INVESTo Focus on data to prioritize investments.o Optimize ROI through resourcemanagement.o Increase resources for workforcedevelopment.INNOVATEo Pursue practices & programs that can bescaled up.o Develop strategic partnerships.o Lead efforts that result in employmentand advancement.IMPACTo Mobilize opportunities that supportindustry sectors.o Foster development of career pathways.o Educate communities about workforceservices available.AGENDABOARD OF DIRECTORSZoomTelephone: 1 646 876 9923Meeting ID: 850 9533 8800Passcode: 116009Computer: SWZXTjhuaEY5cUNENW94QWNsNXRtZz09April 22, 2022 - 10:00am-NoonThis meeting has been properly noticed and posted in the following places:Columbia County Commissioners Office: 230 Strand Street 331, St. Helens, OR 97051Clatsop County Commissioners Office: 800 Exchange Street, Ste. 410, Astoria, OR 97103Tillamook County Commissioners office: 201 Laurel Ave., Tillamook, OR 97141Lincoln County Commissioners Office: 225 West Olive Street Room 110, Newport, Oregon 97365Benton County Commissioners Office: 205 NW 5th Street, Corvallis, OR 97330Columbia County: The ChronicleClatsop County: Clatsop NewsLincoln County: The News GuardTillamook County: Headlight HeraldBenton County: Gazette Times-CorvallisThis Agenda is also available at wishing to speak should sign the “Public Comment” sign-in sheetA quorum of the Local Elected Officials Consortium Board may be in attendance. No actions or decisions will be taken andwill be reflected in the minutes of this meeting.1. CALL TO ORDER, CONFIRMATION OF POSTING, and ROLL CALL2. REVIEW and APPROVE AGENDAInclusion of any emergency items, or deletion of any items3. PUBLIC COMMENT SESSIONPlease clearly state your name and address for the record. Each public comment will be limited to three (3)minutes at the Chair’s discretion.4. CONSENT CALENDAR Accept Staff’s recommendation to approve the Minutes of the January 28, 2022 Board Meeting (pg.3). Accept Staff’s recommendation to approve the changes to policy B01 Nomination and Appointment (pg.7). Accept Staff’s recommendation to approve the changes to policy P17 WSO Northwest One-StopCenter Certification (pg.11)

Back to Top5. DISCUSSION and POSSIBLE ACTION – Heather DeSart, NOW Executive DirectorAccept Staff’s recommendation to resume in-person meetings in June (5 minutes)6. INFORMATION – Heather DeSart, NOW Executive DirectorFuture Ready Oregon (pg. 17) (5 minutes)7. INFORMATION – Linda Dugan, NOW Board Treasurer, and Jason Swain, NOW CCOPY2021-22 Budget to Actual (pg. 19) (5 minutes)8. INFORMATION – Teresa Rivenes, Vice President of Academic and Student ServicesState of Tillamook Bay Community College (15 minutes)9. INFORMATION – Angeline Chan-Pepper and Diana Nish, EquusProgram Success Story (5 minutes)10. INFORMATION – Erik Knoder, OEDOregon Employment Department Economic Update (20 minutes)11. INFORMATION – Heather DeSart, NOW Executive DirectorNew NOW Staff introductions – Aylee Rhea, NOW Program Manager; Lindsey Jackson-Larriba, NOW StudentSuccess Coach (10 minutes)12. BOARD CHAIR REPORT – Tony Erickson, Chair13. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORT – Heather DeSart, NOW Executive Director14. BOARD MEMBER COMMENTS – Roundtable15. SECOND PUBLIC COMMENT SECTIONPlease clearly state your name and address for the record. Each public comment will be limited to three (3)minutes at the Chair’s discretion.16. ADJOURNNorthwest Oregon Works meetings are open to the public and conform to Oregon Public Meetings Laws. A request for an interpreter for thehearing impaired or other accommodations for persons with disabilities, should be made at least 72 hours in advance of the meeting to our toour EO officer, Jason Swain at 541-921-7270 or [email protected] TTY is available at 711 or (800) 735-2900.

Back to TopMINUTESNORTHWEST OREGON WORKSBOARD OF DIRECTORSJanuary 28, 2022, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.Zoom CallPresent:Board:Tony Erickson, Oregon AERO, Chair; Linda Dugan, Linda Dugan Insurance, Treasurer; Stephanie Hurliman,Oregon Employment Dept.; Zach Poole, Pig’ n Pancake, Vice Chair/Secretary; Ann Buchele, Linn-BentonCommunity College; Rod Belisle, NECA-IBEW Electrical Training Center; Cami Aufdermauer, Tillamook CountyHabitat for Humanity; Mario Calderon, Local 737; Terre Cooper, Tillamook County Economic Development;Carrie Norris, Samaritan Health Service; Birgitte Ryslinge, Oregon Coast Community College; Heather Clark,Alterations by Heather; Lauren Smith, DHS, Vocational Rehabilitation; John Hawkins, Service EmployeesInternational Union; Paula Miranda, Port of Newport; Henry Balensifer III, LEKTRO; Todd Simmons, TillamookPeoples’ Utility District; Whitey Forsman, Pacific Oyster; Gabe Gurule, Corvallis Fire DepartmentConsortium:Doug Hunt, Lincoln County Commissioner; Pamela Wev, Clatsop County Commissioner; Erin Skaar, TillamookCounty CommissionerStaff:Heather DeSart, NOW Executive Director; Jason Swain, NOW CFO; Adrienne Peters, Project Manager; LoganGarner, Student Success Coach; Emily Schwartz, NOW Office ManagerGuests:Shawna Sykes, Oregon Employment Department; Erik Knoder, Oregon Employment Department; Diana Nish,Equus; Angeline Chan-Pepper, Equus; Caren Lindahl, Equus; Matthew Sneed, Equus; Pegge McGuire, CSC; SeanLarsen, CSC; Sara Louise Allen, CSC; Kathy Wilcox, OWI HECC; Katrina Gasser, TPJCC; Logan Garner, NOWStudent Success Coach; Dave Price, OCCC SBDC; Sara Hummel, Jones & Roth; Courtney Reese, Voc. Rehab.;Corey Habiger, OED; Stratos Flanders, Knife River; Sophia Saldana, Equus1. CALL TO ORDER, CONFIRMATION OF POSTING, and ROLL CALLChairman Erickson called the Meeting to order at 10:02 am.Chairman Erickson asked for confirmation of the public posting of the meeting; Ms. Schwartz confirmed; RollCall taken, and Quorum established.2. REVIEW and APPROVE AGENDAThere were no inclusions of any emergency items, or deletion of any items.MOTION: Rod BelisleSECOND: John HawkinsMOTION CARRIED.

Back to Top3. PUBLIC COMMENT SESSIONThere were no public comments.4. CONSENT CALENDAR Accept Staff’s recommendation to approve the Minutes of the October 29, 2021, Joint Board andConsortium Meeting. Accept Staff’s recommendation to approve the changes to the NOW Board Bylaws. Accept Staff’s recommendation to approve the changes to the NOWC-NOW Partnership Agreement.MOTION: Rod BelisleSECOND: Henry Balensifer IIIMOTION CARRIED.5. DISCUSSION and POSSIBLE ACTION – Heather DeSart, NOW Executive DirectorAccept Staff’s recommendation to extend renewal duration of WIOA Youth, Adult and Dislocated Workerfunding contract from three to four subsequent yearsMs. DeSart and Chairman Erickson explained that NOW anticipated substantial funding to come through inthe following months and by extending the renewal duration, services would be able to continue with thecurrent providers without the need to break when training a potentially new service provider or providers.MOTION: Stephanie Hurliman SECOND: John HawkinsMOTION CARRIED.6. DISCUSSION and POSSIBLE ACTION – Sara Hummel, Jones & Roth PartnerApprove Staff’s recommendation to approve the PY20-21 Audit Report.Ms. Hummel explained the results of the audit and that it was straightforward and uneventful. She thankedstaff responsiveness and high quality information. She explained that the organization received anunmodified opinion as the results which is the highest rating possible.MOTION: Birgitte RyslingeSECOND: John HawkinsMOTION CARRIED.7. INFORMATION – Linda Dugan, NOW Board Treasurer, and Jason Swain, NOW CFOPY2021-22 Budget to ActualMr. Swain went over the changes to the budget including funds received. He explained that percentages forexpenses were where they should be.8. INFORMATION – Birgitte Ryslinge, OCCC President, and Dave Price, OCCC Vice President Engagement andEntrepreneurshipState of Oregon Coast Community CollegeDr. Ryslinge gave the board an update on enrollment challenges, programs, and regional partnerships ofOregon Coast Community College. Mr. Price gave an update on the community education classes and newmarketing strategies. Mr. Price also congratulated Dr. Ryslinge on receiving the Howard Cherry award.

Back to Top9. INFORMATION – Angeline Chan-Pepper and Diana Nish, EquusProgram Success StoryAngeline introduced Rachael’s Success Story video and explained that she was part of the underservedpopulation who was working through the certified nursing assistant program at Oregon Coast CommunityCollege. She explained her goal was to work towards a better job so she could make enough income to bringher two children over from the Philippines.10. INFORMATION – Sean Larsen, CSCProgram Success StorySara Louise Allen read McKayla’s success story. She explained that McKayla and her family were some of theEcho Mountain Fire survivors and is now working towards her GED.11. INFORMATION – Erik Knoder and Shawna Sykes, OEDOregon Employment Department Economic UpdateMr. Knoder gave an employment update for all five counties in NOW’s local area. He explained thatemployment and wages were going up throughout all five counties. Ms. Sykes went over the 2020-2030employment projections. Mr. Knoder went over the Lincoln County specific economic information.Ms. Sykes announced to the board that she was promoted to a new position and would no longer be able tojoin the meetings. The board and staff congratulated Ms. Sykes on her promotion.12. BOARD CHAIR REPORT – Tony Erickson, ChairChairman Erickson acknowledge the struggle of the new COVID variant and wished everyone the best andhoped that they all kept themselves safe. Dr. Ryslinge echoed feeling the impacts of the new variant.13. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORT – Heather DeSart, NOW Executive DirectorMs. DeSart explained the new funding that was mentioned during item 5 and all the funding the board wasgoing after currently.Ms. DeSart asked Mr. Garner to introduce a success story video for Ada Gutierez. He explained that she wasexperiencing financial troubles and was struggling with school, but the program helped her with financialassistance and helped her get her GED. She is now working through the seamanship program at Tongue PointJob Corps Center.14. BOARD MEMBER COMMENTS – RoundtableMs. Dugan thanked Ms. DeSart for her positivity throughout all the challenges the board has faced, includingCOVID.

Back to TopCommissioner Hunt congratulated Ms. Sykes on her promotion. He also explained he would not be seekingreelection as commissioner so would at that time be stepping down as Chief Local Elected Official.15. SECOND PUBLIC COMMENT SECTIONThere were no public comments.16. ADJOURNThe meeting was adjourned at 11:38 pm.

Back to TopPOLICY B01: NOMINATION AND APPOINTMENT PROCESSFOR MEMBERSHIP ON NORTHWEST OREGON WORKSBOARD OF DIRECTORSAPPROVED: 3/28/2016REVISION: 1/20/22APPROVED BOARD REVISION:INTERNAL REVIEW CONDUCTED: 06/04/21 NEW REVISEDPURPOSESection 107(b)(1) of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) requires theGovernor, in partnership with the State Workforce Development Board, to establish criteria foruse by local Chief Elected Officials to appoint members of local boards in their areas. The U.S.Department of Labor (DOL), through Training and Employment Guidance Letter (TEGL) 27-14,further requires state policy outlining the criteria and process for local board memberappointment. The Northwest Oregon Workforce Consortium intends to establish a policy andprocess to accept nominations and make appointments to the Oregon Northwest WorkforceInvestment Board doing business as Northwest Oregon Works (NOW), based on the criteriaestablished by the Act and the Oregon state policy.POLICYLocal Board MembershipAll local board members must be individuals with optimum policy-making authority within theentities they represent and demonstrated experience and expertise for the positions they fill.Business RepresentativesThe majority of local board members must be representatives of businesses or businessorganizations in the local area.Each business representative must meet the following criteria: Be an owner, chief executive officer, chief operating officer, or other individual withoptimum policy-making or hiring authority; Provide employment opportunities that, at a minimum, include high-quality, workrelevant training in in-demand industry sectors or occupations as those terms aredefined in WIOA Section 3 (23) in the local area;Workforce RepresentativesAt least 20 percent of local board members must be workforce representatives who meet thefollowing criteria: Three or more members in this category must be representatives of labor organizations;1

Back to Top One or more members in this category must represent a joint labor-management orunion affiliated registered apprenticeship program within the local area who must be atraining director or a member of a labor organization. If no union-affiliated registeredapprenticeship programs exist in the area, a representative of a registeredapprenticeship program with no union affiliation must be appointed, if one exists;In addition to the workforce representatives cited above, the local board may include thefollowing to contribute to the 20 percent requirement: One or more representatives of community-based organizations that havedemonstrated experience and expertise in addressing the employment, training, oreducation needs of individuals with barriers to employment, including organizationsthat serve veterans or provide or support competitive integrated employment forindividuals with disabilities; and One or more representatives of organizations that have demonstrated experience andexpertise in addressing the employment, training, or education needs of eligible youth,including representatives of organizations that serve out-of-school youth.Balance of Representatives At least one eligible provider administering adult education and literacy activities underWIOA Title II; At least one representative from an institution of higher education providing workforceinvestment activities, including community colleges; and At least one representative from each of the following governmental and economic andcommunity development entities:o Economic and community development entities;o The state employment service office under the Wagner-Peyser Act (29 U.S.C. 49et seq.) serving the local area; ando The programs carried out under Title I of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, otherthan Section 112 or part C of that title;Local boards may include representatives of other appropriate entities in the local area,including: Entities administering education and training activities who represent local educationalagencies or community-based organizations with demonstrated expertise in addressingthe education or training needs for individuals with barriers to employment; Governmental and economic and community development entities who representtransportation, housing, and public assistance programs; Philanthropic organizations serving the local area; and Other appropriate individuals as determined by the chief elected official.Board Member Nominations Business representatives are appointed from among individuals who are nominated bylocal business organizations and business trade associations.2

Back to Top Labor representatives must be selected from among individuals nominated by local orstate labor federations.When there is more than one local area provider of adult education and literacyactivities under title II, or multiple institutions of higher education providing workforceinvestment activities as described in WIOA 107(b)(2)(C)(i) or (ii), nominations aresolicited from those particular entities. [WIOA Section 107(b)(6))]All other representatives are appointed from among individuals who are nominated bylocally recognized organizations or entities, such as chambers of commerce, non-profitnetworks, or coalitions, etc.Vacancies, Change In Status, and Related IssuesVacanciesVacancies must be filled within a reasonable amount of time of the vacancy, but no later thanninety (90)-days. Vacancies must be filled in the same manner as the original nomination andappointment process. Reappointments of current members can be authorized by the ChiefLocal Elected Official (CLEO). Actions taken by NOW after a ninety (90)-day period ofvacancies will be null and void, unless a waiver has been granted by the Office of CommunityColleges and Workforce DevelopmentHECC OWI prior to the meeting. Waivers must includean explanation of why a vacancy was not filled in the defined timeframe and a description ofthe process underway to fill the vacancy.Waiver requests are to be submitted in writing to:DirectorOffice of Workforce Investments3225 25th Street SESalem, OR 97302Change in StatusBoard members who no longer hold the position or status that made them eligible to be aboard member must resign or be removed immediately by the Chief Local Elected Official(CLEO) as a member of NOW (E.g. no longer work in the private sector, or no longer with aneducational institution, etc.).Mid-Term AppointmentBoard members replacing out-going member’s mid-term, will serve the remainder of the outgoing member’s term.QuorumA quorum is defined as a majority of 51%, excluding vacancies, provided that the majority (25%)of members in attendance are business representatives.RemovalA board member must be immediately removed by the Chief Local Elected Official (CLEO) if anyof the following occurs: A documented violation of conflict of interest3

Back to Top Failure to meet the requirements of member representation as described in Change inStatus. Documented proof of fraud and/or abuseBoard members may be removed for other reasons outlined in the bylaws of NOW. TheNorthwest Oregon Workforce Consortium strongly encourages NOW to establish and enforcestrong attendance requirements for its members. The bylaws must contain specific criteria toestablish just cause for removal of a member, as well as the process for removal, and theprocess for appeal and arbitration.REFERENCES WIOA Section 107(b) WIOA Section 107(i) 20 CFR 679.310, 679.320, 679.330, 679.340, 679.350, and 679.360 Training and Employment Guidance Letter (TEGL) 27-144

Back to TopP17: WSO Northwest One-Stop Center CertificationDATE: 6/1/17REVISION: 4/10/22APPROVED BOARD REVISION:INTERNAL REVIEW CONDUCTED: 4/10/22 NEW REVISEDPURPOSEUnder the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), local boards are required toestablish criteria and procedures to assess the effectiveness, physical and programmaticaccessibility, and continuous improvement of one-stop centers. The purpose of this policy is toestablish these criteria, as well as the process for assessing and certifying the WorkSource Oregon(WSO) centers located within the Northwest workforce area.The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) requires Local Workforce DevelopmentBoard to establish objective criteria and procedures to assess the effectiveness, physical andprogrammatic accessibility, and continuous improvement of one-stop centers and the one-stopdelivery system.The purpose of this policy is to communicate the Northwest Oregon Works Local WorkforceDevelopment Area procedures for evaluating and certifying one-stop WorkSource Oregoncenters in the Northwest Oregon.POLICY WSO centers in the Northwest workforce area will be formally assessed utilizing the OneStop Assessment/Certification Checklist (Attachment A), at a minimum of once every threeyears. LWP staff will work in coordination with the Regional One-Stop Operator and the LocalCenter Leadership Team to conduct an on-site assessment of each center to determine ifthe center meets the certification requirements outlined in Attachment A. In the event that a comprehensive or affiliate center does not meet re-certification criteria,technical assistance and/or a corrective action plan will be documented that includes theactions to be taken and the allotted period of time to meet the conditions for certification. Attachment A shall be maintained, along with any referenced attachments including but notlimited to the Accessibility Assessment, by NOW staff in accordance with NOW RecordsRetention Policy. At the discretion of the NOW Executive Director, a center may be certified/re-certified whileconcurrently receiving technical assistance or completing corrective action. At the discretion of the NOW Executive Director, a new or enhanced center that meets thecertification criteria may be certified at any time, following the process outlined in the OneStop Certification policy.All Comprehensive and Affiliate One-Stop Centers in the area need to be certified by June 30,

Back to Top2017 and for every three (3) years afterwards. The certification process includes an on-site inperson evaluation of each Comprehensive and Affiliate Center in the Northwest Oregon areaincluding an assessment of center effectiveness, physical and programmatic accessibility, andwill include continuous improvement of centers and the one-stop delivery system (WIOA sec.121(g)). Northwest Oregon Works staff will evaluate each Center and the one-stop deliverysystem to ensure compliance.REFERENCEWorkforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, Training and Guidance Letter 16-16, January 18, 2017State of Oregon: WIOA 121 (g): One- Stop Center Certification Policy, June 9, 2017WIOA sec. 121(e)- Center programs and programmatic access. WIOA sec. 188 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 – Center WIOA sec. 116- Center effectiveness. Compliance to the WorkSource Oregon Operational Standards1

Back to TopProgram Management PolicyAttachment ATITLE: One-Stop Certification Assessment/ChecklistOVERVIEW:In compliance with Northwest Oregon Works (NOW) policy on one-stop center certification, theNorthwest one-stop centers are annually evaluated as part of program monitoring, and certified no lessthan every three years, beginning June 30th, 2017. All assessment and certification documents will bekept on file in accordance with applicable records retention rules and regulations. Any technicalassistance or corrective action will be documented to include the actions to be taken, as well as dates bywhich actions must be taken. NOW staff and the one-stop operator will re-evaluate for compliance, asoutlined in these documents.EVALUATION:In the event that a center is not compliant with a line-item of the evaluation, technical assistance and/orcorrective action will be documented. Centers may be certified even when technical assistance/correctiveaction is imposed, at the discretion of NOW’s Executive Director.Center Name:Center Address:Center/Site Type:Review Type: Comprehensive CenterAffiliated CenterPartner/Specialized SiteAssessment (annually)Certification (every three years)Certification Period:July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022Outcome of Review: Certified Technical Assistance Required Corrective Action Required*More than one box may be checkedName of Reviewer:Signature of Reviewer:Date of Review:

Back to TopPart I: Programmatic & Services AccessThe following list includes the required One-Stop Partners, in accordance with the Northwest one-stopMemorandum of Understanding (MOU), and WIOA Sec. 121 (b)(1)(a). Each required partner/programand its agreed-upon level of access is listed. Evaluators are to assess compliance with the agreed-uponlevel of access and indicate results in the table below. Compliance indication defined as “Yes”, “No”, or“N/A”.Access Definitions:A. Physical presence at the centers.B. Partner program staff physically staffed at the One-Stop are appropriately trained to provideinformation regarding programs, services and activities available through partners.C. Direct and available linkage through technology to program staff that can provide meaningfulinformation or services. This does not include providing phone numbers, website address,pamphlets, or materials.D. Not applicable. The program/partner is not offered in the local area and/or is not included in theMOU.Program/PartnerWIOA Title I Adult Worker ServicesWIOA Title, I Dislocated Worker ServicesWIOA Title I Youth Program ServicesWIOA Title I Job CorpsWIOA Title I YouthBuildWIOA Title I Native American ProgramsWIOA Title I Migrant & Seasonal Farmworker ProgramsWIOA Title II Adult Education & Family Literacy ActWIOA Title III Wagner-Peyser ActWIOA Title IV Vocational RehabilitationSenior Community Service Employment ProgramCarl D. Perkins Career & Technical Education ProgramsTrade Adjustment AssistanceJobs for Veterans State Grants ProgramsCommunity Services Block Grant TrainingDepartment of Housing & Urban Development TrainingState Unemployment Compensation ProgramsSecond Chance Act ProgramsTemporary Assistance for Needy FamiliesOther:Other:Other:Access CompliantNotes

Back to TopSERVICES AVAILABLE:AccessBasic Career Services:WIOA Title 1 EligibilityOutreach, Intake, Orientation to ProgramsInitial Assessment of Skill LevelsInitial Assessment of Supportive Service NeedsLabor Exchange ServicesJob Search and Placement AssistanceCareer CounselingReferral to/coordination with other programs and servicesWorkforce and Labor Market InformationEligible Training Provider Information (performance/costs/etc.)Local Area Performance InformationInformation on Supportive Services AvailabilityFinancial Aid Assistance for TrainingInformation and Assistance on filing claims under UI programsIndividualized Career Services:Comprehensive and Specialized AssessmentsDevelopment of an Individual Employment PlanGroup Counseling (Career Counseling)Individual Counseling (Career Counseling)Career Planning ServicesShort-term pre-vocational ServicesInternships and Work Experiences (including transitional jobs)Workforce Preparation ActivitiesFinancial LiteracyOut-of-are job search assistance and relocation assistanceEnglish language acquisition programsFollow-up Career Services:Workplace counselingEmployment retention supportBusiness Services:Recruiting, retaining, and developing talentLabor exchange servicesProvision of local labor market informationCoordinate services across all partners/programsIntegrated and Aligned Business Services StrategyCustomized screening and referral of qualified applicantsWriting/reviewing job descriptionsRapid Response ServicesCompliantNotes

Back to TopPart II: WorkSource Oregon Operational StandardsAll WorkSource Oregon centers must be assessed for compliance with implementing the WorkSourceOregon Operational Standards. The following indicators are considered for center certification.(X)IndicatorNotesCenter has been evaluated and HAS NOT met theminimum-level content/services required. [1]A copy of the technical assistance/corrective action reportis included.Center has been evaluated and HAS met the minimumlevel content/services required.Center has been evaluated and EXCEEDS the minimumlevel content/services required.Center has been evaluated and serves as a ContinuousImprovement Partner.Part III: Physical AccessibilityAll centers must be assessed for compliance with requirements of for physical accessibility outlined inWIOA section 188. These requirements are assessed in their entirety as part of the annual monitoringprocess. The following indicators are considered for center certification. More than one indicator may beselected.(X)IndicatorNotesCenter has been assessed for physical access and hasmet the minimum criteria for accessibility.A copy of the physical accessibility assessment is included.Physical assessment conducted within the last three yearsresulted in unsatisfactory results - technicalassistance/corrective actions have been documented aspart of the monitoring report.A copy of the technical assistance/corrective action reportis included.Center Identified for Comprehensive ADA Assessment, inorder to exceed standard. Full Evaluation to be conductedno later than June 30, 2018, by ADA compliance officer.Center has completed a Comprehensive ADA Assessment,in order to exceed standard.A copy of complete ADA Assessment is included.[1]State of Oregon: One- Stop Center Certification Policy Attachment A- One-Stop Center Certification MinimumRequirements

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Birgitte Ryslinge, OCCC President, and Dave Price, OCCC Vice President Engagement and Entrepreneurship State of Oregon Coast Community College : . population who was working through the certified nursing assistant program at Oregon Coast Community College. She explained her goal was to work towards a better job so she could make enough income .