Q&A: How Two GlobalCompanies Use WorkspaceONE with Office 365Lessons Learned from Two Different Journeys

Introduction Q&A Toppan Q&A Nol-Tec Lessons Learned ConclusionA Changing Workforce Puts NewDemands on ITToday, people need the flexibility to work from anywhere, on the devices they’recarrying with them. That creates new challenges for IT organizations, and manyare turning to Microsoft Office 365 to help them provide a consistent userexperience everywhere.But deploying Office 365 isn’t a complete answer. IT still needs to manage otherapps, and secure those apps and data on every endpoint. VMware Workspace ONE is a digital workspace platform that integrates seamlessly with Office 365, helpscompanies get more out of their investment, and offers tremendous benefits likesimplified management and single sign-on.We sat down with two global companies that deployed both Office 365 andWorkspace ONE to find out more about their goals, deployment strategies,and successes.Q & A : H O W T W O G LO B A L C O M PA N I E S U S E W O R K S PAC E O N E W I T H O F F I C E 3 6 5 2

Introduction Q&A Toppan Q&A Nol-Tec Lessons Learned ConclusionTwo VMware Customers Share Their Stories:Toppan Interamerica and Nol-Tec SystemsAbout ToppanToppan is a global Japanese printingcompany that combines printing withtransformative new technologies.With headquarters in Tokyo and morethan 50,000 employees, the companyprovides security solutions, marketingautomation, eco-friendly packaging,high-performance materials, and othercutting-edge products and services tocompanies across industries.About Nol-Tec SystemsNol-Tec designs and engineerspneumatic conveying systems for bulkmaterial handling and pollutionmitigation systems. From theirheadquarters in Minnesota, they customengineer solutions for customersglobally. Their solutions serve a diverserange of industries, from foodmanufacturers to pharmaceuticalcompanies to power generation.Q & A : H O W T W O G LO B A L C O M PA N I E S U S E W O R K S PAC E O N E W I T H O F F I C E 3 6 5 3

Introduction Q&A Toppan Q&A Nol-Tec Lessons Learned ConclusionQ&A: ToppanWe sat down with Travis Robertson, Information Technology Manager of ToppanInteramerica, a subsidiary of Toppan in the US. Our goal was to find out more abouttheir Workspace ONE journey and what they discovered along the way.Q: Give us some background on how this project got started.A: At Toppan Interamerica, our IT operations establish rules and regulations independently fromToppan headquarters. Like many other divisions operating as overseas subsidiaries, we areresponsible for maintaining our own IT environment, while our headquarters providesrequirements for global information security standards. The security standards can at timesbe very different from American customs.For example, it is quite common for us to stop at any coffee shop, hotel lobby, or airportterminal and hop on the public Wi-Fi to complete some last-minute work. On the contrary,we typically hear stories from our Japanese expatriates and visitors who are entrusted withcorporate laptops but required to stay on-premises and lock them away in their office at theend of the day.As a typical American business, many of our employees work from home and outside theoffice, and IT is tasked with providing easier access to data and communications. We neededa technology-based solution to satisfy our global information security guidelines.Q: What factors went into your decision-making process?A: We needed to address specific security challenges with mobile device management, includingaccess to email and company data. We had users accessing email from remote Windows,Mac, Android, and iOS devices. We supported and deployed iOS devices to mobileworkers, but needed to expand support and access to Android devices as well.Q & A : H O W T W O G LO B A L C O M PA N I E S U S E W O R K S PAC E O N E W I T H O F F I C E 3 6 5 4

Introduction Q&A Toppan Q&A Nol-Tec Lessons Learned ConclusionWe were using on-premise Exchange, planning to move to the cloud, and needed a way toapply security standards. We adopted Workspace ONE first, to easily manage mobile devicesand control access to data.Later, we used Workspace ONE to migrate email and to Office 365. In a following phase, weextended our support and deployment to various other Office 365 applications, as well as toother cloud-based SaaS applications.Q: Why did you choose Workspace ONE?A: The interoperability and support of multiple OSs and platforms. We saw a lot more strengththere, especially on the iOS/Mac side. We looked at a few other tools, and they were eitherstrong on the Microsoft side or strong on the iOS side, but not both—and not as full featuredas Workspace ONE.We’re a custom design-oriented company with a team of designers who rely on MacBook andApple devices to bring our products to life. Our Windows devices were already using ActiveDirectory for authentication and policy deployment, but we lacked a solution for managingMacs. This is the foundation for much of our intellectual property, so it was a major concernfor us.“Workspace ONEreally helped in movingusers over when wetransitioned from ouron-premises service.”TRAVIS ROBERTSONINFORMATION TECHNOLOGY MANAGER,TOPPAN INTRAMERICAQ: How did Workspace ONE help with your Office 365 deployment?A: Workspace ONE really helped us move users over when we transitioned from our on-premiseservice. We have two sites—Atlanta and Philadelphia—with all our IT support based in Atlanta.Workspace ONE provided a way to transition all our users the same way at the same time, nomatter where they were located.We migrated most users over on the weekends, but some employees were still accessingemail remotely via their mobile devices. We were able to update configurations in batches aswe migrated them over to using Workspace ONE. This process was basically seamless; mostpeople didn’t even know that they were being moved from an on-premise server to Office 365.Q & A : H O W T W O G LO B A L C O M PA N I E S U S E W O R K S PAC E O N E W I T H O F F I C E 3 6 5 5

Introduction Q&A Toppan Q&A Nol-Tec Lessons Learned ConclusionFor our users in Philadelphia, we did everything remotely, without needing to have theirdevices in-hand or require IT support staff to travel. If we had not already deployed WorkspaceONE onto their mobile devices, we would have had to configure each device manually and theuser experience would have been much different.Q: How has Workspace ONE helped with your original security goals?A: We look for solutions we can manage through Workspace ONE. We are now able toenforce security standards like encryption on MacBook devices by deploying policies fromWorkspace ONE.We also try to containerize all company data. Using Workspace ONE, we feel very comfortablethat we’re in control of company assets and data when we onboard and offboard newemployees. If a device gets lost, stolen, or damaged, we know that we can properly removeour data from those devices.Q: What advice would you give a team looking at both Office 365 and Workspace ONE, and notknowing where to start?A: We recommend starting with Workspace ONE, because it provides a platform to help deployOffice 365. If you’ve already deployed Office 365, you would need to retrofit configurationsand devices and make sure any settings won’t upset your environment. Having WorkspaceONE in first makes it so much easier because you can use it to push out your configurationsand security policies.Q: How did that flow affect your user experience?A: We were able to provide user training followed by application deployment and have bettercontrol of the flow to ensure a good user experience. On the flip side, if we were to turn oneverything at once, users might feel overwhelmed and frustrated. Having Workspace ONE tohelp support IT with the rollout created a much better user experience and application adoption.Q & A : H O W T W O G LO B A L C O M PA N I E S U S E W O R K S PAC E O N E W I T H O F F I C E 3 6 5 6

Introduction Q&A Toppan Q&A Nol-Tec Lessons Learned ConclusionQ&A: Nol-TecWe sat down with Tony Harmelink, System Administrator and Dustin Plank, Managerof Information Technology, to learn more about the specific challenges Nol-Tec wantedto solve, and what they’ve learned from using Workspace ONE with Office 365.Q: You deployed Office 365 first—tell us more about that.A: Initially, we made the decision to use Office 365 to move away from managing our agingon-premises email infrastructure and a non-traditional email platform. Office 365 offered amodern, cloud-based email platform along with the latest releases of the full and web-basedOffice applications.The licensing model is another big plus for us; we have predictable per-user cost as thecompany grows. It was a good move for us, and we have started using a lot more parts of theservice, such as Microsoft Teams for collaboration and voice, with Workspace ONE as a unifiedportal into the Office 365 suite.The consideration process for Workspace ONEQ: What caused you to look into the Workspace ONE platform?A: We saw what Workspace ONE could do, and how it could help us enable our users. It justseemed to fit. It was all-encompassing, and we could use it together with web, Windows, andmobile. Workspace ONE was that single solution we could use to manage all our devices andapplications instead of using two, three, or four products to accomplish the same results. Wewere also looking at identity management at the time. The tight integrations of WorkspaceONE into our other products added value. We believed it was going to be a good fitfor us, and it has been.Q & A : H O W T W O G LO B A L C O M PA N I E S U S E W O R K S PAC E O N E W I T H O F F I C E 3 6 5 7

Introduction Q&A Toppan Q&A Nol-Tec Lessons Learned ConclusionQ: What other factors were important as you made your decision?A: User choice. We want to empower our co-workers to choose how they access workresources and use their preferred platforms to do it. While corporate computers areWindows-based, if they’re on a personal MacBook Air or iPad at home, it doesn’t matter tous. They can access the Office SaaS portal through Workspace ONE if they want the webbased versions, they can install the native OS versions, or they can connect to our VMwareHorizon environment if they want the full Windows versions without waiting to install itlocally. Office 365 in conjunction with Horizon and Workspace ONE provides that choicefor our users.Q: Tell us about your experience so far with Workspace ONE.A: We’ve been on our Workspace ONE journey for the past 6–9 months. Just this month, wefederated our Office 365 through Workspace ONE Access, which has become our truefront end for everything.We don’t have a traditional federated active directory environment—all of our apps gothrough Workspace ONE Access. It’s where we control conditional access. We bought intothe Workspace ONE True SSO environment and decided to use it as our authenticationand identity management solution.We went all-in on Workspace ONE: Access, UEM, you name it. We’re happy with thedecision we made. Nothing has made us question the decision to go with WorkspaceONE over Microsoft Intune or anything else. Our experiences thus far have allowed usto provide employee choice and consistent, secure access to our corporate resources.We love the products and believe in them.Q: Where are you using Workspace ONE?A: For the application platforms, we’re deploying Workspace ONE everywhere we can. We’reusing it on our Windows desktops and laptops, COPE and BYOD iOS and Android phonesand tablets, home computers, BYOD MacBooks, personal Chromebooks —pretty muchQ & A : H O W T W O G LO B A L C O M PA N I E S U S E W O R K S PAC E O N E W I T H O F F I C E 3 6 5 8

Introduction Q&A Toppan Q&A Nol-Tec Lessons Learned Conclusioneverywhere. Even on platforms that don’t have a native install, we can use Workspace ONE onany modern browser. With this flexibility, employees can access work resources from any oftheir devices securely and safely, install native apps we have provisioned, and work throughRDSH-hosted apps or from a desktop in our Horizon VDI environment.How Workspace ONE enhances Office 365Q: How does Workspace ONE affect the user experience?A: With Workspace ONE, we’re doing a lot of user-based certificates and user-basedauthentication. Coupled with VMware Verify for multi-factor authentication outside theboundaries of the corporate network, we achieve our goals of providing secure access anddevice choice to our employees while preserving a good user experience for those insidethe office.Another big driver is the True SSO feature. It allows people to log into their computer once inthe morning, and then access every application and every website they go to throughout theday. SAML authentication allows access to just flow through. They don’t have to keep typingin different passwords and usernames. They get to what they need, without the hassles theyused to have.“We went all-in onWorkspace ONE: Access,UEM, you name it. I’m happywith the decision we made.TONY HARMELINKSYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR,NOL-TEC SYSTEMSQ: How has Workspace ONE changed the way you use Office 365?A: It allows us to have the latest and greatest Office. We don’t have to do a big Office refreshevery three years. The ease of deploying Office 365 ProPlus to Windows via a Workspace ONECSP allows us to have the latest releases and features much faster than we had before. It’s allmanaged through policy to provide the stability we need.On mobile, we’ve gone all-in on Boxer for a consistent user experience across iOS and Androidplatforms to make training and support easier. It gives us a fully contained email solution onour mobile devices. It provides email, contacts, calendars—all within one app and oneconsistent view, regardless of what device people are on, with all the content and filesmanaged by the DLP controls in Office 365.Q & A : H O W T W O G LO B A L C O M PA N I E S U S E W O R K S PAC E O N E W I T H O F F I C E 3 6 5 9

Introduction Q&A Toppan Q&A Nol-Tec Lessons Learned ConclusionQ: Device choice is a key factor for hiring and retention. How has that changed withWorkspace ONE?A: Thanks to Workspace ONE, we recently added a BYOD program for mobile devices, allowingour users to decide which phone and carrier they want to use—within certain limitations—tomake sure they have a modern OS on their mobile devices. For corporate-owned computers,employees have several laptop choices from Dell, which integrate and are managed nicely viaWorkspace ONE.If they don’t want to lug a laptop home, yet want to be able to sit down, log in, and get towork, they can use their home computer, their home laptop, or a home tablet. We even hadsomeone try and get a Roku going so they could log in to their VDI and do some 3D CAD ontheir 50-inch TV.Best practices and practical adviceQ: What would you recommend deploying first—Office 365 or Workspace ONE?A: We’re probably not the best people to ask, because we did a Horizon deployment, a Windows10 deployment, a Workspace ONE deployment, a Teams deployment, and the Office 365federation all at the same time, so we’re moderately out there. But sure, why not? Do it all,it’s fun!That said, doing everything at once does make it slightly harder for end users. For the bestemployee experience, taking it a bite at a time is probably best. If you’re going to transition toa new interface to get to all applications—for example, if you’re switching managementplatforms from SCCM, or other app portals, use Workspace ONE. Specifically, Workspace ONEAccess provides a single pane of glass to the user. I know people hate that phrase, but aconsistent user interface across platforms—be it web, mobile, Windows, whatever—allowsyou to get to everything. That complements Office 365 migration, because you have to traintoward only one interface, and have one way to get to all of your applications.Q & A : H O W T W O G LO B A L C O M PA N I E S U S E W O R K S PAC E O N E W I T H O F F I C E 3 6 5 1 0

Introduction Q&A Toppan Q&A Nol-Tec Lessons Learned ConclusionLessons LearnedThese two interviews provided valuable insights into different approaches forusing Workspace ONE with Office 365. As you develop your own strategy,remember to: Ease into deployment. Take your time with deployment to ensure a seamlessend-user experience. Because Workspace ONE is such a robust solution,it’s tempting to do everything at once—but gradual rollouts are better. Invest in a single pane of glass for Office 365. Consider aggregating yourinterfaces on Workspace ONE to simplify and streamline the experience. Relax, security is taken care of. Workspace ONE has security at every step,with features that allow you to define and enforce policies for securingendpoints and application resources.Q & A : H O W T W O G LO B A L C O M PA N I E S U S E W O R K S PAC E O N E W I T H O F F I C E 3 6 5 1 1

Get more out of Office 365 withWorkspace ONEVMware Workspace ONE allows you to maximize your investment in Office 365 byletting you manage Office and non-Office apps, users, and devices on a single,unified platform. It creates a better experience for your IT organization bystreamlining their workflow, providing greater visibility, and eliminating the needto juggle disparate tools. It also benefits your end users, by giving them morechoice and flexibility, and helping them do their best work, wherever they are.Take the Next StepLEARN MORE ABOUT USING WORKSPACE ONE WITH OFFICE 365Join us online:VMware, Inc. 3401 Hillview Avenue Palo Alto CA 94304 USA Tel 877-486-9273 Fax 650-427-5001 Copyright 2020 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved. This product is protected by U.S. and international copyrightand intellectual property laws. VMware products are covered by one or more patents listed at VMware is a registered trademark or trademark of VMware, Inc. and its subsidiaries in the United States andother jurisdictions. All other marks and names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective companies. Item No: 14168 VMW1903 O365 BestPracticeEbook R4 011420 ad

VMware Workspace ONE is a digital workspace platform that integrates seamlessly with Office 365, helps companies get more out of their investment, and offers tremendous benefits like simplified management and single sign-on. We sat down with two global companies that deployed both Office 365 and