SIH 2020 - Problem Statements-SoftwareVisit: for descriptionS.NoOrganization1CDK GlobalPortal for Farmers to sell the produce at a better rateCDK GlobalCrop Guidance and Farmers Friend Problem Title : Helping the farmers in terms ofCrop suggestion, precautions based on the met department forecast of rain fall / weather,potential pest attacks , weather warnings chnologySolutions India Pvt.LtdCentral GroundWater Board,Ministry of JalShaktiGov of UttarakhandMinistry ofAgricultureCooperation andFarmer WelfareProblem StatementAuto Climate Monitoring Agriculture an dRuralDevelopmentRA28Agriculture an dRuralDevelopmentBK263Agriculture an dRuralDevelopmentSoftwareSoftwareFood processingSoftwareMS450Agriculture an dRuralDevelopmentAssessment of land holding pattern, source of irrigation, cropping pattern and depth ofthe wells in different parts of the countrySoftwareDM83Agriculture an dRuralDevelopmentLack of technological intervention in value addition of agriculture products produced bySHGs /FPGsSoftwareMK100Agriculture an dRuralDevelopmentSB109Agriculture an dRuralDevelopmentThe position of an object in the air can be indicated by latitude, longitude and altitude fora given time. A trajectory is a stream of such quadruples(time, latitude, longitude andaltitude) Given a large set of such trajectories, without any other information , problem isto cluster them into meaningful objects such as Helicopter, Fighter/civilian Aircraft, UAV,Cruise Missile, dropped bomb etc. An optimal scalable solution is desired using opensource tools.Software

SIH 2020 - Problem Statements-SoftwareVisit: for descriptionS.No8OrganizationProblem StatementDr. B R AmbedkarSoftware for computerization of farmer, land details along with beneficiary schemesInstitute eDS157Agriculture an dRuralDevelopmentCategory9Government ofAndhra PradeshLivestock Ownership DatabaseSoftwareKB194Agriculture an dRuralDevelopment10Ministry of RuralDevelopmentAutomatic Assessment of Pavement condition based on road photographsSoftwareMK199Agriculture an dRuralDevelopment11Ministry of RuralDevelopmentOne Nation – One Citizen – One Pension – Identify citizens receiving multiple benefitslike pensions under different schemes of the centre and state, such as NPS, NSAPSchemes, PMSYM and State level schemesSoftwareMK207Agriculture an dRuralDevelopment12Govt. of Bihar(DOA)Estimation of crop progressionSoftwareNS269Agriculture an dRuralDevelopment13Govt. of Bihar(DOA)Estimation of crop yield using modern ICT tools which is quick and reliable for making arealistic plan for procurement and to compensate farmers for yield loss if any.SoftwareNS270Agriculture an dRuralDevelopment14Govt. of Bihar(DOA)Develop a real time land usage monitoring tool using satellite data and artificialintelligence etcSoftwareNS275Agriculture an dRuralDevelopment15Govt.of SikkimMIS for Rural development Housing Scheme like Garib Awas Yojana along with GISapplicationSoftwareSG293Agriculture an dRuralDevelopment

SIH 2020 - Problem Statements-SoftwareVisit: for riculture an dRuralDevelopmentEstimation of crop yield using modern ICT tools which is quick and reliable for making arealistic plan for procurement and to compensate farmers for yield loss if any.SoftwarePK409Agriculture an dRuralDevelopmentGovt. of Bihar(DOA)Develop a real time land usage monitoring tool using satellite data and Artificialintelligence etc.SoftwarePK413Agriculture an dRuralDevelopment19Govt. of Bihar(DOA)Developing an e-enabled real time produce life cycle monitoring & sharing mechanism toenhance output realization to farmers through private sector participation and DBTSoftwarePK414Agriculture an dRuralDevelopment20Govt. of Bihar(DOA)Enabling transparent price discovery and forecasting of crop arrival along withmanagement and utilization of price stabilization funds in the case of agri - commoditiesSoftwarePK416Agriculture an dRuralDevelopment21Govt. of Bihar(DOA)Developing a system or solution to provide a customized and precise land parcel specificfertilizer and input usage plan to reduce cost and maximize returns for the farmersSoftwarePK417Agriculture an dRuralDevelopment22Department ofScience andTechnologyMobile App for sharing or pooling of transport for agricultural produce to marketSoftwarePR424Agriculture an dRuralDevelopmentS.NoOrganizationProblem Statement16Indian SpaceResearchOrganisation(ISRO)Extraction of crop cycle parameters from multi-temporal data17Govt. of Bihar(DOA)18Category

SIH 2020 - Problem Statements-SoftwareVisit: for descriptionS.NoOrganizationProblem cess ModelingSoftwareBK224Energy /RenewableEnergy24GAILBlockchain Powered Procurement System for GAILSoftwareBK225Energy /RenewableEnergy25GAILDesign of alarms management and analyticsSoftwareBK226Energy /RenewableEnergy26MathWorks27Ministry ofPetroleum andNatural Gas2829Renewable Energy forecasting, for an integrated smart gridSoftwareAG343Energy /RenewableEnergyTechnological advances for Retail OutletsSoftwareAJ128Energy /RenewableEnergySoftwarePK366Energy /RenewableEnergySoftwareNM373Energy /RenewableEnergyRemote Sensing /Satellite Imagery Application to Find Naturally Occurring Depression(s)Ministry of PowerSites For Pump Storage Projects (PSP's)Indian SpaceResearchOrganisation(ISRO)Detecting clouds and predicting their movement from INSAT imagery

SIH 2020 - Problem Statements-SoftwareVisit: for descriptionS.NoOrganization30FIS GlobalProblem StatementData Mining Robot using AI / ance31Ministry of Womenand ChildBook-keeping and Accounting software for IMOsDevelopmentSoftwareAS34Finance32In PFMS implementation, NGOs registration may be approved by the concerned Ministrywithin a specific period. Otherwise, it should be deleted/rejected automatically by theMinistry of WomenPFMS portal itself. So that fresh registration can be done again by the implementingand Childagency. For committed expenditure like salaries, pensions etc, direct link for sanction and SoftwareDevelopmentrelease of funds to the Autonomous bodies to be made on quarterly basis. However, whileconsidering final release UC/Account and UB be taken care of.AS37Finance33Ministry ofCities provide more opportunities for people to grow economically. However, theseHousing and Urban opportunities are unequal because of knowledge asymmetry. How can we ensure thatAffairspeople have more equal access to better economic opportunities/ jobs?SoftwareBC79FinanceApp Development on Food Processing ProblemsSoftwareBK16934Ministry of FoodProcessingIndustries35Bajaj Fin ServGamification for Health data collectionSoftwareCH46Healthcare &BiomedicalDevices36Bajaj Fin ServLab Report Digitization / OCRSoftwareVA47Healthcare &BiomedicalDevicesFood Technolog

SIH 2020 - Problem Statements-SoftwareVisit: for descriptionS.NoOrganizationProblem StatementCategoryPSNumberTechnologyBucket37GE HealthcareEarly Prediction of Sepsis from Clinical DataSoftwareUP49Healthcare &BiomedicalDevices38Bajaj Fin ServVoice PrescriptionSoftwareAP63Healthcare &BiomedicalDevices39GE HealthcareVirtual Assistant for Medical DeviceSoftwareUP176Healthcare &BiomedicalDevicesSoftwareDK287Healthcare &BiomedicalDevicesSoftwareAN314Healthcare &BiomedicalDevicesSoftwareAN319Healthcare &BiomedicalDevicesSoftwareSS41Healthcare &BiomedicalDevicesSS42Healthcare &BiomedicalDevices40Yamaha MotorSolution India Pvt Mobile game for Alzheimer’s Disease detectionLtd41Amazon WebServices42Amazon WebServicesAntimicrobial Stewardship PlatformElderly care system43Ministry of Health Digital tracking of children of migrant population to follow-up on their health status andand Family Welfare immunization services received/to be given.44Emergencies and disasters impact population health. Public health plays a critical role inworking with health and non-health sectors responsible for preparing for and respondingMinistry of Healthto emergencies. In emergencies, large numbers of people may require medical attention.and Family WelfareHealth care systems may be over-stretched, and public order may be threatened. Henceuse of social media in public health emergency response.Software

SIH 2020 - Problem Statements-SoftwareVisit: for descriptionS.NoOrganizationProblem y of HealthUse of Al based Chat bots for providing health related informationand Family WelfareSoftwareSS43Healthcare &BiomedicalDevices46Ministry of HealthLeveraging block chain technology for creation of Electronic Health Record (EHR)and Family WelfareSoftwareSS45Healthcare &BiomedicalDevices47Ministry ofPeople come to cities because of better health facilities as well. What should be done toHousing and Urbanimprove the health facilities in the city and also provide equitable access for all?AffairsSoftwareBC77Healthcare &BiomedicalDevices4849Fiducial localization for pre-operative planning in neurosurgerySoftwarePC86Healthcare &BiomedicalDevicesGov of Uttarakhand 1. Primary health care in remote areas using Cloud medicine and Diagnostic ServicesSoftwareMK91Healthcare &BiomedicalDevicesDepartment ofAtomic Energy50Government ofAndhra Pradesh51TCI52Central GroundWater Board,Ministry of JalShaktiLivestock Health DatabaseSoftwareKB196Healthcare &BiomedicalDevicesPREDICTION OF TARIFF RATESoftwarePU131MiscellaneousData analytics to provide complete solution for groundwater management for the countrySoftwareDM84Miscellaneous

SIH 2020 - Problem Statements-SoftwareVisit: for descriptionS.NoOrganizationProblem StatementCategoryPSNumberTechnologyBucket53Dte of IT & CyberTool to recover Flash memory dataSecurity, DRDOSoftwareCK116Miscellaneous54Ministry of WomenEffective use of Cyber Space and Cyber Technology to prevent violence against andand Childtrafficking of women and pura Institute of Simplification of the process of e-tendering in EVC (electronic verification code) system,Technologyreplacing Digital Signature Certificate by Aadhaar based OTP.SoftwareDB126Miscellaneous56Dte of IT & CyberCAPTCHA/alternative solution for Visually impairedSecurity, DRDOSoftwareCK146MiscellaneousProblem Statement From PDUNIPPD (Software)SoftwarePD150MiscellaneousEmbankment Mapping and Crowdsourced Health Card for Preventive StructuralMeasuresSoftwareSK153MiscellaneousWater Accounting in Irrigation Commands through Crowd Sourced Crop ellaneous57585960Department ofEmpowerment ofPersons withDisabilities,Central WaterCommission,Ministry of JalShaktiCentral WaterCommission,Ministry of JalShaktiDr. B R AmbedkarDevelopment of App to capture the field patrolling track of frontline staff in their forestInstitute ofbeat jurisdictionTechnology

SIH 2020 - Problem Statements-SoftwareVisit: for descriptionS.NoOrganization61Govt of Puducherry62Bureau of PoliceResearch &Development64Indian MiscellaneousReal-Time image processing and forensic verification of Fake VideosSoftwareRK309MiscellaneousNowcasting of Meteorological Satellite Images using AI/ML iscellaneousGNSS Reflected Signal Coverage SimulatorSoftwareNM387MiscellaneousHyperspectral image analysis toolSoftwareNM388MiscellaneousAI/ML based system for deriving value added parameters using satellite surfaceobservationsSoftwareNM390MiscellaneousJob recommender system. To design a software application for assessing the abilities of astudent with respect to employability.Ministry of Tribal Development of repository of tribal youth talent from various areas such as sports, arts,Affairspaintings, dance, culture, social service or any specific area.6365CategoryProblem StatementMinistry of Power Monitoring the battery life of Electric Vehicles.Indian SpaceResearchOrganisation(ISRO)Indian SpaceResearchOrganisation(ISRO)Indian SpaceResearchOrganisation(ISRO)

SIH 2020 - Problem Statements-SoftwareVisit: for descriptionS.No6970717273747576OrganizationIndian SpaceResearchOrganisation(ISRO)Indian SpaceResearchOrganisation(ISRO)Indian SpaceResearchOrganisation(ISRO)Indian SpaceResearchOrganisation(ISRO)Indian SpaceResearchOrganisation(ISRO)Indian SpaceResearchOrganisation(ISRO)Indian SpaceResearchOrganisation(ISRO)Indian hnologyBucketReconstruction of missing data in Satellite ImagerySoftwareNM391MiscellaneousDepth Estimation of Valles Marineris using ISRO’s Mars Color Camera (MCC) imagesSoftwareNM392MiscellaneousField Data Analysis and Automated feature validation from crowd sourced field photos;SoftwareNM393MiscellaneousSentiment Analysis from text feedback:SoftwareNM396MiscellaneousVoice command driven Web-GIS Applications (mobile/ desktop)SoftwareNM397MiscellaneousEfficient Communication scheme for Human Space Flight ProgrammeSoftwareNM399MiscellaneousLink Adaptive Speech Compression scheme for Human Space Flight ProgrammeSoftwareNM400MiscellaneousBlind Scrambling Code IdentificationSoftwareNM401MiscellaneousProblem Statement

SIH 2020 - Problem Statements-SoftwareVisit: for hnologyBucketEfficient Header Compression technique for IP based communication over ed Web-based animation for data cube, volume rendering and time series datavisualizationSoftwareNM403MiscellaneousSize Invariant Ship detection from SAR ImagesSoftwareNM404MiscellaneousEthical hacking for extraction of restricted GNSS signal featuresSoftwareNM406MiscellaneousBharat ElectronicsOpen set Language Diarization for Indian Languages audio dataLimited , botics &DronesSoftwareCB31Security &SurveillanceSoftwareNH447Security &SurveillanceOrganizationIndian SpaceResearchOrganisation(ISRO)Indian SpaceResearchOrganisation(ISRO)Indian SpaceResearchOrganisation(ISRO)Indian SpaceResearchOrganisation(ISRO)Problem StatementYamaha MotorSolution India Pvt AGV Path CalculatorLtdMIXORGCreate an affordable solution through image processing of number plates of vehicles forthe detection, identification and monitoring of vehicles in different senarios such asresidential societies, tolls, business complex, parking spaces etc.NCR Corporation(India) PrivateAuthenticating User while performing transaction at ATM/POS Terminal SecurelyLimited

SIH 2020 - Problem Statements-SoftwareVisit: for y Solution with respect to Interstate & Inter Country Criminals e.g. Using IdentityInputsSoftwareRK54Security &SurveillanceBureau of PoliceResearch &DevelopmentCriminal Navigation System/ExtractorSoftwareRK55Security &Surveillance87Bureau of PoliceResearch &DevelopmentCommunity oriented policing (Digital Policing)SoftwareRK57Security &Surveillance88Bureau of PoliceResearch &DevelopmentDigital Solution to Combat Bribery & Justice Restoration SystemSoftwareRK58Security &Surveillance89Bureau of PoliceResearch &DevelopmentCyber Crime PreventionSoftwareRK59Security &Surveillance90Bureau of PoliceResearch &DevelopmentInteractive map application for real time crime reportingSoftwareRK60Security &SurveillanceS.NoOrganization85Bureau of PoliceResearch &Development86Problem Statement91Dte of IT & CyberVideo based dynamic human authentication system for access controlSecurity, DRDOSoftwareCK107Security &Surveillance92Dte of IT & CyberClustering of Air objects based on trajectorySecurity, DRDOSoftwareCK108Security &Surveillance

SIH 2020 - Problem Statements-SoftwareVisit: for eCK115Security &SurveillanceSoftwareSS134Security &SurveillanceSoftwareDA178Security &Surveillance96NATIONALCRIME RECORDS Artificial Intelligence (Al) and Machine Learning solutions for Police functionsBUREAUSoftwareSK213Security &Surveillance97NATIONALCRIME RECORDS Data Crawlers to collect dataBUREAUSoftwareSK216Security &SurveillanceSoftwareAR251Security &SurveillanceS.No93949598OrganizationProblem StatementDte of IT & Cyber Identification of optimal set of multiple interceptor launch areas to maximise theSecurity, DRDO destruction of multiple air targetsDirectorate ofTechnical Education Tracking and Control of inmate inside the JailChandigarhCBSEHow to prevent cheating in exams?National Jute Board, Integrating identification of HS Codes and LCS checking at the International borders andMin of Textiles improving the surveillance system.99Bureau of PoliceResearch &DevelopmentTracking & Tracing of Fake NewsSoftwareRK304Security &Surveillance100Bureau of PoliceResearch &DevelopmentDetection of Malicious Content/Web Links related to Cyber FraudsSoftwareRK305Security &Surveillance

SIH 2020 - Problem Statements-SoftwareVisit: for on of Malicious/Rogue/Honey-Trap Chatbot's at Social Media/other WebPlatformsSoftwareRK306Security &SurveillanceBureau of PoliceResearch &DevelopmentDetection of Child Predators/Cyber Harassers on Social MediaSoftwareRK307Security &Surveillance103Bureau of PoliceResearch &DevelopmentCriminal/Suspect Profile Generator using OSINT Techniques:SoftwareRK310Security &Surveillance104Bureau of PoliceResearch &DevelopmentProxy & VPN DetectorSoftwareRK311Security &Surveillance105Govt. of MadhyaPradeshFace, expression and gesture recognition and compilation in database softwareSoftwareMS331Security &Surveillance106Govt. of MadhyaPradeshTextile (clothes) recognition and compilation in database softwareSoftwareMS332Security &Surveillance107Govt. of MadhyaPradeshBaggage and other accessories recognition and compilation in database softwareSoftwareMS334Security &Surveillance108Govt. of MadhyaPradeshIdentification of suspects based on their gestures, gait, BMI (Body Mass Index) andmotions or objectionable/ illegal/ improper behavior and gesture of the police (Datasetswill be provided on request)SoftwareMS335Security &SurveillanceS.NoOrganization101Bureau of PoliceResearch &Development102Problem Statement

SIH 2020 - Problem Statements-SoftwareVisit: for descriptionS.No109110OrganizationProblem StatementMinistry of Power Integrated Automatic Flood Warning and alert system using IOTIndian SpaceResearchOrganisation(ISRO)Drone route 367Security &SurveillanceSoftwareNM383Security &Surveillance111Ministry ofOur cities are expanding and most of the people have to travel more than 2 hours daily toHousing and Urbancommute between their place of work and stay. How can we reduce this time?AffairsSoftwareBC71Smart Cities112Ministry ofHousing and Urban Disasters act as a shock to density. Cities of tomorrow What should be done?AffairsSoftwareBC78Smart Cities113Gov of Uttarakhand Smart intelligent traffic accidents monitoring systemsSoftwareMK104Smart CitiesSoftwareDS170Smart CitiesUnusual event detection from surveillance video shotsSoftwarePR430Smart CitiesBetter and faster emergency care during accidents and vehicle impact.SoftwareRA25SmartCommunication114Dr. B R AmbedkarInstitute ofIncentivized Tech BinTechnology115Department ofScience andTechnology116CDK Global

SIH 2020 - Problem Statements-SoftwareVisit: for descriptionCategoryPSNumberTechnologyBucketJarvis (software robot assistant) for corporationsSoftwareSM446SmartCommunicationBureau of PoliceResearch &DevelopmentLEA & Judiciary Interactive Case Management SystemSoftwareRK61SmartCommunication119Department ofAtomic EnergyNetwork routing protocol for infrastructure less gateway devices in man-madeSoftwarePC87SmartCommunication120Ministry ofPetroleum andNatural GasTechnological advances for Retail S.NoOrganization117FIS Global118121122Problem StatementTiming error estimation and matched filtering are crucial processing blocks in acommunication receiver. The problem is like looking for the occurrence of a knownsignal in the observed/measured signal, which is noisy and distorted. This nature ofproblem makes it best suited for intelligent approach, as human brain invariably solvesDte of IT & Cyber this kind of problem in day-to-day life. Classical techniques like maximum likelihood,Security, DRDO Early-Late, Gardener and Muller approaches have been successfully implemented.However, it is perceived that machine learning techniques will outperform the classicalapproaches and this fact needs to be researched. The neural network shall use minimumcomputation and converge fast for practical and real-time implementation. If the resultsare promising, it can be applied for military and commercial radars.Government ofAndhra Pradeshsolutions required to solve the challenges faced by Law Investigating Officers (LEOs) inCyber Crimes:

SIH 2020 - Problem Statements-SoftwareVisit: for descriptionS.NoOrganization123Government ofAndhra Pradesh124Ministry of Power125Great LearningCategoryPSNumberTechnologyBucketDisease Reporting SystemSoftwareKB198SmartCommunicationDevelopment of IoT based advance Public Address and Flood Warning Systems across allHydro Power project areas.SoftwareLN379SmartCommunicationAttention Span Detection in Online Instructor Led SessionsSoftwareGL32Smart EducatioProblem Statement126Gov of Uttarakhand Predicting the trends of quality-oriented jobsSoftwareMK105Smart Educatio127Gov of Uttarakhand Developing a scientific carrier counselling softwareSoftwareMK106Smart Educatio128Dr. B R AmbedkarInstitute ofLibrary software for Andaman CollegeTechnologySoftwareDS165Smart Educatio129Domain specific Learner facilitator Assist Software Given a learning resource theapplication should assist the learner in preparing for exams. For the facilitator theGovt of Puducherryteaching material should be prepared automatically. The learning resource could beelectronic materials on a particular subject.SoftwareDK181Smart Educatio130"Bibliophile Companion - A companion similar to an active agent, that helps the reader toGovt of Puducherry organize and retrieve the highlighted text, book marked page and credentials of thecontent source in cloud across heterogeneous platforms, gadgets and applications. "SoftwareDK182Smart Educatio

SIH 2020 - Problem Statements-SoftwareVisit: for SoftwareAR250Smart TextilesVehicle Maintenance Index- In Today’s world with so many cars, models in the market, itis hard to find out which car has a high maintenance cost/index that is authentic source.SoftwareRA24Smart VehiclesUltra Compact Personalized Flying VehicleSoftwareBN147Smart VehiclesOrganizationProblem StatementNational Jute Board,Tracking the jute sacking bags production/procurement across the value chainMin of Textiles132CDK Global133Autodesk134BEML LimitedDesign of Energy Efficient Regenerative Hydraulic System for 100 Ton ExcavatorSoftwareAK210Smart Vehicles135BEML LimitedBH60M and BH100 with Electronic TransmissionSoftwareAK211Smart Vehicles136ARAIWarning System for DriverSoftwareUK149Smart Vehicles137ARAIAnti Theft Systems for 2 wheelersSoftwareUK151Smart VehiclesSoftwarePK368Smart Vehicles138Ministry of Power Solution For Predictive Maintenance and Battery Life saver for Electric Vehicles

SIH 2020 - Problem Statements-SoftwareVisit: for descriptionS.No139OrganizationCisco DEVNETProblem StatementMid-Day Meal ware Mobile AppdevelopmentCategory140Airports AuthorityAn Mobile based Inventory Management System using QR code applicationof indiaSoftwareAK12Software Mobile Appdevelopment141Airports AuthorityAn Mobile based Dwell time Management System using IOT.of indiaSoftwareAK14Software Mobile Appdevelopment142Airports Authority Mobile Application based Passenger facilitation System using Artificial Intelligence andof indiaMachine learningSoftwareAK16Software Mobile Appdevelopment143Department ofUpgradation of Jan-Dhan Darshak AppFinancial ServicesSoftwareMK21Software Mobile Appdevelopment144Department ofDevelopment of Information App for Alert on Financial MattersFinancial ServicesSoftwareMK23Software Mobile AppdevelopmentSoftwareBC76Software Mobile AppdevelopmentDR112Software Mobile Appdevelopment145146Ministry ofEvery part of our country is very rich in its heritage and culture. However, awa-renessHousing and Urban about the same can be increased in the local residents. What needs to done increase theAffairsownership amongst the citizens towards the heritage (both tangible and intangible)?Govt of GoaPothole ChallengeSoftware

SIH 2020 - Problem Statements-SoftwareVisit: for descriptionS.No147OrganizationGovt of GoaProblem StatementStray Cattle ware Mobile AppdevelopmentCategory148Ministry of Women Positive psychology games (Mobile/Computer) which help develop a. Respect for rightand Childand dignity of women and child b. which help promote objective of Beti Bachao BetiDevelopmentPadao(BBBP)SoftwareAS118Software Mobile Appdevelopment149Ministry of Womenand ChildInnovative apps for women safety specially in cyber spaceDevelopmentSoftwareAS123Software Mobile AppdevelopmentSoftwarePG179Software Mobile AppdevelopmentSoftwareKB185Software Mobile AppdevelopmentSoftwareDA192Software Mobile AppdevelopmentSoftwareMK206Software Mobile AppdevelopmentSK215Software Mobile Appdevelopment150151152National Missionfor Clean Ganga, Know your Ghats mobile app facilitating general public use information onDoWR, RD & GR, Ghats/crematoria existing along Ganga and its tributaries.Ministry of JalGovernment ofAndhra PradeshDesign of GPS enabled online Academic monitoring system to track the classroomtransaction and to provide feedback and the review to the teachers to improve theirpedagogical practices by the monitoring authorities.All India Instituteof Ayurveda App for online OPD appointment & Hospital Information SystemMinistry of AYUSH153Ministry of RuralDevelopment154NATIONALCRIME RECORDS Mobile Apps for Citizens and Police for management of crime recordsBUREAUNon network intensive record keeping system for SHGSoftware

SIH 2020 - Problem Statements-SoftwareVisit: for descriptionS.NoOrganizationProblem ry ofDetecting Poor Telecom Connectivity (Cellular) regions using user device signal strengthCommunicationsSoftwarePJ234Software Mobile Appdevelopment156Ministry ofMapping of Telecom infrastructure in GIS applicationCommunicationsSoftwarePJ235Software Mobile Appdevelopment157Ministry ofTo develop an app and SMS based application which can register the grey marketCommunications complaintSoftwarePJ239Software Mobile Appdevelopment158Ministry ofDevelopment of platform for dialing single emergency no SDC (Short digit code)CommunicationsSoftwarePJ240Software Mobile AppdevelopmentSoftwareSG295Software Mobile AppdevelopmentSINGLE WINDOW MONITORING OF ALL RURAL DEVELOPMENT WELFARESCHEMES159Govt.of Sikkim160Bureau of PoliceResearch &DevelopmentReal-Time Based Facial Recognition SystemsSoftwareRK308Software Mobile Appdevelopment161Govt. of MadhyaPradeshWeb, portal and Apps for facilitating reporting of offences for registration of FIR withprovision OCR based signature along with Aadhar based digital signatureSoftwareMS339Software Mobile Appdevelopment162Govt. of MadhyaPradeshMS342Software Mobile AppdevelopmentApp based portrait building systemSoftware

SIH 2020 - Problem Statements-SoftwareVisit: for nIndian SpaceResearchOrganisation(ISRO)Indian SpaceResearchOrganisation(ISRO)Indian SpaceResearchOrganisation(ISRO)Indian SpaceResearchOrganisation(ISRO)Indian SpaceResearchOrganisation(ISRO)Indian SpaceResearchOrganisation(ISRO)Indian SpaceResearchOrganisation(ISRO)BEML LimitedProblem StatementCategoryPSNumberTechnologyBucketAir/Water turbidity estimation mobile appSoftwareNM370Software Mobile AppdevelopmentWeb-map data visualization using augmented reality globeSoftwareNM377Software Mobile AppdevelopmentAI based crop identification mobile appSoftwareNM378Software Mobile AppdevelopmentApp for recording and playing geo tagged videosSoftwareNM380Software Mobile AppdevelopmentApp for identification of sky regions in a photoSoftwareNM381Software Mobile AppdevelopmentVirtual reality based Earth/Moon explorerSoftwareNM385Software Mobile AppdevelopmentProcessing, visualization and application development of raw GNSS data on AndroidSmartphones:SoftwareNM405Software Mobile AppdevelopmentAK209Software - WebAppdevelopmentCreating Ability to Server Logs Management for Analysis & Report of HeterogeneousServersSoftware

SIH 2020 - Problem Statements-SoftwareVisit: for descriptionS.NoOrganizationProblem StatementCategoryPSNumberTechnologyBucket171Adani Port and SEZTo Predict the Optimum Vessel Turnaround TimeLtdSoftwareSM320Software - WebAppdevelopment172Adani Port and SEZSeamless Invoicing and Reconciliation SystemLtdSoftwareSM321Software - WebAppdevelopmentSoftwareSS443Software - WebAppdevelopment173VMware SoftwareElectric Vehicle (EV) EcosystemIndia Pvt.Ltd.

SIH 2020 - Problem Statements-SoftwareVisit: for descriptionS.NoOrganizationProblem ry of Youth NYKS requires a software / Mobile through which we may take attendance of the Officer

App Development on Food Processing Problems Software BK169 Food Technolog 35 Bajaj Fin Serv Gamification for Health data collection Software CH46 Healthcare& Biomedical Devices 36 Bajaj Fin Serv Lab Report Digitization / OCR Software VA47 Healthcare& Biomedical Devices SIH 2020 - Problem Statements-Software Visit: for description