DTA INSTALLATIONPROCESS & USER GUIDE FORCHARTER BUSINESS CUSTOMERSThis guide is intended for owners or managers and front desk personnel.This guide is not intended for guests.Customer Care 1-800-314-7195CharterBusiness.comThank you for choosing Charter Business

This document details the steps a property manager should take to install Digital Transport Adapters (DTAs). DTAs are small,digital devices that will allow TVs to show programming delivered by Charter’s digital network. Any TVs that are not connected toa digital device (either a DTA or other digital receiver) will not be able to view programming from Charter’s network.DTAs that are connected to Charter’s network will remain active. However, when a DTA is disconnected from the network, it willtimeout after 30 days and require remote activation from Charter Business when it is reconnected to the network.This DTA install process should take approximately 10 minutes per device. Please contact Customer Care at 1-800-314-7195 withany questions.PRIOR TO BEGINNING THE INSTALLATION PROCESS, ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE THESEITEMS FOR EACH TV: DTA RF/HDMI cable(s) Power cord Remote control Batteries VelcroDTA Front PanelDTA Back PanelPOWER LEDCABLE INLights when yourdigital adapter is fully onPOWERTo TVFrom cableTV outletDTA 170HDCable inTo RF In Portwith Coax CableTo TVIR INIR INTo support remotecontrol operation*HD service required for HD content.HDMI port can still be used for HDTVsreceiving SD service.Slide SwitchHDMIConnects to HDMIport on HDTV*HDMISlide SwitchFor tuning yourdigital adapterto either channel3 or 4PowerPowerConnects topower supplyfor DTA1. Connect Cable to Your DTAa. Please write the room or unit location where the DTA is being installed on the DTA label.Charter Equipment. Do notremove from property. ContactProperty Management for return.Room #b. Locate the cable that currently runs from the cable wall outlet to the back of the TV. Leave the cable connected to thewall, but disconnect the other end from the back of the TV.c. Reconnect this end of the cable to the "Cable In" input on the back of the DTA.Thank you for choosing Charter Business2

2. Connect the DTA to the TVa. I f you have an HDTV, connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI port on the back of the DTA and then to the HDMI inputon the back of your TV.b. F or TVs without an HDMI port, connect the DTA to the TV using the coax cable. Ensure that the slide switch ison channel 3 or 4, depending on your local standards, and ensure that your TV is tuned to the correspondingchannel selected.HDTVHDTVHDTVHDMISuppliedHDMI cableHDMIDigital AdapterFrom yourcable serviceCable inFrom yourcable serviceTo TVIR INHDMISlide SwitchDigital AdapterSuppliedHDMIPowercableSuppliedRF cableCable inTo TVSuppliedRF cableIR INSlide SwitchPowerHDMIIR ExtenderSDTVTo the wallAC outletTo the wallAC outletIR ExtenderSD or AnalogTVSDTVRF cableFrom yourcable serviceDigital AdapterRF cableFrom yourcable serviceCable inTo TVIR INSuppliedRF cableCable inSuppliedRF cableTo TVIR INSlide SwitchHDMIPowerDigital AdapterSet this switchSlide Switch toHDMIChannel Power3IR ExtenderSet this switchto Channel 3To the wallAC outletTo the wallAC outletIR ExtenderThank you for choosing Charter Business3

3. Plug the Power Cord into the DTA Note: If you are using an IR Extender, DO NOT plug the power cord into an electrical outlet until after the IR Extenderhas been installed.4. Connecting the IR Extendera. If you are using the IR Extender, connect it to the IR port on the back of the DTA.b. Remove the paper backing of the adhesive pad from the bottom of the IR Receiver.c. F ind a place toward the lower right corner on the front of the TV where nothing will block the IR sensor during normalTV operation. Note: Place the IR Receiver away from compact fluorescent lights, plasma TV displays and LCD HDTVs. Remote control may benegatively impacted if the sensor is too close to these types of devices.d. Attach the IR Extender Receiver by firmly pressing on the IR Receiver.5. Power Upa. Connect the DTA to power surge protector.b. The DTA should power on. (It is possible that your DTA will show a red LED or a green LED on the front panel.As long as your video is displaying correctly on the TV, the LED color does not matter.)6. Program the Remote Control to the TVOption 1: Universal Remote (chart on right)a. Manually turn the TV on.b. Press and hold SETUPSETUPbutton on the remote control until the LED blinks twice.c. E nter the first code (from the detailed instructions included with the remote) for the brandof TV you have (a full listing of codes can be found at Press the TV Powerbutton to test. If the TV turns off, setup is complete. If the TV doesnot turn off, repeat steps b-d using the next code listed for the TV.Option 2: Cisco Remotea. Manually turn the TV on.b. Press and hold the PROG and TV POWER buttons until the LED on the remote turns on,then release both buttons.c. Enter the first code (from the detailed instructions included with the remote) for the brandof TV you have (a full listing of codes can be found at The LED will flash twice.d. Press the TV Power button. If the TV turns off, verify that the VOL and VOL- buttons and MUTE buttonalso work. If all functions work, the code is correct. If the functions do not work, repeat steps b-dusing the next code listed for the TV.Thank you for choosing Charter Business4

TV PowerDTA ted)DTA Power(currentlydeactivated)MenuTV PowerMenu UpMenu DownMenu LeftMenu RightOK/EnterExitInfoPage UpPage DownInfoTV Volume UpChannel UpMenuTV Volume DownLast ChannelMenu RightChannel Down/Menu DownPageDownExitVolume UpVolume DownDigits 0-9SetupPage UpChannel Up/Menu UpMenu LeftOK/EnterChannel DownTV MuteLast ChannelLanguage(currentlydeactivated)Universal RemoteCisco RemoteCONGRATULATIONS! You’ve completed the DTA installation process. You are now ready to program the followingsettings via the Menu on the remote control. A default setting for each is in place now, unless otherwise requested by theproperty. In the event a setting is changed, an instruction on how to adjust each setting is also included.CHANNEL TUNING LISTUsers can access channels using the Channel Up/Downnumber on the remote.CHbuttons on the remote control, or by entering a channelNote: A message similar to the following will appear if a user attempts to tune a channel to which your property does not subscribe. This shouldonly occur if your property subscribes to Limited Basic Service only, does not subscribe to HBO or Showtime or does not use insertion channels.Thank you for choosing Charter Business5

CLOSED CAPTIONSThe default setting for Closed Captioning is OFF. To access Closed Captioning, press MENU. Use the Downbutton tohighlight Closed Captioning and press OK/ENTER OK . Use the Directionalbuttons or follow the on-screen navigation to turnOn or Off.ENTERAUDIO LANGUAGEThe default setting for Audio Language is “English”. To change the language setting, press MENU. Use the DownbuttonOKto highlight Audio Language and press OK/ENTER. Using the Directionalbuttons, choose the desired language and pressOK/ENTER OK .ENTERENTERNote: Not all programming is available in an alternate language. If the audio is changed from English, and alternate audio is not available,there may be no audio present.HDMI (APPLIES ONLY TO HDTVs CONNECTED VIA HDMI CABLE)The default setting for HDMI resolution is "Auto". The device will automatically configure the best HDMI resolution to be compatiblewith the TV. To adjust the HDMI resolution, press MENU. Use the Up/Down buttons to highlight HDMI and pressOK/ENTER OK . Choose the preferred resolution and press OK/ENTER OK .CHENTERENTERIf the property subscribes to Standard Definition service, all channels should be in full-screen format. HD channels will comein a letterbox format (black bars on top and bottom). If this is not correct on the TV, modify the Aspect Ratio setting to 4:3 andcheck again.If a room has an HDTV but the property subscribes to the Standard Definition package, most HD channels should be in a letter boxformat (black bars on the top and bottom), but SD channels will remain in full-screen format. To modify these settings, check theTV settings for stretched, zoom, or crop options.If the property has HDTVs and subscribes to the HD package, all SD channels will be in a pillar-box format (black bars on the leftand right). All HD channels should be full screen in a 16:9 format. If not, modify the Aspect Ratio setting to 16:9.Note: All Aspect Ratio modifications take 10 seconds before change is completed.OUTPUT RESOLUTION (HDTVs ONLY)Default setting for Screen Format is “Auto”. To select another format, press MENU. Use the Downbutton tohighlight HDMI Setup and press OK/ENTER OK . If you do not have an HDTV, this will always default to “Auto” and will notprovide additional options.ENTERCHANNEL LOCKSDefault for Channel Locks is "Off". Charter Business does not recommend changing this setting.Important Note: If a tenant sets a Channel Lock PIN through the Menu, a call to Charter Business will be required in order to reset it. Shouldthis occur in one or more units at your property, please have an authorized staff member call Charter Business at 1-800-314-7195 andrequest a "PIN reset". The Charter Business representative will need the unit number where the impacted device is located. After the reset, ifyou are prompted to enter a PIN, please use "0000" and turn Channel Locks "Off". There is no need to set a new PIN.Thank you for choosing Charter Business6

Charter Business does not recommend changing this setting. Important Note: If a tenant sets a Channel Lock PIN through the Menu, a call to Charter Business will be required in order to reset it. Should this occur in one or more units at your property, please have an authorized staff member call Charter Business at 1-800-314-7195 and