TRAINING GOALS Easier Awareness Support


TOPICS HiringInterviewingOrientationStaff TrainingPerformance ManagementCorrective ActionSeparationRecords ManagementEmergenciesSafety


HIRING Responsibilities– Know/Understand Exemption Criteria– Determine (for position): Duties Qualifications– Create hiring requisition

HIRING Resources– UW HR Employment Specialist (Aaron Ford)– UW POD Course – Introduction to UWHIRES– UW HR Website– HRC


INTERVIEWING Responsibilities– Review Fair Pre-Employment Guide (UW HR)– Use same questions for each interviewee– Know what topics/questions to avoid– Use the same staff/panel for all interviewees– Retain records of interviews (including notes) Information on rejected candidates is retained for 12months

INTERVIEWING Resources– UW HR Website– HSA Interview Process Map– HSA Best Practices Training– HSA Supervisors


ORIENTATION Responsibilities– Nothing mandated by UW

ORIENTATION Resources– UW HR Website– New Employee Checklist– UW HR Onboarding Toolkit– UW New-Hire Orientation (UW POD)


STAFF TRAINING Responsibilities– Ensure staff are aware of required training

STAFF TRAINING Resources– UW HR POD– EH&S– OAW– UW HR– HSA Contact for Training/Facilitation


PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Responsibilities– Up-to-date job description– List of competencies– Annual comprehensive review– Required form for Classified Non-Union staff

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Resources– UW HR Website Performance review/evaluation forms– Planned HSA Standardized Forms and Process


CORRECTIVE ACTION Responsibilities– Establish and Communicate PerformanceExpectations and Standards– Consult HRC regarding probation or otherquestions/topics

CORRECTIVE ACTION Resources– UW HR Website– Affiliated HRC


SEPARATION Responsibilities– Resignation Work with department payroll/OPUS contact– Layoff Contact HRC as soon as a layoff is a possibility– Retirement Employee works with UW Benefits Office– Termination: Meet with HRC as soon as termination is identified as a possibility Must have “delegated authority” to terminate employment The “Delegating Authority” must approve termination– Use UW HR Separation Checklist– Make staff aware of UW CareLink and ensure they contactBenefits/Work Life Office Consider UW Safe Campus if necessary

SEPARATION Resources– Separation Checklist– Transferring to Another Department form– HRC


RECORDS MANAGEMENT Responsibilities– Proper care and management of records– Know: Your office’s Records Authority and RecordsCoordinator are What a “Record” is How your records need to be managed– Retention schedules

RECORDS MANAGEMENT Resources– UW Office of Records Management– Retention Schedules– Department RA/RC


Public Records Act Responsibility as a publicly-funded institution– Chapter 42.56 RCW– WAC 478-276 Full access without excessive disruption– Board of Regents “Records” – it’s content, not format Timing, communication, clarification


EMERGENCIES Responsibilities:– Nothing mandated by UW– “Essential Personnel”

EMERGENCIES Resources– UW BARC Website– UW EH&S Website


OARS/SAFETY Responsibilities– Submit report to EH&S within 24 hours of incident Even minor injuries and near misses– Don’t move or touch anything at an accident/injurylocation– Keep information and details private (HIPAA)– Determine probable cause and take preventativeaction– Complete relevant OSHA form– Know what your staff need to do andsupport/encourage them

OARS/SAFETY Resources– UW EH&S Website OARS Practice page

CONCLUSION Resources are out there, you just need toknow where to look Look for opportunities to improveResourcesActivitiesOutputsOutcomeImpact

RECORDS MANAGEMENT Resources – UW Office of Records Management – Retention Schedules – Department RA/RC . PUBLIC RECORDS REQUESTS & RESPONSES . Public Records Act Responsibility as a publi