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ABOUT GEA·3GEA – “engineering fora better world”GEA is one of the largest suppliers ofprocess technology to the food industryand to a wide range of other industries.The international technology groupfocuses on process technology, components and sustainable energy solutionsfor sophisticated production processesin diverse end-user markets.In 2017, GEA generated a consolidated revenue of around EUR 4.6 billion.The food and beverage sector, which are long-term growth industries, accountedfor approx. 70 percent. The group employs nearly 18,000 people worldwide.GEA is a market and technology leader in its business areas. The company islisted on the German MDAX stock index (G1A, WKN 660 200) and included inthe STOXX Europe 600 Index. In addition, the company is listed in selectedMSCI Global Sustainability Indexes. The CSR Report 2017 was drawn up in linewith the international Standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).GEA strives to be the world’s leading global technology group, supplying smartsolutions for sophisticated process industries. GEA’s goal is to be the customer’spreferred partner in the industries it serves.Approx. one quarter ofprocessed milk comesfrom GEA productionsystems.Around every thirdprocess line for instantcoffee was installedby GEA.Every third chickennugget is producedusing GEA technology.Approx. every second literof beer is brewed with theaid of systems and processsolutions from GEA.

4·ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTUREGEA – always closeto our ionsRegions rviceCenterCountry OrganizationsBusiness AreasCustomer-centric sales and service activities areGEA bundles the development and manufacturingunified under the umbrella of a single countryof products and the provision of process solutionsorganization, with the countries grouped underand services into two operating segments, thenewly created regions. GEA’s customers now haveBusiness Area Equipment and the Business Areaa single national organization per country as theSolutions. This structure, with two business areascentral point of contact offering the entire productof roughly equal size and strength, promisesportfolio and all services on a local basis.operational synergies across technologies and applications, and helps achieve functional excellence bystandardizing processes.

ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTUREBusiness Area EquipmentAdministrationThe Business Area Equipment brings together allThe Global Corporate Center is the centralactivities ranging from largely standardized toport of call for all supporting management andcustomer-specific equipment offerings. The productsadministrative functions.are mainly manufactured in series productionbased on standardization and modularity. TypicalAn outsourced Shared Service Center with twoproducts in this business area include separators,locations oversees our standardized adminis-valves, pumps, homogenizers, and refrigerationtrative processes, thus reducing the workloadequipment such as compressors. The portfolio offor the operating also includes process technology forfood processing and packaging, such as extrusionUltimately, the structure of the group allowsand milling equipment. The product range alsocustomers to obtain equipment, solutions andextends to dairy equipment, feeding systems, andservices of the highest quality with some ofslurry engineering.the best professional support in the industryfrom one source.Business Area SolutionsThe Business Area Solutions brings together allgroup activities which mainly provide customerspecific and modular solutions within the scopeof projects. This business area tailors its productsand services to specific applications or customerrequirements. The offering primarily includesthe design and development of process solutionsfor the food and beverages, pharma, and chemicalindustries.·5

6·COUNTRY ORGANIZATION GEA INDIAWelcome to your countryorganization: GEA IndiaGEA India headquartered in Vadodara, Gujaratis engaged in providing process engineeringsolutions, equipment and services for the dairy,food, chemical, pharmaceutical, marine,beverage and brewery industry includingindustrial refrigeration.Backed by numerous references and test facilities worldwide, GEA provides world classtechnology and expertise in offering superior process equipment and turnkey solutions. Withstate-of-the-art manufacturing workshops, GEA India is capable to deliver world classequipments cater to the stringent hygienic quality standards for the dairy, pharma, food andbeverage segment. Our reference installations in India cover all major customers in therespective segments. All our technologies meet high standards for performance and safety.

COUNTRY ORGANIZATION GEA INDIAGEA India draws on local expertise to offer customers equipment and solutions tailored totheir specific needs. Summed up we offer: Process engineering solutions across a variety of agricultural and food related markets. Equipment and solutions for dairy farming and processing, food processing and packagingas well as many non-food markets like pharmaceutical, personal care, pulp and paper,biotechnology, mining, chemical and the hygiene industry.To secure the best value creation from your plant and every single piece of process andequipment in it, we have developed a holistic service concept to sustain and optimize yourprocess and equipment throughout its life cycle. A team of experienced Field ServiceEngineers and specialists is never far away from you, wherever you are in our region,24 hours a day, 365 days a year.·7

8·COUNTRY ORGANIZATION GEA INDIAGEA India –your central point of contactCountry Organization GEA pmentSalesSolutionsSalesFinanceHRITMarketingSri LankaMaldivesGEA India ataNepalBhutanBangladesh

COUNTRY ORGANIZATION GEA INDIANepalBhutanIndiaBangladeshGEA India offers the entirerange of GEA products andservices and is your centralpoint of contact.Sri LankaMaldives·9

10·GEA APPLICATIONSCustomized solutions fordemanding needsFoodDesigned to meet the strictest requirements for quality,efficiency, food safety and hygienic design, our solutions areadding value to the food industry around the world.Dairy ProcessingTurn to our industry-leading experience, expertise andtechnologies for processing milk and every type of milk-basedproduct.Dairy FarmingWe are experts when it comes to providing know-how andsolutions that empower dairy farmers around the globe tosuccessfully manage their futures.BeverageWe are a leader in providing the technological expertiserequired to help beverage producers quench the global thirst.Land-based TransportationOur advanced compressor technology keeps public transportation cool and refrigerated freight fresh.

GEA APPLICATIONSPharmaAs experts in pharma processing and manufacturing, GEA hasdeveloped a deep understanding of the challenges you face, thehurdles you need to overcome and the goals you want to achieve.ChemicalWe supply world-class precision engineering the industryneeds to develop new products, control costs and protect theenvironment.MarineOur technology and global network for service and partssupports the shipping industry from fishing to freight andtourist to tanker.Leisure and SportWe make the fastest ice for ice rinks and bobsled tracks allover the world.UtilitiesOur energy-efficient and sustainable technologies – includingindustrial refrigeration, gas compression, separation and emissionreduction – span all industries served by GEA.Home & Personal CareThe home and personal care (HPC) industry serves fast-growingbrand-driven markets for products as diverse as shampooand toothpaste, laundry detergents and all-purpose cleaners.·11

12·GEA PRODUCT GROUPSInfinite possibilitiesAutomation and Control SystemsBeverage PlantsFrom process automation and machine controlOur extensive range of beverage production systemsto data capture systems, GEA can provide tailor-includes product processing, UHT treatment, asepticmade solutions for process plants and completefilling, blow molders and container handling for allproduction lines.kinds of beverages.Bakery LinesBrewery PlantsOur capability extends from single equipmentUniquely qualified to build brewery plants, we arecomponents to integrated production lines for cakes,capable of providing solutions down to the smallestpies, cookies, crackers, layer cakes and snacks.detail of the brewing process.

Cleaners and SterilizersWe supply both manual and fully automatedclean-in-place ( CIP ) and sterilize-in-place ( SIP )solutions that ensure reliable process outcomeswith minimal downtime.Distillation and Fermentation SystemsOur detailed knowledge of distillation andfermentation processes allows us to plan anddeliver customized solutions to the industry.

14·GEA PRODUCT GROUPSInnovative solutionsDryers and Particle Processing PlantsEvaporators and CrystallizersOur broad portfolio of drying technologies is appliedWe have extensive experience in designingin the production of a wide range of products –evaporation and crystallization plants to concen-from bulk products to the most advanced powderstrate liquids, remove by-products or impuritieswithin food, beverage and dairy products, chemicalsand produce pure, high quality crystals.and pharmaceuticals.Emission Control SystemsExtrusion and Milling SystemsReducing emissions is in everybody’s interest.We engineer and manufacture extrusion andWe are a world leader in developing, designing andmilling technology for processing and packaginginstalling emissions reduction systems.all kinds of fresh and dry pasta, cereal-basedsnacks and breakfast cereals.

Filling and Packaging SystemsWe design systems to fill and package foodand renewables, beverages, dairy products andpharmaceuticals.Flow ComponentsTo ensure a smooth production we offer a fullrange of valve, pump and cleaning technology.

16·GEA PRODUCT GROUPSCustomer-inspiredFood Processing and PackagingLiquid Food PlantsWe supply a multifaceted product portfolio ofWe offer specialized equipment and solutionssecondary food processing and packaging equip-for the production of many different liquid foodment that covers everything from individual,products, including ketchup and mayonnaise,stand-alone machines to completely integratedsauces, soups and dressings.processing lines.Homogenization Solutions and SystemsLiquid Processing SystemsHigh-pressure homogenizers are used to micronizeSystems for liquid processing are a GEA corefluid particles to obtain stable and uniformcompetency. Our mixing, blending, heat treatmentemulsions. From the laboratory to industrial-scaleand pasteurization equipment ensures optimumproduction, GEA equipment covers a wide rangeproduction safety and hygiene.of customer applications.

Membrane Filtration SystemsWe are a world leader in custom designed, crossflow membrane filtration. This is the technologyof choice for many industrial processes involvingthe separation and concentration of liquidswithout applying heat.Pharmaceutical SystemsAs a global specialist in solid and liquid dosetechnology, our expertise covers batch and continuous granulation, drying, pelletizing and coating,contained materials handling, tablet compression,freeze drying, fermentation, separation, homogenization and cell disruption. We supply thepharmaceutical, nutraceutical and personal caresectors with components, equipment and entireplants to process solid, liquid, semi-solid, viscous,hazardous and hygroscopic products.

18·GEA PRODUCT GROUPSProcess-provenProduct Handling SystemsSeparation Solutions and SystemsThe careful handling of our customers’ productsOur centrifuges combine high separating andrequires a complete range of standard andclarifying efficiencies as well as high throughputcustomized equipment to deal with products ascapacities with maximum savings in terms ofdiverse as powders, liquids, foodstuffs and, water and disposal costs.Refrigeration Solutions and SystemsVacuum SystemsEach industry we serve utilizes GEA’s industrialVacuum technology is used extensively in therefrigeration technologies. We provide sustainablechemical, pharmaceutical, food and oil-refiningsolutions that reduce both your energy consump-industries. Our process-integrated systemstion and carbon footprint.reduce both costs and environmental pollution.

Systems for Milk Productionand Livestock FarmingGEA’s solutions for dairy farming providecomplete integrated dairy systems with lifetimecare for a high-value partnership. Our portfolioincludes automatic and conventional milking,automatic feeding, cooling, herd management,hygiene products, barn equipment as wellas solutions that support professional manuremanagement and the proper care of younglivestock.

20·GEA SERVICESGEA – your service partnerWorking with GEA means partnering witha dedicated team of service experts.Our focus is to build, maintain, and improvecustomer performance throughout theentire life cycle of the plant or farm and itsequipment.Beginning of Life Services –Extended Life Services –Getting you startedConstantly improvingwith seamless support for instantby sharing our knowledge to safeguardproductivity and performance.your investment.Lifetime Services –Consulting and Enhanced Operations –Keeping it runningTogether with youwith the cost-efficient way ofby enduring commitment to you andensuring safety and reliability.your business.

GEA SERVICESFour stages of continued success·21

22·GEA TEST CENTERSCustomer-specific solutionsfor every applicationFrom cost assurance and process optimization toreal-life simulations and test and loan machines, weprovide a unique range of services that are designedto enhance production and expedite time-to-market.From new product and feasibility trials to scale-upproducts, helping you to meet your process andstudies, training programs and process support,production goals. By overcoming technical barriersGEA gives you access to a full range of test facilitiesthroughout the entire process chain, there’s no limitand expert teams. They all work closely with youto where GEA’s global network of test centers canas a customer to streamline operations and evaluatetake your research.

GEA COMMITMENTEngineering for a better worldAt GEA, sustainability and value creation are inextricablyintertwined. By offering more and more efficient productsand process solutions, we ensure sustainable managementand the protection of the natural environment.ExcellenceWe focus on sustainable growth and operational efficiency. Our innovative strength is the basis for responsible value creation and the keyto our success.PassionAs an attractive employer, we are committed to a fulfilling working life.This is why we want to motivate our employees by providing them withsound training and further education and by making it easier to combinework and family life.IntegrityWe are committed to the principles of social responsibility and demandfair, ethical and legally compliant conduct from ourselves as well as oursuppliers and partners.ResponsibilityWe are responsible for the impact of our business decisions on the valuechain. We protect our employees, customers and their end customersthrough our high standards of quality, occupational safety, health andenvironmental protection.GEA-versityFor GEA, diversity is a success factor and innovation driver. This is whywe promote our talents irrespective of origin, borders, culture or gender.As a technology group, we are working to attract young women, who arecurrently underrepresented.·23

We live our values.Excellence Passion Integrity Responsibility GEA-versityGEA is a global technology company with multi-billion euro sales operations in more than 50 countries. Founded in1881 the company is one of the largest providers of innovative equipment and process technology. GEA is listed in theGEA India Vadodara (Head Office)GEA India PuneGEA India BengaluruBlock No. 8, P.D. Dumad, Savli Road,5th Floor, Lohia Jain Business Centre,7A & 7B, Bommasandra Industrial Area,Vadodara – 391 740, Gujarat, IndiaFriends Park Society,Hebbagodi, Bengaluru – 560 099,Tel 91 265 3061 700Senapati Bapat Road,Karnataka, IndiaFax 91 265 3061 755Pune – 411 016, Maharashtra, IndiaTel 91 80 4268 0100Tel 91 20 67089 100Fax 91 80 2783 2848Service 91 124 4425 900Fax 91 20 67089 102GEA India GurugramGEA India ThaneGEA India Kolkata1406, Tower – B, Signature Tower,3rd Floor, Coral Square, Opp. SurajB – 174, Survey Park, 1st Floor,NH – 8, South City – 1,Water Park, Vijay Garden Naka,Santoshpur Kolkata – 700 075,Gurugram – 122 001, Haryana, IndiaGhodbunder Road,West Bengal, IndiaTel 91 124 4425 900Thane (West) – 400 607,Tel 91 33 3019 2555Fax 91 124 4425 943Maharashtra, IndiaTel 91 22 6243 4000Fax 91 22 6243 [email protected] / contact, gea.com2018 - 04 GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft. All rights reserved. Subject to modifications.STOXX Europe 600 Index. In addition, the company is included in selected MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes.

GEA is a market and technology leader in its business areas. The company is listed on the German MDAX stock index (G1A, WKN 660 200) and included in . components to integrated production lines for cakes, pies, cookies, crackers, layer cakes and snacks. . fermentation processes allows us to plan and deliver customized solutions to the .