMT has to work 80 hours per week to make ends meetand is that fair to the patient. Working 80 hours per week and practicing their skills on patients? Mr.Haley responded yes. He does not believe that Commissioner Marvel can prove that there is acorrelation between the number of hours worked and the care an EMT provides. CommissionerDicristofaro agreed and said there is no documentation to prove this.

SFPC MinutesMay 16, 2017Page 12Giving the Availability of EMT to Clock In Each Shift – Discussion – Commissioner Marvel cont.Commissioner Marvel stated that he is certain Dr. Matthews could tell you as a doctor the amount ofhours an EMT works is a concern.Mr. Hailey stated that are EMTs allowed to work, that he wouldn’t care if they had 20 hours of sleepbefore they came to his house. He would tell his family to have that ambulance to leave if thatindividual showed up.Commissioner Marvel stated that he is not making any assumptions. This is a tool for a company touse or not use. Mr. Haley responded that his point is someone will eventually mandate that it will beused.Chairman Roberts stated that the Office of EMS has been approached to include it. This will berevisited when and if the DMERS addition is possible.Marydel Fire Company Scratch Rate – Commissioner DicristofaroCommissioner Dicristofaro has concern with Marydel Fire Company’s continual high scratch rate.This is a hardship to Hartly and Camden-Wyoming Fire Companies. After some discussion, it wasmoved by Commissioner Dicristofaro, seconded by Vice Chairman Robinson to have Marydel FireCompany attend the June Commission meeting and produce a six month correction action plan.Motion carried by a unanimous vote.NEW BUSINESSDelaware Burn CampChairman Roberts would like to revisit what they responsibility of the Fire PreventionCommission is with regard to the Delaware Burn Camp.REGULAR BUSINESSNo report at this time.GENERAL INFORMATIONNo report at this time.CORRESPONDENCENo report at this time.

SFPC MinutesMay 16, 2017Page 13MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATIONNo report at this time.REPORT OF THE COMMISSIONERSCommissioner Joseph ZerolesCommissioner Zeroles reported that he attended the Monthly Fire PreventionCommission Meeting.Commissioner Ron MarvelCommissioner Marvel reported that he attended the Monthly Fire PreventionCommission Meeting, Seaford Fire Department Meeting, FDIC Conference inIndianapolis, State Fire Chief’s Meeting, REPLICA Meeting at the Office of EmergencyMedical Services and Over the Edge for Special Olympics.DATE OF NEXT MEETINGJune 20, 2017 – 9:00 AMCommission ChamberDelaware Fire Service Center1463 Chestnut Grove RoadDover, DE 19904SFPC MinutesFebruary 21, 2017Page 12ADJOURNMENTIt was moved by Commissioner Dicristofaro, and seconded by Commissioner Truitt thatthe meeting be adjourned. Motion carried by a unanimous vote. The meeting wasadjourned at 10:24 a.m.Respectfully submitted,Sherry R. LambertsonSherry R. LambertsonExecutive Specialistsl/

Jennifer Adams has been appointed as a representative of the State Fire Marshal Office to the Delaware Burn Camp and will attend her first meeting this evening. Collective Bargaining Unit - Deputy Fire Marshal Series . o EMR weekday class - 11 students (11) o EMT weekday accelerated class - 17 students (20) Public Education and Injury .