ABOUT MEAndreas enior DB hemen/datenbank/in-memory/Since 2009 at Daimler TSSDepartment: Big DataBusiness Unit: Analytics buckenhofer/ Buckenhofer2

ANDREAS BUCKENHOFER, DAIMLER TSS GMBH“Forming good abstractions and avoiding complexityis an essential part of a successful data architecture”Data has always been my main focus during my long-time occupation in the area ofdata integration. I work for Daimler TSS as Database Professional and Data Architectwith over 20 years of experience in Data Warehouse projects. I am working withHadoop and NoSQL since 2013. I keep my knowledge up-to-date - and I learn newthings, experiment, and program every day.I share my knowledge in internal presentations or as a speaker at internationalconferences. I'm regularly giving a full lecture on Data Warehousing and a seminar onmodern data architectures at Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State UniversityDHBW. I also gained international experience through a two-year project in GreaterLondon and several business trips to Asia.I’m responsible for In-Memory DB Computing at the independent German OracleUser Group (DOAG) and was honored by Oracle as ACE Associate. I hold currentcertifications such as "Certified Data Vault 2.0 Practitioner (CDVP2)", "Big DataArchitect“, „Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional“, “IBMInfoSphere Change Data Capture Technical Professional”, etc.Daimler TSSContact/ConnectxingDOAGDHBWData Warehouse / DHBW3

NOT JUST AVERAGE: OUTSTANDING.As a 100% Daimler subsidiary, we give100 percent, always and never less.We love IT and pull out all the stops toaid Daimler's development with ourexpertise on its journey into the future.Our objective: We make Daimler themost innovative and digital mobilitycompany.Daimler TSS

INTERNAL IT PARTNER FOR DAIMLER Holistic solutions according to the Daimler guidelines IT strategy Security Architecture Developing and securing know-how TSS is a partner who can be trusted with sensitive dataAs subsidiary: maximum added value for Daimler Market closeness Independence Flexibility (short decision making process,ability to react quickly)Daimler TSS5

LOCATIONSDaimler TSS Germany7 locations1000 employees*Ulm (Headquarters)Daimler TSS ChinaHub Beijing10 employeesStuttgartBerlinKarlsruhe* as of August 2017Daimler TSSDaimler TSS IndiaHub Bangalore22 employeesDaimler TSS MalaysiaHub Kuala Lumpur42 employeesData Warehouse / DHBW6

DWH LECTURE - LEARNING TARGETS Describe different DWH and Big Data architectures Explain DWH data modeling methods and design logical models Name DB techniques that are well-suited for DWHs Explain ETL processes Specify reporting & project management & meta data requirements Explain Streaming technologies Name current DWH and Big Data trendsDaimler TSSData Warehouse / DHBW7

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ABOUT THE LECTUREStructure of the lecture Review of the preceding lecturePresentation of contentGroup tasks, exercises14:45 – 18:00 15min breakExam 1hDaimler TSS 04.10.2018, 14:45 – 18:0011.10.2018, 14:45 – 18:0018.10.2018, 14:45 – 18:0025.10.2018, 14:45 – 18:0031.10.2018, 14:45 – 18:00 (Wednesday!)08.11.2018, 14:45 – 18:0015.11.2018, 14:45 – 18:0029.11.2018, 14:45 – 18:0006.12.2018, 14:45 – 18:0013.12.2018, 14:45 – 18:00Data Warehouse / DHBW9

COURSE MATERIAL Download slides from (theory) buckenhofer/Daimler TSSData Warehouse / DHBW10

COURSE CONTACTWho is the class representative?Do you have a class email address? Please send me an email so that I have your contact dataDaimler TSSData Warehouse / DHBW11

SEMINAR PAPERNear Real-Time Analyse von Tweets mit Hilfe der Streaming Plattform KafkaGraph-basierte Analyse und Visualisierung einer BlockchainDatenqualität in Zeiten von Digitalisierung und #FakeNewsAnimierte, mehrdimensionale Visualisierung von ZeitreihenEchtzeit-Visualisierung von Streaming-DatenDaimler TSSData Warehouse / DHBW12

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Business Unit: Analytics. ANDREAS BUCKENHOFER, DAIMLER TSS GMBH . InfoSphere hange Data apture Technical Professional", etc. DOAG DHBW xing Contact/Connect. As a 100% Daimler subsidiary, we give . Glossary Data Quality Cloud Legacy Text Mobile Data Hub. Structure of the lecture