User's ManualAudioCodes High Definition IP Phones Series420HD IP PhoneVersion 2.2.16

User's ManualContentsTable of Contents1Introducing the 420HD IP Phone . AudioCodes' Series of High Definition IP Phones . 11Complete Range of Phones . 11Cutting Edge Voice Quality & HD VoIP . 11Setting up the Phone. . 13Device Description . View .13Rear View .152.4.1Mounting the Phone on a Desk . Routing the Handset Cable . 17Mounting the Phone on a Wall . 18Cabling. 16Mounting the Phone . 172.4.23Getting Started. in Idle State . 19LCD in Ongoing Call State . 19Default Softkeys . 20Accessing Menus . 22Entering Numbers, Alphabetical Letters and Symbols . 23Displayed Messages . 25Customizing Your Phone . Language . 27Selecting Ring Tone . 28Enabling Call Waiting . 29Setting Date and Time . 30Changing LCD Contrast Level. 31Setting the LCD Backlight Timeout. 32Changing the Default Answer Device . 33Restarting the Phone . 33Adjusting Volume . 344.

Table A-3: Genesys Contact Center Phones' Newer BroadSoft-Style ACD . 80. 420HD IP Phone User's Manual 8 Document #: LTRT-11915 This page is intentionally left blank. . AudioCodes Service Partner. For more information on how to buy technical support for AudioCodes products and for contact information, please visit our Web site at