WHY FORTINET FOR MY MSSP?Real-world Reasons Fortinet Dominatesthe MSSP MarketWHITE PAPER

WHITE PAPER: WHY FORTINET FOR MY MSSP?—REAL-WORLD REASONS FORTINET DOMINATES THE MSSP MARKETWHY FORTINET FOR MY MSSP?Real-world Reasons Fortinet Dominatesthe MSSP MarketBusinesses worldwide are struggling tosecure their networks against determinedattackers that are commonly two stepsahead of the defenders. There is a perfectstorm of challenges facing organizationswanting to expand into the new digitalmarket without compromising their securityor brands.nnStudiesshow that not only is the numberof network attacks increasing, butthe cost of being breached has alsocontinued to rise per incident.nnMediaattention on high-profile securitybreaches has also created a higher levelof awareness among business leadersas to the risks and costs of securitybreaches to businesses.nnThedepth and breadth of criminal andstate-sponsored cybercriminals, who areoften well-funded and are developingincreasingly sophisticated attacks, arebetter understood by security buyerstoday than ever before.nnAndat the same time, the security skillsshortage continues to widen.As a result, many CISOs are looking tomigrate some or all of the risk out of theirIT departments and into the hands ofprofessionals such as managed securityservice providers (MSSPs).These MSSPs areexpected to anticipate and secure networksagainst innovative and determined threatactors.This responsibility comes with considerablechallenges, including defending scoresof customers while balancing securityeffectiveness against business profitability.As a result, today’s MSSPs need toolsthat are highly scalable, support multitenant environments, and provide robust,single-pane-of-glass management andorchestration.They also need reliable, high-performance,and cost-effective security that allows theirnetworks to dynamically adapt to changingrisk environments, and that can also scaleto secure hundreds, thousands, or tens ofthousands of customers at once, even whentraffic spikes unexpectedly.To make this happen, MSSPs must selecta security vendor that not only ensures theirown success as a service provider, but alsothe security of the customers they protect.With hundreds of thousands of customernodes under management, and billionsof dollars of assets under their protection,the world’s top MSSPs hold their firewallsto extremely high standards for reliability,functionality, and flexibility. So, whenconsidering solutions to address theircomplex requirements, Fortinet stands abovethe crowd of security vendors by providingstable technology combined with specializedsupport built for carrier-class multi-tenancyand managed services.WHY TOP MSSPS STANDARDIZEON FORTINETFrost & Sullivan recently recognized that“Fortinet has achieved a dominant positionwith MSSPs with its FortiGate line of highperformance firewalls.” In their recent rankingof over 100 network security platforms,Fortinet scored “the highest possible rankingamong North American MSSPs.”Fortinet covers critical aspects of an MSSP’sbusiness model like no other securitymanufacturer—offering the best in multitenancy, the most hardware flexibility, thehighest performance through hardwareacceleration, and the lowest total cost ofownership of any security vendor.WHITE PAPER

WHITE PAPER: WHY FORTINET FOR MY MSSP?—REAL-WORLD REASONS FORTINET DOMINATES THE MSSP MARKETFUNCTIONS OF THE MSSPWHY FORTINET FOR MY MSSP?Fortinet’s Strategic Visionary InvestmentsAt its core, an MSSP must provide twokinds of basic services: security devicemanagement and continuous monitoring.Customers with multiple locations andbusiness-critical applications runningacross the network have stringent uptimerequirements, so device management andmonitoring are crucial to maintain businessproductivity.Fortinet understands that the MSSP is astrategically differentiated channel partner,and for years has developed technologyspecifically suited to the MSSP businessmodel. A foundational tenet of our strategy isto enhance our MSSP Partners’ profitability.nnIndustry-leadingMany service providers also addsecurity analytics and threat intelligenceservices to help mitigate new attacks,including actionable intelligence and acomprehensive view of the distributedsecurity infrastructure. Going forward, thesefirms will likely differentiate themselvesin new areas such as security analytics,threat intelligence, information portals, andcustomer service.Many MSSPs will also want to providesecurity remediation, incident response,compliance services, or loss preventionto further differentiate them in the market.Securing thousands of customer locations,meeting service delivery SLAs, and balancingprofitability with engineering headcount andinfrastructure are ongoing challenges facingMSSPs, so they need specialized securityvendors that understand their businessmodel and can help them meet customerrequirements.Our unique channel enablement strategycreates a symbiotic relationship withMSSPs, as their customers rely on Fortinetproducts for network uptime and applicationavailability, while Fortinet relies on the MSSPto win new customers with a blend ofprofessional services and high-touch supportthat reduces our own cost of support.Fortinet’s MSSP innovative strategy can bestbe described in four key pillars or areas ofinfluence: Vision, Technology, Economics,and Support. These areas capture many ofFortinet’s differentiators for MSSPs, and helpclarify the reasons for Fortinet’s dominance inthe space.VISIONFortinet’s vision of security designed tooperate as an integrated whole, whileproviding cost-effective performance andprotection is key to its long-term position asa strategic business partner for network andmanaged security services providers.nnGlobalMSSP partner programsupport from dedicated MSSPteamsnnEnhancedtechnologies servicedevelopment supportnnSpecializedteam supporting bestpractices, customization, and automationnnCloudnnSDNpremium brand and broad supportand NFV development partnerFortinet’s vision focuses on ongoing securityinnovation, advanced threat intelligence,delivering the fastest security platforms onthe market, OS portability to secure thecloud and IoT, and leadership in softwaredefined networks (SDN) and networkfunctions virtualization (NFV).Fortinet’s vision is actualized around ourend-to-end security fabric that allowsMSSPs to secure nearly any environment.This approach not only improves security,but also reduces operational costsand complexity for professional serviceorganizations that are entrusted to securetheir customers’ networks.Fortinet also leads the way in creatinginnovative security solutions with anintegrated security approach for everybusiness computing environment.3

WHITE PAPER: WHY FORTINET FOR MY MSSP?—REAL-WORLD REASONS FORTINET DOMINATES THE MSSP MARKETMany security vendors outsource hardwareplatforms, threat intelligence, or signatureservices to third parties. This is much lessexpensive than doing this work yourself.But Fortinet owns and operates all of ourown technology, from the hardware to thesoftware, and from subscriptions to threatintelligence. This ensures that MSSPs thatdeploy our gear are never unpleasantlysurprised with unexpected changes invendors or suppliers.The value of Fortinet’s vision isdemonstrated through consistent industryrecognition of the efficacy of our technologyand threat intelligence by objective, thirdparty testing outfits like NSS Labs, ICSA,VB100, CVE, and AV Labs.THREAT INTELLIGENCE MADEACTIONABLEThe only way to mitigate risk in today’sthreat environment is with actionable threatintelligence, which is why the proprietaryadvanced threat intelligence and signatureservice from FortiGuard Labs comesstandard on the FortiGate firewall. Ourthreat intelligence and signature serviceis recognized and certified as an industryleader for defense against a wide variety ofthreats, and trusted to secure some of themost sensitive networks in the world.FortiGuard Labs threat intelligence is thebest in the business, with 200 securityanalysts and 2.5 million sensors worldwidethat provide a crowdsourcing-style solutionto risk mitigation, and over 90 distributionservers located worldwide to serve signatureupdates. We intercept 40 million threatevents per minute, and simultaneously trackover one million mobile viruses and 220 botnets. Since the team’s inception, they’vediscovered 197 zero-day threats in advanceof their ability to compromise a customer’snetwork—the most in the security industry.The result is higher catch rates and fewersecurity breaches in Fortinet defendednetworks.STRENGTH IN THE CLOUD—SECURINGTHE ONGOING MIGRATIONAccording to Gartner, 73% of CIOs arebudgeting for cloud migration in order tocapitalize on the promises of 64% lowertotal cost of ownership and a 68% efficiencyincrease in IT staff operations, along with81% less downtime and a whopping 560%five-year ROI. This is why IDC predicts that50% of workloads will move to the Cloud by2018.From a security perspective, one of thechallenges companies face is implementinga consistent security policy for data thatmoves between their on-premises andcloud environments. To address thischallenge, we have partnered with majorcloud service providers and virtualizationvendors to ensure integrated defense acrosscloud workload migrations. This enablespartners to use a single security platformfor their customers’ cloud and premisesbased security requirements for consistentmanagement, policy enforcement, andvisibility.Partnering closely with vendors like VMware,Microsoft, and Amazon, Fortinet developsintegrated, next-generation securitycapabilities so service providers can stayon the leading edge of the technology, andcapitalize on “service injection” opportunitiesoffered by software-defined networks (SDN)and network functions virtualization (NFV).Fortinet’s FortiGate firewall also supportsall of the virtualization platforms andhypervisors, as well as leading open-sourceSDN protocols and advanced APIs fororchestration and automation, to ensure thesecurity of new, highly mobile workloads.Fortinet’s web application firewall anddatabase security solutions also provide thelayered security needed to secure businessapplications in the cloud.TECHNOLOGYTen out of 10 top global carrier MSSPsuse Fortinet in some of the busiest,highest-performance networks in theworld. Why is that?4

WHITE PAPER: WHY FORTINET FOR MY MSSP?—REAL-WORLD REASONS FORTINET DOMINATES THE MSSP MARKETThere are several reasons:TECHNICAL DOMINANCE IN alized managementand reportingnnExtremeperformance scalability andplatform flexibilitynnOngoingadvanced technology researchand developmentAll of Fortinet’s flagship security productssupport multi-tenant services and granular,delegated administration. This makes iteasy for a service provider to host multiplecustomers on a single security appliance orprovide delegated administrative capacityand single-pane-of-glass management forthe security infrastructure.FortiGate firewalls also offer a broad suiteof security controls that provide MSSPswith a full-featured platform to deliveradvanced, adaptive security functionality totheir customers. This allows the MSSP todeliver a wide variety of managed securityservices to match their customers’ securityrequirements.PERFORMANCE ADVANTAGE—SLOW ISBROKENIn the real world, network speeds areincreasing exponentially, and MSSPs needsecurity that can keep up withaccelerating requirements.Security performance has been adifferentiator for Fortinet since our hardwareaccelerated appliances first beganshipping. This performance advantage isachieved through our ongoing investmentin application-specific integrated circuits, orASICs, designed to process security andcontent inspection at speeds that off-theshelf CPUs used by other vendors simplycannot match.In fact, Ixia BreakingPoint recentlyrecognized the FortiGate 5000 serieschassis as the World’s Fastest Firewall afterrigorous real-world traffic testing. This isin addition to NSS Labs reports that detailFortiGate’s low latency, high performance,and exceptional catch rates with a 99.8%security effectiveness score.Additionally, Fortinet’s platform flexibilityallows service providers to deploy the sameoperating system and capabilities in anysize environment, whether it’s three POSmachines, 300,000 workers accessing theInternet through a network firewall, or highlydistributed users leveraging cloud-basedapplications.PLATFORM FLEXIBILITY—DEPLOYANYWHEREFrom the smallest devices to mid-sized andchassis-based systems, even VM platforms,Fortinet offers the greatest flexibility incoverage, thereby allowing MSSPs to keeptheir operational costs down while keeping aclose handle on hardware COGS.FortiGate solutions also support virtualsecurity domains (VDOMs), allowing MSSPsto leverage a single device to securemultiple customers. This is common amongcarriers, as larger FortiGate chassis areused to secure hundreds or thousandsof customers on a single, high-availabilitysecurity platform.This native virtualization also meets themost rigorous security standards forthe separation of traffic, and is used forhighly secure government and carrierenvironments meeting ICSA, FIPS, andCommon Criteria standards for separationof customer traffic, while meeting all thesecurity behaviors of a dedicated hardwaredevice.This allows the MSSP to deploy virtualizedFortiGate appliances into some of the moststringent security environments,and is another reason FortiGate is thefirewall of choice for MSSPs worldwide.The Fortinet Security Fabric takes thisfunctionality even further by allowingcustomers to tie their local Fortinetdeployments to the cloud-based securityprovided by their MSSP. This allows themto create consistent policies betweentheir on and off-premises environmentsenvironments, and manage and orchestratesecurity through a common managementinterface. This allows threat intelligence tobe shared dynamically between their localnetwork and the cloud, and to impose threat5

WHITE PAPER: WHY FORTINET FOR MY MSSP?—REAL-WORLD REASONS FORTINET DOMINATES THE MSSP MARKETintervention measures anywhere along thedata path.nnDrill-downCENTRALIZED MANAGEMENT—SINGLEPANE OF GLASSEMERGING MODELS FOR AGILESERVICE DELIVERYFor centralized management andreporting, Fortinet offers FortiManager andFortiAnalyzer, which provide fully featured,industrial-grade capabilities to deploy,manage, and report on thousands ofdevices.In order to meet the demands of newnetworking paradigms being adopted bycustomers, many providers are looking toevolve their managed service offerings toalign with the elastic and agile infrastructureand application delivery models, suchas public clouds and SaaS, that manyorganizations are implementing.Fortinet’s powerful centralized management,with native support for multi-tenancy, andextensive customization options throughAPI integration—along with advancedautomation—ensure MSSPs remain efficientwith their most expensive service deliverycomponent: engineering time on task.Fortinet centralized management supportsa great deal of customization throughAPIs so that service providers can brandtheir management portals and offer coadministration and delegated administration.FortiManager provides key functionality anda conduit to customization and automation:nnSupportfor tens or thousands of devicesnnAdministrativedomains for delegatedadmin and multi-tenancynnMasspolicy template deploymentsnnLarge-scalefirmware and FortiGuardupdatesnnObjectsfor common managementfunctionsOne way to illustrate MSSP service valueto the customer is through logging andreporting. FortiAnalyzer is designed toprovide granular reporting on hundreds oreven thousands of devices in a single set ofreports, giving the customer asingle-pane-of-glass view across theirsecurity deployment. These include:nnLoggingof security events pulled from avariety of Fortinet security productsnnEventmanagement to highlight importantactivity and alerts based on pre-definedrulesnnSimplifiedreporting across all FortiOSenabled devicesfunctionality for detailedanalysisThe implementation of architectures such asnetwork function virtualization (NFV) enablesproviders to build out network and securityservices as virtual network functions (VNF)on commoditized hardware, enabling ascale-out infrastructure that can efficientlyand cost-effectively meet growing demand.At the same time, centralized networkorchestration can automate service insertionand chaining to enable rapid deploymentand delivery. Fortinet’s extensible platformand validated integration efforts, not justwith SDN but with NFV management andorchestration (MANO), enables the rapiddeployment of new service models, such asvirtual CPE.In addition, new pay-per-use (PPU) servicemodels allow for services to be offered ondemand or through self-service catalogs.But implementing these PPU servicesrequires significant up-front opex-basedinfrastructure costs for providers. Fortinet’snew platforms, such as our VM OnDemand program for providers, addressesthis challenge by automating licensing,provisioning, metering, and billing with aturnkey deployment. This enables providersto rapidly stand up new on-demand serviceofferings, and align costs with pay-as-yougo revenues.ECONOMICSMSSPs have distinct cost components toconsider in their management accountingprocesses because they preside over acomplex business model with profit marginsas heavily dependent on operationalefficiencies as they are on hardware andsoftware costs.Average revenue per unit (ARPU) is a keyfactor for MSSPs as they consider selectingsecurity platforms for a managed securityservice. MSSPs are obviously looking fora higher return on investment, as they willoften own the security asset and depreciateit accordingly.Fortinet delivers the highest ARPU in theindustry due to multiple unified threatmanagement controls andhigh-performance hardware, allowing theMSSP to convert more services into revenueon a single device. Those aren’t the lsnnInclusivennNativethreat intelligence servicevirtualization per devicennEnhancedtechnologies investmentThis flexibility and functionality allowsMSSPs to turn on more billable securityservices and secure more users behind onedevice than any other manufacturer.Total cost of ownership (TCO) isanother important consideration, as thisencompasses the direct and indirect costsof deploying and managing a securityplatform. Fortinet provides the lowest TCOfor a variety of reasons:nnScalable,centralized management andopen source APIs for cription and supportnnOSuniformity across hardware and virtualplatformsnnNon-user-basednnSpecialbundled pricingpricing models for OPEXnnMassdeployment and automation toolkitsfor improved operational efficienciesFortinet presents the lowest TCO andhighest ARPU of any security manufacturer.MSSPs also gain healthy returns whenthey are able to cover broad customersizing requirements with a single securityvendor. Training engineers on a singleplatform, as opposed to having to supportmultiple vendors, allows the MSSP to keep6

WHITE PAPER: WHY FORTINET FOR MY MSSP?—REAL-WORLD REASONS FORTINET DOMINATES THE MSSP MARKEToperational and training costs down.Of course, operational expenses are thebiggest cost component in any managedservices practice because smart humansare expensive. The more time yourengineers spend on configuration andmanagement, the lower your profits. Whileeffort is spent weighing hardware andsoftware costs when considering a securityvendor, remember that operational costs areusually the real margin killers.This is why the Fortinet Developer Networkwas designed to develop solutions tohelp improve operational efficiencies, andcreate a community around automation andorchestration of security workloads. Hereare a few examples:FortiDeploy is an example of MSSPspecific tools built to improve operationalefficiencies and keep costs down onmass deployments. This tool allows forthe bootstrap deployment of FortiGatefirewalls—thousands at once whenneeded—where the MSSP can provide aminimal configuration.Once connected to the network, FortiDeploywill register the device, populate thenew firewall into the proper customeradministrative domain (ADOM), and pushdown a complete configuration. Thisprocess is fully automated, which saves theMSSP both time and money.FortiUpgrade is another tool designedspecifically for MSSPs to allow them toupgrade devices without manually steppingthrough each OS revision, which canbe a time-consuming effort, and whereskipping a step could turn your firewall intoa paperweight. FortiUpgrade walks throughthis process automatically, ensuring thatproper steps are taken in updating a deviceto the newest code, thereby saving time andmoney while serving as a profit enhancer forthe MSSP.FortiPrivateCloud is a re-brandable,customer-facing interface that allowsan MSSP customer to access logs andreports, as well as make changes to securitypolicies as defined by the MSSP. This sameservice can cost hundreds of thousands ofdollars and months of time to develop andmaintain. But Fortinet makes it available asa private cloud-based service, sparing theMSSP the time and money needed to hire acoder to write up and integrate a customerportal for their offering.This specialized support comes in the formof product development, financial modeling,and engineering assistance, along withoperational best practices documentation,market intelligence, and MSSP-specificsales collateral and go-to-market support.The MSSP team also administers Fortinet’sindustry-leading MSSP Partner Program,which seeks to empower MSSPs toincrease their margins while improvingsecurity effectiveness.The main benefits of the MSSP PartnerProgram �s MSSP vision is global, withdedicated teams in each area of operationfunctioning under a worldwide standard forMSSP empowerment.Fortinet MSSP specialists have backgroundsin managed security service provideroperations, product development, andtraining that cross business developmentand engineering disciplines, and theyunderstand the executive, operational, andsales aspects of the business.discounts for OPEX MSSengineering and marketingcontentnnExpertconsultative supportnnMSSPecosystemSelecting a security vendor in today’scongested and confusing security marketcan be a real challenge. Fortinet hasmore experience and proven success inhelping MSSPs build and deploy profitablemanaged security services than any othervendor in the industry. We have trained,professional teams ready to help you today.This expert level of support, along with thespecialized content and tools they create,dramatically shortens market deliverytimeframes and product developmentcycles, and increases the likelihood of apositive product launch while improving goto-market results.Fortinet’s MSSP teams also functionas subject matter experts in an overlayorganization that supports field sales,providing specialized support for partnerswith a mission of improving profit marginsand operational efficiencies.GLOBAL HEADQUARTERSFortinet Inc.899 Kifer RoadSunnyvale, CA 94086United StatesTel: SALES OFFICE905 rue Albert Einstein06560 ValbonneFranceTel: 33.4.8987.0500APAC SALES OFFICE300 Beach Road 20-01The ConcourseSingapore 199555Tel: 65.6513.3730LATIN AMERICA HEADQUARTERSSawgrass Lakes Center13450 W. 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Fortinet's vision of security designed to operate as an integrated whole, while providing cost-effective performance and protection is key to its long-term position as a strategic business partner for network and managed security services providers. Fortinet's Strategic Visionary Investments n Industry-leading MSSP partner program