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Agenda Banner Upgrade Team Banner 9 Upgrade – Why? Banner 9 Changes Issues Associated with Banner 8Intuitive Web-ApplicationUser Friendly MessagesWho will be Affected Banner Roll-Out Strategy Banner Training Opportunities CIT Department Led Training Basic Navigation Training Self Service TrainingCenter for Information Technology2

Banner Administrative Upgrade TeamWho are the Banner Team leads for each Area? Banner - Accounts ReceivableBanner - AdvancementBanner - Advancement Self-ServiceBanner - CRM Recruit Integration ManagerBanner - CSS ProfileBanner - Employee Self-ServiceBanner - Faculty and Advisor Self-ServiceBanner - FinanceBanner - Financial AidBanner - Financial Aid Self-ServiceBanner - GeneralBanner - Human ResourcesBanner - Integration for PayNetExchangeBanner - Position ControlBanner - StudentBanner - Student Self-ServiceBanner - Web GeneralBanner - Web TailorBanner - WorkflowCross Product - SEVIS Transfer AdapterDegree Works - Degree WorksEllucian - CRM ProductsEllucian - Travel & Expense (Chrome River)Mrs. Denise NicholsDr. Felicia BlowDr. Felicia BlowDr. Kim LuckesMr. Martin MilesMs. Rikki ThomasMs. Rikki Thomas/Ms. Tanisha TwineMrs. Denise NicholsMr. Martin MilesMr. Martin MilesComputer Center (Mr. Darien Hawkins/Ms. Princess Lipscomb)Ms. Rikki ThomasTo be addedMs. Rikki ThomasMrs. Jorsene CooperMrs. Jorsene CooperMs. Rikki ThomasComputer Center (Mr. Darien Hawkins/Ms. Princess Lipscomb)Dr. Michelle Penn MarshallDean Angela BoydMrs. Jorcene CooperDr. Kim LuckesTo be addedCenter for Information Technology3

The Banner Upgrade Teams Banner 9 Administrative Team – All POCs and CIT Works together to ensure that we have a consistent rollout across HamptonUniversity Meets bi-monthly starting November 2019 Communication and Training Team – CIT and Ellucian Provides info about the Banner 9 modules upgrade, develops and delivers trainingConducts Banner 9 upgrade testing using Functional Test PlansSupports technical project Banner 9 upgradeMeets bi-weekly and is a sub-set of the Banner 9 Administrative Team Banner Technical Team – CIT / Computer Center Develops infrastructure to support Banner 9 upgrade Prepares environment for POCs (functional users) and the Banner 9 customersCenter for Information Technology4

Banner 9 Upgrade - Why? Ellucian no longer supports versions ofBanner 8x as of January 2019 withoutextended support ability Ellucian will no longer support Banner 8xas of December 2019 Browser compatibility issues with Java Banner 8 has an outdated user interface This will be the biggest change in Bannersince its installation in 1996Center for Information Technology5

Banner 9 Upgrade - Why? Ellucian will no longer use OracleReports to render Banner 9 reports Argos Reporting System will now bepurchased (Envision product) toseamlessly work with Banner 9Center for Information Technology5

Banner 9 Changes New functionality withinforms, impacts how the datacan be queried and viewed No changes to how the data isstored or backend processes Filters Better warning messages Adjust columns Sort data within the forms More intuitive look and feelBanner 8 Banner 9Roll backStart overQueryFilterBlockSectionsOptionsRelated Center for Information Technology6

User Experience Today - Old Banner Login ScreenOld Banner login dialog boxCenter for Information Technology7

Issues Associated with Banner 8Technical icons that were not intuitive.Banner 8 Forms have a look-and-feel from the 1990’s.Rigid blocks with very little flexibilityNo obvious method of moving from block to blockCryptic messages that were not very helpfulCenter for Information Technology8

Frequently Asked QuestionsWill all users be affected by this upgrade?Faculty and administrative staff who currently use Banner in their respective areas will beaffected by this upgrade.Students will continue to use Banner 8 SSB.Will I be able to continue using Banner 8 after Banner 9 is launched?No. Banner 8 Student Module will no longer be available.What changes can I expect to see in Banner 9?Banner 9 has a modernized user interface with improved navigation and accessibility.While the pages look and feel are different, they contain all of the same functionalitiesthat you are familiar with in Banner 8.Center for Information Technology

Frequently Asked QuestionsIs Banner self-service changing?No. Only the administrative pages will be changing with this upgrade.I have been told to clear my browser cache after each upgrade. What is the easiest way to dothat?You can hit Ctrl Shift Delete in any web browser to bring up the window that will allow you toclear your cache.Is Java required for Banner 9?No, Java is not required for Banner 9. Banner 9 is web based and does not require the Java pluginlike Banner 8 does.Will there be training on Banner 9?Yes. Functional areas across campus have been offered specific Banner 9 training.Center for Information Technology

Frequently Asked QuestionsWill I use the same credentials to log into Banner 9?Yes, you will use the same user id and password.Will my security access change with Banner 9?No. Your Banner form/page security will be the same in Banner 9 as it was in Banner 8.Who do I call with questions about Banner 9 prior to go-live?Speak with your team/area leads about questions concerning your business processes.What is the preferred browser for using Banner 9?Banner 9 can be used with all browsers. However, for Microsoft you should disableCompatibility View in IE 11 and upgrade Edge to version 41.Center for Information Technology

Frequently Asked QuestionsWill the personalized My Banner menu I created in Banner 8 remain in Banner 9?No, your My Banner menu will not be carried over from Banner 8 to Banner 9.How can I add/remove links in the "My Banner" list?You can use GUAPMNU form to add/remove banner objects on your personal menu list.Can users change the color scheme on their personal Banner pages?Ellucian has stated the following as of 8/16/17:“Individual users cannot choose a personal color in the Banner 9 applications at this time.Personal color (theme) choices is on the backlog, but not yet scheduled for a particularrelease.”Center for Information Technology

Frequently Asked QuestionsHow do I change between Compact and Expanded layout in Banner 9 Admin pages?Banner 9 gives you the option of viewing the Banner 9 pages in an Expanded or Compact view. TheCompact view reduces the amount of white space on a page, allowing for the visibility of more fields on apage. You can toggle between the two views in the Page Layout section of the Tools menu.How does the Admin Navigator search field work in Banner 9?For quick access to any Banner object, begin typing the name in the search field featured prominently in thecenter of the main page. As you begin typing, Banner will display suggested object names. Continue typinguntil the name of the object appears in the list, point and click to open that object.How do I get more records to display on a page in Banner 9?Banner 9 gives you the option of displaying fewer or more records on the screen for certain pages. Click onthe Per Page dropdown at the bottom of the list of records on these screens to control the number ofrecords displayed. Please note that your choice is not retained upon exiting the page.Center for Information Technology

Frequently Asked QuestionsWhere can I find the “related forms” list that was under “Options” on the menu bar inBanner 8?You can find this list by clicking on “Related” in Banner 9.How do I resize a page in Banner 9?You can use the CTL to increase the size and CTL- to decrease the size.Can you have two Banner 9 pages open at same time?No. Two pages cannot be open at same time. You could come close to same experienceby opening a second Banner 9 session.Center for Information Technology

User Experience ShortCuts WILL ChangeShortcutBanner 8Banner 9Rollback/Refresh/Start OverShift F7F5Next Block/SectionPrevious Block/SectionClear Page or Start OverOpen Menu DirectlyPrintCtl Page DownCtl Page UpSHIFT F7F5SHIFT F8Alt Page DownAlt Page UpF5CTRL MCTRL PCenter for Information Technology9

Banner 9 Provides a More Intuitive Web InterfaceBanner 8 forms exampleCorresponding Banner 9 formsCenter for Information Technology10

Banner 9 Provides User Friendly MessagesCenter for Information Technology11

Who will be Affected by the move to Banner 9? This upgrade will be done in a phased release to variouspopulations across campus Phase one will affect Hampton staff users (not studentsor faculty) Every Banner user will ultimately be impacted by thischange including faculty, students and staff Self Service will remain Banner 8 (separate upgrade)Center for Information Technology119

Banner Rollout n2020Phase OnePhase TwoPhase ThreePhase One: Jan – May 2019 Involves only the Banner administrative users Impacts anyone currently using Banner Forms Schedules Go-live for Banner 9 pages forDecember 2019 Enhances search capability Reorganizes the Banner Self-ServiceAdministrative menu (organized by school) Offers a more modern look and feelPhase Two: June – Oct 2019 Enhances student and faculty apps Supports chosen name Improves usability for students and faculty Includes more specific info in futurePhase Three: Oct – Jan 2019 Adds more (new) Banner 9 Self-Service apps Introduces a better look and feel for existingBanner 8 Self-Service appsCenter for Information Technology13

Who is Affected by Phase one?Anyone who uses Banner formsCenter for Information Technology14

Phase 2: Affects users who use Banner Self-ServiceCenter for Information Technology15

User Experience of Tomorrow – Banner AppNavigatorCenter for Information Technology16

Banner Training Opportunities CIT Department Led Trainingo Weekly information / Hands- on Sessionso Weekly Zoom Session (Q & A) Basic Navigation Trainingo CIT Navigation Sessionso Banner Trainings Self Service Trainingo Eullician Webinarso Opportunities for Ellucian Trainingo Handouts and Guides FAQs Banner 9 ResourcesBanner 9 puzzleCenter for Information Technology24

But its Still just an Upgrade While this is a substantial upgrade: It is still just an upgrade Your data is still there: Just the way you access it has been improvedNo WorriesCenter for Information Technology18

Next Steps Visit our website - - regular information updates and video training( Banner 9 Upgrade information will be updated weekly on both theCIT Website AND via HU News Hands-on training sessions for each business area (contact team leads) Play in the pre production environmentCenter for Information Technology19

QuestionsCenter for Information Technology27

Banner - CRM Recruit Integration Manager Dr. Kim Luckes Banner - CSS Profile Mr. Martin Miles Banner - Employee Self-Service Ms. Rikki Thomas Banner - Faculty and Advisor Self-Service Ms. Rikki Thomas/Ms. Tanisha Twine Banner - Finance Mrs. Denise Nichols Banner - Financial Aid Mr. Martin Miles