Great Writing 5: From Great Essays to Research, 3rd EditionAnswer KeyUnit 1 .Activity 1, pages 5–8Preview QuestionsAnswers will vary.Post-Reading1. Paragraph 12. Paragraphs 2–43. Paragraph 54. Answers will vary.5. Answers will vary.6. Answers will vary.Activity 2, page 3, pages 9–10Answers will vary.Activity 4, pages 10–111. Hook: What makes a person happy?Type of hook: questionComments on hook: Answers will vary.2. Hook: Imagine going to a sushi restaurantthat could no longer serve fish.Type of hook: Possible answers includescene, shocking statement, and dilemmaComments on hook: Answers will vary.3. Hook: Spam, which Flynn and Kahn (2003)define as “unsolicited e-mail that is neitherwanted nor needed” (p. 179) by anyone,threatens the entire e-mail system.Type of hook: quoteComments on hook: Answers will vary.Activities 5–6, page 12Answers will vary.Activity 7, page 8, pages 15–161. Answer is given.2. Thesis Statement: A wide variety of studyskills and techniques can aid students asthey achieve their objectives in all of theirclasses.Expected Organization: Answers will vary.Possible answer: I expect each paragraph topresent an example of a study skill ortechnique.3. Thesis Statement: The process of how themuch less beautiful caterpillar transformsinto a beautiful butterfly, which is truly oneof the miracles of nature, requires fourdiscrete stages for complete metamorphosis.Expected Organization: Answers will vary.Possible answer: I expect each paragraph toexplain one of the four stages.4. Thesis Statement: Despite these similarities,there are several very important differencesbetween crocodiles and alligators that allowpeople to distinguish one from the other.Expected Organization: Answers will vary.Possible answer: I expect the bodyparagraphs to list and explain some of theseimportant differences.

Activities 9–10, pages 16–17Answers will vary.Activity 11, page 18Paragraph 2: Concealing coloration helpsanimals to blend into their surroundings andcreate a visual illusion.Paragraph 3: Animals such as zebras andgiraffes show disruptive coloration.Paragraph 4: With disguise, some animalsresemble specific elements of their surroundingsrather than their environment as a whole.Paragraph 5: With mimicry, an animal’scoloring makes it resemble another, moredangerous creature so that they are virtuallyidentical.Activity 12, page 2.CBCAActivities 15–16, pages 24–26Answers will vary.Activity 17, page s 18–24, pages 27–31Answers will vary.Unit 2 .Activities 1–3, pages 35–39Answers will vary.Activity 13, pages 20–22Activity 4, pages 40–451. ofAs a result ofFor this reasonConsequentlyAs a resultBecause ofAs a result ofBecause ofActivity 14, page My car accident was completelyavoidable because I was texting whiledriving.II. A. I was expecting a text message.II. C. I took my eyes off the road.III. B. A police officer gave me a ticket.V.People think using a cell phone does notaffect their ability to do other things atthe same time.V. C. Texting causes the same delayedreaction as driving while drinking.VI. C. Obey the protocols of safe driving andturn your cell phone off.Activity 5, pages 42–43Answers will vary.

Activity 6, pages 44–45Paragraph 1: The vehicle I was driving at thetime was approximately five years old.Paragraph 2: Every day I receive up to 50 textmessages.Paragraph 3: The police who arrived at theaccident scene were very polite.Paragraph 4: Just last week, one of my teachersgot mad at me for checking a text message inclass.Paragraph 5: Some cell phones are better fordrivers.Paragraph 6: Why do people continue to mixtexting and driving?Activity 7, page 461. 4 .Activity 1, page 761. no check no checkno checkno check Answers will vary.Answers will vary.Activity 2, page 77Answers will vary.Activity 3, pages 77–80Preview QuestionsAnswers will vary.Activity 2, page 60Post-Reading1. Interviewing for a job.2. To approach a job interview successfully,applicants should prepare well so that theirinterviewers will clearly perceive theirassets as a candidate, as one capable ofcontributing effectively to the company.3. a. Research the company to which they areapplying.b. Develop unique answers tointerviewers’ questions.c. Be mindful of their nonverbalcommunication.d. Be careful to communicate clearlydespite the potential gap in age betweenthe interviewer and the interviewee.4. Answers will vary.5. Answers will vary.1. Circling: Answers will vary; C2. Answers will vary.Activity 4, page 81Activities 8–14, pages 47–51Answers will vary.Unit 3 .Activity 1, page 601. a. TS b. B c. X2. a. X. b. TS c. BActivities 3–4, pages 63–64Answers will vary.Activities 5–11, pages 66–70Answers will vary.

10. B11. A12. CActivity 5, pages 82–83I. B. to succeed in a job interview, applicantsshould prepare well so that theirinterviewers will clearly perceive theirassets as a candidateII. A. research the company and learn as muchabout it as possibleIII. B. Cite scholar W. PoundstoneIV. A. applicants to be careful about theirnonverbal communicationV. C. should seek to communicate as clearly aspossible with their interviewersVI. B. careful planning, detailed answers,attention to nonverbal communication, andappropriate word choiceActivity 6, page 84Answers will vary.Activity 7, page 85Transition/Connector in the Introduction:1. While most people want a job, few lookforward to interviewing for them. (1)Transitions/Connectors in the Body Paragraphs:1. First, applicants should research thecompany and learn as much about it aspossible. (2)2. In addition, applicants should bear in mindthat the interviewer is repeating the samequestions to different candidates over aninterval of several days, or even severalweeks. (3)3. Finally, applicants should recognize thatfrequently their interviewers will be olderthan they are, which means that there mightbe a generation gap. (5)Transition/Connector in the Conclusion:1. In the end, a successful job interview canimprove a person’s prospects by promotingopportunities for employment and futureadvancement. (6)Activity 8, page 85Answers will vary.Activity 9, pages 86–881. firstAfterThe nextDuringat the same timeFinallywhenimmediately followingasActivity 10, page 881. 11, page 891. 12, page ivity 13, pages 92–941.2.3.4.wantsopposeCfinal

milarCCpatientconsiderableCfindsubsequentActivity 14, page s 15–21, pages 95–100Answers will vary.Unit 5 .Activity 1, page check Post-Reading1. A comparison of online and face-to-faceclassrooms2. Students should not assume that eitheronline or face-to-face classes are inherentlysuperior; instead, students should focus onwhat they need to learn from a particularcourse and which learning paradigm willbest facilitate their education.3. Traditional classrooms encourage thedevelopment of interpersonalcommunication skills. Also, many coursesbenefit from learning situations in whichstudents interact with one another.4. Online classes offer greater flexibility inscheduling and can increase studentparticipation.5. Answers will vary.6. Answers will vary.7. Answers will vary.8. Point-by-point method9. Answers will vary.Activity 4, page 1131. checkActivity 5, pages 113–114 checkno checkAnswers will vary.Answers will vary.Activity 2, page 108Answers will vary.Activity 3, pages 109–112Preview QuestionsAnswers will vary.C. Students should not assume that eitheronline or face-to-face classes areinherently superior; instead, studentsshould focus on what they need to learnfrom a particular course and whichlearning paradigm will best facilitatetheir education.II. B. examples of how scheduling time foronline courses is more convenient thanfor face-to-face coursesIII. A. the different rates of student participationin online and face-to-face courses

IV. A. the potential benefits of face-to-facecourses in enhancing communicationskillsV. A. the need for adequate computer accessand skills to complete online coursesVI. A. how online and face-to-face classesdiffer in their ability to foster personalrelationshipsVII. B. when these instructions modes merge ininteresting waysActivity 6, page 115Answers will vary.Activity 7, page 116Shows Similarities:1. Both face-to-face and online courses sharethe same goal of educating students. (7)Show Differences:1. Although face-to-face courses are morefamiliar to many students, online coursesoffer several advantages. (2)2. Contrary to lecture classes, online coursescan also increase student participation (3)3. Another prime difference between these twotypes of education involves the lack of faceto-face communication, which can be amajor drawback to online classes. (4)4. While face-to-face classes typically do notrely on technology in the classroom to agreat extent, online courses require studentsto have certain computer skills as well assufficient technological access to take thecourses. (5)5. Finally, one very important differencebetween traditional and online classes is thatstudents in online courses do not enjoy asmany opportunities to build personalrelationships with teachers and classmatesthroughout the duration of their education.(6)Activity 8, page 117Answers will vary.Activity 9, pages 117–1191.2.3.4.whereasbutBecauseFor example5. the other handThusIn factAs a resultWhileconsequentlyIn additionActivity 10, page 1201. 11, page 1211. difficultmore reliablemore expensivedeepermore conciselyActivity 12, pages 121–122Answers will vary.Activity 13, page 1231. According to the most recent data, thepopulation of Spain is larger than thepopulation of Greece.2. The company’s annual report indicatesexcellent sales in January, March, and July.3. With only five days until the deadline, ourteam’s project is not as good as the otherteam’s.4. Many children like watching television andplaying computer games.5. To apply for a loan, read about our differentloan packages on our website, fill out theapplication completely, and submit it to thecorrect loan officer at the bank.

6. According to the report, schools inCalifornia spend more money per studentthan schools in New York.7. For better heart health, three great forms ofexercise involve our legs: jogging, distancerunning, and brisk walking.8. To relax, I like surfing the Internet, workingin the garden, and doing crossword puzzles. 14, pages 124–126Activity 2, pages portantcloseCwiderlongernarrowerCmore limitedlargerCthanCthanmore carefulasdemeanor(s)Activity 15, page es 16–22, pages 126–130Answers will vary.Unit 6 .Activity 1, page 1361. 2. no check3. no checkno checkno check Answers will vary.Answers will vary.Answers will vary.Activity 3, pages 139–143Preview QuestionsAnswers will vary.Post-Reading1. How the weather has affected world history.2. Notwithstanding many people’s opinion thatthe weather has little influence in their livesbesides determining what clothes they wearon a particular day, the weather has in factcaused world history to radically shift inimportant ways that are still felt today.3. The weather, including a monsoon in Japan,fog in Long Island, and the cold winters ofRussia.4. Khubilai Khan failed to conquer Japan; theBritish failed to defeat the Americancolonists; France failed to conquer Russia.5. Answers will vary.6. Focus-on-effects method7. Answers will vary.Activity 4, page 1421. 5, page 143I.C. The weather has changed world history inimportant ways still felt today.

II. C. Japan’s cultural identity would havechanged if Khan had succeeded in hisinvasion.III. A. the Battle of Long Island in theAmerican Revolutionary War, duringwhich fog helped the American forces toretreatIV. B. H. Belloc, who documents the effect ofthe Russian winterV. B. the course of history cannot be fullyisolated from the effects of weatherActivity 6, page 144Answers will vary.Activity 7, page 1451. Notwithstanding many people’s opinionthat the weather has little influence intheir lives besides determining whatclothes they wear on a particular day,the weather has in fact caused worldhistory to radically shift in importantways that are still felt today. (1)2. Because of this unexpected defeat,Khubilai Khan decided to stage a thirdinvasion of Japan, but he died before hecould fulfill this ambition. (2)3. Without these monsoons, Japan mighthave been defeated by the Mongols andthus lost its identity as a unique culture,with far-reaching consequences forAsian and world history. (2)4. Because of this fog, the United Stateswas not defeated in its struggle forfreedom. (3)5. Consequently, today’s United Kingdomof England, Wales, Scotland, andNorthern Ireland does not include theUnited States. The United States is not acommonwealth of a mother country, asCanada and Australia are, though theUnited States still has strong ties to itscolonial past. (3)6. However, because of his dreams ofglory, Napoleon overlooked the simplefact that Russian winters are extremelycold. (4)7. As a result of the failure of Napoleon’sRussian campaigns, his own rule endedrelatively soon after. (4)Activity 8, page 146Answers will vary.Activity 9, pages 146–1481. orderFinallybecauseleadF

Great Writing 5: From Great Essays to Research, 3rd Edition Answer Key Unit 1 . Activity 1, pages 5–8 Preview Questions Answers will vary. Post-Reading 1. 1. Paragraph 1 2. Paragraphs 2–4 3. Paragraph 5 4. Answers will vary. 5. Answers will vary. 6. Answers will vary. Activity 2, page 8 1. A 2. B 3. A 4. C 5. C 6. B 7. A 8. C 9. B 10. C 11 .