LEHMAN COLLEGEThe City University of New YorkDEPARTMENT OF NURSINGThe upper division nursing program, which leads to a B.S. degree, is designed to prepare students for a career asa professional nurse and provide a foundation for graduate study in nursing. The program fulfills the requirements of the New York State Education Department, is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate NursingEducation (CCNE), and entitles its graduates to take the National Council Licensing Examination (NCLEX) forlicensure as a registered professional nurse.The program is a 75-credit major of the total 120 credits required for graduation. Independent study coursesand honors projects are available to qualified students.The bachelor’s program is designed to be completed in four academic years. The Department requires thatstudents complete their general education and prerequisite courses in the first two years of study. Allcollege requirements must be completed before admission to the nursing program. Transfer studentsshould check with the College Writing Office (CA 339) regarding appropriate examinations and placement.Students planning to enter nursing must declare their major by the time they have earned 60 credits, and seekadvisement regarding the nursing program in the Department of Nursing. Faculty advising hours will be postedduring the semester. Nursing is offered as a full-time program during the day. There is no part-time/evening orweekend nursing program. The Department of Nursing also offers an accelerated program for students whohave a bachelor’s degree in another field. The pre-requisites are and the admission process is the same as thatfor the generic students. The program is designed to be completed in 12 months.Students planning to enroll in NUR courses in the Fall semester of the Junior year must complete a separatenursing application to the Department of Nursing by March 15 of the previous Spring semester. Studentsmay pick up applications from the Department of Nursing office (T3-201) during office hours. Applicationswill be available only between January 1st and the March 15th deadline each year. Transfer students mustsubmit official transcripts from all previous schools attended. Transfer or second-degree students shouldalso submit a copy of the evaluation of transfer credits from the Transfer Credit Evaluation office.The clinical laboratory sections of the nursing courses are conducted in the diverse and culturally rich clinicalfacilities in the Bronx, Westchester, Manhattan and other surrounding communities.Graduates of the program will have gained the knowledge and experience to function independently as well ascollaboratively with other members of the healthcare team. Graduates will have sharpened their skills in criticalthinking and have the ability to provide competent and compassionate care to assist individuals and families inachieving maximum levels of health.R e v3b. 6/ 20 11AA/ pb1

REQUIREMENTS FOR SUBMISSION OF THE NURSING APPLICATIONA.To Be Considered For Entrance To The Nursing Program*1. Admission to Lehman College by March 15thApplicants will not be considered for admission to the nursing program unless they have been admitted to LehmanCollege by March 15th. If you submit a nursing application and it is determined that you were not admitted toLehman College by the March 15 deadline, your application will be discarded. It is highly recommended that youverify Lehman College’s admission requirements and deadlines with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions,Shuster Hall, Room 161, and apply early in the Fall semester. You are responsible to follow-up on the status ofyour application for admission to the college to ensure you are admitted on time.2. Completion of College Requirementsa. General Education Requirementsb. Declaration of majorc. Evaluation of transfer creditsd. If you are unsure of the college requirements then you should schedule a meeting with Academic Advisingearly in your college experience to verify any required Assessment or Placement exams.3. Completion of Pre-requisite CoursesPre-requisites must be completed by the end of the Spring semester (May) to be considered for Fall (September)admission to the Nursing Program (there is no January admission).4. Meet with a Nursing AdvisorYou are encouraged to speak with a nursing advisor before applying to the Nursing Program if you havequestions or need further clarification about the program and requirements. Advising hours are posted in theNursing Department and change every semester. Check with the Department for the current schedule.5. Completion of 60 college credits by the end of the Spring semester that you apply to the Nursing Program.6. Proof of Legal Status - The City University of New York has instituted the following requirement:Beginning in the Fall 2009 semester, all CUNY nursing departments will require applicants foradmission into nursing programs to provide documentation in one of the following categories:a. U.S. Citizenship;b. Permanent Residency;c. International student with F1 Status; ord. Granted Asylum, Refugee Status, Temporary Protected Status, Withholding of Removal, or Deferred ActionStatus by the U.S. government.There will be no exceptions to this policy.7. Minimum Grade PointA minimum grade of C (73) or better is required in each of the pre-requisite science courses, and a MINIMUMCUMULATIVE INDEX OF 2.75 or greater in these courses, or their equivalents, is required to submit anapplication for admission to the generic program.PLEASE NOTE:Although courses can be repeated in accordance with college policy, forconsideration in determining admission to the Nursing Program the first grade earned will be used todetermine eligibility.R e v3b. 6/ 20 11AA/ pb2

8. Pre-Nursing ExamApplicants must take a standardized Admission Assessment Exam, HESI A2. An Admission Assessment ExamReview book is available from Mosby. The department will schedule exams for students applying to Lehman’snursing program during Winter Recess and early Spring semester—the dates and times will be posted in theNursing Department. There is a non-refundable fee to sit for this exam.* NOTE: Students who have been dropped from another nursing program for poor scholarship, or for other reasons,are not eligible for admission to the nursing program at Lehman College unless the student has subsequently passed theNCLEX Exam and has become a Registered Nurse (RN). Students enrolled in another nursing program cannot transferdirectly into Lehman’s nursing program. You must follow the Generic application procedures and must take all nursingcourses required to complete the Generic nursing major.B. Submitting the Nursing Application The Annual Application Period for the Nursing Program is January 1st through March 15thThis is a Self-Managed Application Procedure. You will submit, in person, your nursing applicationcomplete with all required documents and official transcripts attached and by March 15th.Educational institutions that require the official transcript to be mailed may send it directly to the NursingDepartment by March 15th. Transcripts for prerequisites completed in the Spring semester must be received inthe Nursing Department by June 1st. Required Documents That You Must Submit To Apply to the Nursing Program1. Completed Nursing Application (signed and dated).2. Official Transcripts from each educational institution you have attended after high school. (Theseare in addition to the transcripts submitted to Lehman College, CUNY, Admissions.)3. Transcript Evaluation Form (Transfer Evaluation Office, Shuster Hall, Rm. 152)4. General Education Requirements (Academic Advisement Office, Shuster Hall, Rm. 280). (Not neededif you are a second degree student or received an Associate degree from a CUNY Community College).5. Proof of Legal Status6. Pre-Nursing Exam Scores All applicants will be notified by mail during the month of June as to their status and acceptance into thenursing program for classes starting in the Fall.R e v3b. 6/ 20 11AA/ pb3

75-Credit Major in Nursing, B.S.The distribution of courses and credits to be earned by all majors in the generic track are as follows:21648In Sciences (Prior to admission)CHE 114Essentials of General ChemistryCHE 115Essentials of General ChemistryCHE 120Essentials of Organic ChemistryCHE 121Essentials of Organic ChemistryBIO 181Anatomy and Physiology IBIO 182Anatomy and Physiology IIBIO 230Microbiology3 Credits1.5 Credits, lab3 Credits1.5 Credits, lab4 Credits4 Credits4 CreditsIn Foundation Courses (Department permission required)HIN 268Human Growth and DevelopmentHIN 269Analysis and Action for Community Health3 Credits, 3 hours (Prior to admission)3 Credits, 3 hours.In Nursing Courses (Department permission required)NUR 300Nursing as a Human ScienceNUR 301Therapeutic Intervention INUR 302Ways of KnowingNUR 303Therapeutic Intervention IINUR 304Therapeutic Intervention IIINUR 330Pharmacologic Basis of Nursing PracticeNUR 344Altered Health StatesNUR 405Therapeutic Intervention IVNUR 406Clinical Decision MakingNUR 408Trends & Issues in Nursing and Health CareNUR 409Therapeutic Intervention VNUR 410Professional Nursing Management3 Credits6 Credits3 Credits6 Credits3 Credits3 Credits3 Credits6 Credits3 Credits3 Credits6 Credits3 CreditsCOURSES IN NURSINGHIN 268: Growth and Development. 3hours, 3 credits. Physical, cognitive,social and emotional aspects of humandevelopment from conception throughlate adulthood. PREREQ: Thirty collegecredits.HIN 269: Analysis and Action forCommunity Health. 3 hours, 3 credits.Health needs of families in the contextof their community. Introduction ogicalinvestigation as tools for analyzinghealth needs. Issues of prevention,environmental health, special riskfamilies, planned change, the concept ofhealth teams and the roles of healthworkers in the community. PREREQ:Thirty college credits.NUR 300: Nursing as a HumanScience. 3 credits: 3 hours lecture.Historical, philosophical & theoreticalfoundations of nursing and selectedtopics relating to the intersubjectivenature of professional nursing and itsmoral, ethical and legal dimensions.PREREQ: Admission to the nursingmajorNUR 301: Therapeutic NursingIntervention I: Introduction toprofessional nursing practice. 6credits: 3 hours lecture, 12 hoursclinical laboratory. Emphasis ontherapeuticcommunication,healthassessment and data analysis. PREREQ:Admission to the nursing program.COREQ: NUR 300 and NUR 344. PREor COREQ: HIN 269.NUR 302: Ways of Knowing inNursing. 3 credits: 3 hours lecture.Methods of research and inquiry innursing and their implications forclinical practice. PREREQ: NUR 300hours lecture, 12 hours clinicallaboratory. Clinical focus on nursingcare of adults with acute and chronicillnesses. PREREQ: NUR 300, NUR301, NUR 344, HIN 269. COREQ:NUR 304, NUR 330.NUR 304: Therapeutic InterventionIII:Psychiatric-MentalHealthNursing. 3 credits: 2 hours lecture, 4hours clinical laboratory. Clinical focuson nursing care of adults with acute andchronic psychiatric and mental healthconditions. PREREQ: NUR 300, NUR301, NUR 344, HIN 269. COREQ:NUR 303, NUR 330NUR 330: Pharmacologic Basis ofNursing Practice. 3 credits: 3 hourslecture.Generalpharmacologicalprinciples as they relate to nursingpractice and healthcare. PREREQ:COREQ: NUR 303, NUR 304NUR 303: Therapeutic InterventionII: Adult Health Nursing. 6 credits: 3R e v3b. 6/ 20 11AA/ pb4

NUR 344: Altered Health States. 3credits: 3 hours.The relationship ofnormal body functioning to thephysiological changes that occur as aresult of illness.Epidemiological,preventive and pathological aspects ofdisease. COREQ: NUR 300, NUR 301NUR 405: Therapeutic InterventionIV: Childbearing and childrearingfamilies. 6 credits: 3 hrs lecture. 12hours clinical laboratory. Relation ofnursing care to positive healthexperiencesandoutcomesinchildbearing and childrearing families.PREREQ: NUR 303, NUR 304, NUR330. COREQ: NUR 302, NUR 406.NUR 406: Clinical Decision Making. 3credits: 3 hours lecture. The processesof clinical judgment and decisionmaking. Examination of the interactionbetween diagnostic and therapeuticreasoning within the context of ethicalreasoning. PREREQ: NUR 303, NUR304. COREQ: NUR 405.NUR 408: Trends & Issues in Nursing& Health Care. 3 credits: 3 hourslecture. Identification and exploration oftrends and issues with opportunity todebate and to defend a position onissues. PREREQ: NUR 406.NUR 409: Therapeutic InterventionV: Nursing Synthesis. 6 credits: 3hours lecture. 12 hrs clinical laboratory.Synthesis of knowledge and skillsrequired to effectively support clients,families and groups along a trajectoryfrom diagnosis through end of life.Population based care as it relates todisaster preparedness and targetednursing response. PREREQ: NUR 405,NUR 406. COREQ: NUR 410.NUR 410: Professional NursingManagement. 3 credits: 3 hours lecture.Professional role of the nurse in thehealth care system. Emphasis onleadership and management theory asrelated to nursing administration,organizational design and governance.COREQ: NUR 409.NUR 489: Honors Project. Onesemester, 3 credits (maximum 6credits).Independentstudyorinvestigation, under faculty direction. Awritten report is required. PREREQ:Satisfactory completion of 24 credits inNUR or related fields and departmentalpermission; cumulative college index of3.2 and an index of 3.5 in Nursing.COURSES OF INTERESTNUR (SOC) 240: Death, Dying, andBereavement. 3 hours, 3 credits.Sociological, psychological, and healthcare perspectives and ethical issuessurrounding the processes of dying andbereavement. Topics include the historyof attitudes toward death, the newmedicaltechnology,thewaysindividuals confront their own death andthat of others, dying in institutions,death and the child, and suicide.NUR 350: Topics in Nursing. 3credits, 3 hours (maximum 6 credits).PREREQ: 45 credits in nursing andpermission of the Chair.NUR 385: Independent Study inNursing. One semester, 1-3 credits.(Limited to Juniors and Seniors innursing) Independent study on a specifictopic or clinical area of interest, underthe supervision of a faculty member inthe Department of Nursing. PREREQ:Instructor's permission.DEPARTMENT GRADING POLICYA minimum grade of C (73%) is required for a student to progress in the undergraduate nursing program. A student whodoes not achieve a grade of C or better in a nursing course or in the foundation courses may repeat the course only once.Students may repeat only one NUR or HIN course, regardless of the reason for non-completion.RECOMMENDED COURSESIt is recommended that students planning graduate study take MAT 132: Introduction to Statistics. This course fulfills thecollege math requirement. In fulfillment of the language requirement, it is recommended that a level of proficiency inspeaking Spanish equivalent to completion of SPA 207 (or an equivalent proficiency in speaking some other appropriateforeign language) be achieved by those who expect to work in the metropolitan New York area. American Sign Languagecan be taken to fulfill the foreign language requirement.TIME LIMIT TO COMPLETE NURSING PROGRAMStudents admitted to the nursing program must complete the baccalaureate in nursing within five years. Students who donot meet this time requirement may reapply to have the currency of their nursing courses reevaluated. Students may berequired to demonstrate current knowledge as evidenced by recent or present practice, portfolio, certification, orvalidation by examination.EVALUATION OF TRANSFER CREDITSOnce admitted as a transfer student, you will receive an evaluation of transfer credits before your first registration atLehman College. The Office of Transfer Credit Evaluations will notify you when your transfer evaluation is complete orrequest that you come in to discuss your credit evaluation. For more information about CUNY transfer policies, courseequivalencies, CUNY permit information visit: CUNY Transfer Information and Program Planning System (TIPPS)at e v3b. 6/ 20 11AA/ pb5

Contact InformationDepartment of NursingLehman College/CUNY250 Bedford Park Boulevard WestT-3 Room 201Bronx, NY 10468Phone: 718-960-8214Fax: 718-960-8488R e v3b. 6/ 20 11AA/ pb6

Students enrolled in another nursing program cannot transfer directly into Lehman's nursing program. You must follow the Generic application procedures and must take all nursing courses required to complete the Generic nursing major. B. Submitting the Nursing Application The Annual Application Period for the Nursing Program is January 1st .