Rental SolutionsSector and M&A ReportWinter 2020Considerable M&A activity in the Rental IndustryThere has been considerable M&A activity in the Rental industry with multiplesup to 10x EBITDA. The strongly growing market combined with the complexity,engineering and customisation of solutions are driving margins. These factorsalso drive valuation multiples, next to the recurring nature of the business.Key observations from our research: The European Rental Association (ERA) valued the industryat 25,7 bln in 2017, the global market being valued at 90bln and expected to grow with 4-5% per year. The biggestmarket in Europe (although not the strongest grower) is the UK.France and Germany are the two other largest markets in Europeand also among the strongest growing ones. Besides, TheNetherlands are among the fastest growing countries with a 4,4%growth rate. The use of rental solutions is still strongest in the(construction) equipment market. Although we do see rentalsolutions spreading over other markets as well, like officeequipment, plus industrial and consumer markets. Key drivers of growth in the Rental industry are:-This market is growing ahead of the general economy;-Increased penetration of rental instead of buying as aresult of better use of capital and focus on Total Cost ofOwnership decision making;-Increased recognition of the role of rental in ensuringsustainable solutions;-Long-term trend towards ‘sharing economy’Increased regulations around safety asking for the latestup to date solutions; Valuations are typically around 7-8x EBITDA: Valuationmultiples are typically 7-8x EBITDA range with players who arefocused on more and/or relatively rare complex solutions receivingthe highest multiples. In addition, the more recurring the businessthe higher the multiple. Listed companies being valued on anaverage of 10x EBITDA. Managing the quality of the (asset) rental fleet is key:maintenance, replacement capex and expansion capex.Sources: S&P Capital IQ, ERA market report 2018, 2019 IPAF summit, KHLBart JonkmanManaging Partner, Capitalmind“The Rental solutions sector isbecoming more and more of interestto strategic buyers as well asPrivate Equity. This is mainly relatedto the continuously increasedpenetration of rental instead ofbuying, the increased possibilitieson improving utilization rates andbetter use of capital, resulting infurther improvement of margins.The higher the complexity of thesolution provided and the morerecurring the business, the higherthe multiple”1

Rental SolutionsSector and M&A reportGrowingpenetrationgrade ofrental oversaleHigh level ofcomplexitydrivesmargins andcustomerlock-inThe global Rental Equipment market is valued at approximately 90 bln and is expectedto keep growing at a CAGR of 4-5%. A main driver for growth is the increased penetration of rental solutions instead of buying. Another important trend in the market is the use of technology, like track & trace andremote monitoring, which increases efficiency and transparency and helps rentalcompanies increase their utilisation rates and therefore margins.The main reasons for end-markets to choose a rental solution are:- Focus on core business- Flexibility & direct availability of equipment- Temporary needs (seasonal, over-capacity, incidents etc)- Opex over Capex decision making- Access to high quality solutions, up to date with the newest technologies- Outsourced service & repair (unburdening of customer)- Ensuring complianceThe Rental company takes care of the full value chain steps, including engineering ofthe rental solution, preparation, transport and service. The higher the level ofcomplexity, engineering and customisation, the higher the margins realised and alsothe higher the level of recurring business due to a natural customer lock-inSale of solutionsSale of solutionsOEMInstallerRentalSaleEngineering & SalesConsolidationin the marketdriven by sRentalcompanyEndmarketsRentalPreparation &CustomizationTransport & InstallationMaintenance & RepairConsolidation in the rental industry has been a key trend the past 15 years. US-basedUnited Rentals for example, now being the largest rental business globally, hasrealised over 200 acquisitions. In Europe the French-based Loxam and Kiloutou,Dutch company Boels Rental and Nordic based Cramo and Ramirent are the mainconsolidators. Buyers are mainly focused on knowledgeable, specialised rental companies that have ahigh level of engineering and customisation and provide their services based onperiodically recurring contracts, resulting in high margins and recurring revenues. A strong international scalable market position and strong growth potential are importantcriteria as well. Buyers are mainly targeting specialised rental companies focused on a niche segment.The market is still highly fragmented. In Europe the top 50 players represent 50% of themarket, the top 10 close to 25%.Source:S&P Capital IQ, ERA Market Report 2018, Reports and Data HVAC reporting, KHL2

Rental SolutionsSector and M&A reportRentaltransactionsincl. EBITDAmultiplesThe average multiple of recent European/US transactions in the rental market is 7.0x.The transactions, as presented below, are all related to the rental industry environmentand are transactions where the EV/EBITDA multiple is known.DateTargetTarget sub-sectorCountry AcquirorMay/19IFCO Systems B.V.RPC & Pallet PoolingNLTriton FundGB10.1xJul/18Bakercorp International HoldingsContainment fleet rentalUSUnited Rentals, Inc.US9.0xJul/18VSM Entreprenad ABConstruction equipment leasing and rentalSEBellman Group AB (publ)SE4.0xNov/17Prolift Access LimitedPowered access platform rentalGBSpeedy Hire PlcGB4.8xOct/17Neff CorporationEquipment rentalUSUnited Rentals, Inc.US6.9xApr/17NES Rentals Holdings, Inc.Aerial equipment rentalUSUnited Rentals, Inc.US6.7xFeb/17Lavendon Group plcPowered access equipment rentalGBLoxam SASFR7.0xApr/16Portgrade LimitedLaundry & Linen Hire servicesGBJohnson Service Group PLCGB6.5xFeb/16Joe Johnson Equipment Inc.Infrastructure maintenance equipment rentalCASirit Inc.CA7.8xAverageCountry EV/EBITDA *7.0x*LTM latestSpecific Rental CharacteristicsManaging the quality of the rental fleet and therefore the potential of the rental solutions is obviously key in anyrental company. Although rental companies are typically characterised by a relatively higher level of capex, it isimportant to have a detailed understanding of the split between (i) maintenance, (ii) replacement capex and (iii)expansion capex. Maintaining the fleet well on the one hand and making the right choices between for example a(thorough) overhaul of an asset instead of purchasing a new asset on the other hand, will optimize the rental fleetby making use of the hidden asset reserves. All this will not only improve the utilisation of the assets andultimately the profitability (significantly), but also result in higher valuation multiples paid by buyers.Recent Capitalmind Rental transaction: Sale andMBO of Coolworld to Belgium listed GIMV PE (2019)Sale to andMBO byHVAC equipment rentalCoolworld Rentals is a cooling andheating equipment rental company.Listed on Euronext Brussels since1997, Gimv PE manages around1.6 bln invested in about 50 portfoliocompanies.Capitalmind approached the mostlikely buyers across the globe,obtaining 20 international bids;competitive process betweencorporate and PE financial buyersSource:S&P Capital IQ, ERA market report 2018Coolworld operates from multipleEuropean locations in diverse marketsegments, including food, retail,pharma, chemicals, logistics, and datacentres, where advanced climatetechnologies are becoming increasinglyimportant. Solutions are provided viafour product groups: (1) cold storagerooms and freezers, (2) processcooling, (3) climate control and (4)heating. Furthermore, the companyoffers ‘special projects’, engineeringunique and ad-hoc solutions.3

Rental SolutionsSector and M&A reportSelection of our recent Business Services / Rental dealsSale to andMBO byHVAC equipmentrental15 M&A and capitalraising deals involvingRental of corporateseminar locationsSite servicesacquiredSpare parts distributionIndustrial maintenanceSale and MBO ofsold its minoritystake inbysold tothrough a MBOsupported bytoLaptop rentalTIC, logisticsElectrical installationsold toIndustrial automationTesting, Inspection andCertificationContact usCapitalmind has a highly experienced Business Services / Rental teamIf you would like to discuss this report in more detail or opportunities for your business, please contact us:Bart JonkmanManaging PartnerJan Willem JonkmanManaging PartnerMichel DegryckManaging PartnerErvin SchellenbergManaging Partner 31 6 2021 [email protected] 31 6 2021 [email protected] 33 148 24 62 [email protected] 49 611 205 48 [email protected] information contained in this report is selective and speaks as of the date hereof. The delivery of this report shall not, under any circumstances create any implication that there has been no change in the industry sincethe date hereof. It does not purport to contain all the information that recipients may require. No obligation is accepted to provide recipients with access to any additional information, to correct any inaccuracies which maybecome apparent or to update any of the information contained herein. Capitalmind makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy, reasonableness or completeness of the information containedin this report. We expressly disclaim any and all liability for, or based on or relating to any such information contained in, or errors in or omission from this report or based on or relating to the recipients’ use of the report.4

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Managing the quality of the (asset) rental fleet is key: maintenance, replacement capex and expansion capex. Considerable M&A activity in the Rental Industry Sources: S&P Capital IQ, ERA market report 2018, 2019 IPAF summit, KHL Rental Solutions Sector and M&A Report Bart Jonkman Managing Partner, Capitalmind "The Rental solutions sector is becoming more and more of interest to strategic .