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Delighting customerswith high speedOne look into the showroom of DATRON AG is enough giveIndustryyou a glimpse of the future: Here, a team of future makers isHigh-tech mechanical engineeringat work. At the high-tech milling machine specialistObjectives/Requirementscompany, everything literally revolves around a passion for Raise overall communication with existing andinnovation. With the support of CAS genesisWorld, thenew customers to a new level, focus oncompany also inspires in the area of customer relationship"customer care": lively interaction and trustingmanagement.relationshipsFor more than 50 years DATRON AG from Mühltal-Traisa near Inspire customers both technologically andemotionallyDarmstadt has been convincing customers with innovativesolutions 'Made in Germany' in unique quality. "With our wide Technology-supported trade fair post processingrange of Worldwide, transparent deployment planning forCNC machines, dental CAD/CAM solutions,dispensing systems, high-speed milling tools and a variety ofcomprehensive services, we are one of the leading machineservice employees builders and suppliers in this field," explains CRM Manager DirkKopp. Above all, it is the simple, user-centered operatorguidance that makes DATRON a technology leader in the fieldof high-tech mechanical engineering. A company whichWell-founded evaluation options for sales,product management, executive managementBenefits and advantages After careful research, the solution fully meets therequirements in terms of flexibility and price-already won the first Red Dot Design Award for machine designperformance ratioin 2010, with many other awards following soon after. CAS project method, mindset of a medium-sizedHigh demands on CRM/XRMcompany and reliability accelerate theOne thing is key for the modular design of DATRON machines,introduction and rapid implementation ofthe exact fulfilment of the customer's request. "Our goal was tocustomer-centric and networked processes.raise the overall communication with both our existing and new departmental support from sales opportunity tocustomers to a completely new level. That's why we went inservice report and from marketing to board levelsearch of a CRM/XRM solution that would optimally support usas a team in inspiring our customers both technologically and Enormous time savings in work processes thanksto automated, dynamic controlemotionally," reports Dirk Kopp. "With CAS genesisWorld, aftercareful research, we found the solution that met ourHolistic CRM/XRM solution provides cross- Boundless, future-proof further developmentrequirements in terms of flexibility and price-performanceopportunities for more freedom and interactionratio."with customers and suppliers

Project data CAS genesisWorld Platinum Suite,CAS Configurator Merlin Sales DATRON, 64357 MühltalImplementation based on broad know-howWith the experts from CAS Software AG, the specialists fromCustomer DATRON AG, Leading global machine builder and supplier ofCNC machines, dental CAD/CAM solutions,the CAS partner landscape and the CRM expertise in-house,dispensing systems, high-speed milling toolsDATRON has a broadly designed know-how regardingcustomer-centric processes and functions. "In a CRM-XRMproject of this magnitude, it is important to have a reliablepartner in order to communicate at eye level and to transformConnection to PLM and ERP systemand a wide range of services. Made in Germany Red Dot Design Award winners for machinedesignthe entire process into a networked process step by step," DirkKopp is convinced. "The CAS project method and the mindset Founded in 1969of a medium-sized company of our type and size, as well as the Around 280 employeesformation of an internal CRM team, all helped to accelerate theProject partnerimplementation significantly. As a result, we went live with CASgenesisWorld within a very short time and have beenbenefiting from the advantages in daily practice ever since."All-round view of individual needsUnder the catchphrase "Customer Care," DATRON places a CAS Software AG, www.cas.deCAS genesisWorld Professional customer management Supports internal processes, increases efficiency Specially designed for the requirements of SMEs Mobile CRM solutions with CAS SmartDesign for––special emphasis on interaction and building trustingrelationships with its customers. As a holistic CRM solution,smartphones, tablets and browsersCAS genesisWorld supports around 200 employees across alldepartments, from marketing to board level, with the board Very good price-performance ratiomembers in particular setting the example for CRM. The area Flexible, easy to integrate, extendableof application is extensive: CAS genesisWorld is used, among Established product – winner of several awardsother things, to map the entire requirements management. Over 200 CRM specialists provide on-siteFrom the sales opportunity to the service report, all importantinformation is centrally compiled in a customer dossier andmade transparent for all Being used successfully by more than 30,000companies

DATRON, 64357 Mühltal» In this way, we have an all-round view of our customers and thus address their needs evenmore efficiently. «Dirk Kopp, CRM-ManagerEnormous time savings in the work processCAS genesisWorld has already been able to convince users inemployees from a central location. With the help of the CRMpractice, especially with time-intensive work processes such assolution, we know at all times where our field servicetrade fair follow-up. "We used to spend two to three weeks onemployees are at any given time, which allows us to plan muchfollow-up work, as all contacts were recorded and collected bymore efficiently."hand and also processed manually in Sales Support. With thedynamic capture of leads via smartphone using CAS, we cancomplete all follow-up steps on the respective day of the tradefair. This saves us an enormous amount of time," says DirkKopp speaking from experience.Digital processes redefinedThe new solution provides concrete analysis functionality forsales, product management and the general management.This applies in particular to current and future project planning,which can be implemented better and faster on the basis ofStructured deployment planningexistingIn deployment planning, CAS genesisWorld was able togenesisWorld fits perfectly into the existing system landscapeconvince users in practice. "In addition to sales, our focus iswith a PLM and ERP system. The manual processing of time-primarily on service. For our team planning, it is important thatconsuming processes is eliminated, leaving more time forwe can control and coordinate the deployments of our serviceinteraction with the customer.projectsandcustomerrelationships.CAS

» The great thing aboutCAS genesisWorld is that thesolution grows with us and alsoadapts to our future needs. «Dirk Kopp, CRM-ManagerOur new efficiency and improved control of processes wouldnot have been possible without the support of CAS DATRON, 64357 MühltalConclusion: Continuous further developmentgenesisWorld. Three things are crucial: The choice oftechnology partner, in this case CAS Software, who always hasan open ear - we value the cooperation very much. Secondly,At DATRON, CRM is synonymous with the future. On site, athe company's own will to digitize, which also means theteam of three people and enthusiastic employees is activelywillingness of the workforce to constantly improve. Anddriving the further development of CRM. The focus is on thethirdly, the passion to put the customer at the center at allincreased use of the Smart Design web client, which opens uplevels. When these three factors are in place, a company'snew worlds for mobile use.innovative strength is optimally supported in every respect."More out moreContact us now for more information on applying CRM.Phone: 49 721 9638-188E-Mail: [email protected] Software AGCAS-Weg 1 - 576131 Karlsruhe

driving the further development of CRM. The focus is on the increased use of the Smart Design web client, which opens up new worlds for mobile use. Contact us now for more information on applying CRM. Phone: 49 721 9638-188 E-Mail: [email protected] CAS Software AG CAS-Weg 1 - 5 76131 Karlsruhe More testimonials: