Last Updated: August 2017CURRICULUM VITAEName: Cristine A. RobertsEducation History:InstitutionPosition: Sr. Patient Care Services ResearcherChildren’s Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, MOLocationDegreeUniversity of KansasKansas City, KSBSN, NursingUniversity of UtahSalt Lake City, UTMSN, Child NursingUniversity of Missouri-Kansas City Kansas City, MOPhD, NursingUniversity of KansasKansas City, KSLEND certificateLeadership and Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities TraineeEmployment History:InstitutionUniversity of Missouri-Kansas CitySchool of NursingDate1976198120082011/12LocationKansas City, MOTitleAssistant ProfessorClinical InstructorDate2008-20152005-2008William Jewell CollegeSchool of NursingLiberty, MOAssistant Professor2000-2005Children’s Mercy HospitalKansas City, MOChildren’s Mercy HospitalKansas City, MOChildren’s Home CareChildren’s Mercy HospitalAdolescent ClinicChildren’s Mercy HospitalChildren’s Mercy HospitalEmergency Dept.Kansas City, KSKansas City, MOSr. Nurse2010-presentResearcherStaff Nurse –2000-2008Float PoolNurse Educator1993-2000Quality Improvement CoordinatorClinical Specialist1990-1993Kansas City, MOHospital Staff RN1987-1990Central Missouri State UniversityWarrensburg, MOAdjunct ClinicalInstructor1982-1986Pediatric Surgical AssociatesKansas City, MOSurgical Office RN1982-1985Children’s Mercy HospitalKansas City, MOHospital Staff RN1980-1982University of UtahSchool of NursingSalt Lake City, UTGraduate Instructor1979-1980Primary Children’s HospitalSalt Lake City, UTHospital Staff RN& Supervisor1978-1980Children’s Mercy HospitalKansas City, MOHospital Staff RN1976-1978Pediatric & Neonatal intensive care1

Last Updated: August 2017PhD Dissertation:Instrument Development: The Nursing Career Search QuestionnaireMSN Thesis:The Response of Comatose Children to Parental Speech as Measured by Changes inIntracranial PressurePublications:Roberts, C. A., & Lyman, E. (2008). Microbial contamination of enteral feeding sets used in thehome of pediatric patients, Nutrition in Clinical Practice, 23(1), 85-89.Roberts, C. A. (2008). Instrument development: The Nursing Career Search Questionnaire.(doctoral dissertation - research) ISBN: 978-054-962-2826826 CINAHL AN: 2010155112Roberts, C. A., & Ward-Smith, P. (2010). Choosing a career in nursing: Development of acareer search instrument. International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship, 7(1)2.doi:10.2202/1548-923X.1767Roberts, C. A. (2010) Unaccompanied hospitalized children: A review of the literature andincidence study. Journal of Pediatric Nursing, 25,470-476.doi:10.1016/j.pedn.2009.12.070Lyman, B., Gebhards, S., Hensley, C., Roberts, C. A., San Pablo, W. (2011). Safety ofdecanted enteral formula hung for 12 hours in a pediatric setting. Nutrition in ClinicalPractice, 26(4), 451-456. doi: 10.1177.0884533611413891Roberts, C. A. (2012) Nurses’ perceptions of unaccompanied hospitalized children. PediatricNursing Journal. 38(3), 133-137.Roberts, C. A., & Messmer, P. (2012). Unaccompanied hospitalized children: Nurses search forunderstanding. Journal of Holistic Nursing. 30(2), 112-121. doi:10.1177/0898010111423422Jarvis, K., Pirvu, D., Barbee, K., Berg, N., Meyer, M., Gaulke, L., Pate, B., & Roberts, C. (2014).Change to a standardized airway clearance protocol for children with bronchiolitis leadsto improved care. Journal of Pediatric Nursing. 29, 252–257 doi:10.1016/j.pedn.2013.11.007Huffman, G., Crumrine, J., Thompson, B., Mobley, V., Roth, K., & Roberts, C. (2014). OnSHiPs and Safety: A Journey of Safe Patient Handling in Pediatrics. Journal of PediatricNursing, 29(6), 641-650. doi: 10.1016/j.pedn.2014.05.009Harken, W., Turnock, M., Maxwell, J., Pollack, L., & Roberts, C. (2017). Building a therapeuticenvironment for adolescents with eating disorders in a pediatric hospital. Journal ofPediatric Nursing, 34. doi: 10.1016/j.pedn.2017.02.008Seefeldt, J., Woods, S., Bolton, P., Fitzpatrick, T., Stegenga, K., & Roberts, C. (2015).Perianesthesia nurses are my second family: Behaviors that Influence our practice.Journal of Perianesthesia Nursing 30(4). doi: 10.1016/j.jopan.2016.07.006Lyman, B., Williams, M. Sollazzo, J., Hayden, A., Hensley, P. Hongying, D., & Roberts, C.(2017). Enteral feeding set handling techniques: A comparison of bacterial growth,nursing time, labor, and material costs. Nutrition in Clinical Practice, 32(2), 193-200. doi:10.1177/0884533616680840Roberts, C., Hunter, J., & Cheng, A. L. (in review). Resilience in families of children with autismand sleep problems using mixed methods. Journal of Pediatric Nursing.2

Last Updated: August 2017Presentations:1992 Podium Presentation. “Norplant Utilization” for Nursing Rounds at Children’s MercyHospital, Kansas City, MO1997 Podium Presentation. “Understanding ORYX & Children’s Home Care’s StrategicHealthcare Program Outcomes Database”, Hot Topics at Children’s Mercy Hospital,Kansas City, MO2000 Podium Presentation. “Enteral Feeding Set Study” at Clinical Research Updatesponsored by Children’s Mercy Hospital at Graceland College, Independence, MO(June, 2000)2006 Podium Presentation. University of Missouri Cooperative PhD Research Day.Conducting Research with Disadvantaged and Ethnic Minority Populations2006 Podium Presentation. Research Day at UMKC School of Nursing. What motivates ordiscourages minority, college bound students from choosing nursing as a career?2008 Poster Presentation. Midwest Nursing Research Society, Annual Conference,Indianapolis. Development of the CSQ: A Measure of Nursing Career Interest and SelfEfficacy2008 Podium Presentation. “Aiding Beginning College Students to Discover if Nursing is theRight Career” Hot Topics at Children’s Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, MO2010 Poster Presentation. Assessing the Occupational Fit for a Nursing Career AmongBeginning College Students, April 14, 2010. 10th Annual Nurse Educator Institute –Branson, MO2010 Poster Presentation. Safety of Decanted Enteral Formula in Hospitalized Children. April22, 2010. 3rd Annual “Building a Culture of Quality, Safety and Nursing Professionalism:Evidence-Based Practice on the Frontline” conference, Columbia, MO2010 Podium Presentation. Nurse’s Perceptions of Unaccompanied Hospitalized Children.July 18, 2010. 26th Annual Pediatric Nursing Conference – Philadelphia, PA2011 Podium Presentation. Hot Topics at Children’s Mercy Hospital, “Nurses’ Perceptions ofUnaccompanied Hospitalized Children” March 16.2011 Podium Presentation. Unaccompanied Hospitalized Children: As Perceived throughNurses’ Life Worlds. April 2, 2011. 21st Annual Convention, Society of Pediatric Nurses –Las Vegas, Nevada.2011 Podium Presentation. “Safe Patient Handling in Pediatrics” & “High ReliabilityOrganization Theory” Guangzhou, China – April 9, 2011. CMH “Culture of Safety”conference2012 Poster Presentation. “Creation of an Interdisciplinary Team by Nurses to StandardizeCare Delivery for Children with Bronchiolitis” Kristen Jarvis, Daniela Pirvu, MichelleMeyer, Kim Barbee, Nancy Berg, Lenny Gaulke, Cristy Roberts (mentor). 5th AnnualEvidence Based Practice on the Frontline Conference on April 19, 2012 at the Universityof Missouri, Columbia.2013 Poster Presentation. “Standardized Practice Developed for Children with Bronchiolitis”Jarvis, K. et al. Cristy Roberts (mentor, lead presenter). Society of Pediatric Nurses,Annual Conference, April 2013, Nashville, TN.2013 Podium Presentation. “Is Family Resilience Impacted when Their Child has an ASD andSleep Problems? October 19, 2013. 6th Annual Conference at Johnson CountyCommunity College, Overland Park, KS: “Beyond the Diagnosis: Autism Across theLifespan” Sponsored by the Kansas Center for Autism Research and Training.2014 Podium Presentation. “How a Clinical Nurse Inquiry Ignited a Pediatric Safe PatientHandling Movement” Magnet Conference, Dallas TX.2015 Podium Presentation. "Promoting Resilience in Families of Children with Autism andInsomnia through Social Support” Sigma Theta Tau International's 26th InternationalNursing Research Congress, July, 2015. Puerto Rico.3

Last Updated: August 201720152016Poster Presentation. “Creating a therapeutic environment for adolescents with eatingdisorders in a pediatric hospital” American Psychiatric Nurses Association. Orlando, FL.October.Podium Presentation. “Creating a Therapeutic Environment for Adolescents with EatingDisorders in a Pediatric Hospital” Society of Pediatric Nurses, Minneapolis, MN. March.Grants:2008 Lyman, Hensley, San Pablo, & Roberts. “Safety of Decanted Formula Hung for 12Hours in a Pediatric Setting”. Funded by the Dee Lyons Research Scholars Program atChildren’s Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, MO. ( 5000)2009 Roberts & Bowers. “Nurses’ Perceptions of Issues Surrounding UnaccompaniedHospitalized Children”. Funded by the Dee Lyons Research Scholars Program atChildren’s Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, MO. ( 5000). Included Consultation with PatriciaL. Munhall, EdD, ARNP, NC, PsyA, FAAN; Coconut Grove, Florida July 22-25, 20092015 Hayden, A., Lyman, B., & Roberts, C. “Enteral Feeding Set Handling Techniques: AComparison of Bacterial Growth, Nursing Time and Labor Costs” funded by theAmerican Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition ( 5000).2015-16 Roberts, C. “Comparison of Online and In Person Parent Education/Support forFamilies of Children with Co-occurring Autism and Insomnia” funded by the Organizationfor Autism Research ( 29,976)Research advocacy at Children’s Mercy Hospital:2011-2014“Implementation of a Minimal Lift Program in an Inpatient Pediatric Setting” withthe nurses on 5H/5S – completed with publication, poster, and podium presentations.2011-2014“Protocol Changes for Airway Clearance in Children with Bronchiolitis” with thenurses at Children’s Mercy South Hospital – completed with publication, poster, andpodium presentations.2013-2015“Behaviors in the Perioperative Setting that Influence Team Efficiency,Effectiveness, and Job Satisfaction: A Perioperative Team’s Perspective” researchproject with nurses from the SDS/PACU at Children’s Mercy South – completed withpublication, poster, and podium presentations.2013-2016“Enteral Feeding Set Handling Techniques: A Comparison of Bacterial Growth,Nursing Time and Labor Costs” research project with dieticians and nurses at CMHNutrition Support team – completed with publication, poster, and podium presentations.2013-2017“Health Care Providers’ Perceptions of Caring for Children Hospitalized with anEating Disorder Consultative Service” research project with social workers, nurses, andhospitalists at CMH South – completed with publication, poster, and podiumpresentations.2015-current “Patient Sleep in Pediatric Hospital” with PICU, 5S, & 5H nurses – data collectioncomplete.2016-current “Evaluation of Cooking Class/Support Group in Ketogenic Diet Adherence” withdietitian, chef, and MSW at Children’s Mercy Kansas – currently conducting focusgroups.Honors:2000 Elected to Sigma Theta Tau International, National Honor Society for Nursing. Mu MuChapter, William Jewell College; 2006 Lambda Phi2001 Dean’s Doctoral Scholar Fellowship, University of Missouri-Kansas City2006 Dean’s Doctoral Fellowship, University of Missouri-Kansas City2006 Sigma Theta Tau International Research Stipend2008 Midwest Nursing Research Society Graduate Research Award4

Last Updated: August 20172008Midwest Nursing Research Society, Nominated for the Outstanding Graduate StudentManuscript Award2008 Sigma Theta Tau International, Lambda Phi Leadership in Research Award2008 2007-2008 UMKC Undergraduate Faculty of the Year Award, awarded through the SNA2010 Poster selected from 10th Annual Nurse Educator Institute for Nurse Educatorconference in Albuquerque, NM – July, 20102012 Analysis excerpts from my article in International Journal of Nursing Education andScholarship were selected for use in Nursing Research in Canada: Methods, CriticalAppraisal, and Utilization, 3rd Canadian Edition by LoBionda-Wood.2013 2012-2013 UMKC Undergraduate Faculty of the Year Award, awarded through the SNA2015 Visiting Professor at Northwestern State University, April. Podium presentation andindividual conferences with graduate faculty.Professional Memberships:Sigma Theta Tau International – Mu Mu/Lambda Phi chapterLeadership Succession Chair, Faculty CounselorMidwest Nursing Research SocietySociety of Pediatric NursesTreasurer KC chapterAmerican Society of Parenteral & Enteral NutritionInternational Society for Autism Research (INSAR)American Nurse Association – Kansas Chapter2000 – present2004 – 20132009 – present2009-20102015 – present2014 - 2015Service:2009 - 2017 Reviewer for the Journal of Pediatric Nursing2010 - 2012 Reviewer for the International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship2013 Reviewer for Nursing Administration Quarterly2013 Reviewer for Disability and Rehabilitation Journal2012 Edited the Elsevier Study Guide for Wong’s Essentials of Pediatric Nursing 9th ed. (2013)2010 – Volunteer in the Helen Gragg clinic at Operation Breakthrough, Kansas City2009 – present Volunteer at Heartland Community Church providing care of children withspecial health care needs2011 – 2014 Faculty advisor to the Student Nurses Association. Instrumental ingetting the students involved on a state and national level (MOSNA & NSNA)2012/2013Faculty advisor for 1st BSN Honor Thesis at UMKC.5

University of Missouri-Kansas City Kansas City, MO Assistant Professor 2008-2015 . 2011-2014 "Implementation of a Minimal Lift Program in an Inpatient Pediatric Setting" with the nurses on 5H/5S - completed with publication, poster, and podium presentations. . 2012/2013 Faculty advisor for 1st BSN Honor Thesis at UMKC. .