STATE OF OKLAHOMADEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICESPURCHASE ORDERU70516LOCAPPRV:(DESTINATION: Contracts Unit)DATEAGENCY CONTRACT NO.451300271112812012CONTRACT PERIOD07/0l/12 THRUDODOPO#: 0930GZ706/30/13FROM:0000074/250001MODOC TRIBE OF OKLAHOMA418GSTSE8300A. DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICESDIVISION OF cmLDREN AND FAMILY SERVICESP. 0. BOX 25352OKLAHO:MA CITY OK 73125731183375TO:ITEM NO.00/0010000CTRAPPRV: U7Q51612/13/12MIAMIPAGE: 01OK 74354-8218QUANTITYUNITDESCRJPTIONPREVIOUS AGENCY RSQ.1.00DA1000002530UNITPRJCEAMOUNT45110074,0100. 01TOTAL AMOUNT .0193141504lNTERGOVERNHENTAL AGREEMENT TO APPROVE, PROVIDEAND PAV FOR FOSTER CARE SERVICES FOR NATIVEAHER!CAH CHILDREN IN OKDHS CUSTODY. IN ACCORDANCEWITH THE ATTACHEOSPECIFtCATIONS iHIS PURCHASE OROER ls ISSUED BASED ON SiATUiORVAUTHORITY OF OKLAHOMA TITLE 62.CONTRACT MONITOR: RITA HART580- 71·4013FUDNS FOR PAYMENT OF THIS CONTRACT 00 NOT RESIDEWITH OKDHS.CONT ACTIT IS WARDEO AS A NON-BODGeTIN THE AMOUNT Of .01 AS ANTICIPATEDEDPENDtTORES ARE UNKNOWN.HOT TO EXCEEDIVENDORS READ AND FOLLOW CLOSELYII certify I am auth der for this a M e n c ythat funds for pa .7 :is Qt'der are availab I. ALL invoices must reflet.t lhe Contra ;t uwn.ber,2. State is NOT subject to Fede.ta] Tax. 3. Unless indicated. otherwise, this docwnent is not a request forservices or an invoice. This action !'6{)resents an obligation offunds should these services be uired.4. These tenns are in accordance with signed agreement on filein OHS CQntracts unless othetwise indica.teQ.(CP·3Cl DIFile Copy/."""""'--- -.--

CONTRACTS & PURCHASINGSIGNATURE ROUTING FORMDivision:Child Welfare ServicesVendor:Modoc TribeOriginal Contract Amount: N/AContract Amount including this Modification:NIADescription: Approval provision and payment of foster care services for the tribe.07/01/12 through 06/30/2013Contract Period:New ContractXContract ModificationCompetitive BidLocal ProjectExempt Liq:insed Professional ServicesMemorandum of AgreementSole SourceIntergovernmentalReal Property LeaseFixed RateAutomatic RenewalxDateFrom: Rita HartThru: Joani WebsterThru: Linda BeltranThru: Kevin Haddock'"th,r1.t '. i """'- ?c. ,\: ,Thru: Greg DukeThru: Jack Ely1Ttrri." 0 .MrA -rritt f'\1'o '.l).0\:io rt!.\ \s IV\ ; tit\

State of OklahomaDepartment of Human ServicesWORK PLANJuly 1, 2012Child Welfare ServicesModoc Tribe of PA# l\6{-) lRita Hart has been appointed as program monitor for the above stated contract andassumes responsibility for actual monitoring of all programmatic aspects of the contractincluding the periodic and ongoing review of reports or other valid indications ofperformance. The program monitor also assumes oversight responsibility for fiscalmonitoring of said contract.Linda Beltran has been appointed as fiscal monitor for the above stated contract andassumes responsibility for actual monitoring of all fiscal aspects of the contract,including ongoing verification of invoices and auditing functions.The Program monitor will review financial and program reports and will make an on-sitevisit topr gram duri g the contract year.DateRita HartPrinted name of program monitorChvdu Signature of fiscal monitorllW-/d.DateLinda BeltranPrinted name of fiscal monitornature of program monitor's supervisorJoani WebsterPrinted name of program monitor's supervisorDate'

Pate, Regina K.FrC)m:Sent:To;Subject:Pate, Regina K.Tuesday, December 18, 2012 8:46 AMHart, RitaContract MonitorSTATE OF OKLAHOMADEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICESTO:Rita HartFROM:Regina PateContracts & Purchasing UnitDATE:12/18/12RE:Modoc Tribe of OklahomaPA# 45130025By your signature on the Work Plan, you have agreed to and been appointed as the Contract Program/FiscalMonitor for the referenced service contract. To adequately perform your role as Monitor, it is critical that youare familiar with the contract and the requirements contained therein. The contract, in its entirety, can beviewed (and/or printed) via the Imaging System by using the following steps: to the DHS lnfonet page.Select "Finance Applications" on the left side of the screen.Select "Document Search/Image Viewer'' in the middle of the next screenSelect "CONTRAC2-Contracts Division Documents" from the Index Class dropdown menu.Enter the PA# of the contract you want to review and "Search" or press enter.Select an icon from the "Document Image" column. Each icon represents a document or set of documents,with the most recent being at the bottom. Generally, the original contract will be the first icon withsubsequent icons representing Change Orders.8. You will then be asked if you want to open or save the file. Select "Open".9. The requested document(s) will appear.10. Most documents have more than one page. At the top of your document there should be a tool bar thatindicates you are on page of . Use the buttons to go to next or previous pages or scroll throughthe pages at the left of the screen an click on the one you want to view. Our scanner automatically printsfront and back so every other page will probably be blank.As Contract Monitor you should: Satisfy contract administration requirements Identify and ensure timely completion of deliverables (contract requirements) Protect the financial interests of the agencyIf you require additional information regarding your role or associated responsibilities, please contact ReginaPate (405-521-2960) [email protected]

Statement of WorkCFSD Program Field RepresentativeModoc Tribe of OklahomaJuly 01, 2012Proied Scope SummaryThe scope of this agreement is to provide a framework for coordination and cooperation between theModoc Tribe Indian Welfare Program and the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Child Welfare.It outlines responsibilities for both OKDHS Child Welfare Staff and Tribal Child Welfare Services. rtprovides for the payment of foster care payments to Tribal foster parents caring for either Tribal orOKDHS custody Indian children.Gene1'1ll Requirements Tribe to have an operational Child Welfare program.Tribe to have developed tribal foster home standards.Tribe to have staff designated to perform the requirements of the agreement.OKDHS to monitor and provide oversight of the agreement.Deliverables Tribal Child Welfare servicesCertification of foster homes.Schedule of Deliverables During the agreement year.Tlmeline On-going This is not a funded agreement. Payments are provided directly to the tribal foster parents forfoster care.

FOSTER CARE AGREEMENTBETWEENTHE MODOC TRIBEAND THEOKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICESThis agreement defines the respective roles of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS)and, the Modoc Tribe, a sovereign nation regarding the approval, provision and payment of foster careservices for Native American children. This agreement shall become effective 1 1 day of July 2012 andremain in effect until the 30th day of June 2013.1. DefinitionsThis Agreement recognizes the definitions in the Federal and Oklahoma Indian Child Welfare Acts.Other definitions used in this Agreement include:a. "CWS" refers to the Children and Family Services Division of the Oklahoma Department ofHuman Services.b. "CWS Tribal Coordinator'' refers to the CWS staff assigned to develop, monitor and respondto the Tribal State Agreement. Other duties of the CWS Tribal Coordinator include thereview and processing of tribal foster home studies, consultation with both OKDHS andTribal staff, and conducting reviews with Tribal Child Welfare programs regarding theprovisions of the Tribal State Agreement.c. "Custody Specialist" refers to the OKDHS staff who make determinations about Title IV-Eeligibility and Medicaid for tribal custody children.d. "ICWA" refers to the Federal Indian Child Welfare Act as found in Chapter 21 of Title 25 ofthe United States Code Annotated.e. "Kinship" refers to those individuals or families who have either a blood (kinship-relative) oremotional relationship (kinship non-relative) to the custody child.f. "OICWA" refers to the Oklahoma Indian Child Welfare Act found at Section 40 of Title 10of the Oklahoma State Statutes.g. "OKDHS" refers to the Oklahoma Department of Human Services.h. "Tribally approved foster care homes" refers to those foster homes that the Tribe hasdetermined to meet the foster care standards as defmed by the Tribe.i. "Tribal child" refers to a child who is either a member or eligible for membership in theTribe named in this Agreement.j. "Tribal Liaison" refers to the OKDHS Child Welfare workers who is assigned to the Tribe toassist in obtaining foster care payments and Child Care benefits for Tribal custody childrenplaced in Tribally approved foster homes.k. "Tribe", unless otherwise noted refers to the Tribe named specifically in this Agreement.2. Conditions1

a. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to give the State of Oklahoma or its agentsjurisdiction over Indian persons on reservation land, as defmed by Paragraph 10 of Section 1903of Title 25 of the United States Code Annotated.b. In the event funds to fmance this agreement become unavailable, OKDHS may terminate theagreement or reduce consideration upon written notice to the Tribe. Notice shall be delivered bycertified mail, return receipt requested or in person with proof of delivery. The effective date ofsuch agreement termination or reduction in consideration shall be specified in the notice andshall be no earlier than the date of service of said notice, or the actual effective date of the federalfunding reduction, whichever is later. Reductions shall not apply to payments made for servicessatisfactorily completed prior to the effective date. OKDHS, as the Title IV-E Agency, shall bethe final authority as to the availability of funds to support this agreement. In the event of areduction in consideration, the Tribe may cancel this agreement as of the effective date of theproposed reduction upon the provision of advance written notice to the OKDHS.c. This Agreement may otherwise be terminated by either of the parties with or without cause upon180 days prior written notice to the other. The Agreement may be revised or canceled at anytime by written mutual agreement of both parties. Any modifications or amendments to thisAgreement must be in writing and agreed to by both parties prior to a change in service.d. OKDHS and Tribal leaders shall bind their staff to the provisions of this Agreement.e. The tribes agree to follow the provisions for confidentiality and appropriate safeguards that arerequired in the following federal laws with regards to the data shared, exchanged, or utilizedunder the scope of this agreement.i.Standards for Privacy and Security of Individually IdentifiableHealth Information (Parts 160, 162 and 164 ofTitle 45 of theCode of Federal Regulations) under the Health Insurance Portability andAccountability Act (HIP AA) of 1996.ii.Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS)- Publication 200-MinimumInformation Security Standards for Federal Information and Information Systems·found at: Rates will be paid in accordance with the fixed rate approved by OKDHS (Attachment I).g. The Tribe shall provide staff necessary to provide Child Welfare services during the termsofthisagreement.h. Child Welfare services provided by the Tribe will promote child safety, permanency and wellbeing as defined in the Adoptions and Safe Families Act.i. The Tribe agrees to keep confidential all information concerning juvenile proceedings covered bythis Agreement and not to reveal the information to anyone who does not need the information inorder to exercise the Tribe's rights under the ICWA, OICWA and/or Tribal codes or law.j. The Tribal Child Welfare worker will be responsible for obtaining all information necessary forOKDHS to make initial Title IV-E determinations and subsequent reviews for continuedeligibility for Tribal custody children.k. Tribal Child Welfare services shall conform with Title IV-Band Title IV-E of the Social SecurityAct,, Section 622 of Title 42 of United States Code and other relevant provisions of state andfederal law.l. The Tribe will maintain the records of (1) all tribal custody children for whom OKDHS hasprovided a foster care payment and (2) all records of tribal foster homes certified by the Tribe andfor whom OKDHS is providing a foster care payment. The Tribe will permit audit orexamination of these records upon receipt of at least five (5) business days notice by authorizedState or Federal personnel for the purposes of State and Federal reviews and audits.2

3. Case Reviewa. The Tribe agrees to participate with OKDHS in the case reviews of children for whom fostercare payments are provided. The case reviews focus on compliance with the requirements asstated in this Agreement.b. OKDHS will provide the Tribal program 30 days advance notice of case reviews. Preliminaryfindings will be discussed with the responsible staff in an exit conference at the conclusion of thereview. A written summary offmdings will be provided to the Tribal program within 30 days ofthe conclusion of the review.c. The Tribal Indian Child Welfare staff will assist in reviews by making records available, andscheduling interviews as necessary.d. If areas of non-compliance are identified, the Tribe will develop a program improvement planwithin 30 days of the receipt of the written summary of findings.e. lf a program improvement plan is required, the Tribe will provide documentation of the progresson the program improvement plan to the CWS Tribal Coordinator on a quarterly basis.4. Notification of Suspected Abuse or Neglect incidents of Indian Childrena. OKDHS and the Tribe agree to conform with the notification provisions outlined in the 2003"Memorandum of Understanding for Reporting and Investigating Child Abuse CriminalOffenses in Indian Country.b. OKDHS shall conform with the provisions of the ICWA and OICWA including but not limitedto:1) Notifying the child's tribe of allegations involving a Tribal child by written correspondencewithin 36 hours ofreceipt of initial referral to the Tribe.2) Notifying the child's tribe within 24 hours of the removal of any identified Tribal child fromtheir home.c. The Tribe agrees to report any suspected abuse or neglect incidents identified in working withtribal families residing on state land to the local OKDHS office.5. Service Provision and Coordinationa. OKDHS is responsible for service provision to children in OKDHS custody placed in Tribalfoster homes. (Attachment I)b. The Tribe is responsible for service provision to Tribal custody children placed in Tribal fosterhomes. (Attachment I)c. The Tribe agrees to report any suspected abuse or neglect incidents occurring in a Tribal fosterhome involving OKDHS custody children to OKDHS.d. The Tribe agrees to assist the OKDHS CW worker in the removal of a child in OKDHS custodyin a tribal foster home located on trust or restricted lands as defined by 25 U.S.C.A. §1903 (10) ifremoval is necessary. OKDHS agrees to cooperate with the Tribe in the removal of a child inTribal custody in a foster home located on state land if removal is necessary.e. If abuse or neglect allegations involving a tribal child occur in a foster home, a consultationoccurs between the OKDHS worker and Tribal ICW worker regarding the immediate safety ofthe children. If necessary, the child may be removed pending the completion of theinvestigation. The Tribe makes decisions about removal from or return to the foster home of3

tribal custody children. Tue State makes decisions about removal from or return to the fosterhome ofOKDHS custody children.f. Additional placement of Tribal or OK.DRS custody children in the foster home will not be madeuntil the completion of the investigation.g. If violations of the Tribal foster home standards are identified in a tribal foster home, the Tribeagrees that they will develop a written plan of compliance to correct those conditions if the homeis to continue to provide care for foster children.6. Case Reguirementsa. Case plans are prepared for children within 60 days of removal. Tue case plansare child specific and indicate the child's pennanency plan with the estimated dateof achievement. Case plans are updated at least every six months or earlier if thepermanency plan changes. [Section 1356.21 of Title 45 of the Code of FederalRegulations.]b. Placement agreements documenting the date of the child's placement into thetribal foster home are completed and signed by the Tribe and foster parent foreach foster care placement.c. The tribal case worker is required to have face-to face contact with tribal custody children atleast once a month. At least two of the visits per quarter should be conducted in the placementprovider's home. Documentation of the visit is recorded in the KK case via Tribal E-KIDS.d. The tribal case worker is required to enter information required for the Adoptionand Foster Care Analysis and Reporting system (AFCARS) in the KK case viaTribal E-KIDS.e. The tribal case worker is required to complete and submit the Indian Child Welfare ProgramReferral, form 04TB004E (DCFS-57) (Attachment 4 item 1) and all court orders to the assignedtribal liaison to initiate foster care payments for children in tribal custody.f. The tribal case worker is required to complete and submit the Indian Child Welfare ProgramUpdate, form 04TB003E (DCFS-57-A) (Attachment 4 item 2) when there is a change ofplacement, case plan goal or source of support to the child.g. Copies of case plans and all court orders are submitted to the tribal liaison on an on-going basis.h. The Tribe agrees to provide notice to tribal foster parents of review or permanency hearingsconcerning the foster child in tribal custody. Tue foster parent may be granted an opportunity bythe Court to be heard if desired.[Section 1356.21 of Title 45 of the Code of Federal Regulations]7. Judicial Requirements [Section 1356.21 of Title 45 of the Code of Federal Regulationsa. The Tribal Court or CFR court is required to provide a judicial determination in the first orderthat sanctions the removal from the home that "it is (would be) contrary to the welfare of thechild to remain in the home" or language to that effect. This specific judicial determination isalso required when either: (1) a child re-enters foster care after a failed trial reunification or (2) ifthe trial reunification extends past 180 days.b. The Tribal or CFR court is required to make a judicial determination that (1) reasonable effortswere or were not made to prevent the removal of the child from the home; or (2) absence ofefforts was reasonable because removal was due to an emergency. This judicial detenninationmust be made within the first 60 days of the child's removal from the home. This judicial ·4

detennination is also required when trial reunification exceeds 180 days and the child returns tofoster care.c. The Tribal or CFR court is required to conduct review hearings no less frequently than sixmonths in order to determine the safety of the child, the continuing necessity for andappropriateness of the placement as well as compliance and progress with the case plan.d. The Tribal or CFR court is required to conduct an initial permanency hearing no later than 12months from the date-of the child's entry into foster care. During this hearing, a judicialdetermination is made regarding reasonable efforts by the Tribe to finalize the permanency planfor the child. Subsequent permanency hearings are scheduled at least once every 12 monthsthereafter. A permanency hearing is scheduled 30 days after a judicial determination thatreasonable efforts to reunify are no longer required.e. The Tribal or CFR court is required to consider termination of parental rights when a Tribalcustody child has been in foster care for 15 of the last 22 months or when there has been ajudicial determination that aggravated circumstances exist as defmed in Section 1356.21 of Title45 of the Code of Federal Regulations unless there is documentation for exception to thisrequirement. Such exceptions include (l) the child is being cared for by a relative; (2) the Tribehas documented in the case plan (which is available for court review) a compelling reason fordetermining that filing such a petition would not be in the best interest of the child; (3) The Tribehas not provided (when reasonable efforts are required) the services the Tribal or CFR Courtdeems necessary for the safe return of the child to the child's home.8. Placement of Tribal childrena. The Tribe and OKDHS shall cooperate in the placement of Tribal children in OKDHS custodyfoster home placements.b. OKDHS agrees to respect and follow the identified Tribal order of placement preference as itappears on Attachment II when out of home placement is necessary for OKDHS custodychildren.c. OKDHS agrees to continue to follow the identified Tribal order of placement preference for theduration of the case.d. OKDHS agrees to consult with the Tribal CW representatives in placement and permanencyplanning for Tribal children.e. OKDHS agrees to contact the Tribal Indian Child Welfare program, prior to any contact with theTribal Resource home, to obtain permission for placement of any child in the home. If priorpermission is not obtained, OKDHS may be required to remove the child upon 24 hour notice bythe Tribal Child Welfare office.f. OKDHS agrees to first contact the Tribal Indian Child Welfare office to utilize the Tribe'sapproved foster or adoptive home in accordance with Title 10 § 40.6 which states "in allplacements of an Indian child by the Department of Human Services (DHS) or by any person orplacement agency, DHS, the person or placement agency shall utilize to the maximum extentpossible the services of the Indian tribe of the child in securing placement consistent with theprovisions of the Oklahoma Indian Child Welfare Act."g. The Tribe agrees to consider Indian children who are members or eligible for membership withother Tribes for placement in their tribally approved homes.h. Placement agreements documenting the date of the placement into the Tribal foster home arecompleted and signed by the Tribe and foster parent for each foster care placement of tribalcustody children.5

i. Placement agreements documenting the date of the placement into the Tribal foster home arej.completed and signed by the foster parent and the OK.DHS worker for each foster care placementofOKDHS custody children. A copy of the placement agreement is provided to the Tribal CWoffice for their files.If at any time, the OK.DHS is considering a change in placement, or the Court requires a changein placement, the OKDHS worker notifies both the Tribal ICW worker and the resource parentimmediately. If placement is disrupted, OKDHS shall comply with the OICWA and ICWAplacement preferences of the Tribe.9. Approval of Tribal Foster Homesa. The Tribe agrees to develop and implement standards for the approval of foster homes,appearing as Attachment III. The standards will promote safety and well-being of children andwill include requirements for background checks. The Tribe agrees to provide OK.DHS a copyof any updates or changes to the standards within 30 days tribal approval of those updates andchanges.b. The Tribe utilizes these standards to assess and approve families to provide foster·care. This is documented in a home study which includes an approval summarywhich includes the number of children the home is approved for. The approval isbased upon space and the ability of the family to meet the needs of the children.Numbers of children may not exceed more than 5 foster children, and no morethan 6 children total including the children of the foster family. Tribes mayrequest approval for an overfill from the Tribal Coordinator in certainsituations. Decisions regarding the approval of such overfills will be made ona case by case basis.c. Fingerprint records checks as well as the OSBI name search Department of Public Safety andSexual Offenders Records check are required for all persons over the age of 18 residing in thehome of any prospective foster family. The OKDHS will provide payment authorizations forfingerprints to the tribal foster parents requested when the fingerprints are processed through theOKDHS Fingerprint Unit. Both OSBI and Fingerprint records searches can be processed · ·through the OKDHS Fingerprint Unit.d. If the Tribe obtains fingerprint record searches through the OKDHS Fingerprint Unit, the resultsof the criminal. background checks are reviewed and summarized in an addendum and placed inindividual folders or envelopes in a locked, secure file separate from the rest of the study. [Title5, Section 522 of the United States Code Annotated] The addendum and results are mailed tothe CWS Tribal Coordinator in a separate envelope marked as "confidential".e. The Tribe agrees to ensure that all staff receiving and reviewing the fingerprint records checkswill have a completed fingerprint records check.f. The Tribe agrees that a prospective foster family will not be approved when thebackground check of any of the adults in the household reveals a conviction of any of thefollowing: (1) physical assault, battery, or a drug related offense resulting in a felony convictionwithin the five year period preceding the application date; (2) child abuse or neglect; (3) spousalor domestic abuse; (4) a crime against a child; (5) a crime involving violence. All criminalbackground history is carefully assessed before approving prospective foster families.g. The Tribe ensures that the foster family has the opportunity to participate inPre-service training either through the OKDHS training or training provided through the Tribe.OKDHS agrees to provide access to the OKDHS Foster Care Training for Tribal foster parents. The6

training should address the competency categories of (1) protecting and nurturing children; (2) meetingchildren's developmental needs; (3) supporting relationships between children and their families; (4)connecting children to safe nurturing relationships intended to last a lifetime, and (5) working as amember of a professional team.h. The Tribe encourages the foster families to participate in in-service training on anon-going basis.i. The Tribe and OKDHS agree that a home may be jointly certified by both theTribe and OKDHS. In such circumstances, there must be cooperation andcommunication regarding the placement of children in the home. The number of children mustnot exceed the total number of children approved for the home.10. Foster Care Payment for Involuntary Placementa. The OKDHS agrees to provide foster care payments for both tribal custody and OKDHS custodytribal children placed in tribally approved foster homes.b. The OK.DRS agrees to provide difficulty of foster care payments to tribally approved fosterhomes who are providing foster care for tribal custody children when it is determined that thetribal custody child meets difficulty of care criteria.c. The OKDHS agrees to provide therapeutic foster care for those tribal custody children who meettherapeutic foster care criteriad. The Tribe on behalf of the child in tribal custody agrees to apply for any money benefits towhich the tribal custody child may be entitled, e.g., Child Support, Veteran's Administrationbenefits, Supplemental Security Income, etc. The Tribe will notify the OKDHS Tribal liaison ofsuch benefits. The amount of foster care payment will be reduced by the dollar amount of suchbenefits which are intended to provide for clothing, shelter and supervision.e. The Tribe agrees to notify the Tribal Liaison within 3 business days when a tribal custody childis moved to another foster home, adopted, reunified, or any other change in custody or change inplacement.f. If there is an overpayment to a tribal foster home, both the OKDHS and the Tribe will work withthe foster family to develop a mutually agreeable written plan for recoupment of the·overpayment.g. The OKDHS agrees that in the event of an underpayment is identified by the OKDHS, theOKDHS shall pay the balance within a reasonable amount of time, not to exceed 60 days.h. Upon request by OKDHS, the Tribe agrees to verify the accuracy of foster care paymentinformation for tribal custody children.11. Foster Care Payment for Voluntary Placementa. The OKDHS agrees to provide foster care payments for tribal children who are placed with theTribe on a voluntary basis in a tribal foster home for children under the age of 18 for up to 180days.b. Voluntary foster care placements that extend beyond 180 days require a judicial determination tothe effect that continued voluntary foster care is in the child's best interests.c. Foster care payments may be made for youth over the age of 18 who were in care prior to theireighteenth birthday for the purposes of completing their high school education. The youth tnustbe enrolled and attending a secondary school or its equivalent. The foster care payment willcease when the youth leaves school, graduates or turns nineteen, whichever occurs earlier.7

12. Access to Residential Care for Tribal Custody Childrena. The Tribal ICW worker may request placement in an OKDHS residential grouphome for a tribal custody child when it is determined that the child's needs cannot be met in atribal foster home or therapeutic foster home.b. The Tribal ICW worker is responsible for completing the KIDS 20 PlacementWorksheet. The form 04Kl010E (KIDS 20) Attachment IV, Item 3, psychological, educationalinformation and other relevant documentation is sent to the Tribal Liaison.c. The Tribal Liaison enters the information in the KIDS system to generate arequest to the CWS Placement Unit.d. The CWS Placement Unit reviews the request and determines the mostappropriate facility to meet the child's needs. The child may be placed on awaiting list until there is an available placement. The CWS Placement Unitnotifies b

Pate (405-521-2960) [email protected] 1 . Statement of Work CFSD Program Field Representative Modoc Tribe of Oklahoma July 01, 2012 Proied Scope Summary The scope of this agreement is to provide a framework for coordination and cooperation between the