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Fun Facts About MeHey everybody! Congrats on being elected as your Temple Youth Group(TYG) SAVP for the 2016-2017 year! In my opinion, this position is whatelevates NFTY. The NFTY-STR Social Action Vice President Network is whatmakes NFTY not simply a youth group, but a y outh movement.Name: Robert Caplan Feder Temple Youth Group: BAFTY Grade: 11th Hometown: MiamiFavorite TV Show: F R I E N D SFavorite Movie: Armageddon (I cry everytime)Favorite Band: The 1975Favorite Sport: Gymnastics Favorite Song : Peel the AvocadoFavorite Founding Father: A. HamFavorite Show: Wicked Camp: URJ Kutz Camp and #CJ17!!!Twitter: robert federInstagram: ratchet rabbi robertEmail: [email protected] (after June [email protected] )Phone #: 305-979-8454 Facebook: Robert C Feder 3

NFTY LingoURJ: Union for Reform Judaism. NFTY is the youth movement of the URJ. Netzer Olami: Netzer stands for Noar Tzioni Reformi (hey, that’s part of our cheer!), or“Reform Zionist Youth”. It is the International Reform Zionist Movement. NFTY is the NorthAmerican chapter (‘ snif’ ) of Netzer Olami.NFTY: North American Federation of Temple Youth. The URJ’s youth movement.NFTY-STR: Southern Tropical Region. Central Fl.--- the Keys Bahamas.TYG: Temple Youth Group a.k.a The foundation of NFTY.PVP: Programming Vice President.SAVP: Social Action Vice President #WETHEBESTRCVP: Religious and Cultural Vice President.CVP: Communications Vice President.MVP: Membership Vice President.RegBo: Abbreviated form of Regional Board.Kallah: A regional event where all TYG’s come together for about 2-5 days.LLTI: Liz Leadership Training Institute. A leadership training kallah for the incoming TYGboards.RAC: Religious Action Center. The URJ’s outlet for social justice in D.C.Siyyum: Closing circle that takes place every night of a NFTY event.CJ: Camp Jenny! NFTY-STR and NFTY-SAR’s Mitzvah Corps project that takes place overMemorial Day Weekend at URJ Camp Coleman!STRsky: The beloved NFTY-STR mascot. STRsky is a friendly, white Bengal tiger thatcame from India to Florida because he just really, really, really loves Judaism andNFTY-STR!4

Board Member 1st / Position 2ndYou are a TYG board member b efore you are your positionAlthough you were just elected into the best network of all time (if I do say so myself), youwere also just elected to be a board member.Each board member is 1. A programmer--- the PVP is simply the point-person in regards to programming. Itis the responsibility and the duty of every board member to lead your TYG incomprehensive, engaging , exciting programming. Why? Every single member ofyour board has a unique way of thinking and leadership style. In order to present adiverse array of programs to your TYG, it is imperative that everyone gets thechange to program. Also, every board member writing and leading programsmakes for an excellent board dynamic. It is a more efficient process because morethan one program can be worked on at once!2. A do-gooder--- The Torah commands Jews, not SAVP’s, to pursue social justice.Tikkun Olam is not a value exclusive to the SAVP’s. Your board needs to be aunified entity in regard to social action. The more leaders you have promotingservice, the more powerful your message is.3. An active and knowledgeable Jew--- We are not part of any ole’ youth group, weare part of a Jewish youth group. Having fun and mindless programs are indeedimportant to your TYG, but it is important to tie your programming back to Jewishvalues. The more you know about your religion, culture, and your people, the moreelements of Judaism you are able to incorporate.4. A communicator--- Everyone needs to be promoting your TYG’s events! You areway more likely to reach out to a larger audience this way! You also need to becommunicating with the rest of your board to ensure that everyone is aware aboutwhat the course of action is.5. An MVP--- It is so immensely important that each board member is reaching outand forming personal relationships with members. No one likes to hear aboutevents from the same person every single time. It is in each board member’sinterest to have more members because, as leaders, it is important that we alsohave followers.6. A team player--- Be a reliable, accountable resource to your fellow board members!7. A participant--- A good board member knows when to lead and when to follow.Even before you are a board member, you are a TYG participant.8. Flexible--- It is near impossible that events will ever go exactly as planned. We mustlearn to roll with the punches and be proactive in finding solutions!5

Network GoalsIn order to maximize our potential as a network, we must set goals for ourselves.What do we wish to accomplish throughout our terms? Goals motivate us to workas hard as we can, and they give us a sense of ambition and drive. We shouldshould have a vision of what it is that we hope to achieve by the end of our terms.1. Bring hands-on social action programming to our communities:How : Follow up educational components of programming with a communityservice component in which participants act on the issue they just learnedabout. At least 1 social action event per school quarter.2. Become more involved in temple-wide social action:How : Create a Mitzvah Day at your temple/have your TYG play an active rolein it, plan a Mitzvah Mall for the Sunday School, join/create your temple’sTikkun Olam Committee, lead a Tikkun Olam service with your TYG, etc.3. Make North American Social Action Initiatives relevant on a local level:How: Write at least one program/have at least one service event that makes aNorth American movement priority pertinent on a local level.4. Reflect the interests of our members:How: Survey members to determine their passions passions and interests eachsemester. Even let passion members take the lead on a social action program.5. Engage in subregional social action:How: Collaborate with nearby TYG’s to plan an event together.6. Partake in the system of friendly intraregional competitions:How: Conduct TYG fundraisers as soon as the Kallot Tzedakah items arereleased, as well as conduct fundraisers for Camp Jenny.7. Maintain a strong, ambitious, honest, collaborative SAVP Network:How: Weekly Facebook posts; Monthly emails; frequent 1-on-1 calls/texts/video.We will acknowledge the issues we face in order to devise solutions for them.8. Have best social action that NFTY has ever seen:How: Complete Network Goals 1-7, create new network goals throughout thisyear, and be unrelentlessly ambitious.My promise to you: I promise to be non-stop when it comes to achieving my goals. Ipromise to be non-stop when it comes to helping you achieve your goals. I promiseto be non-stop when it comes to achieving our goals.6

5 A’s of Social ActionAwarenessAwareness refers to the education component of a social action program or project.Without educating your community about the topic of discussion, social action will neverbe engaging. People will unite behind a cause they feel passionate about, something theycan get excited for. If you are raising awareness about a topic that could be perceived tobe a political issue (i.e gun violence prevention, minimum wage, etc.), try to present aholistic, well-rounded perspective on the issue to prevent one-sidedness. Remember: Wewant to teach people how to think, not what to think. That being said, do not feel as ifyou cannot take definitive stance on an issue (actually, please do), but just acknowledgethat more than one opinion exists. When raising awareness about an issue, do not justmake reference to the bigger picture. Pinpoint specific flaws or details that cause theoverall issue. Also, education does not connote lecture!!!AssessmentThis stage is where you should be thinking to yourself, “What issues or challenges existwithin my local community? my state? my country? my world?” As a TYG SAVP, youshould primarily be focusing on promoting service or correcting injustices in your ownunique communities. Make connections between large-scale issues and their influence onyour city. People are more likely to feel passionate about topics that they feel directlybenefit them. How much time will it take to effectively educate my TYG? How much timeis needed to engage in an exciting, comprehensive, action component? Should weeducate and act during the same program or have a 2-part program? Take thesequestions into consideration while writing your program.ActionThis is the stage when we make hands-on change within our community!!! Taking actionresults in direct change. You are highly encouraged to take action on the causes youeducate on! If you educate your TYG on environmental awareness, follow up that withplanting trees at your temple, for example.If you educate your temple abouthomelessness, schedule a time to feed people experiencing homelessness at a localshelter. Action is engaging! Education without action is an opportunity missed.AllianceWhat’s gonna work? TEAMWORK. Similar to NFTY-STR’s newly formed relationship withUCF Hillel, form partnerships with local organizations. Just because you acted once onan issue doesn’t mean you can’t act twice.or thrice.or MORE! Develop relationships withlocal organizations and show everyone how stellar your TYG is! You are part of a youthmovement---plan subregional social action events! The more the merrier!AdvocacyYour responsibilities as a Social Action Vice President do not stop when you leave youryouth lounge. We are commanded to repair the world , not just our TYG. Always stand upfor what you believe in in every aspect of life. Advocacy includes interacting with ourlocal governments and trying to bring about change outside of NFTY.7

Inverted Pyramid Method of S.AThere are three different levels of our youth movement:1. North American level (NFTY)2. Regional level (NFTY-STR)3. Local level (TYG and Congregation)NFTY has North American Action Initiatives i.e Gun Violence Prevention. However,the culture of one region is so completely different from the culture of anotherregion---GVP has an entirely different connotation in Texas than it does in Florida. Evenwithin Florida there is so much diversity---Tampa is so extremely different than Miami.Due to the sheer diversity of our nation and our state, issues are best tackled on a locallevel. On a local level, we can address North American issues and state issues based onhow they actually pertain to us.Also, if you are addressing a seemingly political issue in a social action program,that issue only becomes more difficult to address the higher you move the InvertedPyramid of Social Action. Petitioning your local government is more likely to result inchange than petitioning the federal government is.Does the Inverted Pyramid Method of Social Action contradict the value of Tikkun Olam?No, not at all! In order to repair our world, we need to repair our countries. Inorder to repair our countries, we need to repair our states, provinces, etc. In order torepair our states, we need to repair our districts. In order to repair our districts, we needto repair our cities. Essentially, the city is the foundation of.everything.Repair your communities and you repair the world.8

Inverted Pyramid Method: LocalThe Various Forms of Social Action9

Effective ProgrammingEducation/AwarenessEducation and raising awareness is imperative to any form of social action programming.Let’s examine education/awareness programming as a form of social actionprogramming that is separate and distinct from experiential (interactive) style ofprogramming. A program can be written in which you simply educate from a veryobjective point of view. Pros: Presents issues in a straightforward, factual manner. Thiskind of programming is beneficial in the sense that it prevents miscommunication as towhat the true nature of the issue is. Cons: A strictly objective style of education is notvery engaging for your participants. Sitting down on the floor listening to someone speakfor an extended period of time can cause boredom.ExperientialExperiential programming is a style of programming that educates/raises awareness in away that the participants get a glimpse of what it is like to experience a specific issuefirsthand. In other words, experiential programming places participants in a simulation.Pros: Presents issues in a more relatable, more engaging, and a more interactive manner.Programs that involve physical movement, rather than sitting on the floor, is a better wayto captivate your participants’ attention. Cons: Some miscommunication as to the truenature of the issue. Can sometimes be construed as insensitive.Both of these styles accomplish the same goal, just through different means.The Best of Both WorldsLet’s notice an interesting occurrence: The pros of educational programming are the consof experiential programming, and the pros of experiential programming are the cons ofeducational programming. The major #keytosuccess for a both comprehensive andengaging program is to incorporate elements from both educational and experientialprogramming. Your programs can contain activity-based and discussion-based elements.In order to maximize the program’s potential and effectiveness, you may want to treatthe activity section as an experiential program, and clarify the specific details and factsduring the discussion section of the activity.ActivismAn “activist” program is an increasingly governmental approach of social action. Activismis a style of social action programming in which participants are advocates for change.This can include petitioning the government, lobbying government officials, or writingletters/calling government officials. Since we are tackling issues on the local level, youare encouraged to petition your local government, lobby local government officials, orwrite letters/call your local government officials. Activism does not even need to be“conducted” via programming to be effective. Being an advocate is a special title thatyou acquire by standing up for your beliefs in all settings of life. Also, social actionprograms do not need to be centered entirely around activism. “Activist” elements canbe incorporated into a larger program as a way to take action on a cause.10

Effective ProgrammingCommunity ServiceCommunity service can be incorporated into a social action program OR performedindependently. That is why there is a dotted line connecting from programming tocommunity service.This section will only focus on community service that isincorporated into a social action program. Hands-on social action programming will beone of your #besties this year! Let’s show NFTY-STR that not only can we talk the talk,but we can also walk the walk. Hands-on social action programming is pretty great for anumber of reasons:1. Raising awareness is only ⅕of effective social action (5 A’s of Social Action!!!), and itis crucial that we take direct action. Direct action results in direct change!2. Excitement, Engagement, Empowerment (oh my)!Let’s be blunt for asecond.participating only in awareness programming time after time is not exactlythe most fun thing to do in the world. Hands-on action is an alternative that allowsparticipants to unite behind a cause and put all of the knowledge they haveacquired to good use. This style of programming validates that the participantseducating themselves about a certain topic was worth something!3. By incorporating community service into a program that you have written (asopposed to going to a charity to perform service), you, as an SAVP, are given moreownership regarding how the hands-on service is conducted. You have for freedomand creativity as to what you do and how you do it.EducationActionAs important as hands-on social action programing is, it is important to find theproper balance between education and action. We don’t want participants to feel likethey are being put to work every time they attend one of your programs. It is importantto have the skill to determine when an issue has run its course. We should make sure notto be educating or acting on a single issue too many times because it might seemrepetitive and cause participants to lose interest. There are a plethora of issues that wecan act on, and we need to make sure that we are not spending too much time on onlyone.How much time is too much time? That question is not for me to determine; thatquestion is for your participants to determine. It is of the utmost importance to reflectour participants’ interests and passions. If your participants are particularly passionateabout a hot topic, follow through and create another program about it. If no spark ofpassion is ignited after a certain social action program, then you might not necessarilywant to program on this topic again unless you feel that it is too important of a topic todisregard. Ask your TYG Advisor and fellow board members for their opinions on whetheror not they feel that it’s okay to disregard a certain issue.It may seem as though that, for some areas of social action, it is simply not possibleto take direct action on it. Maybe you think that raising awareness is the only option youhave? Well, there are ways in which you can actively raise awareness (i.e. Humantrafficking red sand project by BIFTY).I challenge you to think of a way that you can take direct action on these topics. Makethe impossible possible. You’re an SAVP. You can do anything with the right amount ofdrive, hard work and vision.11

Effective ProgrammingNow that you know the different stages of social action and the various forms it can take,let’s look at the various steps we should be taking when the time comes to bring ourthoughts to life and put pen to paper!Steps to Social Action ProgrammingThese are helpful questions to ask yourselves as you create a program from start tofinish! These steps may differ depending on the dynamic of your TYG, but this is thegeneral outline of the program writing process. Try to reach the point where all of youranswers to the above questions are “yes.” Once you reach this point, you’re golden! Iencourage you to visibly look at this chart as you create a program until this entireprocess essentially natural and routine. If you need help developing a program, if youneed another resource to bounce ideas off of, if you’re so excited about your programthat you just need to share it with someone, then please feel free to not only utilize me asa resource but also to utilize your SAVP Network as a resource!!!12

Effective ServiceThis section focuses on events that our centered entirely around community service!Community service can be performed in a multitude of ways:1. Religious On-SiteThis is the social action that is directly related to Judaism (in the sense that it istemple-sponsored social action or because it benefits Jews and/or a Jewishorganization) that occurs on your temple campus. i.e. Temple beautification2. Religious Off-SiteThis is social action that is directly related to Judaism that does not occur on yourtemple campus. i.e. Mitzvah Day trip to a local food bank3. Secular On-SiteThis is social action that is indirectly related Judaism that is performed on yourtemple campus. i.e. Camp Jenny fundraiser4. Secular Off-SiteThis is social action is indirectly related to Judaism that does not occur on yourtemple campus. i.e. Relay for LifeLocal social action is N OT limited to the TYGIt’s time we take advantage of one of our most important outlets for social actionthat commonly gets overlooked: our temples! It is imperative that the youth have anintegral role in temple affairs. Why? We know what’s intrigues our peers! The truth ofthe matter is is that NFTY is not for everyone. However, we are too ingenuitive to let ourpeers remain unengaged. That is why we must also focus our efforts on engaging ourfellow Jewish teens in temple-wide social action! Let’s take this a step even furtherthough! Let’s not only focus on engaging teens in temple-wide social action, but let’sfocus on engaging all congregants in temple-wide social action! It is so important to havea unified front of Jews of all ages that actively work to make their communities a betterplace! Let’s show not only our TYG, not only our temple, but our entire community justhow much of an impact we can make! Here’s how:1. Create a Mitzvah Day at your temple/have your TYG play an active role in itMitzvah Day: A unified day of social action in which congregants of all ages jointogether to better one’s community.2. Plan a Mitzvah Mall for your temple’s Sunday SchoolMitzvah Mall: A day in which the tzedakah that the Sunday School students haveraised gets divided up among them evenly so that they learn about severalcharities and choose as to where they donate the money they’ve raised.3. Join/create the Tikkun Olam Committee at your temple4. Lead a Tikkun Olam service with your TYG for your congregation5. Be engaged in the already existing forms of social action at your temple13

FundraisingFundraising is a very important aspect of social action! It can either occur by raisingmoney for an organization or by raising tangible goods for an organization.Camp Jenny FundraisersCamp Jenny cannot and will not occur if the necessary funds are not raised. Eachof us must play our part in helping to continue this amazing experience! I encourage youall to brainstorm with your TYG board so you can all lead a Camp Jenny fundraiser thisyear not only for your TYG but for your entire temple. Assign delegated tasks to eachboard member and create a schedule for when each task should be completed by. Makesure to involve all components (Day school, Sunday School, Hebrew School, generalcongregants, etc) of your temple in the CJ fundraiser. Apart from conducting an officialfundraiser for Camp Jenny, we should also encourage our TYG to bring gift cards for CJto NFTY-STR kallot!14

FundraisingWritten by: 2012-2013 NFTY-STR Social Action Vice President Natalie Barman.Adapted by: 2016-2017 NFTY-STR Social Action Vice President Robert Feder.DateDear Mr./Ms. ,Begin by saying who you are, the position, and what organization you represent. Makesure to spell out the name of your TYG before using the acronym.State what your TYG is doing (event, etc.) and why (what the cause/organization is).Write the date or dates of the project. If there is an actual event involved, invite theperson to it.Include some details about the project in the next paragraph. Keep it brief, but make surethe reader is able to gain a better sense of what the project is.State the goal of the fundraising project. Tell the reader that every donation helps andthen ask for their support. Make the reader aware of what it is you are what it is you areasking them to consider donating i.e. money, food, supplies, etc.Thank the reader in advance. Tell them if they have any questions about the project tofeel free to call you. Provide a phone number!Sincerely,(Signature)Your NameTYG Social Action Vice President 2016-2017This email can serve as a template for respectfully requesting donations from aperson and/or organization. Personalize this template so it is relevant to you and yourproject, and then show it to your TYG Advisor before sending it out to the actualrecipient.Our fundraising emails cannot be sent out without reviewal from your TYG Advisor.If you need clarification as to whether or not this fundraising email is acceptable underyour temple’s fundraising policy, then your TYG Advisor will contact the adult templeleadership to work out any logistical components of this fundraising email. This mayseem like a complex process for simply sending out a fundraiser email, but it is of theutmost important to respect and act in accordance with the fundraising policies of yourtemple. Also, make sure to follow-up with the recipient, and thank them regardless ofwhat their answer is. Remember who you represent when you press that send button!15

Inverted Pyramid Method: RegionalThe regional level of the Inverted Pyramid Method of Social Action chart entails socialaction that occurs on a subregional level and at kallot.Subregional Social Action:Subregional social action is a prime example where partnerships and social action jointogether. Subregional social action comes to life when a TYG collaborates with multipleTYGs, temples, organizations, etc. within the larger community (typically county-wide) toengage in Tikkun Olam and/or advocacy work. If/when you do plan a collaborative socialaction event, make sure all partners in the equation are equals! This level of social actionis highly effective because:1. We can engage in a cause that is still pertinent on a local level, but byunifying more people for an event, we can make an even larger impact andempower even more people to make a difference!2. Forming partnerships with adults helps to strengthen our movement!3. All forms of subregional events are a fun way to keep NFTYites interestedand/or committed to NFTY at times other than the kallot. By planningcollaborative events with other TYGs, temples, organizations, etc. on acity/county level, we provide more opportunities for Jewish teens to see theirfriends that they might not see as often. Every board member is an MVP, andalthough we hold the position of the Social Action Vice President, we shouldbe recognizing the benefits of subregional social action events in regard tomembership, engagement, and retention.Regional Social Action:Throughout the year, we will develop a strong partnership while pursuing our mission torepair our world. I will be working non-stop in helping you to achieve your goals, and alot of our communication will be electronically.Regional kallot are the perfectopportunities for the NFTY-STR SAVP Network to all come together, face-to-face, andengage in social action as an entire entity. I aim to utilize our network as a resource notonly when helping to lead social action programs at kallot, but also as a resource duringthe program-writing process.I aim to have a social action component at each kallah this year, but I need your help!One of the most amazing things about our region is that the majority of our events arehosted by TYGs, thus proving so many more opportunities for STRites to develop ourleadership skills and put our already existing leadership skills to good use! You have thepower to determine the course of social action on a regional level this year! If your TYGis indeed hosting a kallah this year or in future years, please feel free to emphasize toyour TYG board the importance of having a social action component to the event thatyou’re planning!16

Inverted Pyramid Method: North AmericanThe North American level of the Inverted Pyramid Method of Social Action chart entailssocial action that occurs on a multiregional or North American level.North American Social Action:When social action is brought to the North American level, it is typically being fostered bythe Union for Reform Judaism. Social action can occur at North American NFTY events(NFTY Convention & NFTY Veida), but there are currently no existing North AmericanNFTY events that focus solely on social action. Do not panic though, you social actionsuperstars!!! There are some truly amazing experiences that are absolutely worth doing!L’TakenThe Religious Action Center is the Reform Movement’s outlet for social action inWashington D.C. Although not all of us have the ability to vote, we still have the ability tomake a difference. No one understands the truth of this statement better than the RACdoes. The RAC plans the Bernard and Audre Rapoport L’Taken Social Justice Seminarwhich empowers and enables over 2,000 passionate teens a year to actively strive forbetter America. Throughout the weekend, you will have the opportunity to learn aboutvarious political, economic, and social issues that range from climate change to payequality to LGBTQIA rights. After you become informed on a topic that you’repassionate about, you have the amazing opportunity to present those issues to thepeople who have the power to ensure that your passions are reflected in our federalgovernment: your very own Representatives and Senators! You also have the chance toexperience a beautiful event like none other: Havdallah at the Jefferson Memorial!If your congregation does not already participate in the L’Taken program you may beable to be part of another temple’s delegation, but take advantage of this shot to createa L’Taken program at your temple. Having a L’Taken trip as part of your ConfirmationClass establishes a sense of consistency at your temple, which will allow you to moreeffectively send people on this wonderful trip. By making L’Taken a “class trip,” you arebuilding up excitement in younger generations that will encourage them to remain activein Judaism so they can one day attend the trip themselves.URJ Mitzvah CorpsThis program is the ultimate connection between Judaism, hands-on social action,global-mindedness, travel, and community! In this program, you are able to enact directchange in local communities located in the Deep South, New Orleans, New Jersey, thePacific Northwest, SoCal, D.C, URJ Kutz Camp, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Israel!17

Camp JennyCamp Jenny is the Mitzvah Corps project of NFTY-STR and NFTY-SAR (Southern AreaRegion) that occur

Fun Facts About Me Hey everybody! Congrats on being elected as your Temple Youth Group (TYG) SAVP for the 2016-2017 year! In my opinion, this position is what elevates NFTY. The NFTY-STR Social Action Vice President Network is what . UCF Hillel, form partnerships with local organizations. Just because you acted once on