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AgendaSAP HANA Introduction Get architectural overviewSAP HANA Packaging Know the individual components SAP HANA is built ofSAP HANA Scenarios Understand SAP HANA scenariosSAP HANA Deployment Options How can you integrate SAP HANA into your landscape 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.Public2

SAP HANAIntroduction

Data and Information Processing is at a critical inflection pointPoint optimization is no longer enough for real-time businessIMPACT ON BUSINESSSalesSlow Response TimesCustomerServiceReal-timeBusinessReal-time bonusCustomer overdue creditRequirements calculations for consumerscalculation by product nsactOrderProcessingOperationalReporting Usability ChallengesLack Of AdaptabilityFinance andOperationsManufacturingIterative period end closingwith new posting into accountsconstantlyNew ATP strategies; MRP runfor individual ATP check/instantre-planningTrendAnalysisRT Risk& Fraud itionLocationIntelligence10Transactional DatastoreIMPACT ON IT 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.DataWarehouseSensorsDataHigh LatencyMobileData ComplexityArchives Social & TextGeo-SpatialHigh Cost of SolutionsPublic4

Technology today requires tradeoffA breakthrough in today’s information processing architecture is neededDEEPDEEPComplex & interactive questionson granular dataComplex & interactive questionson granular dataHIGH SPEEDFast response-time,interactivityHIGH SPEEDBROADFast response-time,interactivityBig data,many data typesORSIMPLENo data preparation,no pre-aggregates,no tuning 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.REAL -TIMERecent data, preferably real-timeSIMPLENo data preparation,no pre-aggregates,no tuningPublic5

Modern Hardware and Software ArchitectureProvided Opportunities to Re-Design DBMS to Reduce LatencyCPUL3CacheMulti-Core Architecture64bit address space8 CPU x 10 Cores per blade1 TB in current serversMassive parallel scaling with many bladesDramatic decline in heL3CacheL3CacheMEMORYOLTP OLAPin column StorePartitioningInset Only on DeltaNo Aggregate tables(Dynamic Aggregation)CompressionLogging and BackupSTORAGESolid State 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.FlashHDDPublic6

Re-think Data Management for Real-time BusinessNeed to eliminate redundant data copies, materialization and modelsA Common Database Approach for OLTP andOLAP Using an In-Memory Columnar DatabaseHasso PlattnerSeparated Transactions Analysis AccelerationprocessesOne atomic copy of data for Transactions Analysis, All in MemorySAP HANAETLTransactETLAnalyzeCacheVS(DRAM)Accelerate 3 copies of data in different data models Eliminate unnecessary complexity and latency Inherent data latency Less hardware to manage Poor innovation leading to wastage Accelerate through innovation and simplification 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.Public7

Simplify Data & Application ProcessingEnabling real-time computing design patterns across entire software architectureSIMPLIFIEDCONVERGEDOLTP OLAPin Columnar databaseEnd-to-endData PrescriptiveApplication ntelligenceSAP HANAIn-MemoryDatabase layer(Main Memory)SAP HANA(Main Memory)LibrariesSAP HANA(Main Memory)TransactionsSensorsPlanning 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.Spatial/GISText Database & data processing engines Application Server Planning, Calculation engine Libraries of statistical, predictive andbusiness functionsPublic8

SAP HANA PlatformMore than just a databaseSupportsany DeviceAny AppsSAP Business SuiteAny App Serverand BW ABAP App ServerSQLMDXRJSONOpen ConnectivitySAP HANA PlatformSQL, SQLScript, JavaScriptSearchData VirtualizationText MiningStored Procedure &Data ModelsApplication & UIServicesBusiness FunctionLibraryPredictive AnalysisLibraryDatabaseServicesPlanning EngineRules EngineReplication, Streaming and ETL Integration imeLocationsOther AppsSAP HANA Platform Converges Database, Data Processing and Application PlatformCapabilities & Provides Libraries for Predictive, Planning, Text, Spatial, and BusinessAnalytics to enable business to operate in real-time. 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.Public9

SAP HANASoftware Packaging

SAP HANA PackagingThe Product ViewSAP HANA Platform The SAP HANA platform is a flexible data source agnostic in-memory dataplatform that allows customers to analyze large volumes of data in real-time It is a combination of hardware and software that integrates a number ofSAP components, including the SAP HANA database, SAP HANA studio,and SAP HANA clients and is delivered in conjunction with leading SAPhardware partners to deliver optimal performance The SAP HANA Platform is the foundation of various SAP HANA editions,like the SAP HANA Enterprise Edition, bundling additional components e.g.for data replication if required by customer HANA database HANA client HANA studio HANA Lifecycle Manager Host Agent HANA AFL / LCApps HANA RDL content package HANA INA Toolkit for HTML HANA EPM content package HANA SHINE content pkg. HANA smart data access HANA studio SAPUI5 Plug-in HANA HW config check HANA client for Excel HANA information composer 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.Public11

SAP HANA PackagingThe Solution PackagesSAP HANA Platform Edition The SAP HANA Platform is the foundation of all SAP HANA editions These SAP HANA Editions are license bundles, bundling together theSAP HANA Platform with other products tailored for certain purposes To mention a few SAP HANA Platform 1.0SAP HANA Enterprise Edition SAP HANA Platform 1.0 SLT, DS, DXCSAP HANA Real-Time Data Ed. SAP HANA Platform 1.0 SLT, DS, DXC, IQ, RS, SQLA, ESP, PD 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. SAP HANA platform edition,providing core database technology SAP HANA enterprise edition,including components for data replication and acquisition SAP HANA Database edition for BW,tailored license for use with SAP NetWeaver 7.3 BW SAP HANA Limited edition for Apps / Accelerators,focused on XS application development and side-car deployments SAP HANA EDGE edition,targeting the needs of the SME segmentPublic12

SAP HANA PackagingThe Deployment OptionsOn-demand / cloud SAP HANA One SAP HANA Developer Edition SAP HANA infrastructuresubscription SAP HANA platform as aService SAP HANA managed service SAP HANA is available in several deployment options,which individual benefits depend on the particular scenariosand needs of the customerOfferings reach from on-premise /bare metal installations to on-premise /virtualized environmentsproductiveBare metalCloud Single server Scale-out / HAcluster HANA EnterpriseCloud HANA ONEVirtualizedCloud VMware vSphere HANA developereditionvirtual private/public Pre-configured appliance HANA tailored data centerintegration Virtualized with eployment-options 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.Public13

SAP HANA PackagingHANA Software ProvisioningSAP HANA PlatformSAP HANA mandatory server components HANA database The SAP HANA core components, like the SAP HANA database HANA client These components are installed and configured bycertified SAP HANA hardware partners on an well configured, dedicated system The SAP HANA studio and client component may also be installed on any other system toallow access to and administration of the SAP HANA database HANA studio HANA Lifecycle Manager Host Agent HANA AFL / LCApps HANA RDL content packageSAP HANA optional server components HANA INA Toolkit for HTML Several extensions can be optionally installed /added to the SAP HANA server HANA EPM content package They are installed by customer through HANA Lifecycle Manager,from within SAP HANA studio HANA SHINE content pkg. HANA smart data access HANA studio SAPUI5 Plug-inSAP HANA front-end tools HANA HW config check The SAP HANA front-end and client components to work and connect to your SAP HANAsystem These components are also part of SAP HANA product and available for download fromSAP Service Marketplace, so they can be installed if needed HANA client for Excel HANA information composer 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.Public14

SAP HANA PackagingHANA Content ProvisioningSAP HANA Platform DUsSAP HANA default content SAPUI5 Client Runtime These so called Delivery Units (DUs) are integral part of any SAP HANA database installation, asthey are required for SAP HANA to operate as desired They will be maintained within / as part of the lifecycle management of the SAP HANA databasecomponent with each revision automatically HANA XS Administration HANA XS LM HANA TA Config HANA XS Base HANA UI Integration Svc.SAP HANA non-active / optional content HANA UI Integration Cont. These additional content packages are delivered together with the SAP HANA database, but willnot automatically become available / active in the system The customer may chose to enable certain capabilities by activating those content packagesinside HANA. Once activated, they will be automatically maintained as part of the SAP HANAlifecycle management / revision update SAP HANA Admin SAP HANA IDE IDE core INA Service SAP HANA DXC HANA EPM Svc. HANA INA Toolkit for HTML HANA RDL Cont. 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.SAP HANA Add-ons These DUs are also part of SAP HANA product and available for download from SAP ServiceMarketplace They can be installed similar to any other SAP HANA Add-on product (e.g. HANA live products)through HANA Lifecycle Manager from within SAP HANA studioPublic15

SAP HANAScenarios

SAP HANA ScenariosNext Generation Platform for Real-Time BusinessSimpleNo preparationHigh SpeedFastresponse-timesBroadBig dataDeepReal-timeRecent data 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.Complex andinteractivequestionsPublic17

SAP HANA ScenariosPlatform for Real-Time Applications and AnalyticsPredictive AnalysisText SearchBusiness FunctionLibrariesR & HadoopIntegration 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.In-MemoryDatabasePlanning andCalculationEnginePublic18

HANAplatformHANAapps for Suite(Datamart)(incl. Reporting & Analytics)HANAacceleratorsCloudon HANABusinessSuiteon HANABusiness Oneon HANABW onHANASAP BOBJ BI, VIClientAny DBSide-by-side scenariosHANA DBAny DBHANA DBAny DB(MSSQLHANADBAppsAny DBHANA DBBWHANA DBBWVDLHANA DBSAPBusinessSuitePLMAny DBOD/SF solutionsSRM& any appAppsSAPBusiness APBusinessSuiteNewappsSAPBusiness SuiteClientCRMArchitectural illustrationsSAP HANA ScenariosUse Case Illustrations / SAP HANA offerings from SAPHANA DBIntegrated scenarios)AppsHANA DBNewfrontiersHANA offeringsHANA RDS SAP HANA DB Custom datamart/anyapp BOBJ BI Visual Intelligence Text & predictiveanalysis Sales analysis forretail Liquidity riskmanagement ERP operationalreporting Social sentimentintelligence Sales pipelineanalysis CRM customersegmentation COPA Finance &controlling Business Intelligenceon demand Sales & operationsplanning Supplier InfoNet Developer Access viaAmazon Web Services(AWS) BW powered byHANA Business planning &consolidation onHANA Business Oneon HANA SAP BusinessOne Analyticson HANA HANA newanalytics Business Suite on HANA HANA new analytics Smart MeterAnalytics Precisionretailing Cashforecasting Standaloneapp frompartnersAnd much more from SAP, ISVs and start-ups 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.Public19

SAP HANA ScenariosSide-by-Side (Agile Data Marts)SAP BusinessSuiteSAP HANADS/DXCDatabaseSAP BusinessWarehouse (BW)DS/DXCDatabaseAgile Data Marts Based on analytic data models(dimensional) Data has been transformed, in favorof the business problem at hand Typically contains no time critical dataand therefore utilize traditional ETLCore Value Proposition SAP HANA More flexibility compared to EDW environmentDS: Data Services; DXC: Direct Extractor Connector 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.Public20

SAP HANA ScenariosSide-by-Side (Operational Data Marts)Operational Data MartsSAP BusinessSuiteSAP HANA Views calculate results for reports inreal time on the actual operationaldata No transformation during load step(only selection of relevant data ifapplicable)DatabaseSLT Real-time replication of time criticaldata (SLT)Core Value Proposition SAP HANA Real time reporting on operational dataSLT: SAP Landscape Transformation 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.Public21

SAP HANA ScenariosReal-time high volume data integration from any sourceData MovementOver NetworksAny SourceTrigger-BasedSAP Business SuiteLog-BasedNon-SAP Data SourcesSAP LT ReplicationServerSAP SybaseReplication ServerETL, BatchSAP Data ServicesCloud DeploymentsComplex EventData SourceEvent StreamsSAP Sybase EventStream ProcessorNetwork Devices– Wired / WirelessData SynchronizationSAP SybaseSQL AnywhereData Sources(HANA, IQ, ASE, Hadoop, Teradata)Data VirtualizationSAP HANA SmartData Access 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.Transform and PersistDataODBCSAP HANAVirtual TablesPublic22

SAP HANA ScenariosSide-by-Side (Accelerators)SAP HANA AcceleratorsDatabaseTurnkey solution to accelerate Standard ABAP reports Business processes in ERP Flexible reporting usingBusiness Objects BI Clients Examples: CO/PA, FIN, Material LedgerSAP HANADBSLSAP BusinessSuite SLTCore Value Proposition SAP HANA Turnkey accelerator for ERP customersSLT: SAP Landscape Transformation; DBSL: Database Shared Library 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.Public23

SAP HANA ScenariosSide-by-Side (MCOD example for BW Accelerators) Accelerate OLTP– Suite Accelerators and native HANA Applicationso CO-PA Acceleratorso Operational Reporting RDS SAP HANA LiveNativeHANA App– Near-Real-Time operational reporting– SAP HANA Analytical Applications Native SAP HANA Applications– Smart Business Applications– New Business Applications– BW on HANA hosting the Side Car scenarios 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.AnalyticalHANA AppSuiteAny DBSuiteAcceleratorsSAP HANA LiveSide CarBPC, IPBCSBW AddonsBW onHANAHANA DBPublic24

SAP HANA ScenariosSAP HANA as Primary PersistenceSAP NetWeaver BW, powered by SAP HANASAP Business Suite, powered by SAP HANASAP NetweaverAS ABAP SAP HANA Database becomes primarypersistence of ABAP application server All Objects and BW loading proceduresare accelerated by in memory technology High modeling flexibilitySAP HANACore Value Proposition SAP HANA Speed and simplification for SAP BW /Business SuiteBW: Business Warehouse 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.Public25

SAP HANA ScenariosSAP Business Suite, powered by SAP HANA Switching to SAP HANA does not break connectivity to other systems(e.g. 3rd party systems, central hubs like Portal or PI, cross application connections like CIF, ALE ) Independent from SAP HANA but related to Suite 7i2013 No more Dual Stack and adjusted Version Interoperability SAP HANA appliance runs on SUSE Linux (SLES)Application SIDFrontendsFrontendsApplication ServersServersApplicationAny OSNo Change No change offrontends Re-use of availableapplication servers Sizing of currentapplication serversremains validAnyDB/HANAmigrationAny OS 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.SAP HANA /SUSE LinuxChange Migration ofdatabase to SAPHANA appliancerequired App server on thesame server asSAP HANA is NOTsupportedNo change Data model Custom extensionsSuite Application e.g. ERPABAP VM or JAVA VMDatabase Interface (DBI)Database Specific Library (DBSL)AS ABAP or AS JAVASAP HANA /SUSE LinuxPublic26

SAP HANA ScenariosSAP HANA as Application PlatformNext Generation HANA Apps NetWeaver AS ABAP leveraging HANANew Apps(ODBC, JDBC, )New Apps(HTML5/JavaScript) iOS apps running against HANA Java applications running against HANASAP HANAXSCore Value Proposition SAP HANA Simplification: lean code – mean appsXS: Extended Application Services 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.Public27

SAP HANA ScenariosExtended Scripting Services (XS)Front-end Technologies http/s HTML5 / SAPUI5 Client-side JavaScriptClient: Browser or MobileControl Flow Technologies OData Server-Side JavaScript XMLASAP HANAData Processing Technologies SQL / SqlScript Calculation Engine Functions Application Function Library(AFL) 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.What: Small footprint application / webserver for application developmentinside SAP HANAPresentation logicXSDataRationale: Enable applicationdevelopment and deployment whileminimizing architectural “layers”Control flow logicScope: From Lightweight small webbased applications to Complexenterprise business applicationsCalculation logicPublic28

SAP HANA ScenariosPredictive Analytics & Machine LearningHadoop/ Sybase IQ,Sybase ASE, TeradataSAP HANAKNN classificationRegressionMain MemoryK-meansVirtual TablesSQL ScriptOptimized Query PlanSpatial, Machine,Text AnalysisReal-time dataPALR-scriptsSpatial DataUnstructuredABCclassificationWeighted scoretablesC4.5decision treeAssociateanalysis:market basketR-EngineHANA Studio/AFM,Apps & ToolsAccelerate predictive analysis and scoringwith in-database algorithms delivered out-ofthe-box.Adapt the models frequently 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.Execute R commands as part of overall queryplan by transferring intermediate DB tablesdirectly to R as vector-oriented data structuresPredictive analytics across multiple data typesand sources.(e.g.: Unstructured Text, Geospatial, Hadoop)Public29

SAP HANA ScenariosSummarySAP ERP,SAP Business One,SAP BusinessbyDesign,SAP Success Factors gSAP HANASAP Smart Meter Analytics,Cash and Liquidity Mgmt, etc, SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse,Real-time Data Marts, etcDisk DB AppAcceleratorsSAP CO-PA Accelerator, Customer SegmentationSAP ERP Operational reporting Acc 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.General Purpose Database,SAP BI on Demand,2 & 2.5 tier applications, OEMISV AppsMedidata, MKI, Tuailia, Opera etcPublic30

SAP HANADeployment Options

SAP HANA Deployment OptionsA Truly Open Ecosystem for SAP HANA Intel partnershipsfor CPU optimization and Hadoop distribution11 Hardware partners and growing number ofCloud Service Providerswith more than 70 available hardware validatedconfigurations, incl. virtualizationOpen APIsfor BI (MDX, SQL), WebDevelopment (HTTP/S),Dev Platforms (ODBC/JDBC)3rd party Software certificationfor backup infrastructures, integrate SAP HANAwithin bigger management environments, orprovide Single-Sign-On (SSO) igh-performance-without-lock-in 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.Public32

SAP HANA Deployment OptionsChoose and change your deployment options anytimeBABus.Suite3rdPartyAppsBWAribaOn PremiseSuccessFactorsHybridCloudRun All SAP Solutionson SAP HANALeverage SAP Cloud Migrate some solutions to the cloudBuild, Run, Deploy allApplications in the Cloud Build or deploy your ownsolutions on SAP HANA Create or deploy new SaaS apps in thecloud Consider Virtual Private Cloudoption Maintain all within yourfirewall Use cloud hosting and managedservices Enable faster innovations Upgrade or leverageexisting infrastructure Deploy via SAP HANA EnterpriseCloud or public cloud Migrate or build new applications inSAP HANA Enterprise Cloud 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Simplify landscapePublic33

SAP HANA Deployment OptionsDelivered as Appliance or as Tailored Data Center Integration Options SAP HANA runs on “commodity” components,leveraging standard Intel x86 based commodityhardware assembled by our SAP HANA hardware andtechnology partners to the minimum specifications givento them by SAPSingle ServerScale Out Cluster SAP HANA is available from the world’s besthardware companies (for example, Cisco, Dell, Fujitsu,Hitachi, HP, or IBM) and cloud infrastructurecompanies to give customers a range of choice andoptions in deciding which system to select.At a high-level, SAP HANA is made up of the following:Each node Intel Westmere-EX E7system(s) with 2, 4 or 8 Sockets ofCPUs (20, 40, 80 cores)128GB up to 4TB per node 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.Scale out by clustering multiplenodes together (with option forstand-by nodes for HA).Log storage - usually Fusion-IO orsimilar in single node solutions.Local/shared storage for scale out.Log volume is same size as RAM.Data storage - either local or SASstorage or network storagedepending on the configuration.Public34

SAP HANA Deployment OptionsTailored Data Center Integration OptionAppliance delivery approachTailored data center integrationFast ImplementationMore FlexibilitySupport fully provided by SAPSave IT budget and existing investment Solution validationdone by SAP andpartner Preconfiguredhardware set-up Preinstalled software Installation needs to be doneby customer SAP HANA Guidelines &VMware best practicesavailable for virtualization Customer aligns with thepartners on individual supportmodel 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.Public35

SAP HANA Deployment OptionsTechnical System Overview (example based on Suite on “Multiple Componentson one System”MCOD“Multiple Componentson one Database”TechnicalCo-DeploymentBusiness Suite on HANABusiness Suite on HANABusiness Suite on HANABusiness Suite on HANAVirtual App. SIDVirtual App. SIDApp. SIDApp. SIDApp. SIDApp. SIDSuiteComponent(e.g. ERP)SuiteComponent(e.g. SCM)SuiteComponent(e.g. ERP Dev)SuiteComponent(e.g. ERP QA)SuiteComponent(e.g. ERP)e.g. HPA: SAPFraudManagementVirtual HANAInstanceVirtual HANAInstanceHANA DBSchemaHANA DBSchemaHANA SystemHANA DBSchemaHANA DBSchemaHANA InstanceHANA DBSchemaSchemaApp. SIDAddOnComponent (SRM. SCM)Suite Component (e.g. ERP)HANA InstanceHANA DBSchemaHANA DBsMultipleMultipleOneOneDB SchemaMultipleMultipleMultipleOneAvailability(as of Q3 2013)Supported for DEV and QAsystemsSupported for DEV and QAsystemsDefined by White List 1661202 for BWWhite List 1826100 for SuiteBusiness Suite componentsSCM and/or SRM co-deployedwith ERPCapabilitiesShare hardware resources formultiple Suite systems andHANA instances withvirtualization techniques.Share hardware for HANASystem among multiple Suitesystems to reduce TCO.Real-time cross schemareporting with SAP HANA Liveon Suite on HANA.No additional system required.Reduction of operations effort.Cross application reporting. 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.Public36

SAP HANA Deployment OptionsVirtualizationBusiness Suite on HANAVirtual Application SID1Virtual Application SID1Suite Component(e.g. ERP)Suite Component(e.g. SCM2)Virtual HANA InstanceVirtual HANA InstanceHANA DBHANA DBSchemaSchemaVirtualization One database schema per database Separate SAP HANA databases per SAP system Separate virtual machine and OS Shared hardware and storage Currently supported:‒ VMware vSphere 5.1 Current restrictions:‒ Non-production systems‒ Single-node SAP HANA databases up to 1 TB See SAP note 17886651) 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.SID System ID 2) SCM still needs Live CachePublic37

SAP HANA Deployment OptionsMultiple Components on One System (MCOS)Business Suite on HANAApplication SIDApplication SIDSuite Component(e.g. ERP Dev)Suite Component(e.g. ERP QA)MCOS One database schema per database Separate SAP HANA databases per SAP system Shared hardware, OS and Storage Restriction:‒ Non-production systems See SAP note 1681092HANA SystemHANA DBHANA DBSchemaSchema 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.Public38

SAP HANA Deployment OptionsMultiple Components on One Database (MCOD)Business Suite on HANAApplication SIDApplication SIDSuite Component(e.g. ERP)e.g. HPA: SAP FraudManagementHANA SystemHANA DBSchemaSchemaMCOD Multiple database schema per database Shared SAP HANA database Dedicated Application Servers per Application Shared hardware, OS and storage pool Restriction:‒ Non-production systems‒ Production systems for applications on “whitelists”( SAP notes) and custom data marts.Not: Multiple BW production systems‒ Single-Node/Multi-Node see MCOS See SAP notes 1661202 HANA MCOD scenario whitelist 1826100 SoH MCOD scenario whitelist 1666670 BW specific considerations 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.Public39

SAP HANA Deployment OptionsTechnical Co-DeploymentBusiness Suite on HANATechnical Co-Deployment One SAP HANA database, one database schemaApplication SIDAddOnSuite Component (e.g. SCM)Suite Component (e.g. ERP) One AS ABAP Application Server / SID Available for SRM and SCM as ERP AddOn Usage scenarios:‒ Production and non-production systems‒ Single-Node/Multi-Node see MCOS‒ Can be combined with Virtualization or MCOSHANA SystemHANA DBSchema 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.Public40

Scope of ServiceSAP HANA Deployment OptionsSAP HANA cloud offeringsMCaaSSaaSPaaSDBaaSIaaSSAP HANA Enterprise CloudLoB aplications on SAP HANA(Successfactors, ARIBA, )SAP HANA Cloud PlatformSAP HANA OneSAP HANA Cloud InfrastructureScope of OfferingOriginal by Swen Conrad, SAP 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.Public41

SAP HANA Deployment OptionsDeploy at your own speedOptimize your Current LandscapeConsolidate and Accelerate Experience 2-3x faster data analysis evenusing your current environment Consolidate your applications and analyticallegacy systems into a modern landscape Take advantage of preconfigured software andimplementation services - Rapid DeploymentSolutions (RDS) to accelerate yourimplementation Leverage SAP Predictive Analytics andHADOOP integration to extract value from BigData scenarios 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Unleash the Power of Imaginationto Rethink your Business Engage SAP Design Thinking to identifyopportunities to re-think your business Validate opportunities by assessingdesirability, viability, and feasibility Develop a proof of concept to start executingon your vision immediately Expand your reach, re-define your IndustryCreate real-time visibility into your businessPublic42

Further Reading SAP Note 1666670 – Multiple SAP HANA DBs on one applianceSAP Note 1661202 – Support for multiple applications on SAP HANASAP Note 1826100 – Multiple applications SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANASAP Note 1681092 – BW on SAP HANA - landscape deployment planningSAP Note 1788665 – SAP HANA running on VMware vSphere VMsMore info is available through 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.Public43

DisclaimerThis presentation outlines our general product direction and should not be relied on in makinga purchase decision. This presentation is not subject to your license agreement or any otheragreement with SAP.SAP has no obligation to pursue any course of business outlined in this presentation or todevelop or release any functionality mentioned in this presentation. This presentation andSAP’s strategy and possible future developments are subject to change and may be changedby SAP at any time for any reason without notice.This document is provided without a warranty of any kind, either express or implied, includingbut not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, ornon-infringement. SAP assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in this document,except if such damages were caused by SAP intentionally or grossly negligent. 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.Public44

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SAP components, including the SAP HANA database, SAP HANA studio, and SAP HANA clients and is delivered in conjunction with leading SAP hardware partners to deliver optimal performance The SAP HANA Platform is the foundation of various SAP HANA editions, like the SAP HANA Enterprise Edition, bundling additional components e.g.