Curriculum VitaeJoshua, OpeyemiName:Joshua, OpeyemiDate of Birth:25th November, 1977Sex:MaleTown:Efo-AmuroLGA:Mopa-muroState of Origin:KogiNationality:NigerianMarital Status:MarriedReligion:ChristianityNumber of children:Four (4) with ages 9years, 8years, 6years and 1yearContact Address:Department of Building Technology, Covenant University, Canaanland kM 10Idiroko Road, Ota. PMB 1023. Ota. Ogun State. Nigeria.Residential Address:Covenant University, New Estate, Canaanland, Ota. Nigeria.Telephone No: 2348036128251 and 2349094928867Email address:[email protected] and [email protected] Position:Senior Lecturer

EDUCATIONAL HISTORYINSTITUTIONS ATTENDED WITH DATESS/N12345INSTITUTIONDATECovenant UniversityUniversity of Jos, JosRemedial Studies, University of Jos, JosUniversity of Jos Demonstration Secondary School. JosTender Care Primary School, DEMIC QUALIFICATIONSS/N123456DEGREE/ CERTIFICATE TYPEPh.D. Building StructuresM.Sc. Building StructuresB.Sc BuildingRemedial StudiesSenior Secondary School Leaving CertificatePrimary Secondary School Leaving CertificateTEACHING AND WORK EXPERIENCES/N INSTITUTION1Covenant University, Dept. of BuildingTechnology2Covenant University, Dept. of BuildingTechnology3Covenant University, Dept. of BuildingTechnology4Covenant University, Dept. of BuildingTechnology5Covenant University, Dept. of BuildingTechnology6Stanton Nigeria Limited. Lagos7(NYSC) Works Department, Ideato North,LGC. Urualla, Imo-State8Bezaleel Builders and Consultant sSecond Class Upper (4.14)Second Class Upper (3.70)Distinction-RANKSenior LecturerDATEAug.2018 – Till dateLecturer 1Aug. 2014 – Aug. 2018Lecturer 2Nov. 2009 – July 2014Assistant LecturerJuly 2009 – Oct. 2009Graduate AssistantMarch 2007 – June. 2009Marketing Executive Nov. 2006-March 2007Assisting ProjectMar. 2005 – Feb. 2006Supervisor.Intern Site Supervisor Jan 2003- Dec. 2003 & May2001- July 2001ACADEMIC POSITIONS, COMMITTEE SERVED AND OTHER PLATFORMS STILL SERVING1. Member, Covenant University Community Development Impact Initiative Committee (CUCDIIC) 2019/202. CST Rep. Covenant University SIWES Committee, Member, 2018/2019 session3. Course adviser from 100 – 500 levels in Building Technology, 2008 – 2014. Currently 300 level4. Sis (6) times CUSAS Interview Panelist, 2007-2010, 2013 and 2016.5. Student’s Disciplinary Committee (SDC) 2010/2011 session, Member.6. Nine (9) times Member Tech Week Staff Committee, 2008 to 2018 and Secretary in 2008/2009 Session7. CST staff fellowship committee 2007/2008. Asst. Secretary.

8. Member, Central Covenant University Convocation Planning Committee 2012/2013 Session.COURSES TAUGHT.UNDER GRADUATE1. BLD 112 and BLD 122: Concrete Technology workshop practice 1 & 2 - 2007 – 20102. BLD 213 and BLD 223: Building science 1 & 2- 2007 – 20173. BLD 215 and BLD 225: Construction workshop practice 1 & 2- 2007 – 20104. BLD 324: Soil mechanic and foundation.- 2010 till Date5. BLD 411: Advanced structural analysis.- 2010 till Date6. BLD 518: Advanced concrete design.- 2010 till Date7. BLD 526: Design of steel works.- 2010 till DatePOST GRADUATE8. BLD 721: General Building Science.- 2015 till Date9. BLD 725: Structural Analysis.- 2015 till Date10. BLD 915: Advance Structural Analysis- 2017 till Date11. BLD 916: Foundation Design and Soil Mechanics- 2017 till Date12. BLD 926: Advance Structural Steel Design- 2017 till Date13. BLD917: Advanced Concrete Technology- 2017 till DateSCHOLARSHIP, FELLOWSHIP, PRICES, AWARDS AND GRANTS1. Federal Government Scholarship Award for good academic standing in 2002 to the tune of fiftythousand naira (N50,000.00).2. International Award of Excellence for the best published article in the Journal, Epistemics in Science,Engineering and Technology (ESET), for the year 2011. The article’s title is “Cost Optimization ofSandcrete Blocks through Partial Replacement of Sand with Lateritic Soil”.3. M.Sc Thesis Award, Covenent University Center for Research and Development (CUCERD). 2009.Thirty thousand naira (N30,000.00)4. Doctoral Thesis Award, Covenent University Center for Research and Development (CUCERD).2014. Fifty thousand naira (N50,000.00).Plaque Award for Recognition of Excellent Service by the 2014 Tech Week Committee, College ofScience and Technology, Covenant University. Ota.

PUBLICATIONS: JOURNALS, CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS AND BOOK CHAPTER(S).JOURNAL PUBLICATIONS FOR PROMOTION:1. Joshua, O., Olusola, K. O., Nduka, D. O., Ede, A. N., Olofinnade, M. O. and Job, O. F. (2020).Modified Mix Design Development Specification Batched by Volume from Specified Mix Design byWeight Towards Improved Concrete Production. MethodsX. (mex 2020. 100817) Olofinnade, O. M., Ede, A. N., Joshua, O., Nduka, D. O., & Oshogbunu, O. A. (2020). Influence ofBamboo Fiber and Limestone Powder on the Properties of Self-Compacting Concrete. CogentEngineering, 7(1), 1721410.3. *Joshua, O., Olusola, K. O., Fagbenle, O. I., Ogunde, A. O., Nduka, D. O. (2019). Assessment ofConcrete Durability in Buildings: The Effects of the Quality of Cements Available in Lagos,Nigeria. International review of civil engineering. 10(2),73-84.4. *Nduka, D. O., Joshua, O., Ajao, A. M., Ogunbayo, B. F., & Ogundipe, K. E. (2019). Influenceof secondary aluminum dross (SAD) on compressive strength and water absorption capacityproperties of sandcrete block. Cogent Engineering, 6(1), 1608687.5. Nduka, D. O., Olawuyi, B. J., Mosaku, T. O., & Joshua, O. (2019). Influence of SuperabsorbentPolymers on Properties of High-Performance Concrete with Active Supplementary CementitiousMaterials of Nigeria. In International Conference on Application of Superabsorbent Polymers &Other New Admixtures Towards Smart Concrete (65-74). Springer, Cham.6. Busari, A. A., Adebayo, O., Samuel, A., Kehinde, O., Joshua, O., & Olaniyi, A. (2019). Effect of CarOwnership and Income on Work and Non-Work Trip of Low-Income Households.Journal of Physics. 1378(2),022096.7. *Joshua, O., Olusola, K. O., Nduka, D. O., Busari, A. A., Ajao, A. M. and Ogunbayo, B. F.(2018). Local Innovative Material: Partial Replacement of Cement with Pulverized Waste Glass inSustainable Concrete. International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology (IJCIET). 9(8), 744751.8. Ogunbayo, B. F., Ajao, A. M., Ogundipe, K. E., Joshua, O., Durotoye, T. O., & Bamigboye, G. O.(2018). Study of aggregate dormancy and its effects on the properties of aggregates andconcrete. Cogent Engineering, 5(1).9. *Nduka, D., Ameh, J., Joshua, O., & Ojelabi, R. (2018). Awareness and Benefits of Self-CuringConcrete in Construction Projects: Builders and Civil Engineers Perceptions. Buildings, 8(8), 109.10. *Ede, A. N., Olofinnade, O. M., Ofuyatan, O. M., Joshua, O. and Aremu, O. (2018). Use of NonDestructive Tests to Avert the Risk of Building Collapse. International Journal of Civil Engineeringand Technology (IJCIET), 9(7), 2028-2035.11. *Joshua, O., Fagbenle, O. I, Olusola, K. O., Shamaki, S. J., Abuka-Joshua, J., Ogunde, A. O.,Amusan, L. M., and Omuh, I. O. (2018). A Comparative Analysis of Batching by Weight and Volumetowards Improved Concrete Production. In Chao Wang, Christofer Harper, Yongcheol Lee, RebeccaHarris and Charles Berryman (Eds), Infrastructure and Facility Management, Construction Research

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44. Owolabi J. D., Amusan L. M., Udoh V., Tunji-Olayeni P.F., Peter N., Omuh I. O and JoshuaO.(2014). “Recycling of Some Selected Building Materials in the Construction Industry: Prospectand Challenges”. Science Research, 2 (2), 21-26.45. Ede, A. N., Olofinnade, O. M. and Joshua, O. (2014). “Experimental investigation of yield strengthsof steel reinforcing bars used in nigerian concrete structures”. International Journal of Scientific andEngineering Research. 5(4), 76-83.46. Amusan, L. M., Joshua, O., Owolabi J. D., & Tunji-Olayeni P. F. (2013). “Expert System-BasedExploratory Approach to Cost Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Office Building”. InternationalJournal of Engineering and Technology, 3(1), 86-93.UNPUBLISHED ARTICLE PRESENTATIONS, THESIS AND DISSERTATIONS1. Opeyemi Joshua (2015). The Development of a Fully Pozzolanic Binder: Possible whole CementReplacement. An article submitted to the office of the Vice Chancellor, Covenant University inresponse to the call for DREAMERS.2. Opeyemi Joshua (2004). Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate with Fine Sandcrete Waste in theProduction of Sandcrete Blocks. Unpublished B.Sc dissertation submitted to the Department ofBuilding University of Jos.3. Opeyemi Joshua (2009). The Effect of Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate with Lateritic Soil inthe Production of Sandcrete Block. Unpublished M.Sc dissertation submitted to the Department ofBuilding Technology, Covenant University. Ota.4. Opeyemi Joshua (2015). Structural Characterisation and Quality Assessment of Primary ReinforcedConcrete Building Materials. Unpublished Ph.D Thesis submitted to the Department of BuildingTechnology, Covenant University. Ota.ACADEMIC LINKAGESPEER RECOGNITIONS1. Two (2) times appointed as a member, Panel of National Promotion Interview, Nigerian Building andRoad Research Institute (NBRRI). Abuja. 2014 and 2018.2. Member, Pozzolana Research Committee, Nigerian Building and Road Research Institute (NBRRI),Abuja saddled with the responsibility to develop an indigenous standard for use of locally sourcedpozzolan in Nigeria.3. Reviewer, Construction Research Journal (CRJ), a journal hosted in the Department of Building,University of Lagos.4. Paper Reviewer, Data in Brief 2018.5. Paper Reviewer, Journal of Sustainable Development, Canadian Center of Science and Education.

MEMBERSHIP AND PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS.MEMBERSHIP OF PROFESSIONAL BODIES., American Concrete Institute (ACI).Member, West African Research Association (WARA). Boston University. USAMember, American Concrete Institute (ACI).Corporate Member, Nigerian Institute of Building (MNIOB). 2008.Registered Member, Council of Registered Builders of Nigeria (CORBON). 2010.PROFESSIONAL CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOP ATTENDED1. 33rd Annual Conference/ Annual General meeting Nigerian Institute of Building (NIOB).2. 38th Annual Conference/ Annual General meeting Nigerian Institute of Building (NIOB).3. 39th Annual Conference/ Annual General meeting Nigerian Institute of Building (NIOB).4. Investiture/Induction Ceremony of the Council of Registered Builders of Nigeria (CORBON),Inductee.EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIESVOLUNTEER EXPERIENCEMar. 2005 – Dec. 2005- UNICEF Peer Education Training Program in Ideato Techincal CraftCollege, Obiohia, Imo-State. Facilitator.SPIRITUALITY1. Completed BCC WOFBI Certificate CourseJuly, 2011.2. WSF Minister, Canaan-Oil Centre, Province 10, District 46, Zone 2.2007 - 20153. Assistant Secretary, CST Faculty and Staff Fellowship.2007- 2009.4. Member, Friday Faculty Fellowship Praise Team2007- 2010.HOBBIESMusic by singing Playing the Paino, Bass-Guitar, Flute and Drums; Cycling, Reading and high quest forknowledge across all discipline and spheres of life. Also love volunteer services and always find it aprivilege to be of contribution to another’s life.

REFERENCESProf. Kolapo O. Olusola.Department of Building.Obafemi Awolowo University.Ile-Ife. Osun [email protected] Olabosipo. I. FagbenleDepartment of Building Technology,Covenant University.Canaanland, Ota. P.M.B 1023, Ota. Ogun Prof. Natalia AnigboguDepartment of Building,University of Jos.P.M.B 2084, Jos.Plateau [email protected]

EDUCATIONAL HISTORY INSTITUTIONS ATTENDED WITH DATES S/N INSTITUTION DATE 1 Covenant University 2007 - 2016 2 University of Jos, Jos 1998 - 2004 3 Remedial Studies, University of Jos, Jos 1996 - 1997 4 University of Jos Demonstration Secondary School. Jos 1990 - 1995 5 Tender Care Primary School, Kaduna 1984 - 1989 .